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  1. Anyone have experience with a child that went to Southwestern University in Georgetown. My daughter is looking at playing DIII volleyball. Sorry no pictures.
  2. Single game tickets just went on sale on the U of H website.
  3. Anyone else notice the chick in the white dress behind home plate that is facing away from that game?
  4. Don’t get me started on PrepDig. I have seen girls on the 4th or 5th teams at a large club get a write up like they are top D 1 talent. Just pay to go to there camp and buy a membership.
  5. Callie Kruger DS/L from Cedar Park and Austin Skyline committed today
  6. All the fraternities will want to have mixers with the Beach Team.
  7. Is Tanner Witt starting tonight?
  8. This unfortunately is true. Great guy. He will be missed.
  9. I have seen a few sales jobs on Linkdin related to education. Mainly software.
  10. He has two sons. Both names Abdullah. The younger one is Abdullah Aziz and goes by Aziz. Aziz is on varsity as a freshman. Clements lacks depth in most sports but I have heard he is really good
  11. Hakeem had a son that graduated last year and another one that is a freshman. I have heard from my kids that go to Clements the younger son is a stud.
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