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  1. Why were we the visiting team at the B12 CCG, with the old North/South divisions no longer dictating that? Not that I mind the icy whites.
  2. And each of those commissioners had a team in their conference that - until this weekend - were in the hunt for a CFP spot. Too bad, so sad.
  3. I have 4 cousins who are FSU grads. They don’t appreciate people who don’t like 4 hours of their groaning chants.
  4. My aggy sister-in-law is in our family text conversation right now. I hope she’s enjoying every word of it.
  5. Last I checked, Texas won it less than 9 hours ago. But sadly no, we don’t have the hottest coeds.
  6. I didn’t tune in until midway through the 4th, but this Louisville team looks awful… but not as awful as Plummer.
  7. I’m out. He lost me when he didn’t call timeout to avoid the late 2Q delay penalty. Unforgivable.
  8. We have scoreboard on all of next year’s B12. Not 100% sure about Arizona, and we’ve never played Cincinnati, but in my heart, we have scoreboard.
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