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  1. You have higher standards, so you aren’t looking at it the way, say aggy, would. This subject came up around the time of the Michigan Rose Bowl game. We could have claimed something like 11 at that time when you include all the minor polls, computer polls, retroactive ratings, and undefeated seasons, all of which some schools count. There was even a Michigan fan who mocked his own school for counting everything. OU, NU, and Texas, to name a few, only count the major polls, BCS, and the sorry excuse of a playoff we have now.
  2. I’m as down on this Mensa program on anyone, but this is ridiculous. The only polls we recognize are the AP and Coaches’ polls since 1939, but we’d have more than a dozen if we counted them like Bama, Michigan, or aggy. Now, back to something we can all agree on.
  3. My Russian is bad, but I think I caught “dumb ass”’ and “Darwin” a couple of times.
  4. If they had been caught, it would have been a true “things that makes you say Holy Shit! moment.
  5. Any chance that was an Italian restaurant back in the 80s? I may be thinking of another place just east of Congress in that vicinity.
  6. Love how he tries to blow out the flame coming from the can.
  7. I was wondering about Rochester. I've been to Mayo for family members and had a cousin go to medical school there, but I never noticed a regular college. Sioux Falls has a couple of small private schools and the city officials bitch about not having a public university there. The story is that the city leaders in the 1800s had a choice between the first public university and the state prison. Naturally, they chose the prison.
  8. Pig Stands was also the first chain to have a common architectural design at all locations, not that it matters. I went to the one on Broadway in SA a bunch of times in the late 70s. I read that it is/was the last location operating.
  9. There was a thread on this back then. If it was based on this same article, it was here rather than TOS.
  10. Pig Stands invented Onion Rings, along with drive-ins and carhops. The last two date back to it's beginning in 1921(?). I'm not sure about the onion rings, but I remember reading that they had them in the 20s. How old was your pops?
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