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  1. it’s a jandy actuator, but looks pretty similar internally. i tried switching it with the return side and nothing. the toggle not working either. seems like it’s not getting power at all, yet it does turn over to the spa mode. it’s baffling. our build was completed in november so surely it’ll be covered under warranty, if i can get my builder to reply haha.
  2. new issue, not sure how it could be weather related. my return side actuator is only going in to spa mode in the aqua link app. when i switch to pool mode, only the suction side actuates. i have to loosen the lever and manually turn it back to pool mode. not sure why it’ll turn one direction but not the other. question now is do i bother trying to fix, or do i just get a new actuator before they’re sold out everywhere?
  3. never owned a pair boots in my life. after trudging through snow for a week, i’ve realized i need some damn waterproof/resistant work boots. don’t know shit about boots, so give me all your recommendations...go!
  4. we’re very lucky. a lot of our hood is without. water on the other hand lost all pressure last night. it’s trickling out now but i might be resorting to pool water to flush toilets soon haha.
  5. dirt falls still hanging in there in derkaville. i ended up breaking the ice buildup off the cascades along with whatever was on the pipes. here’s how we look this morning
  6. i’ve tried orbi ac, orbi ax, nighthawk, google and google nest with varying success. orbi ax was the fastest for me, but wasn’t as stable as i needed. if it went offline, i had a hell of a time getting all my iot devices (light switches and shit) back online. sometimes would take days and a couple factory resets to get it all back. after about 6 months of this shit, i finally had enough and returned the orbi ax to costco. i ended up with a unifi dream machine, poe switch and a wifi 6 long range access point. it’s only been 3 weeks but so far it’s been the fastest and the most stable
  7. ended up going with at&t tv with the contract. the 2nd year contract price puts me in line with what we had with uverse tv. when i called to cancel, they asked why so i told them we signed up for at&t tv in my wife’s name. the rep made sure to schedule my cancel date/time to coincide with the new installation of fiber to avoid downtime. she also gave us $10/mo discount for as long as we keep the acct. we paid $80/mo for internet under our uverse package, now we’re at $60/mo. they come to install tmrw, so i’m hoping we get set up with their new equipment.
  8. it’s been two months since we filled ours with water. we’re still waiting for some kind of inserts that kick up the pressure in the spa jets. builder says they’ve been on back order with waterway since we started the build. in the meantime, our spa has minimal pressure. the kids don’t care, but it feels like we’re just sitting in a big ass bathtub.
  9. we’re in that ballpark as well price wise. 16k gallons rectangle with spa, sheer descents, travertine etc.
  10. our annual uverse promo is up in a few weeks and we’re looking to switch to something else. called today to see if there was any retention type offers if i switched to att tv. here’s what i’ve learned so far once we cancel uverse, we can never get it back their “retention” offer to migrate to att tv costs more than the new customer price by 25% seems that att tv is the contract version of contract free att tv now att tv price increases to att tv now prices in 2nd yr ($80/mo yr 1, $135/mo yr 2) signing up with the wife’s info nets us $400 gc to offset
  11. probably been asked and answered already, but ... supposing this dipshit does pardon his dipshit spawn(s?), would that render them ineligible to run for public office?
  12. for those who have a service, what are y’all paying per month? the company our builder set us up with to open the pool and do the pool school wants to charge $200/mo. that seems high af to me considering i only see this guy out there for maybe 15min at a time. was gonna roll with them for a while until i figured out the chemistry but fuck all that noise time for some on the job training haha.
  13. got a ship notification wednesday for my costco bundle and it still hasn’t been picked up by ups as of today. looks like it’s lost in the black friday abyss since they sent this email out: was hoping to play next week while i’m off, but that’s looking more and more unlikely.
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