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  1. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, that was what we kinda figured. The big problem was that it coincided with them shutting down the state parks, and we had planned on camping in the cimarron canyon SP area while we were there. We ski AF pretty often, but I still have yet to ride it in the summer, so that’ll definitely be next summer’s trip. Yeah, you aren’t kidding about needing the lungs (and legs) on some of the trails around breck. We did several of them a couple years back. Wife rode several with me, but once she ran out of gas, she became my personal shuttle service. Plan for this trip will be pretty similar to that one. Ride the free trails first full day, fly fish the Blue for several days, then ride Copper Mountain (did Keystone last time, which was awesome until I shredded a tire in a rock garden on a black and had to hike the bike the whole way down). Crossing our fingers we can nab the same camping spot. It’s hard to beat waking up to this view:
  2. Damn. Jealous. Was planning on AF next month, but shifted plans with NM instituting the 14 day thing. Headed to breck instead to do some fly fishing and give Copper Mountain a go since Keystone is closed for the summer. Rode northshore this morning. The light rain last night knocked down a lot of the loose sand and dirt, making for prime riding.
  3. I agree that it’s not just one thing. It’s obviously multi-faceted. But badteamate laughed at most all of the things you just listed, when brothahorn suggested that if the outspoken people demanding change want change, they should get into those professions and be the change. and I disagree that it’s “structurally impossible.” Are there cases where it is? Sure. Are there cases where it is not? Again, yes. We are talking about a profession with thousands of agencies strewn across a massive country that varies culturally and politically in every region/state/city/town. But let’s focus on just LE agencies for a second. if one is determined to be corrupt, change WOULD likely come from the bottom (unless you know of a non-elected position where joe blow off the streets can immediately step in as a police chief or supervisor), albeit slower than most would prefer. Again, it’s not a bubble and is multi-faceted, but the old guard at the top will eventually retire/get fired, and those at the bottom promote up. Don’t we want an abundance of good cops at the bottom who will continue to promote up as their careers progress and the ones at the top retire? Change doesn’t just come from the top. It also comes from encouraging good-hearted, constitution-abiding citizens to be the change they are wanting, which means working their way up from the bottom. Get enough of those individuals in the ranks and you’ve got good odds that some of them will find their way to the top. Do that while electing officials that you believe also want to effect that change and you may have something. Do all that and nothing changes? You’ll at least still have an influx of good cops that believe they can make a difference at a personal level, With their interactions with each civilian they encounter on the streets they patrol. Your belief that it’s structurally impossible to be a good cop is a big whiff because it assumes that every single cop in this entire country has decided that because there are corrupt elected officials and supervisors above them, that they can’t make a difference in their own community with the individuals they interact with daily, and instead give up and become a bad cop because “why not?” Surely you don’t believe that... Saying that it’s structurally impossible is talking in absolutes, which is why it’s inherently false. I will completely agree that unions needed to go a long time ago, though. So we can agree on something
  4. I’ll try and upload some pics in the next couple days. Still haven’t taken any “hero” pics of the JT now that I’ve gotten it how I want it.
  5. Dude, are you drunk? I’m literally going off of your own words that “it’s structurally impossible to be a good cop when a bad cop is around”. I’m not brisket. I believe there are still plenty of good cops out there. I’m turning your own belief back on you to understand how you can possibly believe that an outspoken, constitution-abiding person becoming a cop or DA can’t possibly effect any kind of change and that to propose that idea must be a joke. I don’t agree with your statement. So I continue to ask YOU specifically, that if YOU were to become a cop, that by your own words YOU would not speak up when another cop does something wrong? As I said earlier in a post, there are absolutely instances where good cops report bad cops, but those don’t make the news. But your own statement was that it was structurally impossible. Meaning you believe that even if YOU became a cop, you’d tuck your tail between your legs and not speak up. Which apparently is why you think it must be a joke that someone believes that good people signing up to be cops could further the cause for change. and yes, I absolutely would hope that every new hire as a cop is a person who is not afraid to speak up or snitch out a bad cop before they have a chance to beat/murder someone. I’m not seeing how you don’t believe that more of these types of cops in the ranks would be good for society. you’d apparently rather just cry and fuss on the Internet that something needs to change rather than do something useful to actually be a part of the change that you’re wanting.
  6. It was a 2012 2-door Rubicon. It was certainly a better ride when it was stock, but even after I put the lift and 35s on it, it wasn’t bad at all. Just a small decrease in factory ride, which is to be expected any time you start messing with the geometry. Loved that thing. Didn’t plan on parting with it any time soon (traded it in with only 40,000 miles on it after 8 years) but needed a 4-door with a baby on the way. Really enjoying the gladiator so far, but still miss that manual trans 2-door jk
  7. IS that the truth? How would you know? How many acts by bad cops DO get reported by the good cops that we never hear about? I’d be willing to bet it’s better than “none”. But those don’t make the news. I’m not saying that those bad cops ALWAYS get disciplined or fired when they get reported, but it happens. So maybe it’s just your belief then, that it’s “structurally impossible”
  8. So, because the badge got pinned on you, you would magically fall into the group dynamics then? And just look the other way when bad cops smashed skulls? How is flooding the ranks with good cops who will speak up and not look the other way, not a way to change the group dynamics? and I made no mention that it has to be “black rookies/cops”. I’m assuming from your first couple of links that you’re a black man, but I didn’t know that prior (if it is the case). My original post has nothing to do with trying to encourage black people, or any person or color, to become cops. It was encouraging anyone, regardless of race, who believes they could be “one of the good ones” to be “one of the good ones”. Does a handful of good people becoming cops change the cop culture? Absolutely not. Does flooding the agencies with genuinely good people change it? Absolutely. It’s naive to believe that nothing can be done because it’s a system with specific group dynamics so that’s all it’ll ever be. But few will sign up because “it’s a broken system and I’ll get fired for speaking up”, thereby leaving the old guard running things and making up the majority. What changes that? A big influx of genuinely good, well-intentioned people that won’t look the other way, making the old guard the minority in the profession. But you don’t want to be a part of that change. It’s cool. Just keep bitching about it while doing nothing to help it. Ukraine police? Really? Do they have the exact same issues that we do in the US? No? Then it’s really not relevant. Oh and, “American Police are racist against blacks, to be sure”... every single one of them? Nice blanket statement. Wow
  9. Have had a TJ, a JK, and just bought a gladiator (JT). TJ was rough but loved it. JK was a step up in ride, but still not smooth. The JTs and JLs are smooth. The ride is way more car-like than I ever thought a Jeep could ever be without going the IFS route. Even after having put a lift and 35s on the JT, it’s still a pretty pleasant and smooth ride.
  10. How is it not? Do you believe you could do their job without singling out and harassing/arresting people just because of the color of their skin? Or that you could de-escalate a heated situation without having to shoot them? Is that not the exact type of officer that the current movement is asking for? Or do you feel that as soon as a badge is pinned on your shirt, you magically become a racist with an itchy trigger finger? Everybody is asking for less/no bad cops and more good cops, but nobody wants to step up and be one of the good ones. Like BrothaHorn said, be the change.
  11. Come on... he’s put it right there in his name! ^3=cubed... obviously all about that aggy cube life
  12. Meh... minus the surly poster part, I’ve seen that scenario too many times. Now, give them covid and the only antidote is some good lovin’ in a way God never intended... well sir, you have my full attention
  13. Dammit, got beat to it
  14. Look at the semi-genius over here...
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