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  1. Teachers are being little bitches. Doctors, nurses, police, fire, and many others are having to step up. Im working full time. Wife is working. What makes them special? I mean I feel their fear but what do they expect to happen? No work till the disease is eradicated (if that even ever happens)? Just continue to get paid while other teachers step up? Hows thst fair. They can quit if they dont like it. My kindergartener last year lost out on lots of needed learning. If this year continues with distance learning may as well not do any school work. It was a waste of time. My 11 year old handled it just fine and learned.
  2. Dirt u in pville? Im in round rock. These gunite/shotcrete guys gonna turn me mad. Still waiting to shoot mine. We’re going with travertine as well. All these pool guys are swamped.
  3. Crazy story. Sucks for the family
  4. Lets have the games but call them protest “exhibitions” and have all cops are bastard chants the entire time. Blast too live crew fuck martinez and navarro over the video screen but dub in manley over those names. Then for sure no covids will happen.
  5. Meemaw is so fuckin batshit crazy even aggy calls her out on her bullshit. She even shits on ol johnny fuckin football and tells em that their lil battered aggy syndrome woe is me bs is the reason they havent won any natl. championships. Damn Insane yet o so right.
  6. Hmmm, she msy end up being right in the end. Dried out ovaries and all.. [emoji2961]
  7. Whats fat liucci said about mond and co? POS prolly been keeping quiet about sully
  8. Roddy! No, but his lwayer asuured us he was an innocent bystander
  9. Was an ok episode. And caseys wife, wood, most def
  10. Wilco DA taking over destruction of evidence portion.
  11. I had the dish tailgater till some cattle stopped the sat to hell. Replaced with the newer hopper. Both from wallyworld. Both dishtv. Both simple and well built. Plus dish tailgater/hopper service is great. Only on the months u want it.
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