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  1. Ok, so maybe I'm full of it. But I do think there is a difference between vetting candidates and actually performing the search and coming up with names. Then again, I could still be full of it.
  2. CDC is building a track record of making moves when he has a plan and not before. I don't see us wasting any $$$ on search firms under his leadership. The guys is showing that he is a one-man search firm AND a closer.
  3. Cock pocket Boner garage Love glove Twat Slit Snatch Beaver Clunge Meat taco Catcher's Mitt Hot dog warmer Quim
  4. Hot Tub Time Machine - It's stupid, but funny. And the chick Craig Robinson bangs in the tub has a fabulous rack. World class.
  5. The girl in the front row with the yellow skirt was SOOOOOO happy and excited. I know she gave some guy the ride of his life later.
  6. Personal circumstances kept me from attending this game. I was there four years later when we played 'bama. I'm a little bitter.
  7. The clincher for me was his confusion on the clock not running for our 2-point conversion play.
  8. Excellent question! You should run over to texags and ask them.
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