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  1. ISU's last three games have been 10, 5, and 4 point losses to OU/Baylor/TCU. And those first two games were on the road. Kinda shocked to see us as a 12.5 pt favorite on the road. ISU +12.5 is my stone cold lock of the day.
  2. Yeah I know, because JJ reminded everyone on social media every five seconds how much He did.
  3. Watt is like an attention-seeking Labrador constantly pawing for attention. God he’s insufferable. Looook at meeeeee! All this was missing was a #RiseandGrind hashtag.
  4. It says that unlike Herman, Sark doesn’t need a staff bartender/director of emojis/a reliable blow hook up.
  5. Any team who can be within 7 points with five minutes left will be a handful for Texas.
  6. Congrats to Shaka and the boys for a season sweep of Tech. Two quality losses is nothing to sneeze at.
  7. winning is overrated. Jacking threes is fun. The goal is just to have fun guys.
  8. Hell yeah! Celebrating that Kansas sweep when Shaka is like 4-14 against them was in no way aggy as fuck!
  9. Jeez guys, all you do is complain. Why can’t you just enjoy a good loss?
  10. Pretty sure that it's provided by the league, and some time ago that film was made available to anyone via subscription.
  11. Not quite as legendary as a torn scrotum, but still sounds pretty painful.
  12. Mr. Unlimited wants to be co-GM and co-OC.
  13. I wouldn't even call it coachspeak. It's odd, self-help, Tony Robbins type gibberish. And it does not seem to be a just a generic public-facing act. There was an Athletic article shared here last season which recounted a story about Shaka making the players do that fucking weird ass chant which gave off cultish vibes. It was genuinely disturbing.
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