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  1. If an important part of your election strategy is keeping people from voting, then your political position’s are unpopular and suck.
  2. The civil service protections don’t mean he can’t be reassigned. Put him in the basement like Milton and tell him to count paper clips. It’s why the current NSA director fought so hard against him, because he’s just deadweight that the Biden administration will work around.
  3. Cook has been that way his entire Saints tenure: so athletic that you keep throwing to him, just butter fingered enough to lose you a game or two on dropped passes, tip drills, and fumbles.
  4. We used to joke that Alamo Heights existed solely so we could compare luxury cars while Westlake laid half a hundred on them in the second round of the playoffs.
  5. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage over the years casually dropping he went to my high school. My wife was a Katrina evacuee and we love the Saints. It’s sad to see him go out like this, but the writing has been on the wall for several years and people have refused to see it, most of all, Drew Brees. Still, As a Westlake homer, I’ll always have that first state championship.
  6. “You either die the hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”- Harvey Dent Brees going out like Terry Bradshaw and Brett Favre... washed up and the reason his team loses.
  7. Well, if you came from a nerd family like I did, my mom wanted smaller classes and more emphasis on serious AP offerings then a freshman annex and a unified football squad. But that was 15 years ago.
  8. CSB alert: When I was in high school, it still had a grass field. When Westlake played Austin High at House Park, it was just a giant multi- generational party. Grandparents/parents/kids, we shared church/golf/scouts/etc. together. I had an Aunt that would come to town for her UT Sorority reunion and she’d meet up with her high school friends the night before to catch up. Just the lights and heartbeat of the city around you on a late October evening as West Austin gathered for its own extended home coming.
  9. Westlake. Eanes has repeatedly refused to authorize a second high school in order to keep the football program intact. Like there have been multiple referendums. Dodge has total control of the district football program. The Westlake kids start learning his system in Pee Wee football. The middle school coaches run his preferred S&C programs. It’s totally centralized.
  10. This. My grandfather, mom and her sisters are all Maroons. HP and Austin High-Tarrytown are a good analogy. Westlake was largely developed to cater to West Austin families that wanted to avoid forced busing (no CR, it’s just a fact). As such, it’s analogous to any post war wealthy incorporated suburb. Its main difference from SLC is its distance from the city center: suburb vs exurb, and also Westlake was the landing place for a lot of the Royal era longhorn football players, whose kids were the core of the Schroeder era teams. Side note: I’ll go to my grave arguing House Park is o
  11. There were also a bunch of cedar choppers if you took Lost Creek Blvd all the way out towards Oak Hill.
  12. As a somebody who grew up in the Austin part of Eanes, I definitely knew some of those Duplex and Mobile Home Westlake kids. Other than 96, the program could never quite get over the hump, then began to fade a little after Schroeder threw a temper tantrum and quite. Allman was terrible, and convinced the powers that be that needed somebody better, boom, we got Dodge and now two more titles. as previously pointed out: being able to beat the fuck out RGV and SAT teams in Region 4 helps for making long playoff runs.
  13. Every Westlake team is this way: a bunch of program white dudes who end up at Ivys/Rice/Academies, a QB that people later ask why he wasn’t offered at Texas, and at least 1 Aggie. So it has been, so it will always be.
  14. You know how I know I’m an old timer? I froze my ass off at Floyd Casey watching Westlake lose to Wilmer Hutchins on our first failed title run. As a HS junior.
  15. We’ve been the loser to a lot of legendary HS squads in the title game.
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