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  1. I don’t know, that last .8 seconds was pretty awesome.
  2. That this thread is heading to the cloakroom in short order.
  3. Don’t care what your buddy said, Michigan had nowhere near the volume of people on it that it has had any other trip, any time of the year. It’s been busier in the winter than what it was when we went in May. Boat tours and other operators were mainly parked, took 5 minutes to go through TSA at O’Hare at lunch on Friday before Memorial Day, lots of closed places through downtown, massive police presence downtown, etc. It is most definitely not the same feel downtown as in the past. I think that is similar in a lot of places, but the travelers have definitely not come back to Chicago yet for wh
  4. Never did figure it out, we stay at the Langham and there was always that many outside. I kind of think it was a staging area to rotate them through downtown on breaks maybe because that road is dead and it’s out of the way. It did seem odd they were lined up in front of Trump towers of all places though. I’ve always been a Chicago fan. We’ve been going 1-2 times a year for probably the last 10-15 years. We always took the train in/out, walked everywhere or took the subway, etc. It felt different this last trip walking around downtown. I think Harrison hit on it pretty well, it was a weir
  5. They are keeping a significant number of police set up around the downtown area. Guess they have given up on the south side. We were there right before Memorial Day and they had cop cars pretty much on every block along Michigan, State, etc. with cops also walking the blocks. There were 4-5 cars stationed outside of Trump towers the entire time.
  6. Got out for the first time this weekend and ran through all the break in procedures. Also had the fun experience of spending 3 hours mounting the Bimini and frame. Printed included instructions have gotten really shitty over the last few years. I guess they figure everyone just goes straight to YouTube. That works great unless you’re on my lake with no cell reception. Need to get some pictures next weekend.
  7. If you’re on a super low carb diet, but a 1/2 cup of rolled oats, a banana, and a few blueberries isn’t very much especially if you aren’t eating much in the way of carbs the rest of the day. It may hit 20% of the low end of the daily guidelines.
  8. Ended up chunking the Fox shocks. After going in circles with customer service, the best they would do was give them my credit card info, send them the shocks, and they would evaluate whether a rebuild would work. If so, they would charge my card for that. If not, they would ship a new set and charge my card for that. They would it call and discuss the options. The shop is trying to get me to go to airbags, I think I’m going to throw some Bilstein’s on the rear and see how they tow.
  9. If you want an evaluation of the current Greek system in relation to racial diversity, Ole Miss is probably not place the start. That campus is as old south white as a campus could possibly get. There is no telling what they are signing on Greek row today, but it probably hasn’t changed much.
  10. Churches are outnumbered by other nonprofits by a factor of 4 or 5 to 1 I believe. Now some factor of the other nonprofits is made up of religious based organizations, so I don’t know how much that gap closes. I’m definitely not going down the road of a religious debate although I guess that ultimately is probably the dividing line in this debate for both sides.
  11. Similar story, college for me was a means to an end that no one else in my family chased. I was dating my now wife (married my junior year of college) from high school, working full time, and trying to get as far away from what I grew up around as possible. It wasn’t bad per se, it just wasn’t what I wanted in life. The Greek life looked to me like a bunch of fuck offs that needed someone to hang out with. Looking back, I was off base but I don’t think certain aspects of my life would look like they do now if I went that route In my industry it’s made some things difficult not being involved i
  12. Neither, I will say their headquarters is just where the employees sit and there is some meeting space. It just happens to sit right where an entity with a ton of money (another nonprofit entity actually) needs to have the location for further expansion. Paying property taxes for the vast majority would not impact their ability to exist, it may make some of them think about their location/mission/etc. a little more. Most nonprofits exist outside of high cost areas and even those could only really be assessed at their “ground” value. I’m not saying they should pay at the same percentage of valu
  13. Tax exempt status takes a few hours to fill out the paperwork and gather the requisite documents, but I’ve never seen the IRS question a filing outside of if you are missing something.
  14. Maybe or maybe they use their support differently or raise additional funds. I do work for a nonprofit that has 20 or so employees. They have had offers in excess of $40M to buy their current headquarters. What helps them meet the purpose of their charter more, that tied up in one piece of real estate or that available to be spent on their work?
  15. I’m with Brisket for the most part. There is good and bad in the world on nonprofits and churches, but the good far and away outweighs the bad and I don’t think you go after all of them for the sins of a few. There should be a system the challenges their status periodically to make sure they are following their formation documents though. Also, churches should have to file 990’s rather than it be optional. That makes no sense and that way comp, lawsuits, and other spending is disclosed. I also think they should have to pay property tax.
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