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  1. Player I thought the top 6% was set by grades at end of junior year. I didn’t think they went back and looked at it again. Am I wrong? I ask because my daughter missed it by 3 spots based on grades at end of junior year, and I thought that was it for auto admit.
  2. Thanks, MIT is a long shot, but we will see.
  3. My son just got admitted into Cockrell. He is pumped. He hears from MIT tomorrow, and is admitted into Michigan State and Colorado School of Mines so far. His twin sister is waiting to hear from the College of Liberal Arts at UT, and is admitted to Hendrix, Trinity and Willamette so far.
  4. The funny thing is if they had blocked at all the flea flicker would have worked. In the replay you could see the entire secondary sprinting up even as Booger said no one ran up. Idiot.
  5. Austin Anderson going to drop to 5A. That will help in the quest for mediocrity.
  6. Austin to Amarillo is about 7-8 with minimal stops and good weather.
  7. My son and I went there for Iowa State last week. Shitty game but lots of Texas fans.
  8. CBU record under their current coach. This is their second year in D1. Were a very solid D2 program. 2013-14 24-4 (NCAA DII Regional) 2014-15 26-7 (NCAA DII Sweet 16) 2015-16 28-7 (NCAA DII Regional) 2016-17 26-5 (NCAA DII Regional) 2017-18 28-6 (NCAA DII WR Champs/Elite 😎 2018-19 16-15 (College Basketball Invitational, Rd. 1)
  9. Did you play early afternoon on Sunday?
  10. Yeah, Fallon was all in on Austin and UT.
  11. Dingle is awesome. Been to Ireland twice with my wife and last summer we spent six days on the Dingle Peninsula, three nights in Dingle and three in Ballyferriter. Loved it. Also the Shannon airport is so easy to get in and out of.
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