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  1. Just shock that shit, wait two hours, and cannonball.
  2. Full disclosure: I was using a line 6 multi for many years and hated it. I want good clean tube tones and overdrive. Then add some good pedals to compliment.
  3. I am ready to dive balls deep into the amp first, then add pedals.
  4. I had this last year and it seemed to help, but not as effective as I would have liked. I’m hoping this year is better. I’ve done a few more things to reduce standing water areas.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. Very helpful. I really like the idea of a used Mesa Boogie.
  6. Also the orange solid state 120 gets great reviews and is really cheap. My fear is that it won’t sound warm enough when recording. Also note my style varies a lot depending on the song I’m asked to play lead on. Very little metal, but lots of crunch and hard driving rock.
  7. My research has yielded these so far: pravey classic 20, egnater 30. Vox 15, HK 20 tubemeister, black star club mk50, orange dual terror 30, and a marshall dsl.
  8. I need help. My 26 year old Marshall solid state shit the bed and I want a new amp head anyway. I want tubes. Two channels that can do nice cleans, crunch, and hard rock distortion. Prefer to have reverb on board. Want a modern cab simulator out for noiseless recording. Want to be able to reduce the wattage. Also prefer to spend under $1000, but this will be my forever amp so I’ll listen to more expensive ideas. Whatcer i get can run through my Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet.
  9. Not sure about current tax code, but you might be able to depreciate the dwelling as well. As long as you never sell or just do a like kind exchange, you’ll never have to pay tax on the true-up.
  10. That looks pretty sweet. Did you do the wrap yourself?
  11. I’d encourage all of our players to sing whatever alternate lyrics they want when the song is played, as long as they are in good taste and respectful to the university. A new song, or at least new words, will bubble up organically.
  12. Agree. For my conscience, I messaged my doctor and they agreed I’m 1B.
  13. They just walked in and waited. I think the last appointments were at 6:30p so if you go around 6:00p and get in line, you might get one.
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