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  1. Just about every page on this thread has one or three posters opining that current students (some of whom may never even graduate) should be able to dictate which policies and traditions should live or die. What “lived experiences” do students - many of whom are still teenagers, children really - have that would give them the wisdom to abandon traditions and set policies for millions of former and future students? Being offended is not wisdom. College traditions are usually established by students, but the best only endure if they have an appeal that lasts into adulthood. I have a feeli
  2. I don’t know about that. Cade Brewer goes down upon visual contact.
  3. That play still (almost) pisses me off. The line judge (L) with a clear view of the ball carrier spots the forward process a full yard short, yet he was overruled by the head linesman (H) who had multiple bodies shielding him from view. Dan Fouts sure seemed to agree. Keith Jackson was confused. Yeah, the drama of the measurement was dramatic, but that fucker could have stolen the game right there. Back to the OP, I tend to agree, but I’d like the viewing angle to be a few degrees higher to give a better feel for depth.
  4. I’d seriously consider changing my last name to Winters or - if I got drafted by San Francisco - Summers.
  5. Did he get hit by the trash truck door?
  6. Sam’s arm is so weak, he needs help holding that trophy.
  7. Please let us know when you figure that out.
  8. I imagine the opponents’ DBs will have fun trash talking ol’ Spencer.
  9. I wouldn’t want to fight him MMA style, either, but I might’ve stood a chance if it was purely boxing in a huge ring where he’d have problems trapping me in a corner. - internet tough guy
  10. I thought the OU player was the jeans jacket guy who got slammed into the wall.
  11. If your old coach is the guy in the purple shirt, someone needed to teach him how to throw a proper punch.
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