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    On my tour of small town KY liquor stores last night, I looked for the Green Label and did not see any. Everything I have seen in the past made it sound like it was widely available in the state but it was not. One of my partners families owns Wathen’s so he has given me a few bottles of it which have been very good. Apparently they changed some things and it hasn’t been the same lately. He recommended Blade and Bow, so I picked up a bottle of it to try.
  2. If you want to finance your toys, finance them. If you can make the payment, you only live once so have at it. If you want the money for other things, finance it and go for it. I’ve been on both sides of that equation in my life and I only look sideways at the guys that are clearly over their heads. Having a boat is a luxury no matter how you look at it, so we’re all stupid and wasting our money on them. Some just waste a little more than others.
  3. That is basically what he hasn’t figured out yet. He’s increased his calorie count but still hasn’t leveled out. His wife got lower than she wanted and got off of it, he’s trying to decide whether to do the same or keep pushing his calorie count. I would rather eat reasonably with a long-term plan and not put near as much thought into it and what I do every day when I’m out somewhere.
  4. I went with cutting back on sugars and bread but not cutting them out, eliminating drinks other than water and unsweet tea, and changed breakfast to two eggs, turkey sausage, and an avocado. I think the breakfast has cut back my lunch eating by quite a bit and I also mix in more salads. It was something I figured I could keep up as a lifestyle change. I’m not shooting for some crazy low weight for my height/frame, just looking for a lighter version that is bound to be healthier. I went skiing last week and while the other guys were eating piles of crap, it didn’t bother me at all to eat grilled chicken and broccoli, a grilled chicken sandwich, etc. There is no way I would stick with keto or fasting, but this has worked.
  5. Down about 30 pounds since the summer, looking to drop about 20 or so more before this summer maybe a little more. I went with the option that I can hopefully keep long-term of just making simple diet changes that I can live with. Had a buddy go the keto route and drop a bunch, but he can’t figure out what to do going forward. It’s definitely not my thing.
  6. Brew


    Stopped by a hole in the wall liquor store in nowhere KY and picked up a Blanton’s, EHT, some Eagle Rare, and a few other options. They had 4 bottles of Weller 12 but wanted $200 each so I passed on it.
  7. Nothing has changed from last year on rates or the SALT cap. There are some changes that will affect a few people, but most individual filers will not see much difference between this year and last year on the same income.
  8. Brew


    Have to go visit a couple of my offices in Northwest KY later this week, may have to make a few stops along the way and see what I can find. I should probably crack open a few of the recent bottles and sample them first.
  9. Knock on wood, it’s been easier on me than wakeboarding was and I have fun with the technical nature of it. The injuries I’ve seen on them have come from jumping them which I don’t do and people getting a leg hung up trying to save themselves from falling. I ride a fairly lightweight one and if I lose balance on it I just go down rather than try and pull out of it. I’ve been hurt worse on a jet ski (handlebars broke landing a pretty stupid jump) and a tube than I ever have on any wakesurf/skate/board so it’s all about how you ride any of them. I don’t ski balls to the wall on double blacks through the woods any more and I don’t get crazy on the water either. I just try and enjoy the ride. It was more fun in the past but the cost/benefit equation doesn’t work any more.
  10. I’m with Goofy on surfing and with you on wakeboarding, that’s why I ride a skate most of the time now. I’ll still wakeboard on occasion, but I’ve backed it way down to just riding and a little wake to wake. With a skate I can still ride and screw around because it’s not as hard on my knees. You have to be careful on it, because it can hurt you probably as bad or worse than a wakeboard but I just ride it and do a few surface tricks and try not to get stupid.
  11. My friends are poor, the newest one I’ve ridden was my ‘07 SANTE 220 I had several years ago. I went back to a 205 after one year because I got tired of worrying about the interior in it and I never liked the wake all that much. I view these new ones the same way I look at the guy at the beach running a $700k+ quad center console that never drops a line and just hops from sandbars to the real bars. It’s more about showing you can afford it than the quality of the experience it was designed for. I can afford it, but I can’t justify it.
  12. I’ve had a wakeboard boat of some variety for 20 or so years at this point. I couldn’t believe when they crossed $100k or even $200k, but $300k is f-ing ridiculous. I’ll stick with my old cheap X-1.
  13. Steroid user still has no idea what’s coming and has to pick correctly and hit the ball.
  14. If the report came out and the Nationals had been implicated, the Astros fans would be up in arms. Fans (DD) are generally idiots who look the other way if their team/player is implicated in anything while other teams fans (Helo) are the first in glass houses to throw stones. It’s a bad deal and it went way too far. As a baseball fan, it’s a bigger issue to me than steroids and I think I would feel that way if my team was in the middle of it. It’s past the point of simple sign stealing. If other teams were doing it then they should get hammered as well.
  15. MEM has some things to do, but it would not be my pick. They have an excellent zoo and decent places to eat, but with 3 kids 8 and under you’re going to be hard pressed to find things to do that mean much to them. I would fly to StL over Memphis (assuming they have service) because you have a solid zoo, magic house museum, city museum, etc. Memphis does have a great airport to fly in and out of because car service is right there and it takes no time to get to your gate, just don’t plan on eating there.
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