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  1. Based on his Joker work, this series will be worth it just for the Skeleton scenes.
  2. Lon Adams. 95 though, so he had a good run. Plus he invented Slim Jim beef jerky. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/us/lon-adams-slim-jim-trnd/index.html
  3. So they are cheering on a draft-dodging New Yorker. Donnie Reb?
  4. Don’t think Collins wants to mix it up with another minster, especially once that’s Black. He’s better off taking his Trump base to try and primary Kemp. .
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s either empty, or carrying fake equipment of some sort, probably a bunch of LEDs set to blink in some snazzy pattern.
  6. Flynn and every one of these sons of bitches would have sided with the British in the 1770s.
  7. And that was before the Urban Meyer talk.
  8. That whole thread,,,,,fucker had a wedding (but the guests were tested!)
  9. If Fitlump is elected to the Austin City Council, I have no problem leaving that thread in public view. Because 2020.
  10. Trump wants to punish Kemp and Georgia, and he was really pissed that Loeffler beat Doug Collins in the primary. And Powell made a comment about the votes for Loeffler over Collins maybe suspect.
  11. Remember all those tweets about the lawsuits that Trump is retweeting? People are noticing.
  12. Prior to her murder, I've got a twitter account that had more followers, and that's just a bunch of hobbyist types. I'm pretty sure I could open up a twitter account, use a photo of an attractive woman as the avatar, and rack up 15,000+ followers within a day or two. We've got a poster here who has a Facebook page/group that has over 775,000 followers. Just what the hell is an "influencer" these days, because I think the term is used a little too freely.
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