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  1. She didn’t get the real paperwork.
  2. They didn’t rip Auston English’s head off when he “didn’t hear” the play being whistled dead, either. Buncha pussies.
  3. Diverting water from the Missouri watershed to the Colorado basin would be a feast-or-famine (mostly famine) scenario. The flows into the Missouri are only adequate if the snowpack in the Rockies is tremendous or the rainfall in semi-arid MT/ND/SD/NE is much higher than normal. It is common to have the states with the large reservoirs to be bitching to the Army Corps of Engineers about how they are managing discharges. Some years, there isn't enough water in the reservoirs to operate the hydroelectric generators at anywhere near full capacity without draining those reservoirs to levels that ruin the fisheries. Even the larger rivers feeding the Missouri are reduced to creeks by July many years. Any excess water is very seasonal and short lived. Extremely wet years like 2011 are generational. The ACOE sometimes gets accused of illegally holding back too much water in the reservoirs to alleviate flooding on the Mississippi, but that is fairly rare. There would be tremendous opposition to any water diversion project to the Colorado basin because of the threat of the tyranny of the majority. Once large metro areas get their claws into a system like that, the possibility of something like starving the Central Valley of water would sow too much distrust. I can’t see any diversion project helping the areas served by the Colorado. Something else needs to be done.
  4. It’s odd that so many players who had brief NFL careers or made an NFL practice squad proceed to flame out in the CFL. Go Winnipeg!
  5. Good news for Texas that will heal all wounds… lol My DIL’s friend tweeted that her daughter fainted while in waiting in line at the game. Her friend thanked the wonderful Texas fans behind them. She didn’t elaborate further. So, a tip-o-the hat to those Texas fans.
  6. We have a cistern at our cabin, and once every couple of years, we run out of water (usually due to a toilet that keeps running or a garden hose that didn’t get turned off all the way). Our water delivery guy is sometimes unable to deliver a load of water for a day or two. We manage on a gallon or two per person per day until someone starting gettin ripe. We had to melt snow for toilet water one Christmas. That was fun.
  7. This part confuses me as to how it relates to emergency supplies.
  8. Imagine being the assistant coach assigned to maintain regular contact with these kids for 4+ years.
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