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  1. Was requested to make desserts for my daughter’s birthday. Almond cupcake with Nutella buttercream icing and Ferrero Rocher on top.
  2. Pulled out the smoker yesterday: Turducken: Leftovers for breakfast:
  3. ERhine


    I was at a good bar on Saturday and when my friend asked the bartender for a rec on a random bourbon that is what she pulled out. I went with a cocktail (one of many). No clue what it tastes like.
  4. It's Donald Link's recipe from his cookbook Real Cajun. Hopefully this link works: Recipe
  5. ERhine

    Texas BBQ

    I guess Blood Bros has a really good publicist? I was completely unimpressed by my recent visit. The best items were the fried rice and sausage. Nothing else came close to being described as good.
  6. ERhine

    2019 MLB thread

    Do you not have to demonstrate damages to win a lawsuit like this? No clue what state it’s in, and don’t care to look, but in Texas you could recover for general damages depending on how the defamation is characterized. You can also recover for loss of reputation/mental anguish. I think you get punitives with actual malice involved. What damages he could get is complex based on type of defamation/intent/how we legally classify West. Not worth delving into further here.
  7. Sausage? The fuck.
  8. About 10 years ago I was "given" my father's old pair of custom boots, made by Charlie Dunn in the 1970s. They were a birthday gift from my mother to him back when he moved to Texas. I say "given" because despite being told they were mine, my father had no clue where the boots actually were. I never expected to actually receive them. Well a couple months ago they showed up in a FedEx box, and are not in great shape. On first looking at them, inlays are discolored, leather is dry as hell, and they probably need a new sole. Where do I take them to for getting checked out/repaired to the extent needed? I'm located in Houston. Thanks.
  9. I saw it like that multiple nights when I stayed at the Pontchartrain a couple years ago.
  10. ERhine


    Only thing more annoying than the horrible Bourbon recs that are foisted on me there is your constant referring to them as the four letter word store. I was there today. Four different salesmen hassle me in the three minutes I was on the bourbon aisle.
  11. You’re there for the view, not because it’s a cocktail bar. And it’s fine.
  12. Which Pappas? Original >>>>> downtown location in my experience.
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