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  1. Buble for Sinatra. Kenny G for Miles Davis
  2. That sound...I may have to call a doctor in three hours.
  3. I got an email this morning for “former subscribers” offering the season for $45.
  4. I would normally put this in the baseball forum MLB thread, but I'm pretty sure it would somehow be poking the 'no politics' bears. From the article linked: Sounds like my idiot co-worker. Holy shit. The amount of these people out there is just spooky.
  5. MLB.tv --> before we knew the season was happening, I tried to get a refund (I pay for the full season) 3 times via their email contact form. No results, not even an acknowledgement of the email. So I tried contacting them via twitter, the response/refund was very fast. Then, right after the refund, they announced the season. I'm waiting to see if they offer some kind of deal once the season actually kicks off.
  6. https://theathletic.com/1913204/2020/07/06/condensed-mariners-schedule-includes-10-games-vs-houston-midseason-road-test/?source=dailyemail A comment pointed out that actually in terms of percentages, Seattle will play Houston 17% of the season, instead of 12%. so there's that.
  7. Posting for the schedule, not the boring moose skit they attached to it.
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