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  1. Does this mean we'll also get some non-kicker Aussies on the team? Some pipe hittin', kangaroo punching goons might be nice...
  2. For waiting through this coming shitshow she's gonna need to show more than those.
  3. What's she doing with her right hand? Actually, nevermind. I got it all figured out... 🤤
  4. And every young female in Belmont suddenly enters the transfer portal...
  5. But think of the random shit you would learn.
  6. Seems like giving him one more year increases the chances of that happening.
  7. Well Bama claims a couple of titles after losing bowl games to Texas so that fits aggy would be aping them.
  8. LSU fans booing the aggy fake injury is annoying the shit out of me. But those swamp scum can still feel free to drop 77 on aggy if they want.
  9. Just turned this on. How amazing that I can guess exactly what's happened already. Fuck.
  10. Apparently he's been answering emails and phone calls.
  11. I don't want Craig James as coach.
  12. It seems like they all just run to a spot and turn around. And stand there when Sam has to scramble or search for a receiver.
  13. Well... an all out blitz that actually got to the QB at the right time for success. Amazing.
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