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  1. Brazil, which was blowing up - their president has it. He was feeling ill on Sunday. Need to find a list of which world leaders have had it.
  2. Not when there's half-a-dozen pages a day (or more) for some of those threads. I think they should just change avatars.
  3. https://www.kxan.com/news/education/aisd-classes-are-planned-to-be-100-online-or-100-in-person-superintendent-says/
  4. Unless there's stimulus checks and money actually coming out of Washington, there are no shutdowns. Abbott won't allow it, and Adler probably won't do it.
  5. 22 Austin cops test positive. Given the amount of cops I saw without masks in various photos/videos in recent weeks, surprised it's not higher. https://www.kxan.com/news/22-austin-police-officers-test-positive-for-covid-19/
  6. Lots more fighting between bored UT and OU fans before and after the game?
  7. https://www.statesman.com/news/20200706/health-district-williamson-county-known-coronavirus-cases-increase-by-682-since-friday
  8. Charlie was a session musician on 3 or 4 of Bob Dylan's albums, was a session musician for Ringo Starr, and toured with Leonard Cohen. Not your stereotypical hillbilly/redneck musician.
  9. If we can get the right platform, we can make it work for a lot of kids. Well, assuming the parents put the time in as well to make sure the kid is doing stuff - kids can't be on Zoom for 8 hours a day. It's going to be hell on the special-needs kids, and the younger grades (particularly when it comes to socialization skills they are forming right now). But damn are there a shitload of kids who don't have parents who can help (or parents who won't), or don't have easy access to technology and the internet.
  10. Oh, I fucked up the nickname. Shit. Well, it was meant to be a quick tribute to throw out on twitter or Facebook to show people you cared, not rehash his Wikipedia entry.
  11. And the hours are absolute shit during the school year (50 hours a week would be a dream for them). And you get shit upon by lots of Karens, whom you deal with almost daily. But yeah, her in Austin, with a Masters and 15 years in, you are making less than $50,000.
  12. While I disagreed with the opening policy, it's easy for me to do so, as I'm working from home, and my wife could also work from home. You are forgetting one crucial thing about the opening policy: A shitload of people and businesses cannot function from home. If we had stayed closed for another month or two, a shitload more people would be out of work, a shitload more businesses would be going under, and with a lack of stimulus/relief money on the horizon, that means a shitload of people/families losing homes, etc. Throw that on top of the mental health issues that have been rapidly rising as a result of the past few months. Do I think Abbott was considering the political implications when weighing reopening? Absolutely, but I do not think they dominated the decision-making - had there been more stimulus/relief money for individuals and businesses in the pipeline, I think Abbott would have kept things closed, or left it more up to the locals. Just check the DT threads on the financial fallout from covid to see why we had to open back up, and why it's less political and more financial.
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