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  1. Tech will be playing aggy later this season by proxy. Leach is going to fuck them up, and unless the Horns are playing at the same time I'm not missing a second of it.
  2. This definitely doesn't look like a tampon defense. Very vagina like no doubt.
  3. This. While A and S aren't totally unattractive, they sure aren't anything that I would bother to take a second look at. The 2 girls sitting look to have potential.
  4. Time is flying. It seems like all those guys were playing 20 years or so ago. Can't believe it's been 30 years.
  5. Stanley Richard, the Sheriff? Or do I have him confused with someone else. Seems like he was with the team in the 90s. Nvm. I was thinking you said 1977. Time for eye check.
  6. Damn, thought I was old. That was 2 weeks before I was born.
  7. 1981 vs smu in Irving. Defensive game, held Dickerson and Hooker Killer in check.
  8. Not to mention it's the Cajuns ONLY win over a ranked team. That's pathetic aggies
  9. I can see it now. Aggy will shut down upper deck and endzones to get to 50%.
  10. Unfortunately that looks a lot like the Hard Rock hotel in New Orleans.
  11. Haven't been keeping up with recruiting, but when I saw 4 pages in 4 hours I thought damn, this kid must be good.
  12. I think the real danger in not playing this year is how many guys lose their eligibility or drop out of school and never return. I think there's a large percentage of guys who didn't go to play school and won't be disciplined enough to take online classes. This could possibly hit the sec the hardest so I fully expect them to at least start the season.
  13. I need a pic from the backside to determine if it's 1,2 or 2,1. Everything looks pretty equal from the front. Mom may even have a slight edge. Gotta love the fact the kid knew his freshman year he wanted to be a Horn.
  14. Show me where I said Acho said all white people are racist. I said thinking someone is racist because of the color of their skin is racist. Now whether are not he thinks all white people are racist I I hope not, as a matter of fact I'm almost 100% sure he doesn't. Believing someone doesn't want to watch his show because it makes them "uncomfortable" is judgemental to say the least, maybe even racist. Do you watch his show because you're racist and will learn something that may help you not to be? If that's the case by all means watch it. Or maybe you need to watch it to confirm your beliefs, whatever those may be. One thing I won't argue with you is the fact that racism exists, where we part is to what extent. I have plenty of people I can talk directly to about it, I don't need to watch a tv show for that perspective.
  15. It doesn't make me uncomfortable in the least. As a matter of fact believing someone is racist because of the color of their racist is pretty fucking racist. There's the irony in this whole thing.
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