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  1. Man I hate getting old and losing my memory. I used to read “Mulberry Street” pretty often with my kids. I can’t recall which version I had nor do I remember the parts that would be offensive like this, but that is my white privilege and aforementioned shitty memory speaking. We got rid of the books years ago and now I see I could have made a nice profit on Ebay, go figure. I do remember the original Curious George stuff bothering me at times, at least with some of the zoo stuff and things like “ha ha George you broke your leg because you were curious.” Obviously not the same real
  2. Was streaming "etcetera" by Wayne Shorter and good lord in the middle of this song. Hancock just, wow. Flooring.
  3. Sorry if I'm posting too much. Recent arrivals are Rush's Moving Pictures (this one) and the Blue Note 80 release of Herbie Hancock's Takin Off. Man, I had not heard Rush on vinyl since high school. Takes me right back and I mean right back. So great.
  4. I certainly have had my intense metal days. In fact, my last few years in Austin (all pre-Covid) the majority of live music I went to see was metal and uh, dubstep. Kind of became like the movie theater--I mainly only went to the theater for big budget action flicks. So metal was my 'action flicks' of live music. And I visit the heavy thread every once in a while. I just tend to personally go through phases of what I'm into, and currently more jazz than anything else. Also, I can't really play that kind of vinyl in the house w/o headphones as long as the wife is around. And lately
  5. Heh. I meant to type more on it, but I was on mobile and the site was being weird. The studio shots are really nice, and the album is great. Very nice package, especially for the price. The album itself is of course, awesome. My first time to hear Mr. Tyner leading a big band as opposed to a quartet (Sahara, The Real McCoy) or his stuff with Coltrane.
  6. Got my first Tone Poet album in yesterday. McCoy Tyner’s “Tender Moments.”
  7. Well, I think I get it now. Read up some more on it on the Hoffman forums although most of their acronyms are lost on me. Pre-ordered the Dexter Morgan release on Amazon. From the non-jazz side of things I picked up “Born in the USA” by Springsteen and “Closer to Home” by Grand Funk from the local record shop today.
  8. Nobody should feel bad about their opinions, really. You either like something or you don’t. Telling someone they should feel bad for not being moved by something is snobbery and helps nothing. No reason to harsh a thread about jazz. I think my favorites are also the Quintet stuff. Relaxin’ is a personal fave. But I can appreciate most of his catalog, just depends on the mood. Kind of Blue is also the jazz album for folks who don’t even like jazz for a reason. It and Brubek’s “Time Out” are spectacular gateway drugs.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to answer. I think I followed it. I'm not knowledgeable enough to understand the difference between "masters" and "mixing." Is the difference in terms of audio the "Joe Harley" part overseeing the mixing of the Kevin Gray masters? Did I follow that correctly? I mean, for me not being an audiophile it sounds like I wouldn't know the difference in terms of audio. So the cost is more the packaging/picture stuff? Sorry if I'm being stupid. The Hoffman dudes get over my head fast. Edit: I am pretty positive I'm going to wind up ordering every Bl
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Freedom_Rider Found out about this one on a reddit post: Personnel: Art Blakey — drums Lee Morgan — trumpet Wayne Shorter — tenor saxophone Bobby Timmons — piano Jymie Merritt — double bass Listening to it on Spotify. Very good one.
  11. Tone Poet series vs Blue Note classics—is it mainly packaging? I have noticed you can pick up past Tone Poet releases for quite a bit less than the pre-order price. I am guessing waiting is taking a chance on the release you want not being sold out?
  12. There have been better players, but I am not sure there has been a more consummate professional than Ichiro.
  13. Someone told me that If you get stoned to bejeezus “Shimmer and Shine” is amazing.
  14. https://www.lookoutlanding.com/2021/2/23/22296550/seattle-mariners-problems-extend-beyond-kevin-mather-john-stanton-bellevue-rotary I might be done.
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