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  1. Northshore just opened back up, which meant it was time to try out my latest purchase. 2021 Ibis Mojo 4. Still need to set it up tubeless and really dial in the suspension, but this thing is insanely good. Most playful and nimble bike I’ve ever ridden. Was hoping the Scott genius I bought a while back would be the quiver killer I was wanting that I could take to XC trails and bike parks alike, but it was just too cumbersome and lumbering for XC use. This thing seems like it’s gonna fit the bill.
  2. The call is coming from inside the house
  3. Gas melts a lot of plastics. I'm surprised it doesn't melt those bags. Give it time... it likely did about 3 miles down the road
  4. I’ve forgotten our 4 year anniversary is tomorrow about 5 times in the last two days. I’m not anticipating there’ll be sex tomorrow night. Or I should say... I probably won’t be included if there is
  5. I had almost forgotten just how unbearable Screamin’ A Smith was to listen to. And in reference to the jaywalking video, not sure why the kid felt the need to tell the cops he had a mental illness.. I’m pretty sure they already assumed he was an aggy
  6. I’ve thought that it needed something like that from the first time I saw the original drafts. Something to complete the logo. A simple iron arch angling out towards the field would put it up enough to not interfere with the walkway and would make it the complete steer head. Hell, run pipes through the arch legs to the “nostrils” and shoot steam from them when the team runs out
  7. I was under the impression that we all were using profile images that perfectly resembled our appearances. You, sir, are no Prison Mike. Immamac, however, is a dead ringer for Steve Jobs.
  8. Honestly, I had been assuming the opposite. Given the reports early on in the pandemic that immunity after having covid may not last as initially thought (and I honestly haven’t kept up with that info much since then, so that thinking may have changed), I pretty much figured it would mean getting boosters or multiple vaccinations per year.
  9. I’m just going to go ahead and make the non-scientific claim that Americans don’t know how to properly wear masks and all data collected regarding mask effectiveness in America should be thrown out. The amount of chin diapers and masks pulled down below the nose that I’ve seen every day throughout this past year is astronomical. And then you’ll see the few people who actually are wearing theirs correctly recognize a friend, and proceed to walk up and pull their masks down to have a long chat two feet from each other. I won’t even start on the aggy band cutting holes in their masks to play the
  10. As expected, no sign of intelligent life
  11. Literally just learning about ice dams. Walked outside to see ice forming down one of the cedar columns on our front porch and icicles forming on one of the porch overhang vents. Knew it wasn’t a bad roof as it’s relatively new and had been recently inspected. Glad I read about this and hopefully it’s just this spot. Will try and knock as much of it off as possible when I get home.
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