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  1. My father picked me up from kindergarten to go on a "business trip" with him the day before dove season to do precisely this. It was my first experience at hunting camp. Would stand by an adult while they shot and then ran to grab the birds. Ran over the next closest adult and rinse/repeat. I was given a list of rules when going out there/coming home and #1 was don't tell mom how good we ate out there. Had to make it sound like we were roughing it. One rule he forgot hand down to me was don't bring hunting camp language back with you. Things got real dicey when the day we got back I asked my mother to "pass the fucking mustard".
  2. Kinda reminds me of this column from a few years ago. Sums up the Popeyes experience pretty well. https://www.everydayshouldbesaturday.com/2017/1/4/14166686/popeyes-is-perfect-and-you-are-the-problem
  3. I was 5 and my father had a little piece of land he was leasing to hunt just outside of town. Small property with enough room for one stand only. We would head out there when I got off school and sit. I would do my homework and etc while he hunted for deer. He had a youth break open 410 with a bead sight and a pack of slugs for me in case a hog ever came out. This was before they were prevalent in our area. I had never even seen one before. One evening I had finished up my work and saw a huge black animal come out about 50 yards away. Immediately tapped my dad and told him a bear came out. He corrected me and told me that was a hog and I was going to get a shot at him. He got me all positioned correctly and set up with my gun. He pulled out his rifle and said he would back me up for more firepower (basically assuming I would miss). Told me to fire whenever I was ready. Bam Bam. Hog drops. I was super excited and ran over to the hog. My dad got my grandfather to drive out and help load it using a rope and the truck headache rack as a pulley. Ended up being a little over 200lbs. We get him home and hung up to start skinning him and my dad keeps asking if I think i hit him. I am adamant that I did. We could see one exit hole right behind the front shoulder and as we get skin down to that area we see a bullet hole right through a rib. Everyone figures that is my fathers wound. Keep skinning down and skip one rib and another bullet hole. I started jumping up and down yelling "I told you I told you". Everyone was shocked. We had that deer stand for another 20 something years. Moved it all over the state but could always see the alphabet I scribbled on to one of the side walls beneath the window while sitting on the floor doing homework. This year my son will be 3 1/2 months for opening weekend this year. Told my wife I'll be bringing him out to camp the night before the season. No plans on hunting that opening morning and will probably get Mom to pick him up Saturday during that day, but I have never missed "Buck Eve" with my dad at deer camp since I was 5 and want to start the same tradition with him.
  4. I really put up a hell of a fight when the wife told me she was hosting book club and needed me to fend for myself for dinner. Some beers, working on a picnic table, and The Masters replay out in the shop all evening. It was a good day.
  5. Had a great opening weekend down at the ranch in Victoria. Opening morning got to take a unique buck I was chasing. Came out at around 9:30 am to about 75 yards away. Took a few moments to admire him. Attempted to get organized in the stand and he high tailed it after a couple of does. Finally stopped and presented a shot at about 150 yards. Ran about 20 yards and dropped in the brush. The tine ended up measuring out 12 3/8" Got my buddy on a large mature 8 Saturday afternoon that ended up being his biggest buck to date. That next morning my dad tagged a 14 pt buck. Wasn't a great buck score wise, but he was just an old buck with a bunch of points. Still waiting on him to send over a few pictures from his phone of that one. No hogs to shoot which was unusual but all in all an awesome weekend with great company.
  6. Keep the meat a cold as you can before grinding. Helps to keep the meat from gumming up in the grinder and around the blade. We have used pork trimmings from the butcher to fatten up the meat. It cost next to nothing and is an alternative to the bacon. If using fresh peppers, test them out before you start adding them in. We have had a batch of peppers that tasted as hot as bell peppers and also some that were like habaneros. It good to know how hot of peppers you are working with when starting out seasoning the meat. If you want to add some cheese, use the hi temp/melt cheese. Good luck. It's hard work but always worth the labor.
  7. Alaska and Hawaii are the only two for me. Family vacations growing up consisted of 2 weeks minimum in the car just driving the country. No real scheduled or itinerary. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, RI, and Connecticut were the only states we visited and cheated by flying into New York and renting a car before starting our trip. Learned to read a map pretty good over those trips but from hearing stories now, I got pretty annoying during the stretches of open country announcing how many miles to the next town every 5 miles.
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