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  1. I love watching them. They can get creative.
  2. Whatever "drops tomorrow" doesn't matter. I talked to a Fox News/Maga head today. The call was not about politics, but he went into why he didn't watch the NFL now b/c for all he knew they were burning flags at halftime now. Oh, ok. So I give a light rib about I bet those NFL players paid taxes and the immediate come back was how Trump was justified in not paying them because business losses. I said wait, thought he was a great businessman and the reply then was something about a mistake here and there but still great. The point being, nothing that drops is going to change their minds. Nothing. The person in my example is in other ways a smart enough human being. He's just ceded the critical thought in politics section to 'my team fuck the other team.'
  3. Watched this on Red Bull TV (which is free, btw) over the weekend. Pretty good viewing. I had never heard of anything about this before. Apparently the doc is old, too (2013), but it sure captures the tone of the times well, imo.
  4. I liked the post because hellz yeah brah, but sorry about your toe.
  5. Right, of course. Also, of course the cops aren't stopping this group of nuts from playing cops. Every one involved in that 'stop' of the bike rider should be arrested. Then again, I guess we don't know under the masks how many are actual cops.
  6. From what I read, he did that to prove he wasn't gay. BRB, I'm going to go eat a pint of ice cream to prove I'm not fat.
  7. Proud Boys temporarily detain a bicyclist. Behaving as if they were cops. They did this during the fires as well as people were evacuating. Can you imagine the response to this if a group of black guys tried this kind of shit?
  8. Really enjoyed that, thank you for posting. Exactly this, so far. Although yeah, should be a helmet instead of a fez.
  9. One of the reasons I took it up at my age was to work on balance and flexibility, both of which were never great to begin with and have only become worse with age. I definitely can't do the heelside lay one leg down thing very well yet. Oh, and I super manned off the board the other day and broke a belt. Luckily all the pads did their duty. It is pretty obvious with older dudes who used to board as a kid. That muscle memory kicks in pretty well for them. Much like riding a bike I suppose. I used to mountain bike around Austin about 10 years ago. Well, for about 1.5 years. Then got married/got out of it, and got rid of the hard tail. What a mistake. I checked out mountain bike prices lately and my jaw hit the floor. I can afford all kinds of longboards and accouterments for seemingly not even a fourth of the price of a mountain bike these days. And at my height finding a used one for my size is pretty much impossible.
  10. Powell peralta snakes seem to be the most popular for sliding. Also, Remember Hoots and maybe Fatty Hawgs. I say this as someone who isn't quite sliding yet, other than the hand down toe slide, and that's a 50/50 proposition at this point.
  11. Yep, and actually I have enjoyed getting to see quite a few of them. Seems like a lot of good potential that I obviously hope pans out. Tapasuck
  12. And yeah, originally thought the son would get into it, but he has not. Have a skateboard he won’t let anyone touch, but never uses, go figure. Tapasuck
  13. Oh, yeah I wear a helmet 100% of the time. Tapasuck
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