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  1. Pop can head on to Brooklyn now and I'll be more than fine with it. He's made his mark in SA and is an obvious HOF coach. It isn't some cataclysmic event like TD baling out for Orlando would have been. I'm very much of the view that it isn't for a coach to be a political commentator. Yeah, free speech, I get it. But if you're entering the twilight of your career, causing hard feelings with some fans and ownership (for reasons unrelated to the NBA) and are nowhere close to winning another title with the Spurs, now's as good a time as any to move along. Still, I'll be somewhat surprised if it actually happens.
  2. And how he had to leave Texas before cops found those five dead hookers in a gold Trans-Am parked in an electrical shed...or something.
  3. Will “Petulant Diva” fit on a jersey?
  4. Just wishcasting on my part. It’s all I still have to hold onto.
  5. Worst PBP guy and studio host in the history of ever. Can’t wait for the mothership to reassign him.
  6. Sorry I was unclear. I meant my friend didn’t detail exactly why they’re unhappy with the guy. I mean, other than the fact he’s not a great coach....
  7. First TCU home game I’ve seen this year. Did the court naming rights get bought by MyPillow.com?
  8. A good buddy is fairly wired into the Maryland program, and he says they’re not too happy with the guy. Didn’t say why.
  9. With 4 minutes left and down 23, you walk it up and run over 30 seconds off the clock before shooting. That’s Mensa-level stuff, fellas.
  10. Let’s lose by 50 and give CDC no choice. I have faith we can do it.
  11. Beard, Underwood and their ilk have made it hard to be lenient with a guy who’s recruited well but coached poorly as a whole. For me, he’s gone unless the team can at the very least get into the round of 32. Even then I’d have no argument against letting him go. I just feel we can do better, and should.
  12. Better use of his skill set. Last year he broke up quite a few passes that looked like sure completions.
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