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  1. Then again, we could use a guy who pours in 19 a night.
  2. Yep. And X will have retired from the NFL by then.
  3. Just sad. God bless the kid's family and friends.
  4. Williams looks to have a little Gabe Muoneke in his game. I hope that's as far as the comparison holds.
  5. What is this "late into an NCAA tournament run" of which you speak? Sounds good to me.
  6. Ha. Exactly why I say it seems overrated. We've all observed its downside, starting when Barnes declared his goal was basically to prep guys for the next level. At that moment was the shark jumped.
  7. I'll stress mightily over some of those in November-February but then be thrilled about them in March and (hopefully) April. I'd have had zero problem with an Ivey hire, but Beard seems like a really solid pick. On the heels of the deeply flawed Shaka experiment, I don't mind playing it safe with an alum who's highly respected in the college game and has demonstrated a high floor. As for how Beard will do with 5-star prospects, I don't know that we even need to find out. It's his call which type of player to recruit. The late rounds of March Madness are full of guys who will neve
  8. Not upset at the margin. Just hard to be satisfied when you have a scoreless quarter. Yikes. Get 'em next time....
  9. If we can keep it under 25 at the end, we'll have done well. They basically have an advantage at every position.
  10. Still playing hard. Under the circumstances, not a total loss.
  11. We're losing to superior players. I can live with that.
  12. To this point, Arizona's women are putting on one of the most inept offensive performances I've ever seen. Unwatchable. But they're ahead, because Indiana is just as feeble.
  13. So was starting to hold the ball with 5-6 minutes left and only a single-digit lead. They'd better go back to being aggressive and swarming the offensive boards.
  14. Just phenomenal D. So many chances to fold, but our ladies never did. You have to love that kind of effort and focus for the whole game, especially after such a slow start. Bring on USCe.
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