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  1. I honestly don't understand how you vote for a guy who would do this.
  2. Not even remotely the same. One, the cop comes around a blind corner and encounters a man pointing what looks to be a shotgun at him. The other the police drive through the grass right to where Tamir is. It's wide open. There are no walls. Nothing blocking their vision. They could see him the entire time. Knowing exactly where he was, they could've taken a myriad of different routes. They drove right up next to him and executed him. The story was he pointed the gun, but if you watch the video where do you see that? You guys who are arguing about these things are the reason the shit that's going on is happening. Blame your damn selves. You refuse to listen to any reason put forth. You refuse to listen when even Black People are giving you first hand accounts. So when you turn on the TV and see more stupidity and violence you can walk right over to the mirror and take a long hard look, because had you guys got off your asses and done something. Anything! We wouldn't be here in 2020. I can see why the other Black People stay off threads like these because they are fucking infuriating. Tell Tamir's parents it was a good shoot. Tell them it was his fault that he got shot. I'm out.
  3. Right now? You can run backwards faster than I could run a 40. Knees bro. Have none.
  4. I are a psychopath or have you never seen the Tamir Rice video? Tamir Rice was a 12 year old kid. 12 fucking years old man. He was playing with a toy gun. Someone called police and said a Black Kid had a gun in the park. Police recklessly drove right through the grass, right up next to him and shot him. There is no world where anything they did is justifiable. You making an attempt to justify what happened to that kid with this video says a lot more about you than you think. Check yourself man. A 12 year old is gonna 12 year old. Right now, you are doing EXACTLY what Brisket said, and looking for anyway to justify even the most reckless instance of police being out of bounds.
  5. Black People compartmentalize how they are treated by police in a separate place from the actual need for police in society. We like that they drive down our street, we just book it in the house when we see them coming. lol
  6. Canadians??? What do you mean by that??? hmmm
  7. I am already here. Stage 1 is underway. I grill in the front yard with a durag, wife beater, pressed jean shorts, and Tims on. Property values are plummeting as we speak.
  8. Man, I wish I got the opportunity to do that. When I roll up on a Trumper all I get is tucked chins and averted gazes. Being 6'2 -3 230 and Black might have something to do with that. Keep up the good fight fellas.
  9. Well, it's the LASD Compton sector. If you know their history around there, you shouldn't be surprised.
  10. Not just about about deaths but only gun deaths. And not all gun deaths, but only unarmed gun death. Next thing we know it will be gun deaths between the hours of 1pm and 10pm, unarmed, and only counts if the police officer was white. White looking Hispanics are excluded.
  11. Just because I have been harassed by police doesn't mean I don't want police around. I would vote for police presence too. I just don't want them messing with me for no reason.
  12. It still amazes me that you have to explain these things to people in thus day and age with all the videos, and all the information readily available. We've been telling them for decades and they still ignore it. I mean, that dude just got beaten unconscious by police for being black while riding in the back of a Lyft. Seriously, what is it gonna take. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  13. True. I usually go for a bit and then bow out for months before returning to see nothing has changed. lol That's why my post count is only 855.
  14. He wouldn't make it out of the room. I laugh at all these guys filtering out all violent police encounters except shooting deaths. Like getting your ass kicked during a traffic stop doesn't count. When I was a senior in high school I was forced off the road by an off duty cop on the way to Galveston. He was driving an unmarked car with his wife and 3 fishing poles in the back. The only way we knew he was a cop is because he was flashing his badge while swerving his car at us and screaming to pull over. We did. He screams at us to get out of the car(3 of us), tosses us face down on the hood, cuffs us, and makes us sit on the guardrail on the side of the freeway while he tosses all our shit out of the car while searching it. He returns angry that he didn't find anything and lets us go. We never knew why he pulled us over, we just sat there dumbfounded and embarrassed. Another time 4 of us were headed to the movies. I lived in an apartment so my friend's car was parallel parked on the side street. As we approached the car the police slowly creeped by heading the opposite direction our car was pointed, looking at us the whole time, and stopped at the stop sign and just sat there. As soon as we pulled off they did a U turn and flipped the lights on. A cop came up on each side. My friend drove a shelby daytona, so there wasn't much head room in the back. So one of the guys had to take his hat off to sit back there. He had it in his lap. I guess his hand moved because the next thing I know guns came flying out screaming get your hands away from the hat. I thought we were dead. We got dragged out off the car, face down on the pavement and cuffed. When they pulled me up I had pebbles stuck to my cheek from the force of his knee on my neck forcing my face into the ground. I was pretty pissed, but I knew if I reacted I was going to jail with the usual resisting charge. They had us there for a long ass time. Neighbors out wondering what was going on. None of us had anything on us or had any legal issues so they let us go. Of course we missed our movie. But if you ask these guys that story(and a whole host of other stories I have)doesn't count. According to them the police treat everyone like this. Inner city Black People have anxiety about police for a reason, and it damn sure isn't fabricated.
