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  1. It hit Houston three weeks ago.
  2. Picked up a bottle at TW three weeks ago.
  3. That Patek is gorgeous.
  4. $66 at TW but have to get drawn to get one.
  5. The vessel is registered with the UK P&I Club. Wikipedia has a good basic explanation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protection_and_indemnity_insurance#:~:text=Protection and indemnity insurance%2C more,provided by a P%26I club.&text=Typical P%26I cover includes%3A a,as oil spills and pollution. As to the second question, there will be a whole bunch of litigation out of this. At the point that there's $400 million in losses per hour, someone is going to go after the vessel interests at some point (owner, operator, manager, etc.).
  6. My father died when I was forty and I couldn't find a way to cry Not because I didn't love him, not because he didn't try Well, I'd cried for every lesser thing: whiskey, pain, and beauty But he deserved a better tear and I was not quite ready So we took his ashes out to sea and poured 'em off the stern And then threw the roses in the wake of everything we'd learned And when we got back to the house they asked me what I wanted Not the law books, not the watch–I need the thing he's haunted My hand burned for the Randall knife there in the bottom drawer And I found a tear for my father's life an
  7. It was really well done. I think it was discussed on the prime thread awhile back.
  8. You’ve got it backwards. The story is those who wanted to stay at the Alamo had to cross the line. So Cruz would have to be going the opposite direction...so flipped him so he’s headed away from Travis.
  9. I had the worst chopped beef sandwich I’ve ever eaten there ~12 years ago.
  10. Check out the liquor store next door. A bunch of way overpriced stuff, but was stocked with Eagle Rare and Buffalo Trace single barrel picks when I stayed there twice in the fall.
  11. Best Stop. Exit 97 in Scott, Louisiana. About a mile north of I10.
  12. I’ve had a few different bottles of Sagamore and each has been excellent.
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