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  1. Bless your heart, maybe you don't have kids, or have been lucky to not have to deal with this, maybe you have your kids at home, maybe you don't give a fuck about your kids, but do understand that many/most schools have to deal with this: Because it's really, really fucking annoying when some other kid gets it and your kid gets to stay home as a result. Maybe, just maybe, leave it up to the school districts on whether to do their covid/mask mandates. I'd like to think TEA, given that those fuckers have been working from home, has enough self-awareness and can read the room th
  2. Maybe, just maybe, we got our numbers down because we did these kinds of things. Because when we fucked around and found out, we were having to bring in mobile morgues.
  3. Are we married to the same woman? My wife is the same way - extremely cautious about taking precautions (she helps care for her dad and step-mom - does errands for them, groceries, etc.), but she gets so pissed off at all of the people we know who just keep fucking around and thinking they won't find out. My view of these people we know who are acting like it's no big deal is that they are just self-centered assholes, many of whom don't have any older living relatives that they are directly caring for. I got really fucking tired of some in my wife's Sunday school class who have this
  4. I would say it was politically savvy for a Republican like Abbot. After all, it's a three-for-one - distract everybody and get them to stop talking about the winter storm fuckups, get the Qanon fuckheads and MAGA types off of his back, and by increasing the spread, they get to blame it on Biden. But 2022 is around the corner, and this kind of Really Fucking Stupid Shit is really simple to explain in a campaign ad, and 2022 will see Republicans trying to eat their own who don't suck off Trump enough. I would not want Greg Abbott to run any company I own or work for - he's playing a
  5. It's not like a bunch of kids/siblings/families are going to travel over spring break. Oh. Fuck. Which is bad enough as it is - Thanksgiving and Christmas both saw bumps in cases in our kids' schools, and caused some classes to have to stay home. We're three fucking months from the end of the school year, so I put it at about 90% that TEA tells the districts to fuck off, and then the at-school spread that the districts have worked so hard to keep from happening (at least in our kids schools, but I do know Austin-area high schools have fucked around and found out) is going to happe
  6. Also, TEA is going to decide this week if it's going to force school districts to drop their mask/covid mandates. AISD and many of the other big ones are going to try and keep their masks, but TEA can force them to drop it. And then a shit-ton of teachers and staff who still aren't vaccinated are going to tell them to fuck off, and a shitload of parents will bring their kids back home.
  7. Good thing we don't have something like Spring Break next week. Hopefully it's not the following week either, and was just canceled everywhere! It's an amazingly fucking stupid move to rescind the mask mandate, and to only allow cities/counties to put covid measures in place "If COVID-19 hospitalizations in any of Texas' 22 hospital regions rise above 15% of the capacity in that region for seven straight days"
  8. John Milius did a fantastic job on Rome (along with the others). If we did not have Rome, I don't know that we have Game of Thrones. Of course, if Rome came out now, we'd probably have a lot more seasons.
  9. Never mind, thought this was going to be an armybrat thread.
  10. I can think of 2060 reasons to fucking loathe bitcoin. Or 2070. Or 2080, 3060, 3070, 3080.
  11. She's the lead in Amazon's big-ass Wheel of Time series. $100s of millions will be riding on her.
  12. Every time I hear somebody I know say that we need more religion in schools, that it should be taught/encouraged, I like to remind them that the largest religious group in Texas are Catholics. Then it dawns on them (almost all of my friends/relatives are not Catholic), and they start walking that back.
  13. Qanon/Trumpies are already planning on primarying him. I think that's partly why he's pushing to lift the restrictions completely, those people are fucking pissed at him - they consider him to be a Democrat because of the covid stuff. If the qanon/Trumpies had their way, he'd take a long roll off of a short cliff.
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