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  1. I wish he would have stuck with Chicago. I'm surprised he took the Penn offer since Chicago was one of his top choices from the beginning. I think the thought of coming out of school burdened by debt was weighing on him. He was really leaning UT for that reason, so when he decided on Chicago I thought it was a done deal. Oh well, I'm sure he'll do well. He's the most focused young man I've ever known.
  2. I finally came out and asked him about Yale. He never applied but he got turned down by Harvard. 172 LSAT score for what that's worth. Said he was practice testing at 176 so he underperformed. Said he should have taken it again.
  3. I take it you're not in CA. Then it would simply be a $900 donation and the cops wouldn't give a shit. Damn thieves piss me off. Someone stole $80 worth of stuff out of our mailbox and my wife would knock them over the head with a bat if she knew who it was. I agree with you. More than the money, it's the principle.
  4. I asked him if he thought he would like Philadelphia. He said he really didn't care if he was in Austin, Chicago, or Philadelphia. He said he's going from his apartment to school and to the library. I guess that's the right mindset but I sure as hell couldn't do it. Huge sports fan so he'll probably catch a few games but that's about it. That'll probably prove to be an adventure in itself.
  5. Well Southwest Texas State. It had just been named Playboys #1 party school a year or 2 before. That was all it took for me. Priorities and all.
  6. Well damn. Not sure if this is good or bad. Penn, a school I didn't even know he applied to, came back with a better scholarship offer and he accepted. He said he was about to submit his enrollment deposit to Chicago when he received the news. I guess it's nice to have options. My situation was much more similar to SimonBolivers.
  7. 2 years ago I was paying $40 but the bastard went up on me twice. Lol Gravel lot but it's gated and my code has never failed to work.
  8. Pretty girl but she would look so much better in some clothes circa 2010.
  9. His dad is an aggy, my nephew is not. What better way to rub salt in his wounds than to go to a UT football game with his son?
  10. Thanks! I'm going to pass this on to him. He's been really torn between the two since he eliminated the others. I kind of figured he would go with Chicago since he's had them in his top two since deciding to pursue a law degree. Personally I had no idea Chicago had such a good law school. Financially UT had the best offer by far.
  11. I figured he would wait until literally the last minute but he just decided on Chicago. I'm a little disappointed but happy for him. I told him none of the family will be visiting him during the winter. I was hoping he would go to UT, kick ass when he graduates and buy some good season tickets to football, basketball, and baseball. He just crushed my dreams.
  12. I'm double checking on that. I know he applied but wasn't considering anywhere that didn't offer a scholarship of some kind. He's freaking out over $200k and I have no idea what a law degree from Yale would cost.
  13. I agree. It's UT with the deadline so hopefully he grabs it.
  14. Chicago was his 2nd choice behind Yale but there was no scholarship offer from Yale. He's always liked UT law and they made his choice difficult with the generous offer. I guess we'll know in a couple of hours.
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