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  1. So, you’re saying that Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO fraudulently claims to have a UT Southwestern Medical School degree? The same Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO who fraudulently claims on Texags that he holds a Medical Degree from UT Southwestern Medical School? The same Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO who currently practices in Garland, Texas? That Dr. Louis Patrick Coates, DO?
  2. “You will be able to tell from the sound of the crowd...” I watched the full video and listened, and I do believe the kick was good.
  3. I met Ray at the Broken Spoke back in the 80s when he was playing for New Years. My impression was that he could be a complete dick when drunk, and he was quickly heading that direction. His kid probably inherited that gene Don’t make a shit. I still bought his CDs.
  4. Tom Dempsey, legendary NFL kicker, dead after coronavirus bout at age 73 https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tom-dempsey-legendary-nfl-kicker-dead-after-coronavirus-bout-at-age-73
  5. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/netflixs-tiger-king-star-joe-21803242t
  6. http://twitter.com/cctv_idiots/status/1245249594063310848?s=20
  7. I smoked a beautiful 13.5# brisket on Tuesday. We hammered it...hard, then on Wednesday, we decided on this for lunch the next day. Toasted whole grain bagels, cream cheese (Greek cream cheese this time) on both halves, chopped burnt ends with a drizzle of bbq sauce stuffed in the middle. Gotdamn glorious. Can’t believe I didn’t take any pics.
  8. I think the fox wouldn’t let go of the rabbit.
  9. If it’s canceled, is my LHF contribution fully deductible if I don’t get other season tickets?
  10. Shit, shit, shit...it’s due today! Hope it wasn’t 5p Eastern time.
  11. Punch, sometimes ya gotta admit you were wrong.
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