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  1. Nothing wrong with Peaky Blinders, many on here are still watching it. It’s had some spots that aren’t great, but this last season was well worth watching.
  2. This story was even better. Who the hell puts one in their bedroom? https://www.google.com/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/US/couple-stranger-hacked-bedroom-ring-security-camera-set/story%3fid=67667763
  3. We bought one when they did their first run a couple of years ago. It worked fine for a while but then it started leaking water everywhere and found it’s way to the dumpster. Plus you have to be obsessive about cleaning it since it’s a closed system which my wife was not. We bought a house and started renovations recently after just now finishing up renovations on a beach house, so she sure better not be counting on anything this year. We have the no presents rule also, but I still have always bought her something in the past.
  4. My F150’s have been in the shop more than the 3 Audi’s my wife has had. 2 Q5’s and an A5 and outside of her getting reamed for a brake job there were zero issues with any of them. All of our vehicles are usually traded by 60k miles, so I can’t speak to reliability past that.
  5. We’re going into year 4 of paying for this drug. It is 20-25% of my total spend on medical coverage each year. We talk all the time about what our opinion would be if it was one of our spouses. At some point we have to realize the cost of extending for some period isn’t worth the cost to the whole especially when quality of life in that period is not good. I know at this point I want to go out on my own terms and in my own spirits, not bed ridden and in pain with an extra 6 months because of some drug.
  6. Converting my firm to self insured for health coverage has really opened my eyes to the cost of care. A few numbers from this past year, $250k+ for a cancer drug that will not cure the individual but just extends life expectancy and quality of life, $140k for bypass surgery, $90k for rehab for alcohol/depression issues, $80k for MS drug, etc. Our drug cost is the burden on our plan with probably 60%+ of the cost being drug related. The level of detail we get on our plan is a positive and a negative, because we see the detail but still can’t control the cost other than trying to educate the employees. However, for them it’s still a care issue and they only view cost of care on a deductible basis. They are paying $5k, $6k, etc no matter what the total cost is, so why worry with it. The flip side of that is that doctor groups I work with are making less now than they ever have outside of some specialties. Family practice is a lose/lose unless you go to a concierge practice setup or take the urgent care route and just review charts for FNP’s. Even specialties like OB’s are falling off unless they focus on high end surgeries. Anything involving cancer, dermatology, specialized functions, etc are still blowing and going though. Local community hospitals are shutting down all over because they are hemorrhaging money because the cost of care to insured isn’t covering the cost of care for uninsured. Doctors can’t make money in the smaller hospitals, so providers are leaving causing care coverage issues. The whole system is broken.
  7. Your first paragraph is correct for liability purposes. There is no effective transaction at the corporate level so all known/unknown liabilities are still there. From a tax standpoint you get no tax benefit for a stock transaction and just have basis in your shares. In an asset sale you can depreciate/amortize what you pay. On the second paragraph I assume ADA will only kick in if you pull permits for renovations. There are certain aspects that the building would be grandfathered on even in a permit situation. You would need to talk to a contractor and attorney to see what exposure you have, but I Think if you’re just going to operate as is the structure of the transaction would not matter. On the 3rd paragraph, if they are month to month then you need to make the deal contingent on executing a lease you are comfortable with. Food service establishments have problems if they have to relocate typically. People are tied to specific locations. Outside of all that, talk with someone about structure before you sign anything. I can’t see where a corporate structure would be better than an LLC structure but some of that is location dependent.
  8. No, 2015 and 2017 F150 Ecoboost. The 15 had the 6 speed and the 17 has the 10 speed which exacerbated the problems fatty is having. The boats are 20-28 foot, depending on where we’re headed and what we’re doing.
  9. I have put quite a few miles on the 3.5 pulling boats in a 15 and 17. They pull fine especially locally, but it works them and gas mileage is abysmal if you’re trying to maintain any sort of interstate speed. Like you, that’s the main reason I’m looking at a 3/4 and up. I may take a look at the gas motors as well and see what I think.
  10. Depends on the size of the firm and whether you have an existing relationship. If you have the transactions entered, then you need to skip the first entire section assuming you coded the things correctly and just get your 1099’s and tax return completed. Assuming everything is in correctly, you could probably get that done for $500-$750 as it is realistically 3-4 hours or less total of a manager’s time. If you want someone local, ask around and find someone reasonable. A lot of firms aren’t doing work under certain dollar values any more. If local isn’t an issue, PM me.
  11. There is no way in hell that I would buy the shares of an existing Corp in that business. Do an asset purchase and limit your exposure. As far as the permit, go to City Hall and talk with them about the process and the pitfalls. Typically, if you have no criminal record and a decent background check and there are no location restrictions, it should not be that difficult a process and will just require a few checks. However, that is local to my area and may be completely different where you are.
  12. I assume at this point they either cash out big or it all comes crumbling down and the 5 of them are sitting in the empty building together talking about their next project when it ends.
  13. Complete randomness strikes again, another guy ends up losing on Cook’s fumble by a point when he goes out. 3 way tie for 4th then goes to points.
  14. I put about 30k a year on my truck with some years being more. I probably put 6k a year on it pulling a boat with four of those trips being thousand mile runs taking it to the beach house and back for seasons. I stay in a newer model truck for reliability because of that. I’ve thought about storing it there, getting an older F250 for the local lake trips, and then buying a car for work driving. I’ll probably just buy a newer 250 and stick with the one vehicle though. i would rather keep the multiple boats and stick with one vehicle. I need cheaper hobbies.
  15. For both technically based on his aforementioned love of all things KR’s. I’m looking at 250’s now, but I’m not sure the size difference is going to work. I may just finally need to suck it up and buy one and then an every day driver car for all the road miles I run up.
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