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  1. MD Anderson is the best place to be. Best wishes for RC.
  2. Margin of victory? It's baseball. Who cares? You should add a It Don't Make a Shit option.
  3. F Vandy's stupid uniforms and the whistlers.
  4. 'Zona's defense was shit tonight. They could have won that fairly easily.
  5. Just because you may have been right doesn't mean you're not full of shit.
  6. It's part of ESPN's MO at the CWS every year. They talk incessantly about the top MLB prospects. aggy says "hi".
  7. Fuck OLF (until they eject the buzzer asshole).
  8. Yeah, uh sure. How 'bout we reevaluate the 2020's in about nine years?
  9. I needed to drink a glass of water just looking at that crap.
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