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  1. Lotta motherfuckers on this thread who probably also believe in bunting.
  2. Dude, you're supposed to be a Cyclone fan and tell us about them, not just describe the longhorns back to us.
  3. Ish. We played more men in the box starting half way through the second quarter. We actually played a traditional 3-4 (which is what this team is at heart) and not surprisingly, virtually all aspects of the defense improved, particularly when paired with a press cover back. Orlando actually played the team and the odds instead of throwing “looks”
  4. Yeah, as a die hard Red Sox fan, you can’t let that evil into your stadium. That’s terrible luck.
  5. Did not know you could decline an illegal formation.
  6. They accepted to worsen Dicker’s odds in a bad situation. The game clock was going to restart either way, might as well move the horns back.
  7. Yeah. It’s the right call with the game tied or leading. You don’t want the other team to see the ball again before the end of regulation.
  8. Ah. That’s......actually kinda clever. Mensa.
  9. Wait so we intentionally ran an illegal formation play, which scored but was called back, thus resetting the play clock and allowing Tom to run out the game clock for a field goal?
  10. Can somebody explain to me what exactly happened on 2nd and 3rd down at the end of the game? I was in transit to dinner and couldn’t see it on tv. Like what actual plays happened and the illegal formation penalty? i understand we were playing for the field goal and Mensa was running clock, it’s just that the play by play in the box score doesn’t convey the reality well.
  11. i mean, he didn’t get actively boo-d. But that was what I would call a garden variety crowd reaction. Congrats on being a basic bitch.
  12. Huh. We finally played 4 DL (and generally more men in the box) and pressed against a running team and good things happened. Now let’s work on disguising our blitz and giving it some urgency. Will probably see that after we lose to Tech next season. Football is hard.
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