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  1. I am pleased that the majority was right in every single aspect of that poll. Well, almost right, but absolutely right as far as what reality will dictate. The other right thing would be that a real playoff needs to include every single conference champ. If your system allows for the possibility of a team going undefeated for the entire season against teams in your "league" then it's not a real playoff. The other option, which I'd prefer, would be a P5 breakaway.
  2. That was a called play action pass. VY's eyes are on Selvin Young the entire time through the play fake.
  3. Yes, the evidence is he made the right decision in the Rose Bowl but he failed the outcome vs. process test and then made the wrong decision in the Super Bowl.
  4. Above average to good college kicker. Seems less than that only to Texas fans who were in the middle of witnessing an incredible two decade run of very good to great college kickers (for which Mack Brown deserves some credit).
  5. Disagree overall but there are definitely trade-offs.
  6. Wasnt that what the zone read was? No, zone read was a called run, QB only decided whether to give to the back or keep and run himself. RPO added the pass option.
  7. Yeah, that's kind of my point. You could say they should have, but it was 2005 and they were both tailbacks. It's like saying "MAN COULD YOU IMAGINE VY AND JAMAAL CHARLES RUNNING AN RPO?!?!?!?!?" It's all hindsight. Based on that season and what they dominated with, Carroll absolutely made the correct decision.
  8. The lead-in show about Games of the Century actually had a good point. The playoff, for all its benefits, kind of kills the one off hype mentality of this kind of game. The lead-up of an entire season all toward one game can't be replicated. I mean everyone kind of anticipates Alabama playing Clemson every year now but it's not the same. There are the semifinals to get through, etc. There were exactly 365 days of hype for this game. Once USC finished off Oklahoma for the title on 1/4/2005 everyone was asking "but what if Texas played USC"? Sure 2004 USC should have been favored over 2004 Texas. But then people started thinking about Young with another year, USC losing a little on defense, etc. The hype started a full year before the game.
  9. Right. One guy leaves the box. Along with a blocker (Bush). Nothing accomplished. They basically never had both on the field at the same time. Our defense was geared to stop White and worried about nothing else. There is no reason for us to believe they're throwing the ball there. It makes zero sense considering abilities, situation, clock, etc. If they're throwing that ball it's to Jarrett or a late leak from the fullback.
  10. Except it doesn't. Nobody would have believed they were doing anything but running White. It's all BS hindsight second guessing. Carroll did the right thing. He probably remembered that moment and decided to something he didn't think everyone would expect later in his career. So he got to watch Russell Wilson throw a pick to lose the Super Bowl.
  11. White was their short yardage back. Bush failed to gain 2 yards on a much higher percentage of carries than White. Just because your opponent draws the gutshot straight on the river doesn't mean you made the wrong choice. Carroll did everything perfectly right there in terms of coaching decisions. We just beat them.
  12. Short arm. Total choke by Leinart. Like Dorsey in the title game 3 years ago on the goal line throwing to Winston against Ohio State.
  13. My favorite moment in the broadcast (other than the game action, of course) is coming up. When we stop USC there is a shot of that USC fan with a mustache and a cap who looks terrified. He knew what was up.
  14. We would have just saved a timeout later in the drive. Just because we were the best doesn't mean the refs didn't fuck up as many calls in USC's favor as they did in ours.
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