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  1. Yeah I turned my nose up at the idea of it for a couple years but finally figured wth. Now I realize my mistake. Not only was it substantial enough to hold the burger it had all the great qualities I want from a burger bun - thin bread, slightly sweet, doesn't fall apart. You can also get amazing things here like sopapillos stuffed with carne advovada and topped with green and/or red chile, but that'd be a different thread.
  2. We had a tour guide in Hanoi for the few days we were there and one night he took us on a food tour. It was awesome. He had knowledgeable and definite opinions on the best places, knew which stall was known for having "the best" whatever, and which places had a record of longevity. I'm sure you can find someone online or if you want to try to contact this particular dude (his english was pretty perfect) I could give you his whatsapp, if you dm me. I'd recommend going on a food tour the first day you're there so you know which places you might want to hit up again.
  3. This is going to look like a mess but it's my fault for ordering the double meat, double cheese. There's an old dive in Santa Fe NM called Real Burger. It's solid, but imo their buns are too thick. So I tried it on a sopapilla, and ho-leeeee shit it was absolutely amazing. Still thinking about it a week later. I had to take off one of the meat patties so I could pick up the burger.
  4. Yeah fuck the utah hand ringing. Those dudes ought to move out of state.
  5. I shit you not, there were only 8 officers in the Mannford OK Police Department. Then, there were 6. 2 of 'em went from OK to FL for a law enforcement conference. At least 25% of the force voluntarily out of service at one time for travel to a winter tourist destination. One can only imagine the fagetry shenangigans and fucking around going on in that pd on a daily basis.
  6. Indeed, you can access the previous edits and see that the author had originally written, "Brown, ranked No. 7 in the Chosen 25, expressed zero interest in playing with other elite players, which could suggest that he's a big wuss," but decided at the last minute to go with the KY, NC angle.
  7. Yep, and Topless Kate playing with her pussy would be off the charts. Waddle for sure.
  8. I was about to say that would be the role of the team nutritionist but then I saw this in the article linked. That seems amazing for a team of athletes at that level.
  9. My memory sucks but wasn't he just a music critic at the Statesman for far too many years, and a shitty one at that?
  10. I think Mack Brown had 2 wins lifetime against K St so mensa has already broken that record.
  11. Since this was bumped anyway $16,405 raised of $5,000 goal
  12. Just remembered we ate either tgiving or xmas dinner there 20 years ago and if it's anything now like it was then, you're not missing a thing. Huge, disorganized production. Long waits. Shitty food. Goddamn, it sucked.
  13. We ate tgiving dinner at The Carillon (ATT conf center) a few years ago. It was excellent. Haven't dined there in a while though.
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