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  1. NASA released their plan for a landing In 2024, and their base(s). https://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/a_sustained_lunar_presence_nspc_report4220final.pdf
  2. This isn't a new concept. We've already done this before - under George W. Bush's administration with the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 where we got up to $600 an individual, or $1200 a couple, with money for kids as well. This time around, it's certainly happening faster, but a massive chunk of taxpayers have director deposit info with the IRS/Treasury compared to 2008, so of course it'll be faster. It's tied directly to your taxes, so if there's fraud or waste, it's because you engaged in fraud when filing your 2018 or 2019 taxes. Play a stupid game with taxes, take a chance at winning stupid prizes. Also, it's already been determined what you will receive based on said taxes that were already filed - if you haven't already filed your 2019 taxes prior to or during the covid stuff, then it's based on your 2018 taxes.
  3. Many are at their mom and dads, given how many campuses shut down, or stuck in their apartments, since bars, etc. are shut down. Guys will spend it on delivery pizza and video games. And cheap TVs.
  4. Treasury saying that the timeline has moved up a week. https://thehill.com/policy/finance/490919-mnuchin-first-coronavirus-rebates-to-be-issued-within-two-weeks Could be as soon as April 9 for direct deposit folks. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/irs-to-begin-issuing-1200-coronavirus-payments-april-9-but-some-americans-wont-receive-checks-until-september-agency-plan-says/2020/04/02/8e0cfc84-751e-11ea-85cb-8670579b863d_story.html Like I said, they will have the website setup later this month or next for you to put direct deposit information in, if it's not on file. I know way too many people who are relying on this to get them through the next few months. This looks to be the only payment for the time being, but there are plans for another if things continue longer.
  5. https://spacenews.com/third-starship-prototype-destroyed-in-tanking-test/ This is one of the systems that could take us back to the moon.
  6. Just spent half the day , starting at 8am, doing stuff to get our kid up and running and ready for school on Monday, including a Zoom meeting with his class. We've been doing stuff the teacher "suggested" (she wasn't allowed to require it) for the past week or so, along with some stuff my wife had him doing (handwriting, etc.), but there was not as tight of a schedule. There's going to be a helluva lot of people shocked by how much they have to do. I'm betting many are thinking it'll just be some kind of screen time thing they can stick the kids on for hours at a time. Instead, there's going to be schedules, "office hours" to chat with the teachers via phone or Zoom, etc. There are a whole lot of kids who are about to be getting a huge jump in technical education because of all of this.
  7. Friend who is working for one of the smaller VFX shops is breathing a huge sigh of a relief. It's been a pain for them to work remotely, something about their security and not being able to access stuff at home (don't want leaks showing up online, etc.).
  8. All of Battlestar Galactica (2004) plus the two movies were made free on Syfy https://www.syfy.com/battlestargalactica
  9. Wondered if SXSW was going to try and do this on their own, but Amazon probably made it worth it for everybody.
  10. It’s based on where you were living on April 1st. It doesn’t matter if somebody moves in the summer, they will still be counted where they were living April 1st.
  11. Those who don’t have direct deposit, looking like May and into June or later. House got a briefing on the timeline from the IRS/Treasury. But if you are low income and don’t have direct deposit setup already, you will still be at the front of the line for paper checks https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/02/politics/stimulus-20-weeks-irs/index.html However, you’ll have a chance for setting up direct deposit later in April or May.
  12. I did not realize that Ellis Marsalis Jr. was still alive, at least until today. Helluva career and a helluva father.
  13. Yeah, it’s being pitched to those missing some of the core requirements in our den that some can be combined, like the hike and backyard jungle, and some of the electives, like the bicycle one, could be done in the course of a normal outing. We asked if the Family Adventures were still on at Philmont (we are going to try this summer if we can work out the schedule and if there are good slots), and got a response back pointing to this page, and saying that more info would be forthcoming on April 15: https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/coronavirus/ If you read that, they are still prepping, but taking measures to keep things safe between now and then.
  14. You should have normally gotten two letters with a 12-digit code tied to your address, and a postcard reminding you to look at one of the letters. My letters were dated March 12, March 16, and I didn’t look at the postcard, but received it a few days ago. I asked a bunch of family and friends, and everybody that got one, got a short form. One person received nothing. So maybe you all are getting the long forms. Or you fell through the cracks. Or maybe you are in a really new house that did not make it into the database for printing on time. Expect somebody in person though. And they will get their census questions for your address filled. Knew somebody that took a tempt job with them 20 years ago, and they had a few people balk, and they got creative with getting answers. These days, they’d probably start with public records since those are cheap and easy to do online. You’re not in trouble. You’re just going to get an in-person visit. And if you got the letters and didn’t fill it out by today, they will probably send a few more letters and then somebody in person if you ignore those.
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