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  1. Attorney slorch is not the fucking solution. That is clear.
  2. Attorney slorch is the dumbest slorch.
  3. I had that oyster Po boy back in February. So good.
  4. Can’t figure out how to cook a steak?
  5. ERhine


    There’s a Buffalo Trace branded bar in the Louisville airport that has something similar on the menu. It was actually really fucking good.
  6. ERhine

    The Wire

    I don’t think that is under the radar at all.
  7. ERhine


    Jarred roux? Really?
  8. ERhine


    A few of those look familiar. Figured you’d finished them long ago.
  9. Daughter requested something “exciting” for dinner. Wasn’t sure if it went here or in the SteelShank thread. But since it’s on a real plate figured this one. Frito Pie Cheeseburgers: Jalapeño cornbread waffle, boudin, poached egg, Crystal Hollandaise:
  10. So hypothetically what is the recipe for this waffle? I don't have a go to recipe for it. Found a random one online, but then had to substitute like three ingredients based on what was in my fridge and then add jalapeños to it.
  11. Dinner last night: Stuffed jalapeños and BBQ Shrimp Leftover lunch today: Almond, blackberry and toasted pecan ice cream:
  12. Jalapeño Cornmeal waffle covered with crawfish/queso sauce: Pizza rolls: Boudin stuffed pork tenderloin:
  13. ERhine


    There are cheaper options.
  14. Daughter requested cupcakes: Randomness:
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