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  1. Bought one on GameStop’s website Friday, they release a new batch fairly regularly.
  2. Throw a gold spoon, pick up a couple lady fish, then cut them in chunks and use them on fish finder rigs in place of mullet if they aren’t hitting mullet. Typically, they get destroyed but it wasn’t in the cards this week. You can also put one out on a free line during warmer months.
  3. Spanish Mackerel, Jack’s, and Ladyfish are all over the beaches in SWFL right now. Pretty much could catch one of the three on every other cast. Cut up Ladyfish led to dealing with Stingrays, but they were fun to screw with for a little while. The reds were not touching anything. I guess they are fat and happy on mullet right now and I was not set up for fishing live mullet this week. May try it when I’m back in a couple of weeks if the mullet run is still on.
  4. Traditional t-day meals are my favorite get together of the year. We skipped town and went to the beach this year rather than get together with family (several work in healthcare) with the local COVID outbreaks. State championship football game is next week also and everyone was supposed to make an effort to stay quarantined, so we packed up. Cooked a ham, stuffing, potatoes, and a few other sides but it just wasn’t the same.
  5. For someone with an issue with the show, you post in this thread more than anyone which seems odd. I hope he signs a new contract. It’s still worth a listen some of the time and with the app I can pick what portion I listen to.
  6. Half day on the 16x44, backhoe and a dump truck to move it to another spot on our property knocked it right out. Now I think I overpaid based on others having multi day dig times. Plain ole dirt was a big advantage although they did hit the old septic tank which slowed them down a little.
  7. Food truck at the farmers market does a biscuit, sausage patty, over easy egg, topped with sausage gravy. It’s my meal for the day those weekends we go.
  8. When you buy new ballast pumps next year, you’ll decide to winterize the ballast system going forward. Any system with water needs to be winterized and make sure it’s cleared out.
  9. I keep mine in a shop I keep heated, but I still winterize it just in case something happens to the heat. I don’t check on it very often unless I’m out at the farm for some reason.
  10. You still need to run a stabilizer in the winter I believe. There is still an issue with condensation and evaporation in the fuel system. Running nonethanol fuel can actually compound the water issue because ethanol combines with water and burns the water off whereas gas will stay separate and water can build up.
  11. Your manual should give you a rundown of everything. On mine I change the oil and run fuel conditioner through first. Then I disconnect all cooling hoses and drain the water, pull the drain plugs on the block and manifolds and drain all water, partially fill ballast with RV antifreeze, fog the engine, and disconnect and charge batteries. Others will just run antifreeze through the entire cooling system and then do the other steps. There are other things like plugs, impeller, change all fluids, etc that are on other rotations. I’m in a colder winter environment so some steps may not be necessary.
  12. Pretty much the same one I use, just use self rising instead of AP which eliminates all the extras and a little less crisco. Get a pastry cutter and it’s a simple recipe to follow.
  13. Biscuits are easy, just start with White Lily flour. Add buttermilk and shortening and you have a proper southern biscuit. Cook some tomato gravy and you have the perfect breakfast.
  14. Seven Marine is ending production after the New Year, so you may able to get you a good deal on a 627.
  15. Excellent series. The mannerisms of the lead actress and how they used them throughout the series was pretty fascinating.
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