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  1. @DDD Dad Dorks, both of you.
  2. How many cries of "Sandbagger!" were there?
  3. Everything the Guv just said. Longtime no see sir.
  4. I did not realize until very recently that the red/yellow rhyme for coral snakes only works for North American corals. Other corals, including central and south america, have a different color scheme. If you ask me, that is cheating.
  5. Well sure, but by eliminating the Thanksgiving Break, they are at least eliminating one other mass exodus and re-entry to campus.
  6. Classes are not going to be online. First semester ends at Thanksgiving. You get thanksgiving break, then the reading days and finals will be online. No classes themselves will be online. My son will be a freshman there this fall and we just got the email from Fenves.
  7. Nope. Strangely it is apparently playing with you that puts me in a bad mood.
  8. Shot 44/38 last week at Boot Ranch. Greens had just been punched and sanded so couldn’t putt at all. Haven’t driven the ball like that in years. Makes the game simpler. Shocking, I know.
  9. I’m peeling that flop every time. Fuck him.
  10. And the daughter chose Trinity. All in all they both saved me lots of money and are happy with their decisions. Now we just see if they get to start school on campus this fall.
  11. You have to apply to a specific school/major, but you also put a second choice. Call me tomorrow for more details.
  12. Well the boy made his decision. Cockrell School of Engineering at UT it is
  13. It all depends on the school. Some schools give tons of merit-based aid, and some give basically none. Go to their individual websites, particularly the smaller schools and go to their admissions and financial aid pages. Most are pretty transparent. Made the mistake on the twins not to look that up ahead of time and visited some schools that give very little merit-based. Won't do that again with kid 3 so she doesn't get her hopes up.
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