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  1. That’s not specific. Those are just vague statements. The first one is just fucking laughable. If we believed China that our own soldiers were the source, we’re idiots. If we based our own policy on that easily disproven and ultimately irrelevant lie, then we’re dangerously incompetent. As to the other issues, anyone who followed this thread knew in late January that (a) the naive CFR in Wuhan was above 2% and (b) China was locking everything down, knowing it would tank their economy. And EVERYONE assumed openly that China was understating the true extent of its epidemic. If the President of the United States had worse intel than Surly, then we have serious problems as a nation. The real truth is: Trump was given far better insight into the real scope of the outbreak in China than anyone else had. He just ignored it, or didn’t understand it, or some combination of the two.
  2. What “direct lies?” And what “obfuscation?” Be specific.
  3. That tweet doesn’t exonerate Trump. It lays out two additional criticisms. Trump deserves blame for the bureaucratic mismanagement, for two reasons. First, he cut funds to the CDC and gutted their pandemic response group. Second, his denial that the virus was a problem hamstrung the entire executive branch’s response. His employees can’t be expected to do their job effectively while fighting their boss. Moreover, I don’t see how China’s statistical fudging justifies Trump’s initial denial. Those stats pointed to a huge CFR approaching 5% and overwhelmed hospitals. Based on the fudged stats, Trump should have taken this far more seriously than he did.
  4. This article, apparently: The Yale epidemiologist believes the headline and theme of the story are misleading and irresponsible. He’s almost certainly right. The media gives Trump’s bullshit waaaaay to much credit. Trump is a liar. He is a moron. Every single word out of his mouth is either a lie or just stupid inaccurate bullshit. Nothing he says should be taken seriously until it survives rigorous scrutiny; and only 0.01% of what he says will do that.
  5. Trump would be so easy to cross examine on this stuff. No one saw this pandemic coming, right? The previous administration was unprepared for the H1N1 pandemic, right? Joe Biden was part of that administration? So Joe Biden shares the blame for the Obama Administration’s response to pandemics? Whatever the Obama Administration did on pandemics, Joe Biden was part of that? So if the Obama Administration was unprepared for H1N1, it’s fair to say Joe Biden was unprepared for H1N1? The Obama Administration briefed your administration on how to respond to a pandemic, right? You didn’t attend that meeting, did you? But your team did? That meeting was in late 2016? In that meeting, the Obama Administration told your team that a global virus pandemic is a threat to the United States? In 2016, the Obama Administration thought a global pandemic was possible. They saw this coming? So Joe Biden saw this coming? But you didn’t? Is that because you skipped the meeting?
  6. I just hate that Democrats insist on politicizing this crisis!
  7. Exactly. Trump is barely more sophisticated than a virus. He runs a very basic playbook over and over again. There’s no strategy, only instinct rewarded by a feedback loop of stupid. It works because there’s a sizable host population whose ignorance, anger, and insecurity makes them uniquely vulnerable to Trumpitis.
  8. True. But I’m actually glad they filed this suit, because it gave someone a reason to post a picture of Lina Hidalgo.
  9. I’m sensing a pattern. What’s that saying? Something like “Republicans are the party that proclaims government is useless, and then gets elected and proves they were right.”
  10. Right. But recognize that what you did was to post pretty bold claims without evidence — claims many of us have evaluated previously and found lacking based on evidence available to date. Society today is rightly sensitive to propaganda and understands that broadcasting inaccurate factual claims is a key part of propaganda efforts. The best propaganda efforts separate their factual campaigns from the policy advocacy. Combining the two makes the duplicity too overt. It’s more effective to inundate the population with incorrect factual information that supports your policy preferences first, preferably through voices that appear to be independent third parties. Then, only after those you seek to persuade have absorbed and accepted your false facts as true, you propose the chosen policy as a reaction to those false facts. Not saying you are part of such a propaganda effort here. Just that many of us are skeptical of the anecdotal and flawed early evidence for this drug cocktail. Trump himself blasted out bullshit about its effectiveness and has openly stated a desire to get Americans back to normal life much more quickly than most experts believe is safe. It’s perfectly reasonable to suspect this administration and its enablers of pushing bad information about chloroquine now with the intent to use the hope such information creates to build public support for a premature end to social distancing efforts.
  11. Everyone needs to take a deep breath. 2+ weeks of isolation is starting to have a Jack Torrance effect on us. If chloroquine and Zithromax proves to actually be clinically effective, we’ll all be thrilled. The concern is that people are desperate for a cure and jumping to hasty conclusions based on poor science. That’s dangerous. If it turns out this particular cocktail isn’t effective and we all went back to normal, tens of thousands of people would die. So we have to be careful and scientific about this.
  12. So the thing is: the vast majority of those who get this virus will recover with “tremendous success” without any treatment at all. That’s why a proper scientific study, with a control group, is needed to determine whether this is anything more than a placebo.
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