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  1. Day2. Headed to a spot on the river that supposedly has a higher density of Northern Pike. I did not find this to be the case. Was on the river from 6:30-1:30 and landed 5 bass; 2 dinks and 3 quality fish. The first one, I had seen some wakes by some rocks i was drifting towards. As I drifted past, I put my popper right on the spot and had a violent strike, but never felt the fish. I put it right back and she took it more deliberately this time. I love when the strip set feels like you’re setting the hook into a log. What the morning lacked in action, it made up for with fish taking poppers. Also had 4 bald eagle sightings and heard an angry beaver. Representative fish: I napped as the front and rain pushed through and hit up the river in town from 5-7. Murdich minnow on the sinking line was the fly. Caught 11 mostly dinks. Day 3. Worked in the morning and got on the river at the day 1 spot around 2:30. The front had dropped the temp to around 68. The wind was very strong so I fished conventional. Motored upstream to some faster current and put out the drag chain. A few casts in a nice pike went fully airborne missing my spook. Two casts later, I stuck it on a whopper plopper. Didn’t measure, but it was thick and probably 28” or so. Fishing was ok after that, 10 smallies mix of dinks and 12-15” bass. The plopper, spook, and rabbit strip jig all about equally effective. Only trip that I did not see a bald eagle. The pike: I’ll definitely take more trips up here next summer. Probably book a guide for at least 1 day and try to find someone to run a shuttle for me. Back home tomorrow.
  2. Day 1 on the Androscoggin. Fished for about 3 hours before the lightning got close. Landed 25 smallies, most in the 12-14” range. Also caught a 16” and 2 18”. Caught most on Cheat Mode and Swingin D, both fished on a sinking line. Most important fish was this little one: The fly is one my 5 y/o designed. The Bomb Head Bunker. He said it should have flash, marabou, and a foam head. We spent some time at the bench and figured out how it should look. Probably would have caught more on the sinking line. Got some more afternoon rain forecast tomorrow. Gonna hit a section of the river known for pike tomorrow in the am.
  3. If you’re in the centex area, reach out to Dez Davis of Supernova fishing lights. Not sure if he’s still doing custom installs, but he’s done a lot of this over the years and can point you in the right direction.
  4. I'd listen to every god damn offer and take the best one. Carrington is amazing at his job, and if the university can't pay him, I sure as shit hope that a booster can supplement his pay without getting us into trouble.
  5. I'm hoping to catch a 4 pound smallmouth.
  6. Heading to the Androscoggin river in Maine on the 24th for 3 days of smallmouth and pike fishing. Super stoked. Haven't heard back from either guide, but I can DIY this one. Also, I'm looking at the Yeti Loadout GoBox... seems to have good reviews, but think there must be something similar for less than $250. Anyone have a recommendation boat box/bag? Want to hold 3-4 3600 size boxes, 3-4 fly boxes, 3-4 large tippet spools, phone, small toolkit, first aid kit, and 3-5 fly reels.
  7. Carp on the fly is awesome. I caught a couple at muleshoe bend on Travis and the San Gabriel River years ago. The ones on the San Gabe were on a 3-wt and were 25” long. Amazing battle and watching the take was so cool. There’s a Walker’s Cay Chronicle episode with Flip and Dave Whitlock catching them on Lake Michigan. WCC online episodes Posting on tapa, hope that link works.
  8. They use artificial corn. That cracks me up for some reason.
  9. Time to start sourcing your urine stained arctic fox fur to tie proper Hendricksons.
  10. Llano bug and Llanolope are good terrestrials designed for that river. I believe Living Waters stocks both.
  11. My parents called that "Tour de Fridge" i.e. just eat all the shit we already have.
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