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  1. SAIP? Dude, that was posted LAST YEAR... ....or was it the year before that....no, wait, the year before that. Yeah, that’s when it was.
  2. So how much of this show (Zero Zero Zero) is in Spanish or Italian? Seemed like 80% of Episode 1. That was too much for me
  3. The type of catch that made Johnny famous
  4. Yeah, like on every single play that last series.
  5. Actually, their history of head coach hiring flops pales in comparison to almost everyone. Getting it right with Saban doesn’t mean they won’t screw it up next time around.
  6. Fuck me. I’m stupider for spending the last several minutes reading your dipshit posts. Why the fuck are you even on Surly?
  7. So, towing a yet as of acquired 22’ boat is at most 10% of the duties that I have in mind for this vehicle. And flat roads except for overpasses and bridges and boat ramps...80 miles or less per haul. So I think all odds still tip in favor of a 90’s era vehicle. Will report back. Great thread.
  8. So, renamed thread Fired Mike Stoops?
  9. My first Baseball Hero when I was a kid. RIP Hammerin’ Hank
  10. Dang. Really hoping to find something other than a pickup/Tahoe/Suburban. Thanks for the info...
  11. So that's disappointing to hear on towing with the 80 series. Follow-up question: research on the FZJ80 line shows a higher towing capacity than the FJ80. Would that change the opinions on towing ability?
  12. So I’m jonesing for a third/weekend warrior vehicle, and am thinking 90’s era Land Cruiser is the ticket. Curious about towing capacity. Needs to handle a 22’ Center Console. Thoughts?
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