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  1. So.....I’ve reached that age when the teenagers and the moms of teenagers have morphed into the same person. Awesome.
  2. Holy moly....Mom definitely makes this a 5-star addition to the class
  3. Fuck 'em. We'll pipe it in. Buncha goddamn dorks anyway.
  4. Dylan Jordan seems like a bitchass pussy. Hope he stays on the team.
  5. They’re likely to find out how expendable they are. There are at least ten willing football players to fill Every one spot that becomes available.
  6. Don’t even have a specific plan for them. They’ll probably show up on my eggs in the morning
  7. Or, put another way: Reporting that 0.00829% of all UT students, faculty and staff have reported that they are COVID-19 positive, UT-Austin reported more cases than any other institution in the nation that reported cases.
  8. [url= https://president.utexas.edu/messages-speeches-2020/fall-2020-planning-update-july-29[/url]
  9. Quick pause here....but something I’ve been wanting to acknowledge from the windshield video looking south down Congress across 4th: That Scooter Dude’s change-of-direction ability is the best we’ve seen in Austin since Aaron Ross. Dude cut backwards on a dime
  10. And there’s no hamburger, fries and McNugget pizza in it either
  11. You are too fucking obtuse to “analyze the facts of the case.” In any criminal homicide case in this scenario, you fail to grasp that it’s the driver who is presumed innocent, not the armed protester, and it is HIS actions which must be proven to be criminal, beyond any reasonable doubt. Not the other way around. And someone more seasoned in criminal law than I can correct me, but I THINK his burden of proof on justification is mere “reasonableness.” Dumbass giving an interview earlier that evening flippantly marginalizing is carrying an assault rifle, coupled with that nano-second snapshot of him with the gun in low ready while he and dozens swarmed the car.....yeah, barring some as of yet unknown evidence of intent or extreme negligence by the driver....and aside from political grandstanding, this “case” doesn’t ever get past step 1.
  12. Not going out on a limb, then, are you?
  13. http://twitter.com/i/events/1287503991513874432?s=21 Astros ace Justin Verlander 'shut down' for a few weeks with a forearm injury Astros beat writer Chandler Rome initially reported that the reigning American League Cy Young winner Justin Verlander would be out for the rest of the season with an elbow injury. However, after Sunday's game, manager Dusty Baker said Verlander is dealing with a forearm strain and will "shut down" for a couple of weeks
  14. Agreed. It’s pretty fucking easy to run over people who are in the middle of the street. The fact that (a) nobody was in fact hit or run over and (b) the driver came to a stop instead of plowing over them indicates that he didn’t have specific intent to run over anyone.
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