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  1. Doc is such an attention horse. We’re gonna lose fuck LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME
  2. Hopefully we’re not resorting to that sad “well uh maybe they’re a tournament team” post-loss narrative after this one.
  3. I missed most of the first half and had to check my Score app bc I wasn’t sure if you were serious or exaggerating for humor.
  4. Charlie Strong wishes success and stability were considered two mutually exclusive pursuits.
  5. Anyone play that 90’s PC game Aces of the Pacific? Man, I was obsessed with that game.
  6. Don’t let me down niners fans. I expect the “kicker receiving death threats” story to make the 10pm local news.
  7. And such a juicy remaining schedule. Your post a few weeks ago about streaming Pitt/Buf the rest of the way was fucking money. I blew my entire remaining FAAB on Tyreek Hill so I grabbed them both that week. Had to drop Buf, but Pitt has been unreal.
  8. NFL.com shows 3 INT’s for PIT DST. Thought they had 2? they have 26 points right now, wondering if that’s gonna drop to 24.
  9. Nowhere near unfortunately. But I will cheers the air after I fix this next martini
  10. Mix in some waters bro, and take a couple Aspirin before you pass out.
  11. This. Hate when commentators turn apologist and reinforce shitty officiating.
  12. Her team just won a game in the final seconds and she’s got two things on her mind: The Texas Longhorns, and what carbs she’s gonna eat after the game
  13. Hell yeah. Actually made free throws and executed and stuff in crunch time.
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