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  1. Wtf. Implosion. So go the horns and boyz. Dam wtf i do to football gods? Jeezus
  2. Finally gettin to my gas line this week and our slide came in. Water temps in the mid to upper 70s. Kiddos dont care. They were out there for 2 hours pregame yesterday and headed back out now.Need to get it all finished
  3. Chicken wire Id think would be too flimsy unless there was a metal frame to wrap around and make it solid. We use something similar to these. Alot of different brands make em. They work pretty good, but nothing is 100 percent unless you go buy some hidden spinner type feeders.
  4. Wtf happened to BJ.?He wasnt suspended for quitting I know but Im talking about his aggressiveness and tackling. He was my fav def player. He hurt? Looks like hes playing grab ass out there. Hes just disappeared after those shoulder injuries last year. Yesterday looked like ou last year. Fuck
  5. Im almost gonna be disappointed if we win and let herman off the hook
  6. Tech has shit the bed. They should be up by double digits.
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