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  1. Buying dough makes it not homemade. It’s easy to do and you can really customize your pizza and “make it your own.”
  2. You’re living my dream of living on a beach north of San Diego.
  3. What about electricity? I was thinking about wiring a plug from the attic to the eve but it won’t be gfci. Patio is totally covered and tv will be four feet away from roofline.
  4. Yeah I was really pissed off this week. Why did we skip Fall this year?
  5. Earl grew up as a black male in Tyler, TX in the 1960’s and has some pinned up resentment towards white people. OMG I’m so offended and feel victimized!
  6. Earl can say whatever he wants, even if he is wrong. His POV is from playing when black men weren’t allowed anywhere near the QB room.
  7. He is not on a hot seat. He’s guaranteed through 2023. That’s an eternity for assistant coach hires.
  8. You guys are idiots. He’s our best QB since 2009, he’s a gamer, leader and tough as hell. He had a bad game. He has to carry 21 other guys on his back every game this year, and he was the only reason we beat Kansas. hopefully we salvage a decent bowl, fire Orlando and Beck, and kill everyone next year.
  9. 2oz Good Blanco Tequila, like Herradura 1/2 lime squeezed A little bit of kosher or Himalaya salt 0 - .5oz of triple sec depending on desired sweetness mix with ice
  10. We should move Roschon to LB
  11. I have spectrum internet and Vue for streaming. No problems.
  12. Yeah it’s hard to figure how those guys are Russians.
  13. Herman brought in a few coaches to consult on offense. Why doesn’t he do the same on defense?
  14. My burger and service last week was awful. Most PE groups have value creation plans when they purchase a company and it seems like food cost made the cut pretty quick. Must notably the bread seemed stale and veggies sucked, especially compared to in n out.
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