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  1. New DC will be coach ash my dude, right?
  2. Aikmam was a legend. Damn, so sad. How did we get here?
  3. Watchin this henry lee lucas shit is crazy. How many handies you rhink ol clemmie gave henry? In the name of god and since henry was doin gods work and all. Grew up in wilco and boutwell waa pretty much a god around here. Stories of shit he did were legendary. Modern day rangers (or at least the ones I know) are totally opposite than back then (no cr).
  4. Dear lil baby white jesus in your little baby manger all warm and wrapped in your lil camel skin blanket all toasty cozy, please let coach mullet and his boys stomp a mudhole in jimbos ass.
  5. The longer this drags out the more likely for shit hires increases? Kinda like a case of the shits. The longer you sit on the pot, the more likely a wet shit will happen
  6. Irishman had a good story. It DRAGGED too long and slow. Damn wanted to like it but was meh
  7. CTHs hiring abilities are also ass my dude?
  8. Went to Hays Co this week,for lunch. Got thru line quick. Ribs and brisket. Brisket bark was amazing. Food was legit. Reg pickle game though
  9. This is the funniest shit on the internet today. Oh dayum Props
  10. U seen qb1? Prolly tates beard. He prolly just hung out with her to compare hair dos and eyebrow waxings.
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