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  1. You know you're old when you still believe Molson is a Canadian beer and that Coors is from Colorado. guy yells at sky dot gif
  2. The wife and I love it here. Put in an offer on a house over the weekend, a few grand over asking. Didn't get it and am still pissed that we didn't go a little higher.
  3. You wouldn't necessarily think so because it's in an off-the-beaten path location and it has such a plain name, but Monterey's Fish House is definitely my favorite seafood restaurant here. It's the kind of place where you wish every plate the wait staff comes by with were headed to your table. Unfortunately I didn't know of this restaurant sooner. But I've been spending time here this month and could eat there every day.
  4. You're right that does make it worse. But EJ obviously has a thing for flaccid bits dripping in sauce.
  5. I didn't realize dry af corned beef with ketchup on white bread with cheese sauce on the side was a thing. Now I'm annoyed to know it even exists.
  6. My heels crack if I forget to sand 'em for awhile so yeah, I go a couple times a year. Cheap date with the wife or gf.
  7. I'm not about to scroll her twitter stream but based on what gets pasted here it seems like she frequently fantasizes about inflicting violence on men.
  8. Unless you don't mind the risk of losing money on your airline ticket, at this point I think I'd wait and see what happens before locking in any travel arrangements to Asia due to the Carona virus. Either that or buy very generous travel insurance with few exclusions. This week a number of large MNCs have put a hold on all non-essential travel to any country in Asia.
  9. How did/could this happen? I'm feeling like I'm missing something. They mismanaged the assets? Gave it all to pyle field and aggy athaletics? "Invested" in new swimming pools/sewage dumps for the dorms?
  10. Is that what allegedly went down? WOW
  11. A part of me wishes she had been concealed carrying. The assailant came right for her and had to be wrestled away. 2 shots.
  12. I'm not in criminal law but my crim law prof would've called what that dude did an assault. In the real world it depends on the law of the jurisdiction. There are different levels of assault and this is the lowest. It's probably also an intentional tort for which the guy can get sued; if she does sue him, he'd almost certainly lose, though the damages would probably be no more than the price of her plane ticket. If American Airlines ignored and rewarded his bad behavior they'll probably have liability too though again it's difficult to see it being a large amount.
  13. I'm all for that. But I wonder what the Pro-Brexit, No Deal Conservatives who were claiming to be pro-British and actually claiming to have more patriotism for the UK than those didn't want to leave the EU think. Perhaps the greatest irony of brexit will be Irish reunification.
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