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  1. Too many gooners in this game. Surprised not a single Bama player on either roster.
  2. You have an island in your dining room? Time to upgrade mi casa.
  3. A kid that's never been tackled is pretty damn impressive.
  4. Holy shit I'm gonna cum belongs after this post!
  5. Seems like there was a big game same time slot on ABC or FOX. Could be wrong.
  6. Well, the elation and good will wears off after a few .500 or sub .500 seasons. I remember Mack Brown saying a booster after the 05 NC told him "you never have to win another game after this victory". Of course Mack knew better and said so.
  7. All comes down to competition. I bet that list looks different next year.
  8. This thread just helps as a reminder of how much I love pussy. Sorry if that offends someone eavesdropping.
  9. I guess he figured if you can't beat'em, join'em. HOOK'EM!
  10. Anchors Away at #30 is just wrong.
  11. At least he's not a basketball player. That Knigga sure can jump. Knigga for the three!
  12. Is Quinn really behind schedule though? How many starts does he have 22 or 23? I think skipping his senior year of high school hurt more than practicing with the buckeyes for a year helped his development. Of course that's just my opinion which is what 90% of this board is.
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