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  1. ERhine


    What Pinhook? There’s a bunch of them.
  2. Second Episode is the only one I’ve actually rewatched. It was great. I think there’s an inherent bias in support of the show about the Texas-based pitmaster being shown on the thread. I never once thought Lennox was remotely unlikable like some have said.
  3. ERhine


    Mine grew up in a liquor store, so I have avoided any comments about the number of bottles I have.
  4. I’m confused. You don’t save containers for storage?
  5. Banana Nut Bread: BLT: Paella: Bbq:
  6. It’s been awhile since I posted on the thread. Korean beef bowl with poached egg: Gumbo: Almond ice cream with chocolate/toffee covered pretzels: Tostadas: Thai Chicken Soup: Vanilla ice cream with Mexican hot chocolate cookies and cherries:
  7. Didn’t watch the speech but here’s four paragraphs analyzing about it. Possibly the most Wulaw post ever.
  8. ERhine


    I know I’ve told it before, but I’ll never forget a seminar at Tales of the Cocktail ~5 years I attended ago regarding sourced bourbon. The Smooth Ambler distiller was on the panel, and during the Q&A Dan Garrison got a microphone and went full desperate salesman, and started quizzing him about where he sourced his bourbon (MGP), and if he needed more Garrison would be more than happy to provide him tons of barrels. You could have heard a pin drop during all of this it was so awkward.
  9. Such a poor question. But he wasn’t a trial attorney so I guess I shouldn’t have expected much.
  10. ERhine


    RIP Red Label BMH.
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