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  1. But still, he sounds like he’s wanting to freak people out.
  2. This whole thread is nuts, and I wonder about his math but I’m not an epidemiologist like he is.
  3. They should be losing their shit over this virus stuff in China and rioting in the streets. Hell, there’s even a major bio research facility for studying SARS and a Ebola near the main outbreak. Alex Jones is doing his part.
  4. While I think they will eventually get a grasp on this, we need to shut down air travel with China in the meantime.
  5. Official stats: 1126 cases. (Unofficial 1,300+) 41 deaths Holding steady to older people dying, with around 3% mortality.
  6. How else are you supposed to level up and build up your immunity?
  7. MERS and Ebola have far higher mortality rates. 10% rate would see bodies in the streets, trees, shrubbery, etc. and rioting. Speaking of, pay attention to Hong Kong, still a lot of recent demonstrations fresh in memory (before people started retreating indoors) and now the people are pissed that the leadership was partying in Europe while this virus was ramping up. I would not want to own airline or aerospace stocks right now. We may not be far off from shutting down air travel to Asia (hint it’s mostly too late). Olympics are gonna be a ghost town.
  8. At least no more 5 conference wins seasons?
  9. Fun read. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/as-families-tell-of-pneumonia-like-deaths-in-wuhan-some-wonder-if-china-virus-count-is-too-low/2020/01/22/0f50b1e6-3d07-11ea-971f-4ce4f94494b4_story.html
  10. Have fun. Ignore the batshit Alex Jones/Qanon shit. Thankfully, they’ve got real epidemiologists involved in that subreddit, and a decently solid moderation team, and they are trying to flush the nutters out. https://www.reddit.com/r/China_Flu/ Look for the stickied or official threads at the top.
  11. So they got a positive and they are waiting for another test to confirm? Or are they driving the fucking sample there.
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