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  1. I’d be curious to see this chart for Jimbo year by year. My assumption is has started to trend this way the past 6 or 7 years as spread offenses around college football have gone more mainstream.
  2. Complete hypothetical for those who have a good sense of this kind of thing. What would happen if the Republican leadership had a crisis of conscious (I know, but stay with me) and decided to organize together and disavow Trump for the good of the country. They campaign hard for the nonMAGA/Q candidates in the general but the message is Trump is a danger to the future of the country and whether you vote Biden or write-in a candidate they can no longer support him. What percentage of the 87% of Rs that give Trump a positive approval rating are looking for permission to jump ship? Any chance Fox News takes immediately to this messaging and immediately swings the olds? Would the Republicans get swamped by an unprecedented blue wave in November or is it possible Republicans could get a bump by bringing back in some disillusioned conservatives blown away by a glimmer of integrity? Just how lost is the party to Trump, does the presidential race shake out exactly like it would anyway? I typed all this shit out and am realizing now its probably a complete waste of time to even think about. I may as well ask what you guys think would happen if Jesus came back and ran as a progressive Democrat against him, it's just as likely.
  3. Ho hum. Just the sitting president casually refusing to commit to a peaceful transition of power and insinuating that the only way he could lose is because of "the ballots". This country is such a shit show that the president threating a constitutional crisis is barely big enough news to make this thread at this point.
  4. Well yeah, goes without saying that racists gonna racist.
  5. Hines clarified his choice a bit. Seems pretty clear from this that he’ll be grad transferring somewhere else to play the 2021 season.
  6. Dylan Wright the 8th guy mentioned in this koolaid write-up after the entire depth chart was gutted. He’ll be in the portal in the next year, will probably have a nice career at SMU.
  7. So uh, looks like Bobby is tracking the aggy response:
  8. Sounds like your buddy is being pretty intellectually consistent. In the election of “good vs evil” and “freedom vs. oppression” he’s locked into the evil, oppression side. Concentration camps line up perfectly so of course that wouldn’t change anything.
  9. If you look at that list provided and give a charitable reading you can almost see where the teacher was coming from and the discussion they were hoping to generate. Framing him as "modern hero" is colossally fucked up and stupid. Putting options from the "other side" doesn't help either, it just makes it look like the assignment is some kind of "choose your fighter" bullshit. I'd probably also quibble with Gandhi being on the modern hero list considering he died 70 years ago so this teacher just may be an idiot.
  10. Great but very depressing post, thanks. I'm sure it's pretty broadly fictionalized but the show Mrs. America that came out earlier this year tracked this pretty interestingly. Phyllis Schlafly, among others were able turn the Equal Rights Amendment (that seemed to have pretty broad bi-partisan support) into a political lightning rod. The series takes place from 1971-80 and I was taken aback about how in the beginning you have people like Jill Ruckelshaus, an outspoken feminist working for a GOP administration (Richard Nixon's of all people). By the end of the series the moral majority has risen, Reagan is elected president and there is no room for anyone like Ruckelsaus in the GOP.
  11. UncleSonny

    Texas RB Talk

    Hell yeah, good call. I noticed in the game but you reminded me to go back and watch again. 1:20:32 is the play: He catches the swing and is pretty much faced up 1:1 with a defender with not a lot of room to the sideline. Sets him up with a really subtle look inside immediately eats him up with a cut toward the sideline. Good shit.
  12. Yeah probably. But I have an assumption what the "big mouth bullshit" was in reference to.
  13. This is some Aggy shit. Eagles is playing like shit but it has nothing to do with his off the field statements.
  14. Haven't seem Whittington one the field since that reverse. Really hope he didn't tweak something again.
  15. The fuck is this shit? I know everyone in the SEC is paying and nobody gives a shit but you'd like to think they at least try and keep it a little more subtle. We are at the point where I know the name and address of the Ags bag lady and she's actively crowd sourcing hook-ups for players that she's naming.
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