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  1. scrubbing the waterline is a big reason why i removed the 280 and booster from the build in favor of a robot.
  2. yep, we’re at the 130/45 split east of costco. our builder has 3 other pools going in right now in our hood. 1 ahead of us and 2 behind us. what type of plaster are y’all getting? we’re currently set to get quartzscapes in tahoe blue. we was at my bro’s up in dallas this weekend and they have pebbletec. my kids complained that it’s a bit rough. we’ll see how the quartz feels.
  3. been a month since we signed the contract and we’re still waiting for city of derkaville permits. our hoa won’t even review the plans until the permits are complete, so who knows when we’ll get this mofo started. in the month of waiting, we started back on the decking debate, and it’s looking likely that lady dirt will be getting her travertine. i never win, only try to postpone the inevitable long enough. in this case, permitting taking this long is what’s getting me. fml. we also realized we had no fucking benches in the design, so we’ll have a call in with the builder tmrw to add a few. also going to have him remove the dedicated suction and polaris 280 cleaner. i’ll be going with a dolphin robot or similar.
  4. ended up going with jandy equipment including variable speed pump. 🤘🏽 signing the contract today. too much to hope for a late august swim? our builder brought over samples of the koolcote stamped overlay. it has a weird, shiny topcoat to it that makes it look wet at all times. that plus the $5k premium made it an instant no go. the travertine decking was a $7k premium, so no go on that either. we debated over brushed concrete, salt finish concrete and koolcote knockdown textured. ultimately decided on koolcote for the reasons your pool guy gave you. we’ll be covering the existing patio with it as well.
  5. i don’t know a whole lot about it, but apparently the model gateway i have can’t be put in bridge mode only dmz+ mode or some such. so i followed some gateway specific instructions i found on at&t’s forums to do dmz and also turned off the wifi signals. guess i’ll grab me a new cable tmrw and see what happens. at this point with as much time as i’m wasting, it’s probably diminishing returns. but goddammit i’m paying for it so i want to see it. as an aside, the next tier down is 300mbps at the same price as the gig service.
  6. new gateway is installed and orbi is connected. exactly zero change, so 300-350 from the orbi, 500s from gateway to orbi. i would think i’d be seeing much more from gateway to orbi. bc there’s no change with the replaced gateway, could it be as simple as needing a better cable?
  7. their current offer is $55/mo forever for 1gb unltd data which is tempting, since i wouldn’t have to call every year to extend promos. i called at&t yesterday and had a new (to me anyway) gateway delivered today. i asked for a specific model and was assured that’s what it’d get. instead, they sent me the same model as the one i’m exchanging. we’ll see what happens but after having uverse for like 10 years, i’m close to switching. gives me a chance to finally cut the cord too.
  8. speedtest from fiber line to the gateway just read at 970. so there’s something stupid happening between the gateway and router. probably user error of some sort.
  9. you might be on to something. when i installed the nighthawk mesh last week, the speed tested at just over 400 from the at&t gateway to the first router. i just tested again this morning and it’s now just over 200. the gateway is only a few months old but maybe it’s just a bad one. the only options in my derkaville neighborhood are at&t and suddenlink. might be time to ditch uverse.
  10. my phone supports AX, but the orbi is AC where i was getting 300-350. i’m trying the nighthawk AX, and if i’m next to one of the points, i’m seeing ~200. otherwise it’s now avg around 70. handover on this nighthawk system sucks too. the fam is constantly complaining about intermittent drops. back to costco this goes and on to the next i suppose.
  11. finally got my backyard respectable this year since we got a puppy. but now we’re in the process of getting a pool. i need recs for austin-area landscapers to reroute my irrigation, then resod after the pool build. et tu cactus?
  12. we’ve had an orbi rbk40 since 2017 and it has been pretty awesome until the last 6 mo or so. now if a power surge knocks it offline, when it comes back up, less than half my shit connects again. i’ll have to factory reset multiple times to get it all up and running again. we have around 50 connected things at all times, most of which are smart switches and power receptacles. it’s become really unreliable. in the last few months i’ve tried google wifi, google nest and now nighthawk wifi6 mesh. they all suck. i have at&t fiber gig (fight me)and each of these systems is averaging less than 100mbps where the orbi was anywhere from 300-350. i need something better. someone help.
  13. can’t think of any reason he’d steer me toward something that costs less if it didn’t make sense. at any rate, i‘m leaning toward variable anyway for the times we don’t run any of the water features. he mentioned that he still maintains a relationship with pentair so i could choose either one.
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