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  1. It just dawned on me that it’s Band of Brothers. The use of the word “season” had me thinking it might be something like Breaking Bad.
  2. The ONE time they parked over on the grass. Otherwise, it would be on the holy shit thread with a spoiler.
  3. Well...that catchy tune will be playing in my head all day long.
  4. What did Garrett tweet, then delete?
  5. If only Galindo was in the room....
  6. 4:10 posts here, but he never settles for less than 10s.
  7. The Auburn game in 84 or 85 (the game in Austin) has the possession cut where Jerry Gray chases down Bo Jackson and separates Bo's shoulder. All you see is that Auburn no longer has Bo in the game. No explanation. No replay. Nothing. Why can't the LHN get the whole game footage instead of showing the butchered ESPN Classic reruns? Can someone punch Galindo for me?
  8. Since there’s not a “kinda cool for a regular guy” thread
  9. that is a lot of good information but it would be a much easier read if you would use your caps key as well as some more punctuation sprinkled in here and there
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