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  1. They're already doing better with the team name than the current Houston NFL team.
  2. Man I'm glad you said it, I was thinking the same thing. All are a little soft around the midsection.
  3. Guy is definitely my favorite non Longhorn player. Seems like an all around good dude.
  4. You're about 20 posts too late with this. You should have called out the dumbass who started this shit, but I'm guessing you agree with his take.
  5. I guess I was thinking more as a 1st team All American to only play 1 game in the NFL. I remember thinking the Bengals got a steal.
  6. Tony DeGrate is close to the top of the list.
  7. Sure, if stoops wanted to add it to his lunch bag
  8. And he will again at LSU or elsewhere if he flames out in Waco. Dude really has nothing to lose.
  9. There was a receiver on my high school football team that according to the coach was all thumbs, so...
  10. I was just going to ask about Joe. Did he leave anything to the university or more specifically to the athletics dept. I can't remember how he felt about Strong but I'm glad Red didn't die while Strong was here I can definitely see that old codger holding it against the athletic dept.
  11. WHO??? I'm with Gilbang on this one.
  12. I believe she's talking about the dog in her lap. I wouldn't put it past her to take spike to bed with a tub of peanut butter. I just made myself sick.
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