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  1. $10.5? You don't say. There hasn't been any break-ins at the Moody Foundation recently, has there? Perhaps a window of time during which the building plans went missing?
  2. Silver lining: it's not the most embarrassing loss in the conference. OSU's double digit home loss to us is arguably worse.
  3. Tinfoil hat time, sorta. Nah, pretty sure he’s actually sincere. This goes back years. Anyone remember the VY destination threads? He was creepily obsessed with VY. He admitted to not being an alum, and becoming a fan of UT because of Vince. He was also a vocal proponent of Charlie. Oddly enough, don’t think I’ve ever seen him make a single comment about football since Charlie was fired. I think he’s a genuine dude who for whatever reason was/is really invested in our black coaching hires, and not so much into the university. My bold prediction is that if we fire Shaka and hire a white guy, camel will disappear for good (until VY destination talk picks back up). I don’t really know why I remember all this. I think I picked up on it on TOS, and here we are years later, and he’s still all in on Shaka. Troll or not, I applaud him for giving us such classics as “I told you so” and the story about crying in his car after VY lost a playoff game.
  4. We could have practically scripted this “act like a hardass and blame the players” stage of the season. Speaking of things to learn, it’s year 5 and Shaka still hasn’t learned that scowling at TV cameras and blaming your players when shit goes sideways two months into the season doesn’t work when you spent every moment leading up to that being a soft, coddling, guidance counselor pussy.
  5. Already posted but fuck it
  6. BTW I used the same exact YouTube series Loco posted as a guide. Pretty much followed it step by step as I built. Incredibly helpful.
  7. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame the supporting cast. Remember when Westbrook never had help? Remember what happened to Oladipo after he got out from under Westbrook’s soul-sucking ball hogging? Harden is #1 in usage and Westbrook is #8. Maybe they’re tired of being told to shut up and stand in the corner.
  8. How’s face guarding work exactly? Is it not a penalty unless there is contact?
  9. Yeah. Funny thinking back on when I was a kid, how disappointed I’d be when something got delayed. Like I remember being hyped as fuck for Goldeneye 64 and I think that got delayed for like a year or more when it was all said and done. Now I think “great, take all the time you need*.” *but not TOO much
  10. I just built a new rig in December, first in 10+ years. It was my first time building a PC by myself. Its kinda like putting a puzzle together. Watch YouTube guides, RTFM, and you’ll be in good shape. I highly recommend it. General advice I learned from the experience: -make sure your mobo socket fits your processor -make sure the case is big enough to fit your graphics card (I just got a full size tower case, it leaves plenty of room for adding/upgrading parts) -if buying a new monitor, make sure it’s compatible with G Sync/V Sync/Free Sync, depending on your graphics card. https://www.gamesradar.com/vsync-gsync-freesync-explained/ Note: nVidia cards are now compatible with some free sync monitors. I bought a Dell Freesync Monitor that works with my nVidia card. This can save you some money because G Sync monitors are expensive. -on the advice of a friend, I bought an 850w PSU to avoid any power issues. Here’s my build on PC part picker. Some prices have changed bc I bought my parts on Cyber Monday. I spent a lot on the graphics card so I hopefully won’t have to upgrade for a while. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/lineater/saved/#view=M8PMcf
  11. classics IMO that I can recall off the top of my head: - Baptism/mistaken drowning -Judy Doll -Larry befriending a pedophile because he has a sweet golf simulator setup, and inviting him to Passover? dinner -Cheryl calling Larry from a plane during a terrifying storm, worried she might die, and Larry blowing her off for the cable guy who finally showed -Joe Pepitone Jersey/ dry cleaners mix up -The Black Swan
  12. But if rippin’ throats gets that warhead back, I’ll suck as many dicks as I uh buhhhh - rip as many throats as I have to.
  13. I gave up watching this “team” a while ago. They’re a collection of guys trying to get their stats. no chemistry or camaraderie. They aren’t a contender and will get upset in the first round of the playoffs (if they’re even the higher seed). They also seem to enjoy getting embarrassed on national tv.
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