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  1. Stayed at Phantom Ranch for a couple of nights a few years back. It was mid-March and we took the South Kaibab trail down. It was in the mid-30s and icy when we started at the rim. By the time we got to the river it was in the mid-90s. I can't even imagine how hot it would be in July. Took Bright Angel back to the top and there were so many fucking tourists during the last mile or so it was unreal. Playing guitars, tossing frisbees, taking dogs, etc. I wanted to just start throwing people over the edge.
  2. I had a rock take a chip out of the paint on my truck door that took it down to the metal. That spot (about 8 mm in diameter) is starting to show some rust. Has anyone used a rust remover that they would recommend that won't mess up the rest of the paint?
  3. Mike Baab. All-SWC and All-American his senior year at UT. Was my wife and I's personal trainer when we were still in Austin. Man looks like he could still play. Won a world championship in Highland Games a while back. Super nice, down to earth guy. As a plus, he is responsible for this little gem in response to the Bears Super Bowl Shuffle:
  4. Horse Brass Pub in Portland is the best I've had. They use halibut.
  5. For those who can't bring themselves to listen to the full clip, the interview with Bruce Feldman starts around 25:00. They proceed to blow each other over the TexAgs/Athletic partnership until 29:00ish before moving on to aggy/sec talk. Texas in the playoff prediction occurs around 36:00.
  6. Having moved to Portland six weeks ago I have to say this is the godawful truth. Hit up every Tex-Mex place you can. And HEB. Man I miss HEB. Fred Meyer can kiss my ass.
  7. Was visiting a couple of weekends ago and we hit up Sawyer in Ballard for dinner. Was legit.
  8. Corned Beef Hash Fish Sticks Cornbread Stove Top Side note: I saw that Spam comes in singles now so I picked some up to try but haven't add them yet. Genius idea though I thought.
  9. Thanks for the rec. Stopped by Curra's for lunch this afternoon and the pork tamales were incredible. I'll be making that trip more often.
  10. Any recommendations on a place to get good tamales? So far I've only tried Maudie's and they were terrible.
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