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  1. Pfizer #1 yesterday. After Larry Hogan fucked around and distributed the vaccine in a way where relatively rural parts of the state (i.e. Salisbury) had a big surplus then encouraged everyone to vaccination to the Eastern Shore, he found out when FEMA opened a huge walk up facility at a Metro site in the DC suburbs. I was in and out in 40 min, cause I had to do the 30 min wait due to a serious food allergy. More sites are opening in Annapolis and the DC exurbs this week.
  2. Then get your checkbooks out for Fetterman, Warnock, and Hassan.
  3. Just got the Pfizer @ Greenbelt Metro Station. Sitting through observation now.
  4. Yeah, there's only so much "Work it out with the GOP" Manchin can push before the Senate stops moving any legislation and just becomes a nomination factory. If Manchin wants to bring some bacon home and the GOP won't play, his going to have to say yes to either more reconciliation or ending the filibuster.
  5. I'm sorry, this is a bit of a necrobump for me. Are you quoting a line or someting? I'm missing the point.
  6. You do realize we are half way through FY2021, right? It actually started on October 1, 2020.
  7. This is correct-ish. Reconciliation only gives a 50+1 procedure to bills that deal with spending or revenue. a pure authorization bill, to use an inside the beltway term, is not covered. Which excludes HR 1 as drafted. You could try to impose its provision by withholding a broad swath of federal funding unless states moved to implement its provisions, but that would be tricky to hold up in court.
  8. I took an excellent course on Germany between the World Wars. This was one of the big take aways.
  9. The absurd notion by the white working class that they live in a caste and class free, meritocratic society never ceases to amaze me.
  10. I'm not reading this whole thread, but Jane Elliot nails it here, we all know exactly what is going on, and to deny that is obvious.
  11. My only quibble with any of this is the 2nd rounder. Darnold is the classic, bag of mid round picks plus a case of beer trade. The jets managing to get a 2nd round pick is pretty savvy for a shitty org, given how valuable 2nd round picks are.
  12. Ibram X. Kendi, who I would argue is a leading authority on this, states pretty simply that racism is I’m sure Corporate America is really scared. “Oh noes, Mitch, don’t lightly slap my ass, big boy!”
  13. Probably one of the only movies during the 3D craze that used it right, and I’m not sure anyone saw it in the theater. It’s a shame, because it’s a damn good hard R popcorn movie.
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