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  1. lulz at myself for thinking we’d actually get anything done this past week. i guess they did deliver the equipment on thursday, but it’s just sitting on the travertineless decking. we’re heading in to the 4th month since the dig and i’m over it already and just ready for my yard to be put back together.
  2. so 5 weeks after masonry, coping and tile we finally got our fucking decking poured today. current timeline has travertine and equipment scheduled for tuesday. might actually be time to start looking for irrigation repair and sod soon.
  3. it took 4 weeks to go from rebar to shotcrete, and it’s now been 4 weeks since tile and coping went in. decking was supposed to go in a week ago thursday. now we’re supposedly on the schedule for this monday. at this point i’m not sure i’ll be able to get the lawn repaired in time for the winter. i’m fuckin pissed at the thought of having a mud pit over the winter.
  4. ours is shotcrete. from my understanding, it’s just a different way to get the same cement mixed and set. we’re 2 weeks past coping, stone and plumbing completion and still waiting on decking. the recent rain hasn’t helped but fuuuuuck. we’re like 5 weeks behind schedule at this point.
  5. they started on coping today and dropped off a bunch stone. it’s nice to see things actually happening now. our builder told us yesterday that his plaster guy no longer installs quartzscape, so we’re getting something called microfusion for the same cost. in my 3 second googlings, i see it’s mini pebble and i’m surprised we’re not being charged additional for it.
  6. it hasn’t gotten worse, so i’m just gonna take that as a win haha. we’re probably a month away from repairing the sprinklers and laying new sod. i kind of want to scalp the existing and see if i can get it to green up before then.
  7. man i hope not. he said he hasn’t had any delays ordering equipment or tile so fingers crossed. i ordered a dolphin a30 robot from here on wednesday and it delivered this morning. $899 shipped, while the polaris 280 and dedicated booster pump i removed would’ve cost $1100*. it’s not much in the grand scheme of the total build cost, but i still feel like i won haha.
  8. finally got our motherfuckin gunite today. i gotta water this bitch down a bunch over the next week while lady dirt decides on tile and stone. builder says eta is still 4-5 weeks to completion, but it’s good to finally see progress!
  9. 3 weeks since rebar and still no gunite. builder told us he expected it to happen “very early this week”. 😒 not sure why they can’t trench and lay the rest of the plumbing and other shit while we’re waiting. after the weekend rain, the hole held some water for a few days. a little frog was in there living it up. fucker got to be the first to swim in our pool.
  10. we started on a pool build in july and my sprinklers have been off ever since. i’ve been using an impulse sprinkler and hand watering a total of 2 hr/wk. i’ve used my usual milorganite and added hydretain for good measure but it looks like i’m losing the battle to keep it alive. could it be from stress where the skid steer tore shit up? overwatering? underwatering? this is my 6th summer here and the first time it hasn’t been deep green in august
  11. so i’ve heard. i’m just hoping i’m one that’s already booked before oct haha. talked to the builder this morning and he seems to think we can get it done by end of wk next wk. 😒
  12. badass! we’re nearing two weeks now since rebar and rough in plumbing. builder said we were on the schedule for gunite this week, but tmrw is friday and not a fuckin peep.
  13. what are you talking about? he blocked travel from jyna thereby saving millions of lives. some say billions.
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