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  1. Also, as a trustee myself, unless the terms of the trust are really tight and complex, it’s almost, but not entirely, impossible for the beneficiaries to be wrong, assuming they are, you know, benefiting. OTOH, it’s easy to get in hot water as the trustee for self dealing. As my mother’s attorney put it, good fences make good neighbors, keep the revenue streams clearly separated and documented.
  2. That’s right. The Howard grads talk so much shit about both of them that I get them confused. Trying to keep up at a cook out can be a bit overwhelming.
  3. A good friend in High School was an asian Chi-O at UT in the early 90s and it was as a Thing. Ive met one white guy who pledge a black fraternity at Spelman. In some ways they are more accepting, but they are also so much more secretive about their affairs that I couldn’t begin to know.
  4. Shouldn’t you have something better to do, like losing to Westlake in the playoffs?/Bateshorn
  5. I don’t know for sure what this NM is about, but I’m also not taking that obvious bait. How are Calvin and Hobbes going to have any fun if not at Spring Fling? Fun fact: Bill Watterson doesn’t license. Literally every piece of Calvin and Hobbes merchandise you’ve ever seen is illegal.
  6. As I alluded to: the race thing cuts both ways. For most black people interested in a Greek lifestyle, why would they join a white frat when black frats exist? I can’t imagine being a minority at say UT, then choosing to be an extreme minority in your social club.
  7. What I find interesting is how when schools ban fraternities for hazing/bad behavior, they almost flourish underground in way they never did when official. Colby has been at war with underground fraternities for decades.
  8. I can speak to this. Really depends on the school. If your talking somewhere like University of the South, University of Richmond, Colgate, then it’s essential for your social life. You end up being a bit of an outcast or at least in an “out” group. Other schools it’s just the meat head component and it’s a form of self segregation that the needs and strivers are grateful for. If we are talking truly elite schools with secret societies, the fraternity system is not a big deal. It’s just…there and sorta loserish.
  9. I can’t speak to traditional fraternities, they were banned at Bates. But I can speak a bit about the black Greek system from a couple of my friends and as a resident of the wealthiest minority majority community in the country. It’s very much a class thing within the black community. Way less animal house, much more English College system. Metaphorically speaking. My local grocery store has literally dozens of luxury cars with Greek license plate frames. When AKA has their annual reunion in DC, it’s a city and Prince George’s County wide event.
  10. Fucking expensive to get an investor/old person visa. Portugal is the go to play for getting the fuck out of here if you have the resources.
  11. My local Costco was selling 50/pint a day dehumidifiers for 169 last week. FYI.
  12. It’s been trundling along as an affordable middle class option for the last 20 years or so, until recently, when skyrocketing DC prices have driven gentrifiers out into the PG suburbs finally. Housing prices are up 50% in the last 18 months.
  13. I have an ongoing fight with my mom just to get the thermostat down to 75.
  14. In College Park???!!! Ewww, gross, your house must have smelled awesome during the summer without AC. I’m 15 minutes away in CHV.
  15. I run dehumidifier in my basement in MD, and the difference it makes in the overall house here in the land of liquid air is a marked improvement over AC alone.
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