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  1. Resigned means he can go work elsewhere, right?
  2. Based on Mac's post, I think "You paid too much to be here." is appropriate.
  3. Is there still a banner fund? This seems like a good opportunity for shenanigans.
  4. Right? As someone that's traveled to La Marque, never follow any directions that begin with "Go to La Marque".
  5. I'll give you $10 for the whole lot.
  6. I don't think either of them wanted their dad to do anything with elected office.
  7. Is there a specific location you'd suggest we go to donate? I haven't checked Google yet.
  8. It was coined by Rick Sanchez, so yeah.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. But he is incapable of "being cute". That takes a certain amount of intelligence. Nope... he's that stupid.
  10. No kidding. I saw it on a random sketchy twitter, and had to make a few clicks to get to Forbes. Sure enough, he said it.
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