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  1. I enjoyed the movie. I’m shocked that no one has any issues with a little bit of scotch (or whatever it was in the flask) short circuiting the security system. So many problems with the movie but my 10 yo loved it so it’s all good.
  2. RJ is going to be successful at whatever he decides to do with his life. The kid seems to have his shit together, unselfish and hard worker.
  3. Don’t think anyone ever used to piss on his coaching inadequacy, they just thought he was a shitty human being
  4. Nothing pisses me off more than going to a crowded gas station and assholes leave their car parked at the pump and go in and shop, get lunch etc for 10-15 mins. Move your fucking car so other people can get gas.
  5. I have a feeling that Riley isn’t getting the responses to that tweet that he thought he was gonna get.
  6. So many clutch shots being made by both teams.
  7. I use a topical steroid. I don’t want any of that shit killing my immune system.
  8. First and foremost, I’m happy the Shaka era is over. I’m ecstatic that I don’t have to watch his style of basketball. I’m not too keen on having to start watching Beard style of basketball now (or someone like Tony Bennett for that matter). It’s been fun watching Houston and Arkansas in the tournament and that’s a style of basketball I’d much prefer to watch. Would much rather try for Musselman or Sampson. If not one of those guys, I’d prefer a relatively cheap Royal Ivey rather than overpay for Beard.
  9. His Twitter indicates he loves Texas.
  10. How is Ivey regarded as a coach? I gotta admit that I thought Juwon Howard was going to be a colossal failure at Michigan but obviously that isn’t the case. If you could get Ivey for relatively cheap I’d be all for taking a chance on him.
  11. The problem with the last call is that contact like that on a rebound wasn’t called all game and you definitely don’t make a questionable call with 1 second left, you let the players decide the game. If you want to talk about questionable ticky tack fouls that are technically fouls then you should also agree that moving screens on the perimeter during their final possession are also a foul.
  12. Yeah- ACU is a really bad team which is what makes this suck so bad.
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