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  1. I browse kickstarter for all kinds of things every few weeks, and came across this - around 60 hours left. We Americans can only get the digital plans for $32 though, wish they shipped here from the UK, but I get that it would be heavy. @RDCanecutter and @Braff Zacklin you all may find this interesting, but y'all probably have plenty of room. I am thinking I might pick up the plans, or look around Etsy/Amazon/etc. for something similar, really dig the idea of having something this small - would be perfect for my level of modeling these days. I would buy the shit out of this thing.
  2. If you don't have a lot of room, and want a tiny workbench setup, there's a kickstarter for that. Only problem is we Americans can only buy the digital plans for $32. Only a couple of days left. Pretty cool if you do a lot of small projects on the kitchen table.
  3. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/williamson-county/jason-nassour-sheriff-robert-chody-indicted-javier-ambler-williamson-county/269-af4558a0-0f78-43c3-b43f-c4c443c22c20
  4. Yeah, it's really bad. If you poke around, there's a lot of studies about it out there. And if you are a major twitter presence like Trump or a Kardashian or whatever, you are not necessarily having to pay for them - instead, you're getting followed by tons of bots that are throwing out likes and retweets of your posts on various hashtags to get their accounts noticed and followed. Not that you want to F5 somebody like Trump or a Kardashian, but if you were to do so, when they put out a tweet or retweet, you will see an insane amount of likes/retweets/etc. within seconds, far faster than a human being could react and retweet. It's like bots buying up new NVIDIA cards. I know they say there are 330 million accounts active every month, but someday we are going to find out there's like a few million actual human beings active on twitter, many of whom have lots of alts, and and tens of millions of human beings who setup a twitter account, and then did nothing - they just wanted to follow whoever they are stalking interested in, and then hundreds of millions of bots. So I wondered if she bought her followers - if she did, she didn't do it recently for her political campaign. I dug through Archive.org, about the best source of historical info for twitter. Unfortunately there is a gap between when she started in 2009 and 2013, but I think if she bought any at any point, it was before 2013, and then possibly again in 2015, and then what we see here in 2020 is the remnants of that earlier bunch. With that said, somebody with a better memory and who was closer to the situation, could probably line up certain online events of hers that match up to the follower numbers. It's possible that tens of thousands of horny young men caught wind of her back in the early 2010s. October of 2019 to now is remarkably steady. October of last year, she had around 20,000 followers. October of 2018, she had 33,000 followers. February of 2018, she had 41,000 followers. February of 2016, she had 43,000 followers March of 2015, she had 49,000 followers January of 2014, she had 37,000 followers October of 2013, she had 37,000 followers February of 2009, she had 9 followers
  5. I know it was probably mentioned earlier, but I didn't realize Nassour owns KOKE and The Horn.
  6. Does he have a wife? Asking for a friend.
  7. If you get around to watching Fear the Walking Dead, keep an eye out for Austin landmarks - they filmed a bunch at Dell Diamond, and they setup a compound over on Shoal Creek by the Jewish temple. Got to see them filming there, pretty cool.
  8. I have a few twitter accounts tied to sites I manage, where I get at least half a dozen emails and messages every week offering me followers. $75 for a thousand seems steep, but like you said, bulk discounts are available. Some of the offers I get tout that they can provide accounts that look like they are from specific geographic areas, or in specific industries, etc., and they can also have them retweet, etc. if you pay a little extra. Would be interesting to run her twitter account through one of the analytics sites and see if any of her followers ping as bots. I'm guessing so, because there's no way she's accumulated 20,000 followers organically, given that she's running for a city council least. With that said, she's thrown out some Qanon slogans, so it's possible they latched on to her. That could boost her follows, but it does very little to help her race.
  9. The people who are canceling watching the NFL or NASCAR or NBA or whatever because somebody takes a knee or they can't fly their loser flags or whatever are pussies. I was doing cancel culture almost a quarter of a century ago when that piece of shit motherfucker Bud Adams moved my beloved Oilers and renamed them. He deserved to die alone, only for his body to finally be discovered because somebody didn't get a check or an underling hadn't heard from him or whatever, and had the cops do a wellness check. Cancel that motherfuckers. Wait, what was the thread about?
  10. Did you clip that out of the paper yourself?
  11. Well, you see, Bear Bryant once coached at aggy, and he nearly killed some guys out west.
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