  15. Also, before you asked how to remedy the problems in the ghettos in the first place. Well, when the prohibition was leading to more criminal activity the country paid attention and did away with the act. When Crack became a problem in the inner cities the country tossed videos on tv demonizing the drug, and then started tossing out football numbers for drug addicts. When people like Malcolm X and the Panthers came about, the government, afraid of Black People starting a revolution, started over policing the neighborhoods, and arresting Blacks by the millions. That lead to Black People feeling like they needed to protect and police themselves, which is how gangs in LA came about. You wanna fix the ghettos? Stop demonizing Black America. Stop the war on drugs. Stop gang injunctions. Stop gang enhancements. Stop targeting Blacks on traffic stops. Stop dehumanizing us. Maybe then we can start the healing process. Black People shouldn't have to damn near be perfect to escape incarceration or legal issues.
  16. First we are talking about all incidents. You didn't want to talk about those, you wanted to focus on shooting deaths. Then you make a post about getting roughed up. I respond to that. Then you respond to my response with a post about shooting deaths again. Keep the goalposts steady so I can kick. As myself, Brisket, and a few others have said it's about all the incidents in one. Hell, these protests started due to a death that had nothing to do with a gun at all. Some people are killed with a weapon and some without. Some people mysteriously die on the ride to the station(Freddie Gray). Some people mysteriously die in their cell(Sandra Bland). Some people get shot and live while fighting back(Jacob Blake), and some get shot and live while complying(Charles Kinsey). Some people get killed while answering their door(Botham Jean). Some get killed while shopping at Walmart(John Crawford). Some get asphyxiated(George Floyd Eric Garner Daniel Prude). Shit, some just get their ass whipped(Rodney King). And some are riding in the back of a Lyft when the Lyft driver gets stopped for no taillight, and get asked for their ID, when they say why are they getting asked for their ID, they get pulled out of the car and beaten unconscious(Roderick Walker). And a whole host of other people are out there getting their asses kicked, roughed up, and simply profiled. All of these things have one thing in common. Black People. Who just happen to be experiencing this at a much higher rate than anyone else. A study done by Standford called The Standford Open Policing project showed that whether white or black, the hit(finding something illegal) numbers on stop and searches are the same. However, black people are simply stopped at a much higher rate. The study investigated 200 million stops. What you are missing is Brutal Policing has always been part of the Black Community. Long before wars on drugs, and incarceration rates were sky high. Long before gang banging. Long before people were challenging police with guns or weapons. My Grandparents broke it down for us when I was a child, and they were born in 1927, so they were catching ass kickings in the 40's. They told their own stories, as well as the ones told to them by their grandparents, who one of them was hung in the teens. My mom and dad told stories of the 60's and 70's. And sure as shit, I got my dose in the 80's and 90's. This has always gone on and it has shit to do with fighting police or a failure to comply.
  17. Everyone has bad shooting games, but those stats can be misleading. KD's 5-21 resulted in 21 pts and his 5-23 resulted in 26. Bron went 24, 25, and 27pts vs the 3 teams you mentioned. All games resulted in 4th qtr points. Also, both were 25yrs old or younger, and not in their peak prime at 29 like Kawhi. At 29 Bron dropped 31 of the Heat's 87 in a elimination game. 14 points is just inexcusable at this point in his career. It's not the shooting percentage, but the lack of aggressiveness and freethrows.
