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  1. I forgot to share her 11th bday back in April. I took her a bath and brushed her and she rolled when I sent her out to pee. Haha I thought I got it all but no. My Bonnie girl is still bonnie af.
  2. I heard some heavily metaled gymnast (sorry, don't remember her name, but she has the most gold metals) on NPR explain that mental blocks happen to everyone, but you can work them out by getting extra spotters or working over mats until you relearn and reassure yourself you have it. Simone doesn't have the luxury of time to do that because she is in the middle of competition. I think she called the mental block "the twisties",where you don't know where you are spatially during a twist or flip. So being 15 feet in the air and not knowing which way it down is very dangerous. Gymnastics sounds like a young kids game before the frontal lobe can kick in and tell you how dangerous what you are doing is. No wonder all the best are super young teens. Their brains can't tell them shit yet.
  3. Wait, so why didn't you chant "Roll Tide" or "Ala-bama" ? I don't get it, you were mud holing them and you didn't chant about you....strange. But it is ironic that you gave those that hang on your coat tail their chant when you were kicking ass.
  4. REI has a nice compact pair that'll be perfect for this. https://www.rei.com/product/117450/celestron-upclose-g2-10x25-roof-binoculars
  5. no one. Vandy abstained....for get this.....academic reasons. I mean, A&M is a diploma factory these days but the Mississippi schools being their conference mates should have made Vandy get off their high horse.
  6. @BigXII needs to change his name to this but keep all his rep and post counts. Make it so, my dude. Your current handle is ass.
  7. man, I wish I wasn't twitter banned so I could tell this fuckstick what a cum dumpster he is. Fuck Kurt Bowels.
  8. Ooh yeah. There sure is a lot of in and outs and what have yous. In the meantime, if I were an Irate8, I'd agree to take less money for 3 or 4 years, until the new conference re-negotiates with the Networks. Getting into a new P5 has to be the priority. Really fucking wild that the B1G and PAC aren't looking to expand their leagues based on all the upcoming upheaval to the sport. Maybe they are gonna merge at some point and shake off their coattail riders and just keep their best 16 teams. Maybe that is a smart move in the long run for them. Damn.
  9. Unless I'm missing some reporting. It seems like both the B1G and PAC aren't looking to expand, even though some are saying the race to super-conferences has begun. Even though TCU, Tech, and OSU won't add value right away, you'd think the PAC would want to bring at least 2 of them in. Maybe they are making a play for ND? If they could land that whale, they could ensure their future. I dont know, I dont understand it. I guess they are just not seeing the vvalue? Seems short sighted from my limited point of view.
  10. Duh, it is the KY wildcat! Fuck me, I thought one of the tigers by the Commadore was the wildcat. I forgot that they have 3 Tigers with Auburn. haha
  11. Who is the bear by Pig? I can't figure that mascot out.
  12. Just noticed the pig playing with himself.
  13. He mean but he gave ya some good advice.
  14. Hope your Froggy admin can find you a nice landing spot. You guys are scrappy and can compete for pretty much everything but eyeballs. Good luck and good bye.
  15. I think the plan is we front them the money so we both can leave in 2022. Then we both get the greater SEC share quicker and OU can pay us out of the difference between the big 12 share and SEC one for however long it takes. That is what I'd propose if I were UT brass. We want out the quicker the better so the sooners being poor shouldn't hold us back.
  16. Went Saturday to Luck. My first time too. Reckless Kelly opened for Willie and Fam. Fun time.
  17. I've been drinking mezcal with juice of a whole lemon shaken and poured into a tall glass with crushed ice. Then add Lone River Agave Hard Seltzer. This on a hot day is beyond words refreshing and tasty. I may not know shit about the history of agave but I do know it tastes great on hot summer days.
  18. If you hit them with your bullshit story before they start writing the ticket, then they can just issue a warning. Once they start writing the ticket, sometimes they get to a point where they can't back out of it. At least, that is what I noticed.
  19. It is because the blind people from the blind school nearby spend all their money on booze at Chili's Bar. If you carved our their money, it would be a middle of the road earner.
  20. In hind sight, you should have tabbed the slots Gas, food, trinkets, etc so she could have understood how you wanted it organized. Or told her you wanted it in chronological order. Otherwise, not going to happen because she thinks you are being a nerd trying to know how much you spent, etc. And now, you get to do that thing where when she starts bitching at you about not putting something back, all you have to say is "the receipts in the accordion folder was a shit show on our trip so don't keep on. " You'll get a tone penalty but it will be worth it.
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