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  1. So, there is no substitute for a President’s ability to break down bureaucratic silos. It’s one of their most powerful tools. The ability to yell at the head of FDA, Sec. Defense. and CDC and say “Bring me a solution by Thursday!” is a power unique to DC. Trumps lack of curiosity, combined with his staff’s innate hostility towards career staff is what allowed this siloed shitstorm to occur. He’s at fault because he let this bureaucratic disaster churn for 6 weeks due to lazy incompetence.
  2. Good work everyone, so glad the competent, but off putting government lady irritated so much you took a flyer on a reality tv star. Or showed us how upset you were with the status qou by voting for the insane guy from New Mexico.
  3. Put HEB in charge. I’m open to all options at this point.
  4. Hopefully this will kill the dealership model for ever and allow us to buy cars like every other product in society
  5. The annoying part of all of this will be when we have to do a special rural health bailout package for all the Red States that didn’t expand Medicaid and will see their state budgets collapse under the weight of trying to prop up a broken system. I’m figuring that will be by late summer, right as the blue coastal states are emerging from quarantine and are ready to go back to work. “Elites leave behind Real Americans!”
  6. For the record, the Kennedy Center is an NPS owned property that derives it’s revenues and pays its expenses via concerts. It’s normally a revenue generator for the taxpayer. If DC is shut down for large gatherings, it can’t have concerts. $25 million was appropriated to facilitate cleaning of this public place for corona and help cover shut down costs, payroll, and debt service. it’s no different than Dallas delegating municipal funds to care for the convention center during a downturn. Conservatives love getting geeked up for this shit. Like when they complained about $400 million for restoration of the National Mall in 08 stimulus. Then you flyover chuckleheads visit, bitch about how gross the Mall is, so Congress quietly appropiates the money to fix it.
  7. That’s what I mean. Democrat voters have seen enough of the candidates to know how they feel. And they pretty strongly expressed that at the ballot box to date.
  8. Because the first 11 weren’t enough debates? Indeed, for those that have voted, they decided they’d seen enough they didn’t like Bernie.
  9. TBC: there aren’t anymore debates scheduled. Bernie is trying the bully a party he’s not a member of into giving him a 12th opportunity to convince Democrats to consider his candidacy. To lead their party. Which he’s not a member of.
  10. I'm trying to track down the text of the final deal. Which shows you exactly how plugged in I am.
  11. I don’t think so. Pelosi indicated about an hour ago Mnuchin accepted the House’s oversight protocols for the bailout fund.
  12. That shit is also banging around my Facebook. Also, I was under the impression that The Shining was a thinly veiled allegory of Stephan King’s battle with alcoholism and familial abuse. But maybe that’s just me.
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