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  1. Why is it taking so long to prosecute this piece of shit? Wasn’t he indicted on securities fraud in 2015?
  2. If I were any of these rioters, I’d be worried about being charged with capital murder of the police officer. I’m not a lawyer, but in many cases it doesn’t matter if you actually did the physical act. Such as when you’re the getaway driver for a robbery and your accomplice kills someone while inside the store.
  3. I would really prefer we keep Ash unless there’s a badass out there. His defense was really improving. We had real linebacker development for the first time since Hicks in 2014?
  4. My x-rays came back good as well. Are we the same person?
  5. How many more MAGA people are there to sell my pillows to? Shitty 3 minute commercial on every time.
  6. I may have broke my wrist on Sunday. Waiting for x-rays to come back, hoping it’s just a bad sprain. All I can think of is not being able to play guitar as well...
  7. I couldn’t complain since I got a pellet grill with wifi a few years ago.
  8. Pulled the trigger on top loader LG with wi fi. Thats right. My wife insisted on it.
  9. After watching his presser, I can definitively say that he's a much more likable person than Tom Herman and his false bravado schtick. Sark seems like a confidant, competent, and nice guy. He's a breath of fresh air.
  10. I like this hire way more than BK, and Herman was a dead man walking on the recruiting trail. He’s our best bet.
  11. Scipio continued to hint that a change is nigh on his podcast after the Alamo bowl. I just don’t buy it unless there’s a home run hire waiting in the wings because I think the coordinators have proven themselves to be very good given the progress both sides of the ball have made throughout the season. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Herman, but it’s risky to make a change for the sake of change when there is clearly some positive momentum, you have the next great Longhorn running back averaging 18 yards per carry, and a defense that is really starting to look like something we would have rolled out
  12. My 12 year old LG front loader crapped out and we are ready to replace it anyway with a top loader HE type. I don’t want to break the bank. $900 or less. Anyone have some recs?
  13. I will never understand why the big10 took Nebraska over Missouri.
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