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  1. When you type out your post, look right below and hit the click to choose files button. Click photo library and select the picture from your phone.
  2. Merritt Boatworks did the pilot house setup on it. Best of both worlds although I think that cabin setup was pretty minimal if I remember the design. They could have easily enclosed a much larger interior section though if he would have wanted it that way. There is no telling what he has invested in that boat starting with an empty Freeman hull and going up from there.
  3. See mdmost’s post above. You can post directly from your camera roll online now rather than having to host it somewhere.
  4. Who needs a bed when you can throw a bean bag on the deck? I’m with you though. The stability of them in rougher seas is a huge plus, but I’m probably not going out those days. I have been intrigued by the Calcutta 263 lately though.
  5. What kind of boat? Is it turning over or is it dead? Now is the absolute wrong time to be buying a boat it looks like. Pricing is stupid and decent ones are gone quickly. Emailed an offer on an X-30 the other day after the dealership posted it and they responded it sold a few minutes after posting. May be sitting the summer out for the first time in a long time.
  6. That guy needs a serious ass whipping.
  7. Same for those closed and semi-closed businesses that brought everyone back on and paid them plus extra when they could have played the timing game much better. The money is spent now, so they will likely be laying off in week 9 unless business magically picks back up 2 weeks. At this point they should have just eliminated the calculation or said send the FTO piece showing no layoffs / payroll reductions as everyone can get the dollars spent in that time frame.
  8. PPP extension through the House and Senate, too early for me to say what the impacts are. Most people are already 6-7 weeks into at this point. If I was going to have longer to cover payroll that would have been useful info a few weeks back.
  9. I read that particular post and it doesn’t even register as slightly political to me. I’m sure his posting history or the specific topic register it that way to you, but I saw your post and had to do a double take because I just read right by it initially. I think just because someone quotes a political source, uses some jargon that only the overly political people recognize, etc. doesn’t necessarily make it a CR’d political post.
  10. Hence you should understand why you’re wasting time and should just ignore. You’ve been around long enough to know the demeanor of the Icono’s of the board.
  11. Isn’t there a place for Icono/Captain’s discussion? This is part of the problem with DT. Every “stupid” post doesn’t need a page of responses telling him how stupid he is which then devolves into 5 pages of back and forth with nothing ever accomplished. We all know how stupid he is and you’re not going to get anywhere. DT isn’t the place to change people’s minds, it’s the place to discuss events.
  12. This thread is great reading material. As someone that 99% stays out of political discussions, it seems to me that most of the complaints are off base. I don’t see quoting right wing / left wing sources as political, I don’t see discussions involving the President’s actions as political, I don’t see most of the things several of you are bitching about as political, etc. It becomes political when you interject your politics into the discussion rather than just discussing the action/reaction. Current events are current events and should have a place for discussion without everything becoming a my side / your side political discussion. You can discuss the events yesterday without injecting politics into it I believe, we just have a subset of fucking idiots that can’t view things openly. It should be quite simple to think to yourself if Bush, Obama, Trump, fucking Ghandi performed this action, what would my view of it be? There is right/wrong and it doesn’t have different definitions based on who performed the action. Politics ruins most everything because normally rationale people lose the ability to be rationale. Keep it in the CR.
  13. Pretty sure based solely on who posted, his tongue was firmly planted in cheek.
  14. They both make a fish and ski model that I think he is looking at. They are much more DC than true bow rider. The front cushions come out and turn the front into a casting platform with a seat. It’s actually a pretty interesting amalgamation of a fish and ski / DC with the benefits of an I/O. The Chapparal version looks to be a better setup. If you’re not hard core on any of the different sports, it probably works pretty well. As far as the outboard getting in the way, I don’t see it. We never had an issue with it as it had the same size back deck as an I/O to hang out on and you’re not going off the back middle of either one. At least with the outboard everyone knows where the motor/prop is at all times. Like everything, it’s all personal preference.
  15. Rather than completely edit my last post, I’m going to add that after looking at the Tahoe and Chapparal fish and ski’s (if that’s the style you decide to go with) I may consider the I/O too. They run the same hull setup on both models, so the draft is the same with either setup. They are really more hybrid than a true I/O that I’m picturing. I’ve never even seen one in the area of the country I am on a lot or on the water, but it’s an interesting setup.
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