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  1. Welp damn. Gbenda being ready gets even more important. He was going to play a lot anyway, especially after Palai’s inevitable targeting penalties, but we need him to be a quality starter. Coaches were really talking him up during the spring, but on the other hand they have tried to get every linebacker with a pulse to campus so mixed messages there.
  2. Take it FWIW, but last week one of the IT mods mentioned that Richardson may ultimately end up at an edge position as well.
  3. When I had just started at UT my close friend/roommate’s older brother suddenly died. He was just starting his adult life, a hilarious guy and great dude. Had a gf he was likely going to marry, it was just totally gutting all around. My friend’s parents needed to be with their surviving son and lived out of town so they drove in and our little shitty West Campus apartment became the spot where the parents, brother, girlfriend, and a few of his other close friends gathered to grieve the night that they lost him. I’ll never forget the immeasurable loss and grief I witnessed that night. I w
  4. Just cruel and horrible. I can’t stop thinking about Sam, Jake, and his mom’s hug last week after the draft call. Fuck. RIP
  5. To go ahead and close this very stupid loop, Teddy himself has no issue calling himself a leader when it comes to asking for money: https://www.tedcruz.org/proven-leader/
  6. Oh yeah, I get that. We've seen it here plenty too, Kasey Studdard was a 6th round pick and struggled to get a foothold in the NFL but he was invaluable to us on a national championship team (and the last line we had that was actually good). I don't follow Clemson football that closely, so I'm more wondering if it's something specific about what they look for in their OL. Are they consistently bringing in guys like Hyatt who project/develop as good college linemen within their specific scheme but don't have NFL measurables? Or are they recruiting blue chip guys that can play anywhere but
  7. Was it Roach that was recently pushing the narrative that JQJ had poisoned the well for Duncanville prospects for the foreseeable future and the staff wasn’t even wasting their time there anymore?
  8. Apparently the loophole is you can say literally anything you want as long as it’s in the form of a question and you do it in the most cunty way possible.
  9. So admittedly I may have responded a little strongly to your post yesterday; I read it at not the best time for me to personally be seeing somebody downplaying his bullshit. A few things though: AOC is constantly used to make some kind of "both sides" post and it's clumsy or just wrong almost every time. Yes, she's good at Twitter but she is not a troll. You can think she is an idiot or disagree with every position she has but show me where she has ever compromised herself in order to troll the opposition. She uses Twitter to advocate for her principles, even when she'll happily lean into
  10. What ever happened to Javonne Shepherd? Still hitting the books trying to satisfy those rigorous a&m academic standards? Has he even been playing juco football? Tough look on his 247 page: https://247sports.com/player/javonne-shepherd-46037308/
  11. This is fascinating and I'm not sure what to make of it exactly. Looks like they've retained the same OL coach since 2011 so that has been consistent for almost all of Dabo's run. Have they had big time recruits that have failed to develop into high draft picks or is OL a position where their own evals don't really match up with NFL projections? When I think of Clemson's offense during this period I think of the star qbs and and absolute murderers row of good wrs. A couple good rbs. Not sure if I've ever thought of a Clemson OL being particularly dominant or a liability. On defense
  12. He’s a Senator, it’s not his fucking job to have a strong troll game. If he wants to resign I’m happy to judge him on those terms. Also, if he was a real leader and wasn’t happily feeding his constituents bullshit do you think it’s possible that fewer Texans would be dead? How many fewer for you to give a shit? 10, 100, 1000? What is the line for dangerous and callous behavior where it stops being so funny that the guy is triggering libs online?
  13. Well, RRRP has been busting his ass to solve that problem for you by killing as many olds as possible, yet we've just been giving him grief about it.
  14. Incredible stuff to be days removed from seeing more Alabama players go in the first round than you had taken the entire draft and confidently state that the talent gap has been narrowing for years. Sure though, can't discount that Kyle snap count advantage.
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