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  1. I'll stick with Johnny Douchebag, thanks. It's not like anybody doesn't immediately know who I'm talking about, so why change?
  2. Give it to your wife. She'll have the credit card burning up in no time.
  3. And? We appear to be resting on our laurels. Are the bagmen having trouble with Google Maps?
  4. Seems like it's been a while since we got some good recruiting news. Did somebody put on the brakes?
  5. Protecting his legacy as a player.
  6. Uh-huh. Do the Bidwills still own the team? Yeah, don't hold your breath, Skippy.
  7. Dude, did you sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night?
  8. "Name one thing you didn't love about New York." "9/11"
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