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  1. When given two options, with similar financial outcomes, he'll always pick the laziest. Hanging in Mar-a-Lago and raking in PAC money is the laziest, and he still gets a similar outcome - a Presidential candidate who will protect him if they win. Plus, I don't think his ego wants to run the risk of losing again. If his hand-picked candidate loses, he can throw said candidate under the bus. If Trump actually ran and lost, that would be two elections in a row that he lost, and that Republicans didn't regain one or both chambers. He knows people might start seeing behind the curtain a
  2. If Trump runs, nobody will run against him. It would be useless, and for people like Cruz, it would damage them beyond the point of future political aspirations. I would expect a third party of "conservatives" to possibly take away a single-digit percentage of votes. Whether that's them latching onto an existing party like the Constitutional Party or what, I don't know. But Trump is lazy as fuck. He can run his PACs, collect hundreds of millions of dollars, be a kingmaker and anoint a Presidential candidate who will give him pardons, all without leaving Mar-a-Lago.
  3. I love it. They should be trying to circle the wagons and regroup and getting away from Trump, the man who cost them the House, Senate, and White House. Instead they are applying purity tests and trying to destroy any Republican who doesn’t support Trump. Not any Republican who isn’t a conservative. No, it’s any Republican who doesn’t support a single man, who was a Democrat for decades If George Soros wanted to wreck the GOP, he’d be paying off House Republicans to attack one another just like they are doing.
  4. It’s fear. House members are headed into primaries within 10 months. Trump has a massive war chest, and because House races are so localized and can come down to thousands of votes, it’s incredibly cheap and easy to fund a Trumpkin against them. None of them want Don Jr or Matt Gaetz or whoever to show up in their district campaigning for another Republican.
  5. There's only one definitive film or documentary series about Oklahoma:
  6. Doesn't matter what he said about Trump, it matters what Trump is saying about him. That's all McCarthy cares about.
  7. That would make for one awesome crash if he fucked around. What? We're all thinking it!
  8. I keep thinking it probably is drones, the Pentagon doesn't know who they belong to, so they are basically trying to crowd-source this shit. Or they know it's Russians/Chinese/etc. and are just putting their shit on blast in a way.
  9. NASCAR don't take a dump without a plan, or something. A few weeks back, one of the racing blogs had an article about NASCAR looking at various new markets, because they feel like some of their existing markets are too saturated, and that a lot of their fans are simply not going to multiple races, and are just picking one or two, etc. (a lot of NASCAR fans in SECSECSEC country have fairly easy access to quite a few races). Austin was mentioned as pulling in Austin, San Antonio, maybe Houston, etc. because they think some will travel to Austin, who wouldn't travel to DFW. And Austin i
  10. Well, you see, Republicans are the party of blue collar workers everywhere, and everybody knows that blue collar workers are just one break away from owning their own resort in Florida.
  11. I can immediately think of three scenarios to match Kevin McCarthy's actions/change of heart about Cheney. Kevin McCarthy is an actual fascist/authoritarian/hates America Kevin McCarthy is afraid that if he doesn't, or at least isn't seen as trying to, get the Majority back, that his BMDs will bail for somebody who can deliver for them. Kevin McCarthy is terrified that if he doesn't do what Trump wants, he will be booted out of his own leadership position, and probably primaried by Trumpers. Now, one, two, or even all three of those could be true. But... in the wake
  12. I'm honestly not surprised. They are fucking cowards. They knew that if they showed up with firearms, or met arresting agents with firearms, their families would be holding funerals for them. For all of their bluster, few of them are truly willing to "water the tree of liberty with blood" or whatever. And while I think many of them are mentally ill, the reality is that many are just FUPM assholes. Had they been fully mentally ill, they would have shown up armed.
  13. These idiots think that if they swarmed the Capitol and kicked out/executed the Reps and Senators, that they would be sworn in by John Roberts, and the Pentagon would ring them up and say "what are your orders?" And these idiots probably think they can FOIA security cameras for any federal building. What happens when they request records from the NSA or CIA or FBI? Deep State.
  14. Tiger Mike Edwards would have taken care of this shit. https://lettersofnote.com/2010/08/05/the-tiger-oil-memos/
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