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  1. “it’s ok though because he donates his presidential salary so it all evens out” - every trumpkin ever
  2. we’re on week 5 with our mini goldendoodle, chancho. he’s been great so far but sometimes i feel like we should be a little further along in the training. correct. i think this is why chanchito seems to only listen to me. i couldn’t pay the kids to stop messing with him for even a minute bc they can’t help but pet him, pick him up or talk to him with baby talk.
  3. dj rectangle was the shit. i still rock ill rated and vinyl combat monthly.
  4. it’s been mild af this winter and neither my front or backyard has gone fully dormant. am i good to start the annual scalping? i’m in austin. also need to get control of clover. what can i use? i need names of shit i can get at home depot or lowe’s
  5. first kobe, now the republic. since deaths come in 3s, someone better be following rbg around 24fuckin7.
  6. i especially like the part where he says “many saying don’t do it, sir”, then immediately follows that up with the “...many more mistakes of judgement” projection. every time he injects the word “sir” into his stories...
  7. i keep tryna figure out why them dumb shits want him to testify here. i was gonna ask the surly collective, but, well, yeah.
  8. we picked this little guy up a week ago. his name is chancho! anyway, i been feeding him blue buffalo wilderness puppy food the past week until my wife texted me this afternoon demanding we switch his food asap. apparently some facebook story floating around about someone’s dog dying after eating this brand. she seems pretty adamant about changing so i come to the surly collective for suggestions.
  9. bought mw around black friday and haven’t even loaded it into my ps4 yet. cod mobile has been occupying my time just fine.
  10. spent the better part of yesterday moving our acct over from at&t prepaid to t-mobile. the acct is for our two 12 yr olds (blended fam) and FIL who is currently rocking a flip phone in some louisiana bayou. my wife and i have at&t service thru work so who cares if my kids’ reception sucks outside of austin. not me is who. anyway, the end result is 3 lines of magenta plus for $112/mo and premium netflix for $3. not bad considering prepaid on the kids’ lines was $77/mo total with 8GB data each plus adding in my FIL. they gave me a 20% f&f code which covers the entire acct forever. so i’ll be keeping this fucker for when i need to add my other chirrens when they’re old enough for phones.
  11. well done, sir this nightmare is almost over. i hope.
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