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  1. People different from me exist at an alarming rate! Their successful reproduction is a holy war against my culture! And other insane xenophobic bullshit!
  2. Nobody’s ever had a bigger market crash than Trump. It’s going to be BIG, folks. People are saying it will be biggest ever. I think they’re probably right. We’ll see. But I think it will be hugely big. #TrumpCrash
  3. Market approaching an all-time record drop. Can we get #TrumpCrash trending on Twitter?
  4. If you think the economic effects will hurt Trump, just imagine the direct effect it could have on his voting base. This virus leaves the young relatively untouched but is deadly for seniors. Last I saw, the fatality rate is almost 15% for the over-80 demographic and not much lower for those in their 70s. And it is almost 2x more fatal for men compared to women. A disease that disproportionately kills off old men would be very bad for Trump at the ballot box.
  5. Thank God no domesticated animals are vectors for some of the deadliest diseases to man!
  6. That’s as of 2-3 weeks ago. The disease doesn’t kill instantaneously. So the number could be on the order of 1,000,000. Unless the quarantine orders have been effective in slowing the spread.
  7. “Someday he will be caught?” So Schiff has not been caught doing the thing Trump accuses him of doing? Doesn’t that make Trump’s accusation fake news / slander / libel?
  8. It is also more fatal for men than women, right? Not to get into the politics or theology of it, but it’s interesting to consider the potential impact of this pandemic burning through the US before November. There’s a massive correlation between fatality rate and support for Trump by age / gender group. Plagues have changed the course of history before. It’s feasible this one could as well. We live in interesting times.
  9. I’m exhausted by Dems bitching and moaning that other people won’t vote for [insert candidate name here]. Just vote for the Dem candidate. If everyone follows that simple rule, we’ll be fine. There’s no need to panic over some meta mind-reading exercise.
  10. UPS delivered us a package from Shanghai today. Nice knowing y’all.
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