  18. Yeah...that piece is not neutral. While colorfully worded, framing the George Floyd case as a "wait til the facts come out" is negligent at best. The drugs didn't just choose that moment to kick in.
  19. What are you talking about? Lol. In my coherent lifetime I've had Reagan, Bush Sr, The Clinton's(who were trying to fight fire with fire and that's how they got elected), Jr, Obama, and this dude in the office now. That's 24 years of Republicans, 8 years of a Democrat trying to appeal to the South by running a Southern Strategy, Republican style platform, and Obama. So if anything I realized that the "tough on crime, protect snowflakes in the suburbs" bullshit is the "repetition" that I don't want. I have seen what that has done for me over all these years. Amplify that by the fear mongering this clown we currently have is tossing out there and I damn sure don't want any 4 years of this.
  20. I am trying to understand this fictional equation where only one person gets roughed up. It's like you don't know that most of the time the hostility is caused by the cop roughing you up or treating you like shit in the first place. Most people aren't going to be treated like shit. Cop or no cop. So when the police show up and start yelling at you, shoving you around, slamming you against the car, and bending your arm past where it is supposed to, a lot of people will respond. I can tell you this happens because I've been through it when I was a poor teenager, and it was clear there was nothing I could do about it. I was once stopped by the same police 4 times in the same day. Each time cuffed and searched. Each time spoken to like I was a piece of shit. My generation was raised by the MLK generation, where no matter how the police tried to provoke a response, you did absolutely nothing. We still got roughed up on the regular. I know that's hard for you to believe, because that is simply not your reality, but it is for us. When you step out of the vehicle with the thought in your head that the person you are about to deal with is a piece of shit and beneath you, you are going to inherently treat that person like a piece of shit. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Just like, to this day I still cannot get good service in a restaurant. Anyone here who has ever worked in one knows why. A large majority of servers see Black People and automatically assume they aren't getting a tip. So they come over with that attitude, the service goes south, and sure as shit they don't get tipped. That reinforces the Black People don't tip in their heads, so rinse and repeat. On the other side the Black People sit down at a table and watch the server go from laughing and smiling at one table, to no emotion at theirs. Plates are left on the table. Refills are not gotten. So after years of this it's hard to throw down a really nice tip as a pay it forward for the next time that server has Black People, but I do it anyway. Policing is exactly like this for a large portion of the Black Community. However, because it's not the reality of other people, it's hard for them to understand. They simply chalk it up to people being unruly. When in reality it's a simple case of whatever energy you put out is the energy you get. Step out of the car and treat them like it's your grandmother you are stopping or arresting and things will likely not go south.
  21. If you read up the thread where this all came from, I spoke directly about this very thing. I even mentioned Indians and Asians.
  22. This is so true! My daughter, being mixed with Black, White, and Asian is very beautiful. However, she is struggling to find her place in society. The other Black Kids on her track team treated her differently because of the way she talks(West Coast). Last year she got called a nigger by another kid in her grade(6th). Imagine dealing with that at 11 years old. We try to teach her not to look down on kids for any reason, whether it be looks or money. However, other parents are clearly not doing the same. So when she came to me and asked why do people hate Black People I had to break it down for her. I never thought in the year 2020 that there would be all these things that I have to explain to her but here we are.
  23. Bruh, there will always be outliers. No system is perfect. What we are addressing is the needless escalation that happens often times when police show up. Police are the ones who are supposed to be handling the situation. A guy is drunk. A guy got a hold of the wrong drugs and is tripping balls. Someone just lost two family members in a car accident then turned around and lost their job the next day. In any of those scenarios the so called "perp" isn't going to be in the best state of mind. If you come in screaming at them and tossing them around the reaction probably isn't going to be positive. Most, and hear me when I say most, situations start here with egos, respect, and feelings. If we do a better job at the jump off point, we likely avoid a lot of bad situations. Of course, there will always be the weirdos that are trying their best to commit death by cop.
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