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  1. Leinart is trying to throw up smokescreens. He’s peddling a bullshit narrative because he wants Meyer at USC.
  2. lol @ starting a tweet with "keep this one the DL." Great bit!
  3. If not for a miracle onside kick recovery, we are 0-3 against three teams that are a combined 0-6 in their other big 12 games. And we haven't even played the three highest ranked teams in the conference (OSU, KSU, ISU). Two of those games are on the road. All seven teams ahead of us in the Big 12 standings are either still on our schedule, or have already beaten us. Let's say we drew this realm of possibilities as a circle on a piece of paper, with dots representing outcomes. "Winning out" would be a small dot on a completely separate sheet of paper, which would then have to be placed inside a rocket ship and fired into space.
  4. The Shaggy GD Banner Thread If you need to kill some time, take a stroll through that instant classic. There was more whining/pontificating/hornsfaning than I expected. Sheesh. Talk about being on the wrong side of history.
  5. “Overreact?” When was the last time Texas “crushed” a Big 12 opponent?
  6. Outside of UTEP, the fraud is going to go ofer ATS.
  7. lol @ Mack's Stockholm syndrom with rival coaches. He practically begs for it.
  8. Clownboy has also been saying 2020 is "our year" since 2018. He had plenty of time to upgrade his staff, but didn't. So the fact that he waited until the 2020 offseason to break up the frat house is on him. He gets no pass for that. He's simply dogshit at evaluating and coaching his coaches. See: Herb Hand. He's learned nothing from his failures. The only reason he made changes was to save his own job.
  9. Houston looks well coached, Texas looks like they’re being coached by a retard...
  10. After reading about the player leadership stepping up in the Humidor, I am confident that in two weeks, the team will fix all the problems that have lingered for four years. -Player development -Teaching -Scheming -Game planning -In game adjustments -penalties -Pass offense -Run offense -Pass blocking -Run blocking -Pass defense -Run defense -Tackling -Special Teams Will all be addressed. We will win every game this season 52-10.
  11. No. According to latest reporting, which included sourced comments from current UT head coaches, during the offseason CDC made it clear that student athletes were to stay out on the field/court/whatever for The Eyes. The fact that current coaches were willing to comment suggests to me that they're ticked off at Herman for making this a now national issue, and want people to know this bungling is 100% on him. Herman likely didn't take the issue seriously because he thought he'd be 4-0 right now, and/or because he wanted to curry favor with his players.
  12. So Warehime must have also inspired the clogged toilet offense. I bet they call the 3rd quarter "Waretime."
  13. Fucking Justin Jefferson. 3 pts against the worst pass D in the league. If I can't start this fuckboy against the worst fucking pass defense in the NFL, when the fuck can I start this clown shoe motherfucker
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