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  1. On a side note, a friend's brother who works for SpaceX was bitching about illegals taking American jobs. And now all I can picture is some Guatemalan who can't read or write a bit of English showing up in Boca Chica and asking for a job at SpaceX on a launch or design team.
  2. Or he knows the truth that e-verify will never happen. Congress could have directed the IRS and Social Security Administration to do something about SS #s being used by multiple people, etc. many years ago. It's not hard to run queries against those databases, and from investigations run by various media organizations, using public data, they know that millions and millions of SS #'s are being actively used.
  3. Sounds like my Qanon in-law. She has too much time on her hands, she feels like she's not in control of her life, and she has filled her life with this shit, because it validates her fears about the world at large. She also refuses to take control of her life. I have yet to encounter a Qanon type who is not mentally ill. I don't just mean in the "holy shit she believes that Satan-worshipping pedophiles are running the government and trafficking children for the juice from their adrenalcoholinewhateverthefuck glands", because those types have always been around - Art Bell and even Alex Jones in his early years, have made a nice living off of them. I mean more in the "being surrounded by actual shit going down (COVID) that is harming people they know and deciding they are going to just ignore it" manner. That is the worrisome shit to me.
  4. All that matters is the internal polling numbers they are seeing, which means they think Walker is their best shot. With that said, Walker being their best shot means the Dems have a chance to hold on to the seat, because he is not somebody you want to build a future power block around.
  5. Okay, damn, this could be really good. But it's also Netflix.
  6. Let's hope he goes full Lin Wood. Would be hilarious to see Trump wrecking lawyers for all the wrong reasons.
  7. I almost feel like they overextended themselves with the Eternals. I know it was already budgeted/planned/pre-production just as a lot of stuff came together with Fox, and I know Feige wanted to get away from all of the Marvel characters that even casual fans know about, and I understand how it fits into the next phase (getting into cosmic spans of time running thousands of years, etc.), but I dunno.
  8. I somehow don't think that will be a problem. The DCEU stuff seems kind of iffy going into the future, and he seems the type to like a very high-paying steady paycheck.
  9. Not just the Midwest - plenty of places around the US with affordable housing compared to places like Austin. If the wife and I were still in our 20s and just starting out in 2021, no way in hell we'd stick around Austin - too many affordable places around the US have decent internet access these days, so one of us would always be able to work. Hell, we are still considering moving, even though we'd take a hit on retirement, because the next 15 or so years in Austin are not something that we are all that invested in, outside of our kids being in school (which admittedly is a huge reason why we would stay in Austin). We have a shitload of friends who went remote for their jobs (or started their own businesses) or changed jobs and moved to where they wanted to be, and they have bigger homes in scenic areas, without the shitty summers. And I'm not just talking about Colorado (although if I were Colorado, I'd be building a fucking wall to keep Texans out over the next 5 years).
  10. They should release this poster of the cast smiling
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