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  1. I’d just like to say “suck a dick Corby and Junior Miller”. Fuckers talked shit about how Texas wasn’t a coveted coaching job. Looks like OU is actually the shitty job no one wants.
  2. Fuck the Sooners. Good to see them get a taste of their own medicine. Now they know how we’ve been treated the last 10 years.
  3. Said this during the aggy game- Bryce Young is not a great QB.
  4. Nah- you’d have 1 loss ND move up with Cincy. They wouldn’t take a 2 loss team.
  5. Big10 let’s them get more physical after player goes out of bounds than Big12. Wish we called it like they do.
  6. If we want to go to a bowl, I guess we need Iowa State to beat tcu, correct?
  7. The more important question is: why the fuck was Foster even playing?? Everyone on this board has been saying he’s the worst player on the field since Arkansas.
  8. He’s like our douchy walk ons dancing and jumping on each other to get the crowd pumped up before kickoffs during the Herman regime.
  9. God damn- Romo has become the WORST color analyst. Killing me to listen to him.
  10. Just tackle and quit trying to strip
  11. Good to see that shit talking Fenton got the worst of it.
  12. Need to run 2 minute offense and wear that pass rush out. That’s what allowed that drive to be successful before quarter ended.
  13. Cowboys fucking around and letting quarter run out and letting them rest is what ruined that drive
  14. Holding the fuck out of parsons
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