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  1. Duncanville would give Texas a run their money. Look incredibly dominant
  2. JQJ with an effortless bomb for 81 TD TD
  3. Can’t wait to find out how that University of Illinois application turns out!
  4. The Purdue win looking better and better with the way they hammered Virginia
  5. Was probably taking the gun to Mehringer’s- but thankfully that’s all changed.
  6. Thinking July- has to be summer when kids are off
  7. Thinking about going to Greece this summer (2 weeks) with 15 yo, 11 yo and 8 yo. Would it be better to take a cruise to visit the islands or should we hop around staying in a hotel a couple of nights on a few islands? Also- anyone have any must see places with kids? Santorini is a must for the wife.
  8. Beck is an A+ recruiter- I’m fine with him on staff as long as he’s not calling plays
  9. I think Herman threw him under the bus for a drop on a wide receiver screen on our last shitty drive that went 3 and out against Iowa state
  10. RoJo’s block on Sam’s run to the goal line was bad ass too
  11. Duffy making perfect throws. 3rd string tech QB looks much better than Ehlinger right now
  12. Maybe instead of family Friday, they should maybe, you know, practice
  13. I think Scent of a Woman takes place during thanksgiving
  14. What was the point of bringing up the BU linebacker that had hand surgery on Monday and returned to practice on Tuesday? Is he calling our players pussies for not doing that or is he taking a shot at Rhule for doing that?
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