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  1. I guess doing a shitty Keith Whitley impersonation gives you old school cred these days. Go Midland. And the Timewasters are fucking awful. Top to bottom. Good on some of y'all for making these dudes feel good, standing in the crowd at the plano center with a little tear in the corner of your eye. "This is so great!"
  2. The NBA really seems to be getting the hang of this goaltending thing. Good couple of weeks on that front.
  3. Nah. Here's AM and PM drive. And for all Prime (6a-7p):
  4. I have no idea. Shall I waste my time checking?
  5. Y'all should fuck each other's faces actually. With that strap-on from Se7en.
  6. Well shit. I totally forgot whitey wasn't allowed to play important minutes in all star games. Dumb ass me.
  7. That shit shoulda been so fucking beyond over at that point. Call back to the last time he got screwed (by another windmill from just inside the ft line): The mascot dunk was ridiculous.
  8. This is going to be primarily about Table 13. Went for the second time yesterday and I freaking love the place. Met a friend and had two entrees, an appetizer, four martinis, a glass of champagne, and a dessert for $46. Nuts. $13 lunch special gets you an entree + a dessert or glass of champagne. Plus $3 martinis (regular, gimlet, cosmo, or lemon drop). And the food is damn good. Highly recommend. Another go-to for me is the half chicken + two sides for $9.99 at Eatzi's. Easily enough for two meals. I'll think of more. What else you got?
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