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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-aliens-and-emmerdale-actor-jay-benedict-dies-due-to-covid-19-complications-11969213
  2. Took a long drive as well yesterday: https://www.blm.gov/visit/lower-crooked-river-back-country-byway Stopped along the way to just roam a little bit with nobody near. At one on the drive saw a black bear in the distance. Not a good enough range to get good pics--could basically see the outline and movement, but wow that's not something you see every day. Once we hit the part where the river is visible saw plenty of fly fishermen (all of whom seemed to be maintaining safe social distancing). Drive turned incredible beautiful for quite a few miles. Plenty of future camping spots once (if/when) this is all over. That was a good one for morale. Just being out for a while and seeing some epic nature.
  3. So good to see this thread. Surly does come together at times and help instead of bicker. Good lord, I was starting to write a book here, so deleted all that. Worried about closing on a house with an impending economic collapse (put this a few times in the real estate thread where they graciously put up with me). Worried for my kids who I moved to a new town who now cannot make/continue to make friends in school. Wife's job has shut down which we had planned for economically, but not with the idea that she was going to have be the one full time in charge of their education and their entire days. The random bickering out of nowhere is wild and I can't drown it out in my home office during calls. Sometimes though, in the very same day there are good times and emotions and things that we all enjoy. I turned 50 (good lord) the other day, and the family was amazing to me and each other that whole day. I will never forget it. I'm learning to 'longboard' which while I'm doing it keeps my mind off of everything (other than constant lookout for anyone getting too close). Son and I are going through all the Marvel movies on Disney + in order (he had not seen them yet as he wasn't old enough). I'm trying to do more pushups/pullups/e.tc. Oh, and legal weed. Praise be for legal weed. Don't dox me, bro.
  4. Thanks to you and the others who quoted/replied. I've read things like that, but I also remember thinking I don't need a mask because all the articles at the time said I didn't. Seems like the situation is fluid(s). Much like the drinking though, I'm going to get a point where fuck it, this meal is worth the (hopefully slight) risk.
  5. Hey, uh, how stupid or bad is it to get takeout these days? Have not had restaurant food in just about a month and craving it. But don't really crave death, strangely.
  6. Yeah, so I read that the cytokine storm thing that kills you is because your immune system is fighting back too hard. My immune system is fantastic. Kids brought every damn known sickness home so often those first few years of school, and it seemed to go from one kid to the next kid to the wife, and I was always last man standing looking around like 'holy shit is the plague coming to get me' and it never did. Very rarely, ever, get sick. I think some of it is genetics, some of it was growing up and bicycling behind the mosquito sprayers in town, soaking up that DDT. And then there were the years living 'in the country' where the spray from the crop dusters would cool you down on a hot, muggy southwest Texas day. You can call that stuff 'carcinogenic,' but fuck that, I never get sick, unless you count cedar fever, but that's just nature's way of saying 'get the fuck out of Texas,' which I finally did. So probably need to up the drinking to knock that damn amazing immune system of mine down a notch or two so it won't overreact and kill my ass. Science, bitches.
  7. That's true. I picked a random one, but how do we know she wasn't? Edit: sorry, that sounds argumentative. Not trying to argue, I've just seen reports/posts of young people who seemed otherwise healthy dying.
  8. I think we tell ourselves 'old' and 'pre-existing conditions' to make ourselves feel better, because there are stories like this out there: I understand the majority of the victims are older, but it sure seems to randomly take out seemingly healthy younger people as well, even if in smaller numbers.
  9. Dammit. RIP "Lovely Day" is one of those therapy type songs for me.
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