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  1. As a white person who lives in a 50/50 town, in an 80% black county, the one thing I know is the kind of white person who wants to join a GOP poll intimidation team is also the kind of white person who will not volunteer to actually watch a poll in a majority minority community. Oh, they’ll gun up and glower at their very red, rural polling site. But the 4th CD of Georgia? I don’t think so.
  2. Trust me, everyone is relieved he didn’t attend. He didn’t go because he’s a piece of shit, has no empthy, and doesn’t know how to be gracious, but he inadvertently did everyone a solid.
  3. This. He’s an adult now. Do not use the “he’s a kid” bit again. If he wants to seek the media spotlight, he has to brave the consequences. He could have taken this settlement, made no announcement for himself or the Wapo, and minimized the media. He chose not to. He’s fair game like any other public figure now, for better or worse.
  4. There are congressional pieces of shit. Then you need to dig down through about 50 feet of raw sewage, and you will find Louie Gohmert.
  5. Find some where on the coast and get out of that oven box. Or at least get the windows open and turn on all the fans.
  6. They either went 3rd party or broke towards trump by a 2-1 margin. The combination of the Comey letter and Bannon taking away trumps phone the last week pushed a huge pile of undecideds voters to go “I hate Hilary, How bad could Trump honestly be? YOLO!” Many of those voters now despise Trump and have generally good, if somewhat medium, feelings for Biden.
  7. As with any settlement, there’s a component of “is the juice worth the squeeze.” It’s Bezos, he could have fought this endlessly and lost completely and it wouldn’t have been couch change. From the Posts perspective they probably just wanted this thing to go away. They may have offered him low six figures and legal fees and he took it cause that looks like a lot of money to an 18 year old. Or he could have gotten a fat paycheck. Who knows? Either way, I’m sure the NDA is serious business.
  8. What the fuck are you talking about? He didn’t make it 36 hours before he person, woman, man, camera, tv. The GOP still can’t agree to what their opening offer is in the 4th Covid Stimulus, and the CDC just changed their mind and told America that all is well, nothing to see here on school openings. He had 1 not bad day this week. That’s it. Sure, there will be some regression to the mean at some point, but it’s not because he’s presidenting better.
  9. Well, fuck, now I gotta go read the language, now I’m doing work for you fools. My retainer is $20k a month (it’s not, I work for a non profit, I got shit ass bosses the same as you.) I’ll see if I can flip open my lap top and surf the NDAA this weekend.
  10. Remember two days ago when he was gonna be all presidential and shit and Biden needed to step up his game?
  11. I've actually been to hearings with AOC. She's bright as hell. Most members read questions prepared for them by staff, and are not able to adjust on the fly to the answers, so they just go off on tangents, or worse, just babble until their time runs out. AOC takes her committee assignments very seriously and clearly does her research and asks appropriate in depth questions of both Majority and Minority witnesses, It's a quality she shares with Katie Porter.
  12. She’s not guilty of shit in this instance. There is an expected decorum on Capitol Hill that Yoho violated. In a particularly egregious manner. He went out of his way to insult a fellow MOC outside the confines of a floor debate and in a way that would have gotten him laid the fuck out if it had been a man. This isn’t Dave Obey or Don Young trying to square up in the cloakroom during a heated debate. This is rude coward Verbally assaulting and attempting to bully a duly elected Congressional Representative when he thought he could get away with it.
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