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  1. Don’t do this if you’ve had more than 2 drinks. You’ll end up with new outdoor furniture that you have to put together and don’t understand why until a few weeks later when you hear her joking to her friends about how you let her order it after drinking four margaritas at the last happy hour...
  2. Surly is my Trip Advisor. Thank you kindly.
  3. And where do I go to get some of that green chili goodness a la the shed in Santa Fe?
  4. Rhyner was the only reason I would listen to the ticket. Hated all of those OU sycophants on that channel.
  5. Taos restaurant recs? i haven’t been there since 1989.
  6. I would think Santa Fe would be much more crowded than Taos on Spring Break.
  7. Seems like the rule should punish the player not the team.
  8. Why is every band louder than ours? I guess they blow harder?
  9. Watching live from the 7th row (not humble brag sorry not sorry) we are hitting 2x as hard and seemed 5x more motivated. Good chance they come out motivated and take it to us. We just have to “weather the surge”
  10. He got us back with IMG for merchandise! This dude gets it.
  11. I shopped it around. Because it had the M sports package it had these rare staggered tires. My choice was Michelin or Dunlop. It was painful.
  12. 2005 bmw 330i sport package. The tires alone lasted on year and were $900.
  13. NoRagrets

    Truck Nuts

    Thanks to you assholes showing off your bad ass new gmc’s, I’m about to seal the deal on a SLT with 5.3L and 10 speed. I think the 5.3 with 4x4 come with the 10. I didn’t notice any shake in my test drive at highway speed. any other concerns I should be aware of?
  14. I had a barely out of warranty bmw once for 11 months. Total money pit.
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