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  1. Y'all should really check out that P1 group on FB. It'll either give you a boost of self confidence or make you wish you didn't have to share the same planet with those people. Or both.
  2. Exhibit A of "to each their own." If Norm is involved (and it's not an event roundtable), I'm listening to music. Or my beloved G-Bag Nation (@ me @Dr. Beeper you fanboi!). 98% of the time I've spent in the car since this bullshit started has been during the Hardline, and I'm 100% ok with that.
  3. Wife surprised me and took me to see it live in '07 at Dallas Theater Center- Kalita Humphreys Theatre (Frank Lloyd Wright) before they moved to the Wyly. John Doman (Lt. Rawls from the Wire) played Dave Moss. It was surreal watching how good they were. I should have gotten that in before @henrygandorf's post. Bad ass. https://www.dallasobserver.com/arts/review-glengarry-glen-ross-6375528
  4. One dude said it was no more racist than Kung Flu. Another dude we don't deserve him, don't deserve Kushner, and don't deserve his gorgeous (or something like "gorgeous") daughter. I got so creeped out I closed the browser window.
  5. Didn't hear the call, but it sounds like Fake Koko is definitely a member of that Ticket FB group. @ me @Dr. Beeper
  6. Si, technically. But c'mon. Plus Buckner.
  7. I did a lot of crazy shit growing up in Dallas. Never hit a shake joint in the Grove though.
  8. It's really not that big of a deal man, Summer Bash will be back next year, and you can get your Ticket t-shirt autographed by Matt Birmingham and all the the fellas. C'mon man, put the gun down.
  9. threesheets

    Dallas | BBQ

    @Both Tacos- did they still have the all you can eat option? I saw the $28 pricing on their site the other day and immediately wondered. Haven't been since pre-lockdown. I haven't had sugar/carbs in two weeks after I decided to stop the covid swelling. That pic is killing me.
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