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  1. Yes, and they got the two mixed up in the photo.
  2. I see a budding romance between the groom and his lifeguard.
  3. Expanding the scholarship limits to 100, then ratcheting it back down over the next 2 years would help.
  4. Since there were no blacks on campus at that time, to whom could that song be directed when using the word “you”? PresIdnt Prather president was talking to white students when he said it, and the John Sinclair was talking to those same white students (and white opponents as mentioned by RollLeft) when he wrote it mocking Prather. To say otherwise is mind bottling.
  5. I share my tickets with family members and occasionally friends. I’d always rather have physical tickets, so I’ll be making that request for several reasons (I just discovered that my flip phone isn’t “smart,” whatever that means).
  6. Since we literally control this here CDC, why don’t we just have him tell the CFB world what to do with this season? The ultimate BOMC, making aggy heads explode just for laughs.
  7. TIL the star trek hand thing is cool now. I’m not so sure. He looks kinda nerdy.
  8. Someday you’ll see a woman actually breast feeding.
  9. Damn bears are even recording videos.
  10. I was either drunk or suffering from a heat stroke at one of those games in the early 80s. When Texas fans chuckled about the “page 46” reference, I proudly and loudly sang their school song using the lyrics to my HS alma mater. ”To these hallowed halls of learning, we will bid farewell someday. Blah blah blah blah blah we learned along the way.” It fit beautifully, and many were amused. Yeah, that’s just what we need at Texas. At least I have most of the words figured out
  11. Make that 99,999 racists and one bleached blonde woman (0:31) who refuses to play along.
  12. I’ve met waaaay more poor assholes, but that’s because there are very few people who are truly rich.
  13. Post the after on the smoking thread. I have a pork butt on that's got a mind of it's own. Fighting the urge to foil it through the stall. I know it’s a day late, but your choice of pork butt over brisket makes me question your judgement.
  14. Respecting Native American Indigenous people AND the military? There is only one answer...I introduce the Washington Code Talkers. Oh wait...the Japanese might be offended.
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