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  1. I wonder if that reference to Jefferson Davis is one of the earliest known examples of the aggy rollercoaster. I think the old racist fuck said 'blaggie' and what he was saying to the young man was something like, "Are you an aggie like the rest of us, or are you a racist aggie who puts his skin color before his school?" It makes perfect sense because the old man thinks he's blind to the color of skin, damn certain that all true aggies must see things the same way, and as a man of neutral skin tone he's confident that one's skin color does not and should not inform a person's life or collegiate experience. As much fun as it's been over the years to laugh at aggy for their willful ignorance, and their embrace of lies and myths to comfort themselves for their regular failures, their full and enthusiastic embrace of racism is pretty depressing to witness. Sure we've seem examples over the years but this just seems bigger and different. It never crossed my mind as a possibility that we'd ever witness Mississippi retire their state university's prominent confederate soldier monument along with the state's confederate flag, while aggy still proudly clutches the turdition of a traitorous, murdering racist. I hope that fucking school burns to the ground.
  2. Are these some of the same people who were all "but freedom of speech" in regards to Gundy?
  3. I'm not up on OB at all. What do they say they abhor and how does that extend from their site to what an individual writes on twitter? For the record, I have no idea what that fuck Ketchum's point was supposed to be, nor do I care.
  4. Have you tried an aeropress?
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-espresso-machine-grinder-and-accessories-for-beginners/
  6. I'm sure there are closer analogies but this one is hitting home at the moment.
  7. If y'all can deal with subtitles, Sprials (Entendres in French) is a really awesome police detective serial. It focuses on a detective team in Paris, their interaction with the Justice system and of course their efforts to resolve complex, horrific murder cases. S1 isn't in HD but I believe all 6 subsequent seasons are. The leader of the detective team is a strong female with a certain raw sexiness. I'd compare it to Bosch, which I enjoy, but with more drama and action, and less wallowing in self reflection.
  8. If Bosch is run-of-mill I'm curious what other US-produced police investigatory shows you'd also put in that category? Maybe I'm overlooking some but I can't think of more than a few I thought were any good. I very much enjoyed S1 to S4. I thought S5 got tiresome, like they had to do too much to wrap up the loose ends. Hopefully that pays off in S6.
  9. Question - I've watched all 5 seasons, my wife has watched none. Thanks to staying at home all the fucking time I'm considering streaming S6 with her. Will she want me to explain a lot of things or is it pretty much self explanatory?
  10. She supposedly tracked Earl's whereabouts by tracking him through Snapchat? Makes no sense to me. That woman must have some voodoo working.
  11. Hook 'em and Praise be!
  12. Jahdae!!! Hook 'em!
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