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  1. Top 5 are tourney locks. What about WVa?
  2. Obliterating the school record
  3. 1 - Longhorns football 1a - Longhorns baseball 2 - USMNT 3 - Texas Rangers 4 - Austin FC 5 - Longhorns basketball 6 - USWNT 7 - Dallas Stars Others: All things Longhorn, Chicago Cubs, SMU football I'm probably forgetting something.
  4. Somebody landed on Park Place with 3 hotels.
  5. What theater doesn't have reserved seats in this day and age?
  6. It's worth a watch just for Zoey Deutch. And to see Juston Street act like a psycho.
  7. Kyle's existence proves that even tiny dicks can work. Or maybe Kyle looks like the mailman.
  8. Too old to start the Jedi training?
  9. I'm not talking about the NCAA. Screw them - they're useless. I'm talking about any sort of journalist (if there are any left) who wants to shine light on a story.
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