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  1. I've seen the word "scapegoat" pretty badly misused on this page, imo.
  2. While the show is unequivocally well done, I find the direction it is taking disappointing.
  3. What a crazy ending! Loved it. A McLaren podium, wooo. Feel bad for Albon. How about Gasly getting his podium with Toro Rosso? Seems lots of stories in this one. Ferrari going Haas style was crazy.
  4. King Buffalo was awesome. I really didn't care for Think no Think at all, but to each their own. Crowd overall definitely dug them. Crypt Trip(sp?) was enjoyable for what they were.
  5. Also, as a newbie, I've taken to enjoying watching FP1/2/3 mainly because Crofty and company seem much looser/rowdier during some of the early practices. They crack me up.
  6. Verstappen gets pole in Brazil. I know it happened yesterday, but just now watched qualifying. Bad day for McLaren. Seemed like a good day for Haas, kind of out of nowhere.
  7. and somehow i've lost my ability to embed tweets again. good lord. anyway, Darvish didn't say they were stealing signs.link.
  8. In 22 innings over the past 2 years the Brewers scored 2 runs against Darvish. Strange insult, coming from Yelich. Disappointing.
  9. King Buffalo at Hotel Vegas tonight.
  10. Odorizzi and Abreu accepted their qualifying offers.
  11. Note the date, too, btw. That was the seventh pitch of the season in 2017.
  12. Oh man, you guys didn't even need to do it against Felix!
  13. On the one hand, you have a point. On the other hand, and this one might be stretching it: That' s the shitty thing about all this. Cast a lot into doubt.
  14. So the cheating didn't help them all that much during the regular season, but perhaps it did in the post season? Obviously we may never know, but it sure doesn't look good.
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