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  1. So this is an old fascist propaganda technique. Whatever you are guilty of, accuse your enemies of it. They’ll spend so much time and energy defending themselves that, once your own crimes surface, the public will be worn out on the issue and will view legitimate accusations against you as sour grapes or as evidence for a lazy bothsideser view of politics.
  2. Exactly. People rightly observed that Trump is an ignoramus. But they often underestimated his instincts for con artistry. He is an idiot savant of hucksterism. His shit didn’t work on smart people (except the arrogant politicians and businessmen who thought they could beat him because they were smarter than him), but it didn’t have to. He aimed at the rubes and there are enough of them in the US to elect a pandering con artist to the highest office.
  3. The thing is that self-righteous loudmouths are typically conmen. They gain support by shouting about morals and religion and culture, but they don’t believe any of it. Moral outrage is just the lever they use to manipulate stupid, angry people to vote for them. And it works over and over and over again.
  4. Depressing thought for the day: there’s no way that Big Dan dumbass doesn’t win.
  5. America: a few of you miserable cretins might win the lottery!
  6. “Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner.” Deuteronomy 27:19.
  7. More governmental control over the press is not the way to prevent propaganda. I mean, for fuck’s sake y’all.
  8. I can’t figure out their math. Elsewhere, the CDC reports 30 million reported Covid cases. That is much larger than 83 million / 4.6.
  9. I doubt that is an accurate estimate. It would mean approximately 55% of US residents have already had Covid.
  10. https://politics.theonion.com/i-m-a-trump-era-conservative-says-horrifying-man-25-1819579028
  11. One change to public education is the competition for advanced programs. Fifth graders now apply to middle school magnet or other special tracks the way we applied to colleges as high school seniors. They take placement tests and fill out applications and write essays. As fucking fifth graders. And they do it again as 8th graders. And it’s all for the privilege of stressing the fuck out in a bubbling cauldron of overachievement and insecurity. I listened to the principal of a magnet high school tell a room full of applicants’ parents that their program will make the kids “crack” but that
  12. Good lord. This has to be more serious than a concussion.
  13. We enjoyed this show much more when we decided to start DVRing it. Got through the last episode in about an hour. Endgame impressed from the get-go with a dominant win over Tombstone and finished the season with a disciplined, smart tactical performance in the final. Those guys deserved to win it all. Tantrum is an interesting design and the team executed a great game plan against Sawblaze. Whiplash also had a great game plan against Hydra and executed it well. It was a close call but I think the judges made the right decision. The only fight I thought was lame was Blac
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