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  1. I'm blaming the fireworks down at UT tonight.
  2. Assad better batten down the hatches and get ready to gas some folks. Russians now don’t have as much of a presence there, and I’m sure there will be quite a few hungry folks in Syria.
  3. I watched the trailer with my kids and the trailer jumpsd around way too much. We may have to give this a shot.
  4. Kentucky has a lot of solid military ties, and Mitch is happy for military-industrial complex money.
  5. I like to respond with something like "you think Paxton is more conservative than George P Bush? They are both RINOs being drug to the left by that Yankee Trump" and then text a photo of Trump and Epstein or Trump and the Clintons. No human will ever see that message (probably), but it would be funny if they did.
  6. So if my dick is a third the size of a man's dick in the 1960s, that means men in the 60s had 21-inch dicks? And Alex is familiar with the penises of 1960s men?
  7. I don't think things are that drastic, but for some countries, it's probably real.
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