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  1. Further delaying the first of at least two Heismans for Ron Powlus.
  2. UGA hard commit? Seems...early.
  3. To borrow from Ayn Rand, "How could they tell?"
  4. Still marching to 1,000. With a detour through the gas chambers.
  5. Man. This is getting to 1,000 the hard way.
  6. To adapt the old Bum Phillips quote, “When we’re facing a 3rd-and-200, we’ll just throw to somebody else.”
  7. No...way, way longer. It actually came to me during the 1988 Olympics. Didn't end up taking even a third of a century (quite) to finally roll it out there.
  8. These are the times that try Seoul's men.
  9. It really is pathetic. If we ever ended up playing them again and beating them by 30, one of them would proudly compile a list of SEC "brethren" who'd beaten them by 31 or more.
  10. "If he isn't coming here, please, oh please let him go somewhere outside the SEC. I mean, not t.u. either, even though that would have zero to do with our program beyond furthering out ICU-level butthurtness."
  11. Yep. A young coach gets the benefit of the doubt only after he's proved to be a great coach. Tom seems to think getting hired by UT proved he already was a great coach and thus gave him the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully these new assistants will help him see the obvious, but I'm not overly confident of that.
  12. First you check the box agreeing to allow cookies.
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