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  1. His tweets tonight are pretty tame. Looks like the interns are posting.
  2. He’s going to claim that without his rallies in LA, Rispone would have lost by 20 points. Meanwhile, Republican politicians are going to wonder if he hurt Rispone. Will be curious to see female numbers in the redder parts of the state, assuming they can get that info.
  3. They can still nail his ass for perjury, and the 5th won’t protect him, but the Surly lawyers can explain that better Or maybe they will allow him to “refresh” his testimony and come clean, in exchange for having a little chat.
  4. Holy shit, you need to follow her feed from today. A shit-ton of stuff came out. https://mobile.twitter.com/BBuchman_CNS All kinds of stuff with Pence, and the Sondland stuff is not looking good for him - he’s probably regretting his donation to Trump pretty hard now. https://www.courthousenews.com/transcripts-contradict-sondlands-testimony-in-pushing-ukraine/
  5. After that shitshow of a football game, this is the only thing that brings me joy on TV.
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