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  1. ....so, he’s a modern day Leon Fuller. Awesome
  2. We do have the hiring of Chizic and Muschamp as examples of “getting it right” And each of those was a “holy shit!” hire.
  3. So....jeans being an important compliment to boots, I thought I’d offer that anyone looking outside of Wranglers or Levi’s....the Tecova jeans are pretty damn awesome. $125 a pair...but they are as comfortable as sweat pants. I’m 6’3 195 and the slim cut 34x34’s are not skin tight, don’t bind at all. I could easily sleep in them. Leg opening is not flared, but also isn’t tight around the boots and doesn’t get “stuck” when you stand up after sitting. I’ll definitely get another pair in a different wash.
  4. Moreover, he already laid the groundwork for next year’s next year. Genius.
  5. The most successful, highest paid coach in history, and the standard by which everyone is compared, and only one May even approach, ran 12 men on the field to cover a punt on 4th and 3. They are all a bunch of low IQ mouth breathing idiots who, but for being in the right place at the right time, are would-be minimum wage flunkies in the real world.
  6. Time to redecorate Bilbo’s office. No room for the 3rd Place in Division Memorial painting.
  7. I think the announcers in LSU game said that since Saban took over, no team has missed as many FG’s as Alabama.
  8. That Waddle dude looks pretty good
  9. That Waddle dude looks pretty good
  10. Gary Danielson THINKS it hit Naje in the back
  11. Since this is pretty much a “throw some shit on the wall” thread...this guy seems like a Modern Day Duane Akins: http:// https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Lake U Dub lifer though.
  12. So who is projected to be “safe?” Hand? Beck (in a reduced role)?
  13. ....on Tuesday, at Whataburger
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