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  1. Dude it’s over. You guys are arguably the greatest team in league history this year. It has been over for a while a now. Congrats and enjoy the ride. I’m just hoping we can put a decent run together in the champions league, but with our defensive issues I don’t have much hope for that.
  2. Unreal what they are doing this year. As a fan of sports it’s awesome to see a team perform at this level.
  3. The single most overrated EPL player in G650’s 4 plus decade life, is putting on a master class today.
  4. Great first half to watch. Glad we were able to overcome the early goal.
  5. Whatever slim chance of Liverpool losing the title died today. They have a great chance to beat the 100 points of City from 2 years ago.
  6. Such a stupid foul by Bernardo. This could easily be 3 or 4 nil at this point. We are getting played off the pitch at the moment.
  7. Yikes we are struggling with everyone now.
  8. My reasoning was really just that you don’t have to be an established head coach at a power 5 program to be successful.
  9. I was thinking about this earlier, and I think that we need to take a gamble (unless someone decides to wake up and go after Meyer). Take a look at the current head coaches of the top 10 and their previous jobs before becoming head coaches. 1. LSU - Orgeron D Line Coach 2. OSU - Day OC 3. Clemson - Swinney WR Coach 4. Georgia - Smart DC 5. Bama - Saban NFL HC 6. Oregon - Cristobal OC 7. Utah - Whittingham DC 8. PSU - Franklin HC 9. OU - Riley OC 10. Minnesota - Fleck HC Only 3 of the 10 were head coaches at their previous job. The idea that we should go hire another head coach and ignore everyone else is probably not the best way to go about it. We need the best possible coach regardless of what their current title is.
  10. It’s beyond time. Fire the whole staff before they make it to the locker room.
  11. Good bounce back win, but we still look lost at times.
  12. Holy shit I can’t believe they would let him go. Surely they will lose some of their better players now. I would also imagine that the Man U rumors will heat up quickly.
  13. Liverpool are a machine this year. Credit to them for taking advantage of every chance they got today. If they stay healthy they are going to run away with this thing.
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