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  1. That would be a fair point if I wasn't speaking to something that directly affects (and is super important to) the Ticket and what it might look like in the future. I went out of my way to take Ben & Skin talk offline.
  2. Apparently there's not a single place in the Dallas area that sells parisa (I know, "duh"). Dying to try some.
  3. I've been to a few over the years, yes. It's been a long time though. My favorite moment was watching some dude in a Cowboys jersey asking Johnny "Showtime" Barnes for his autograph.
  4. Giggle. That's very Dallas of you. You ever been to a Ticket event? You're hanging with some seriously select company my man.
  5. Another one for you to try @Mr.Hovis- it's in between where you're staying and where you'e playing. I had what was maybe the best breakfast taco I've ever eaten today at Mexican Cactus in Allen. 121 and Watters. On a fresh made flour tortilla. Thought it was weird when I saw mozzarella, but they throw it on the flat grill first so it's crispy on one side and still sorta bubbly/melty on the other. So damn good. Also got a carne asada taco (on fresh corn), which was pretty standard but the ingredients were top notch. Good guac to start, and they had several good housemade sauces as well. It's counter service, but they do have a liquor license. Awesome service too. They're still in the soft opening stage, but I'm not sure why- they have a full menu and the kitchen is humming. https://mexicancactustacobar.com/
  6. The Ticket deserves whatever happens to them for that "LET"S GO DRINK SOME BEER!" promo alone.
  7. That's a pretty good movie.
  8. Fair. As long as we're recognizing that your favorite radio personalities might be huge pieces of shit.
  9. Go to Hutchins for sure @Mr.Hovis. They have two locs, and they're both good for you. There's one by your hotel at Preston & Main, and there's also the original near downtown McKinney. They have Texas Twinkies on the weekend. Get a few and thank me later.
  10. Stop it. The mere presence of Steve Dennis makes that statement total bs.
  11. Well, I had the same argument with some folks on here over a year ago, so it's been a thing for a while. They've been slowly trending upward for over five years.
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