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  1. You've sold me. I need to check this out.
  2. Better than anything Jim Morrison ever wrote.
  3. I look forward to Pom Pom Petey Sunshine’s spin on all this when the Seahawks sign him.
  4. Developmentally disabled as in learning disabilities? The DA is quoted in that article as saying she struggled with learning disabilities. Doesn't mean she was retarded or unfit for child care.
  5. That you'll eventually get caught?
  6. Golden Gate Bridge was my landmark of choice.
  7. Yeah, it’s always comforting when a juror admits he voted to convict because he was tired and wanted to go home. Way to do your civic duty there, bud.
  8. Not trying to be contrarian but how do we know she didn’t? Have you read/seen her entire cross examination with Dailey? Did she bring him up in closing arguments?
  9. CurlyDumps


    you still playin? I got a chanter and cleric to 50. Courtney/Reyna
  10. Saban in 2008. Dabo went 6-7 in 2010, his 3rd season if you count the interim year. He only fired his OC, but did make a change on defense by going with co-DC’s (though no idea how much of a change it really was). He was definitely on the hot seat, though, and I’m sure a ton of Clemson fans were 100% convinced he wasn’t the guy.
  11. Can you hear the pacing footsteps of a 500 pound man on one of the sidelines?
  12. I am curious about what he has to say regarding the sweeping coaching changes.
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