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  1. Fuck both these teams. But fuck out in particular.
  2. Play clock expired on that screen Bullshit
  3. 223-0. No need to share with Georgia Tech.
  4. Bitch yes, but it is it female... I don't really want to know.
  5. Brian Jones was allowed to wear #60 when he was at UT, and was apparently the only Longhorn looking to fight Miami at some dinner before the Cotton Bowl in 91. He earned the right to call out shit if he wants. Damn him for being right this time. Lol
  6. Good lord all the hate I've had for these pig idiots is flooding back.
  7. Dem arms... That one is gonna be a Vic babe real soon.
  8. Does this deal hold if Tech drops to FCS in the near future?
  9. What is it about Texas that brings these sorts of garbage fans out of the woodwork? Envy?
  10. And Georgia's offense scored 3 against an ACC defense.
  11. Shit like this needs to be packaged up and mailed to every recruit even thinking about aggy. Just load them up on all the weird ass crap they are walking into.
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