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  1. I was told government experiments were only done on POC.
  2. I was driving this same stretch of road as in my earlier video (above). The muleys in these two photos total a bit over 200, and there were at least another 100 in groups of 20-30. They were all within a mile of each other. The photos are shitty because the windows were closed and the deer were further from the road. All of the dark pixelated specks in this one are deer. Outside of this mass concentration of deer, all I saw was groups of 5-10 every so often. I have no explanation for this. I am befuddled.
  3. My first (and only) NHL game was the North Stars vs Blackhawks in 70-71. Bobby Hull was arguably the biggest star in the league at the time. I bought a cheap ass souvenir hockey stick and puck and tried to practice on my own out on a lake where we had a cabin while wearing cheap ass men’s skates (presumably figure skating skates). It took all of 20 minutes to figure out it sucked to chase pucks across a lake by myself because none of my friends wanted to play as they didn’t even have sticks.
  4. My HS had a problem with the smokers wandering outside of the designated smoking area, so they erected a tall chain-link enclosure that was probably 12x12 and made that the Smoking Area. It was hard to look cool standing shoulder-to-shoulder with 30 other smokers.
  5. Makes me want to cut something down… https://fb.watch/imu-cmjD5N/?mibextid=v7YzmG Good thing he measured the height accurately, or that fence would need replacing.
  6. [Edit: I just found the Pellet Grills and Smokers thread. Feel free to respond to this post, or tell me to shove it up my ass, NTTAWWT.] I’m getting my son (he also posts here, but not usually in this forum) a travel pellet smoker. He wants it to be truly portable. I bought him a a 2-burner Weber Spirit grill 7-1/2 years ago, and other than the starter on one side giving out, it’s still holding in there. He wants something similar in size to this Pit Boss 260: https://pitboss-grills.com/grills/wood-pellet/pit-boss-portable-wood-pellet-grill I’m not opposed to spending more, as I’m becoming more and more of a “buy once, cry once” guy in recent years. If any of you asshole geniuses have recommendations, I’d appreciate it. Just remember that he posts here, so your reputation is at risk This one weighs 80#, which is not and issue as he comes from fine stock. We’d consider something heavier as long as it can fit in the back of something like an Explorer without hogging too much space.
  7. Sound ON if you enjoy the sweet, sweet sound of the squealing mom who always seems to find her way into youth sports videos.
  8. I told an OU friend of mine this during FUPM’s dying days, and he thought I was crazy. He just couldn’t see it.
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