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  1. This Covid delay has the potential of throwing the all time slam race into all kinds of chaos. Nadal would have been a heavy favorite to tie up the total in Paris, Wimbledon might have been Fed’s last best shot to add another one, and Novak would have been favored in London and New York. Who knows when the next slam will be played, but none of those 3 are getting any younger. Losing these opportunities will have a long lasting impact on men’s tennis history.
  2. I have 0 Caesars Rewards credits and never gamble at any of their properties. As of now I can get almost any hotel in the chain comped through June. They are getting desperate for anyone to come visit.
  3. Holy fuck Nadal was just impressive as hell in the Rebel. He’s going to be your favorite around 5/2 in the derby if it doesn’t get cancelled.
  4. Does anyone else believe that they are going to continue with the road to the Kentucky Derby? Tomorrow has the Rebel Stakes without fans, but I can't imagine that they are going to keep going on the derby trail much longer.
  5. I think I agree with every word of what you just posted. It's hard to imagine any sporting event taking place anytime soon.
  6. Went ahead and cancelled our trip. I’m not really any more worried about getting sick out there than I am here, but the biggest reason we were going was the tournament. No need to go now without it. Looking at possibly going this summer if/when this thing passes.
  7. I read some article from England earlier today where one of the contingency plans could be to postpone the Euro's until next year, and allow the club seasons to finish during that time. However I have no idea how anything could reasonably be planned at this time.
  8. Can't lose if all our games keep getting postponed
  9. Time to just go ahead and declare this year a no contest. Nothing more to see, go home folks. Sorry Liverpool, maybe next year is your year.
  10. So much truth to this...
  11. I like it. We found a sports bar that is $60 for a “premium” open bar from tip off to final whistle for Thursday. Alcohol will be more likely to kill me than any virus.
  12. Anyone planning on going for March Madness? My wife and I are supposed to fly out on Wednesday and still plan on doing so as of now.
  13. Time for all the Arsenal fans to start showing up to tell us how the “invincibles” are better than this year’s Liverpool team.
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