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  1. Sounds good to me. Especially if he takes Shaka with him.
  2. Had we been at full strength, we’d have dominated to the tune of only a 20-point loss. We’re just that good.
  3. Jones totally gets a pass from me. I hate for him that sickness took such a toll, but at least he worked his way back into playing some. I suspect he’s worked harder on his game than the rest have, but it’s just such an uphill struggle to get back. Now let’s talk about Ramey and Coleman. I don’t think it’s unfair to expect guys to get better over their careers. Unfortunately, both these guys have regressed. At this rate, in another year they’ll be playing intramurals, brother. And that’s on Shaka. Every last bit of it.
  4. Not sure how good those defenses were, but normal pursuit angles didn't work too well.
  5. That “possession” was Shaka’s offense in a nutshell.
  6. The only reason the margin is under 20 is that Baylor’s asleep. Any decent team would be leading them right now. Of course, a decent team they’d be taking much more seriously.
  7. How appropriate. Shaka’s a dial-up coach in a 5G world.
  8. Ramey sizes up his man, bounces, jukes and then . . . does utterly nothing even remotely productive. He’s the Willie Mays Hayes of basketball.
  9. I know it’s a home game. But we need to charter a bus tonight. Just so we can fire Smart before he gets on it.
  10. It was somewhat rhetorical. But you’re right. Shaka’s never met a guard he couldn’t make worse. Unless they’re playing for the other side.
  11. We are what I once said I’d gladly accept after that glorious stretch of winning five rings. Although now that the inevitable crash is here, it sucks.
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