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  1. The only real Surly dude on this thread. The rest of y’all have been hacked.
  2. Weird timing, but I had just finished reading this Chuck Hawks article on elk rounds https://chuckhawks.com/elk_cartridges.htm when I got a call from the neighboring landowner asking if I had plans to hunt elk this year. He said he was new to elk hunting and had a .30-06, but he was thinking about going bigger. With this CH article fresh in my brain, along with my own prior knowledge and comments on this thread (thanks y’all), he thinks I’m some kind of an expert. I just hope he doesn’t start asking a bunch of questions.
  3. I’m 60+ myself, so I might compromise and move up to a .308 if I want something larger. I might not want to shoot a heavier recoil gun over the coming years. I can also get something in an AR-10 platform (assuming scary-looking guns are not made illegal) with suppressor to reduce recoil a bit. Note: My apologies for helping take this ammo thread a bit into the hunting direction, but it’s all related.
  4. Hornady…I’ll have to research that. I had a lease on the Gillespie-Llano County with 4 other guys 30+ years ago. One guy got an aoudad two out of 4 years, but none of the rest of us could get a shot. There were some critters we called “wooly buggers” on a cliff side on the neighboring ranch because we could never get a good enough look at them to ID. Bastards wouldn’t venture onto our lease, either. With so many other options, I think I’ll hold onto my grudge. I also have this thing about Remington in general due to so many problems I’ve had with their crap .22 plinking ammo. My .270 is a Remington, though. One reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on a .338 is that I tend to overthink things. Thanks for adding the .300 to the mix, lol. I should’ve mentioned the granddaddy. I’ve been on a wait list at a local gun shop for any premium cartridge in that exact bullet, but I’m getting tired of waiting. I prefer to buy local, but I think I’ll order those. Sierra is known for their accuracy, so I’d be curious how SGK vs NP compare in my gun. I’ll probably end up with a half dozen to compare. A dad of one of my daughter’s college soccer teammates guides elk hunts on horseback in Wyoming. I mentioned .270 to him once, and he said he switched to .270 when he turned 60 because his arthritic shoulders didn’t like his larger caliber guns (can’t recall which).
  5. I got a cow elk tag this year. I fucked up and missed the deadline for the bull draw (I had a wrong date stored in my tiny brain). Anyway, I’m surprised how hard it has been to find premium ammo with a good class 3 bullet. I like Federal Fusion, but it’s really more of a class 2 bullet. I’m obviously not a reloader. I’ve got a .270 Win, and before anyone says I should get a .338 Win Mag, I’ll respond that I’m contemplating that if I can make a decision on the right rifle. Besides, Jack O’Connor preferred his .270 for elk, so we all know it’s more than adequate with a good, well-placed bullet. All Surlyites place their bullets precisely. I want to be prepared just in case I don’t get a new rifle, and after 3 unsuccessful stops, I found some 140 grain Sierra Tipped GameKings at Cabela’s. I was hoping for a wider selection of perhaps Federal TBT (or TBBC), Barnes TSX, or Swift Scirroco (or even A-Frame), but the only other class 3 round I could find were some Accubond and Remington Core-Lokt UB in 130 grain. I had negative experiences with the older Core-Lokt Remington was making in the 80s (lol, I hold grudges), so I passed. Besides, I was also hoping for 150 grain. I guess my questions are if anyone else is having trouble finding boxed rounds in these bullets, and if any of you experts have any experience with any of these harder hitting bullets. Again, I may get a .338 Win Mag, so all of these bullets are still in play, with possible exception of the A-Frame (which would still be good on any bull in my future). I also have some large mule deer on our new land which will push the limits for Fusions. I’ll at least use the new GameKings on the muleys. Chuck Hawks has an interesting take on the Sierra GameKing in contrast to other bullets that are designed to retain close to 100% if their weight (like the A-Frame without being mentioned by name). https://www.chuckhawks.com/sierra_hunting_bullets.htm
  6. My OCD is triggered because your list is ALMOST in chronological order. (Add Gilbert and Foreman when you make that correction).
  7. I know it’s not the NFL, but every Longhorn needs to know the true story of Fred Bednarski. https://ampoleagle.com/bednarski-preceded-gogolak-in-soccerstyle-kicking-p8059-208.htm
  8. I always heard that Barry was scared to death of Reuben LaVell Edwards. Come to think of it, that name does have certain ring to it, unbefitting a guy from Orem, Utah.
  9. I’ve enjoyed pissing in my Cornhusker friends’ Post Toasties when they bring this game up. I tell them that if both Texas and Nebraska have the chance to rethink one coach’s decision from that day, Akers doesn’t leave his defense on the field for a 4th-and-25 punt late in the game (or tells them that Jitter Fields is the only player who can field the ball since he at least returned kickoffs). Texas wins that game and forces TO into the same decision to go for 2 that night. Gotdammit, my day is ruined now, thinking of that game.
  10. Whoever voted Texas #1 has a gambling addiction.
  11. Big 8 champ OU was obligated to play in the Orange Bowl. If BYU offered to play OU, isn’t that the Orange Bowl choosing Washington rather than OU dodging BYU?
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