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  1. Wherever he goes, he should begin Year 1 of his inevitable conversion to WR.
  2. Has there ever been a quarterback who made his receivers look so good that they made the quarterback look so good?
  3. Fire this motherfucker tonight
  4. Fire this motherfucker tonight
  5. SDSU’s former QB coach is now Lamar’s head coach, so this hits close to home for me.
  6. Two incredible plays followed by that dogshit play?
  7. Kamara obviously money lined the Vikings
  8. Why, exactly did they waste effort and money on a retractable roof for that stadium?
  9. Lonesome Dove was an exceptional book, especially the part about the two old Texas Rangers
  10. Lol at these guys thinking NFL people put that much thought and effort into their analysis. More like....”Oooooh. Tua like Lamar Jackson...,do want”
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