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  1. I flew a MAX9 last night and fly another this afternoon. Someone may or may not have dabbed some paint on an electrical ground point during manufacturing on some of the jets. A big nothing burger but Boeing needs to pull their head out of their ass.
  2. Because every new infection is a chance for a mutation and new variant. Not to mention bringing said infection home to the family. It's also not a nothing burger for every teenager. Some do end up as long haulers with neurological problems.
  3. Fuck baylor. Any success by their athletic department makes me question the existence of God.
  4. Must say I'm pleasantly surprised gents.
  5. This guy is a pussy Throws fucking meat Let's do this
  6. Stealing signs isn't against the rules espn cunts
  7. Mark your scorecard on that one
  8. Pos goddamn mlb.tv app just doesn't work on my firestick. Fuck espn. Sports surge streams fills my phone with AIDS. How do you out of town guys stream without AIDS?
  9. My 15 year old is in the study. Draining 119 US dollars from Pfizer every few weeks. Heck of an after school job for no work.
  10. Fuck the Dodgers Fuck the Yankees It's opening day kids
  11. Lolz. You haven't even begun the 'joys' of pool ownership. Learn to scream at your wife, "just fill it in with dirt."
  12. Shithole countries like Mexico are higher on the list than Austin.
  13. 87-75 Beat out A's for division by a game First round exit; team is slowly dismantled Depression sets in
  14. I'm so glad this virus recognizes state borders. 50 different plans was definitely the way to go.
  15. Not to hijack Troph's thread, but Austin new construction in my mind is beyond California stupid. My daughter is building in East Austin in a community. The builder releases about 20 lots at a time. The kicker is you have to blindly bid on it, not a set price on new builds like the rest of the world. This is new construction remember. They submitted a bid they thought they could live with and got it. The next month the new lots dropped had minimum bids 20k above theirs. They'll have nice equity and a shovel hasn't touched dirt yet. Another Austin kicker. They get model M. There is no visit
  16. Watching white people sing and clap while standing at a contemporary service is so embarrassing. But they don't know any better so I have to be embarrassed for them. It's too much to bear.
  17. Been married 28 years, so I can't speak to the pursuing the opposite sex angle, but I've raised three kids and if you want to make them social outcasts deny them a phone until 16.
  18. Analytics says give your best hitter the most PAs throughout the game/year. Dusty thinks he can work a walk, steal a base, bunt him over, and score on a sac fly.
  19. Certainly he hand picks the successor and CDC says okay.
  20. Do we have any idea of the number Carlos slid across the table?
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