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  1. Those remind me of the "plates" at Sweet Georgia Brown in South Dallas. Even when you dine in, you get a styrofoam container like that and it's filled with like 8 lbs of food. Not exaggerating.
  2. Yep. Mine are yukon golds, cream, butter, cream cheese, salt. That's it. And if ever add pepper I use white.
  3. threesheets

    Dallas | BBQ

    Yeah, when I worked at 1700 Pacific I ate at that one probably once a week.
  4. My kids are 14 and 9 and have never had that disgusting shit in their lives. Soggy ass "noodles" in vomit-flavored tomato sauce. Nope.
  5. threesheets

    Dallas | BBQ

    Their Instagram is straight porn. https://www.instagram.com/hurtadobbq/?hl=en
  6. Let's get something straight. You eat. I pay.
  7. She wasn't wrong. I'll never understand how they do well. Oh wait, beer and football.
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