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  1. Hey....it helped keep the delivery trucks running for at least another day.
  2. So....took 50,000+ AmEx points mostly earned from reimbursed business airline ticket purchases (5 x’s points).... Got a $500 Brooks Brothers gift Card. Used Brooks Brothers’ current $200 off of $500 or more purchase promotion (most items also discounted): Summer sport coat, dress pants and 3 dress shirts (yes I expect to need business clothes again at some point) for “free”
  3. I typically go with the standard 2 parts high end reposado tequila 1 part Cointreau 1 part lime juice Trace of simple syrup or agave nectar But for something different, this is a damn good crowd pleaser:
  4. So....public health officials estimating the number of infections between now and the remainder of human existence is helpful?
  5. Call me what you want....but I'll take the Under on that.
  6. The best “thing” ever produced for TV was Lonesome Dove. The best drama series ever on Network TV was Hill Street Blues. Carry on.
  7. I just joined to send a FUCK YOU to all of Arkansas
  8. It was mentioned in a couple of early responses....but needs to be repeated: Anyone looking for the real deal Chicago style pizza needs to go to Pequods. Bartender at The Palmer House hotel (which is awesome by the way) put us on to it. Somehow, the bottom of the crust holds up and is crispy and firm despite the mountain of cheese pepperoni and sausage piled on top. Fan-fucking-tastic. https://pequodspizza.com/chicago/menu/
  9. FWIW some hack at Bleacher Report predicts “Texas” as the landing spot for Michigan WR Tarik Black. Just pulling something out of his ass I assume? http:// https://apple.news/Ahm7X_v
  10. The black folk in his commercials seem to be all in!
  11. Yeah...I’ve noticed it’s a hair grabber. Haven’t even looked into whether a leather strap is an option for this model
  12. Here’s a pic: I see very few online with this same color dial
  13. On the topic of Omegas: I've got what appears to be a circa 1966 Constellation "Gold Cap" that was my Dad's. I have some vague recollection of him being extremely upset with a local jeweler who "butchered" a repair job, and now as I examine and learn more about it, I see that the case backing and the dial have both been replaced with "generic" junk. I did have a jeweler pop the back off and we confirmed that the movement parts are all engraved and numbered. Thinking about sending it in to Omega for the full blown restoration. Thoughts?
  14. MirrOlure

    Malcolm Roach

    Exactly where did Roach "complain" and "blame" anyone for anything? That is some world class shitty journalism
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