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  1. A lot of men are extremely unconfident about their social status and masculinity and can only feel powerful by subjugating or creating an artificial social status to reenforce an imagined power structure. its why MAGA heads are both over confident and easily triggered snowflakes.
  2. I mean: the vote was always gonna be 53-47. Possibly 52-48 if they release Collins in the hopes of holding on to her seat, although that could cause LePage to primary her. Maybe Alexander will develop a conscious, but I’ve seen no evidence to date. Gardner is done, he’ll vote with the GOP to maintain his employment prospects after he loses. The rest will turn hard to the right and hope their base can carry them. Beyond the fact that Schiff was just quoting the President, he’s also playing to his base to ensure they turn out and remain energized. This thing has always been a done deal.
  3. You're such fool. Puerto Rico's politics do not align to our politics, at all. They have their own parties and priorities. You just assume because they have more melanin than your mayonnaise ass they are liberal.
  4. I'm sure the disinherited Benson kids must be lol-ing it up right now.
  5. More proof that Defensive Linemen are the most inscrutable of recruits.
  6. I didn't realize how many of you fools don't own a dishwasher.
  7. Maine operates under the same principle. Clinton won the 2 senate EV, plus ME-1(Basically Portland and the central/south coast), while Trump won ME-2 (which is northern and inland Maine). That could happen again in 2020, Upstate Maine is even older and whiter than it was in 2016. OTOH, Maine is now ranked choice, so 3rd party candidates don't really factor as much as in 2016, when Stein/Johnson soaked up 10%+ of the vote totals. My guess is if the Democrats retain power in 2020, some of the south coast or Lewiston/Auburn will be drawn into Maine 2 to make it bluer.
  8. We have a perfectly normal, but annoying coworker, that we call Simple Jack behind her back. This movie is pure greatness, but, yeah, it couldn't be made now. For the record, Murphy has stated he regrets parts of Raw.
  9. Remember when Freedom of Movement was seen as a basic American and Human Right? But tell me again about how the GOP is the party of personal freedom.
  10. Oh my sweet summer child. For the founder's it wasn't a flaw, it was a feature of the system. It's operating exactly as they intended: empowering a minority southern government.
  11. And yet the Fed is having to lend into the daily short term market on the regular.
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