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  1. Holy shit I can’t believe they would let him go. Surely they will lose some of their better players now. I would also imagine that the Man U rumors will heat up quickly.
  2. Liverpool are a machine this year. Credit to them for taking advantage of every chance they got today. If they stay healthy they are going to run away with this thing.
  3. Now that one was as clean as it could get. God our defense sucks.
  4. If it touched Silva’s arm first, it still wouldn’t change the fact that the ball was played off TAA’s arm in the build up to the Liverpool goal. It should have been disallowed on that alone. Then you add in that Salah looked clearly offside, and there was a 10 second check on the second goal. I expected Liverpool to win today, but this has been some bullshit from VAR.
  5. Clear as hell handball should have been a penalty for city. Var is terrible.
  6. To be fair, I didn’t post in the EPL threads in 2014 either
  7. I never said it sucked or was impossible. It’s just the way I see it playing out this year. We will steal a lot of headlines with impressive scorelines, but they look like a machine built to not drop points.
  8. Liverpool is going to win the league. With as locked in as they are at the moment and all of our defensive issues, I think this is finally their year.
  9. First time I have ever thought Rafa looked nervous in a final. With that said, VA-MOTHERFUCKING-MOS!!! You have to think he has better than a 50/50 chance of being tied at 20 after next year’s French.
  10. That is something else. Every single one of those posters wouldn’t hesitate to suck the orange man’s dick if ordered to do so.
  11. Teachers are employees of the state. We will get fired as soon as one dotard supporting parent learns that any teacher says a negative word about him.
  12. Every Fedal fan on earth is a big Bautista Agut fan right now
  13. I’m actually surprised that Nadal (-130) is a favorite in Vegas over Fed (+110). Imo, Rafa has played better during the tournament, but this is possibly Fed’s best chance to win another slam. I am cautiously optimistic about Rafa’s chances, but don’t see any way that this isn’t a close match.
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