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  1. Lafayette is close enough for this thread, right? Fried catfish Po boy: Then had to stop at Best Stop:
  2. Of course not. I actually think I have a Lafayette trip this coming week and may need to stop in.
  3. A few options: Darrell’s in Lake Charles (Po boys - I would argue the best in Louisiana) Sonnier Sausage and Boudin in Lake Charles (their smoked boudin is great) Sausage Link in Sulphur Best Stop in Scott (bring a cooler)
  4. Do y’all not remember the last time ROFLBOX posted on this thread?
  5. How is it an asset if you can never sell it?
  6. I haven’t thought of dungeon bar in probably a decade. Does it still exist?
  7. They have an airport location in Terminal B.
  8. There is a Cure outpost in Terminal A at the new airport. As far as airport cocktails go it is downright amazing.
  9. I’ll see if I still have any old ones. Gifted a number of them to my old neighbor.
  10. Wife requested an Old Pepper tonight. Really need to perfect it but I always seem to be slightly off on it.
  11. Hope you ordered the Blue Crab Beignets.
  12. You're both wrong. The best dish is Tasso Henican
  13. You have to be aware of your audience, but true to yourself. If you're a trial attorney who wants to have the jury's attention and it fits your personality, then there is not an issue with color/suits/patterns that would be considered heresy by the 5280s/G650s of the world. A former colleague used to wear a light gray pinstripe double-breasted linen suit regularly in trial when we were in federal court. From there it just got even more interesting. It fit his personality. He could get away with it. Juries loved him regardless of the crazy suits he wore. Judges weren't offended by it because he had the skins already hanging on the wall. My courtroom style is not as showy, and is reflected in my suits. Wear what you normally wear and you should be fine in front of the jury. Although I do limit myself to only two suits/two ties, rotated throughout trial regardless of length.
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