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  1. Biden will have sex with all our wives! Biden will replace our national anthem with the Hokey Pokey! Biden will make school children burp the Nicene Creed every morning! Biden will ban us from saying “Happy Honda Days!” Biden will eat all the Velveeta and there wont be any left over for grandma! Biden will make Pig Latin the new official language but, in an ironic twist of capriciousness, will outlaw ham! Biden will punch Baby Yoda right in his smug green face! Biden will rearrange the alphabet and add a 27th letter: “quintuple u.” Biden will refer to each of us as “Chief!” or “Big guy!” or “There he is!” Biden will tolerate diversity! Biden will melt down our guns and forge them into an indestructible transforming robot that assumes the shape of a giant gay wedding cake! Biden will promote Cap’n Crunch to Admiral!
  2. Oh I agree. Hence the second point in my post: we have to actually work to unfuck the country. Voting a decent human being like Biden in is just a first step. That merely enables us to do the things necessary to save the US from collapse. It is far from a guarantee that we’ll do them. Dem leaders like Warren at least give me hope. But a second Trump term is a guarantee we won’t fix the structural problems.
  3. Maybe. But you have to be realistic about your goals. At that point, you’re not saving the US. Your best hope would be to gain independence from regions overrun with fascist assholes who support Trump.
  4. Brisket thinks armed resistance is the way to save America. He’s wrong. A civil war would be like pushing Humpty Dumpty off the wall. The US will shatter into numerous weaker, poorer pieces, never to be put back together again. And a shitload of people will die in the process. If it comes to civil war, the US is done. We should be doing everything we can to get Trump out of office peacefully and to start unfucking the country without bloodshed.
  5. “According to the rights granted me by the Declaration of Independence, I demand these pimple-faced deep state goons step aside and allow me roll comedically down the Hill of Life, as Jesus intended!”
  6. Is he cosplaying as that kid Willy Wonka turned into a giant blueberry?
  7. Jones shows up to a city park during a heat wave, morbidly obese, dressed in a strained XXXL polo and blue jeans, and carrying a megaphone. But at least he isn’t a crisis actor only pretending to be an avid hiker.
  8. That’s another entry from the “Every Accusation” file. There is no support for sharia law on the Left. None. The right wing in this country, however, is infested with Christian dominionists (including Mike Pence) who support subjugating the country to their fundamentalist interpretation of biblical law. Which of course would be no less oppressive than sharia law, except that we could still eat bacon.
  9. I agree it’s not exactly the same. There’s an added element of intent to discredit when such allegations are levied against a woman. But I’m just pointing out that our side has made blowjob jokes about Trump’s VP too, and it was equally irrelevant and crass when we did it.
  10. People on our side of the aisle have said similar shit about Pence. Politics is nasty and crass now. It sucks, but we’re not innocent.
  11. Anyone who doesn’t want to vote for Trump is unlikely to favor the idea of a Harris presidency in 2024. I really don’t see how that stunt would have any positive impact for Biden.
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