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  1. bottom of the 9th, tied up 2-2. Let's see what happens.
  2. OK, surfshark VPN seems to be doing the trick. And turning off “precise location” in location services. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. Go Ms!
  3. Another good Kikuchi outing. Pitches 7 innings. Leaves game up 5-1.
  4. Well, that was pretty fun. Edit: I think I've played it 5 times now. Not my normal thing, but man.
  5. At least I didn't miss a good game or anything...stupid blackout rules.
  6. Seems unlocator quit working today. This will keep me from watching until I find an alternative
  7. Kind of weird there wasn't a game last night. Anyway, tonight's lineup.
  8. Pretty sure Wardruna and Danheim are all over the "Vikings" TV series from a while back. And yeah, one of the songs is straight from a video game apparently. Good call.
  9. apparently, playing the Twins is good for whatever is ailing your offense. that said, Flexen tossing 8 scoreless against their offense is pretty impressive.
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