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  1. No getting both brocker kids would be a huge loss. I still think in the end its texas. Tjey have burnt orange in their blood. If not, they were never gonna come here, just looking for excuses not to.
  2. Thanks ff. Just gotta find another. May be looking to so texas.
  3. Picked up this 686 today. Sweet rig
  4. By zach. You disgusting piece of shit. Dont drop tha soap
  5. Wrapped up in old mexico. Dropped this old dude. Shot some does for meat. Checked out guns meat and horns with zero issues. Season flew by. Bitter sweet as we may be moving on from this ranch.
  6. 1 last hurrah in mexico this week for a few days. Man, why does deer and college football season fly by so,quick?
  7. Southside in Arbor Walk had a douchey feel to it when I tried it a feww weeks back. My ol lady went up to order. Came back with sliced up sausage in small pieces. Said they asked and she said ok ( not knowing what the guy was asking/stupid shit women do thread). Was very underwhelming.
  8. Had a buddy that was a Capt. On College Station Fire say when they showed up there were beer cans and whiskey bottles everywhere. After working several hours he noticed all tjise cans and bottles were gone. That was prior to case photos being taken by the fire marshalls office. Yeah, those aggys circled ranks trying to control the narrative and covering their cowardly asses.
  9. Any sako owners on here that work on their own rifles? Specifically 85s I have my 85 .300 win mag at my lease in mexico. I wipe my guns down good after each hunt before I leave to come back to the good ol usa. Last week was wiping everything down in a hurry. I somehow spun the bolt shroud with enough force to disassemble the bolt. It came apart with the bolt, shroud, spring and firing pin coming lose. I didnt wanna pull my rifle outta mexico so I left it thinking I could find a video to put it back together. Well no luck except 1 video of a guy putting a bolt back together and not really close up and its a lefty bolt. The owners manual is lacking in details. Called Beretta (the Sako importer) today and got the run around. Too much liability to give me a link or better diagram. Those fucks said they purposely make the owners manual lacking so customers will take the bolt to a qualified smith. I asked why the fuck they provide a bolt shroud plastic tool in ea box if we aren’t supposed to disassemble the bolt. Beretta guy says its to take the tool and bolt to a smith. Sounds like horseshit./ csb; tldr Anyway, anyone on here have an 85 and know how to disassemble/reassemble a bolt? Id like a quick video showing a close up. Id be willing to pay some $ for your time or send u a little gift. Yes Im an idiot. Sorry for the rant
  10. Jimbo told meemaw to shoot it on his nano puffs?? Wtf
  11. Some ancient european law on duels he was trying to cite, I think. Would be awesome
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