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  1. Pure genius. Also an indictment of the impotence of the Democratic Party. How are these ex republicans better at running against trump than the actual other party?
  2. Well now I’m pissed off. She deserves all of the gold.
  3. Nope. It’s been really easy on my joints. Maybe do a warm up ride and take it a bit easier?
  4. 16 and stupid. Driving my massive 1988 K5 blazer down a steep mountain freeway in Colorado while my brother and his lady friend were asleep. I decide to try and save gas by putting the truck in neutral and turning the engine off. After a few seconds I lose power steering and breaks with a sharp curve ahead as I gain speed. I wrestle with the steering wheel and mash the breaks as hard as I can to little avail when finally I get the engine restarted right before the curve. i have never told my brother that story.
  5. In the shade in my pool that feels like a bathtub (water at all time high of 89) with yeti filled with two beers that are already getting hot. Fuck this. I need a summer home in New Zealand.
  6. This is just further vindication for his niece’s allegation that he cheated on his SAT. A Wharton Scholar!
  7. Once it gets up to 100, my primary ac just can’t keep up. House won’t get below 78 until 8pm or so.
  8. My kids are high achievers and go to a really excellent school. I had the benefit of an in law retired teacher Helping them with their online assignments everyday. Even still, they learned less. It’s just not the same. On top of that, they’re mental development suffers from not socializing with other children.
  9. He really thinks racist nascar fans are the key to reelection?
  10. Maybe she’s a big little house on the prairie fan
  11. Portable air conditioner will be $300 and dehumidify better than a dehumidifier
  12. Yeah I don’t want that to happen because that person would go to jail for revealing classified information.
  13. I just can’t get over how stupid it is to raise prices right now. No live sports and record unemployment. I’m probably cancelling for awhile to see how much the family can survive on amazon, Netflix and Disney (free bc Verizon).
  14. I love SPI. Shrimp tacos at Roy’s are the best I’ve ever had.
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