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  1. You are the dumbest guy who thinks he's smart I've ever seen. You're like a pea in slorch's pod. "If we're just nice to them they'll see the light, I just know it! "
  2. This is the best strategic idea the left has had in years. The opponent's base is morons. USE THAT INFORMATION. EXPLOIT IT.
  3. Let's not lose sight of the fact that the past 4 years have also clarified how dangerous a strong centralized government can be.
  4. Oh he's definitely being willfully stupid. He has the ability to realize what's going on but refuses and that's far worse.
  5. Poor Marco, he doesn't even realize he already killed himself politically. If he had a spine he could have saved himself, but unfortunately he helped the "You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded" wing take over the party. And he has no idea how to communicate with those types. That tweet doesn't help him anymore because the type of people he's targeting with that kind of writing are leaving the GOP in droves.
  6. He has history from old sites. He was never smart but it's just easier to see now. Used to be that the utter foolishness of GO TEAM GO politics was hard for some people to grasp because the deleterious effects were not as obvious to those lacking foresight. Guys like Ag With Kids and TahoeHorn. But now that the effects have been realized it takes a different kind of malevolent ignorance to still be oblivious. Bozo_Casanova still holds out hope for that type because they're not completely hopeless, but for me it's not worth the effort because they are willfully stupid and that's even worse than people who are unaware they're being dumb. Those who are unaware can be educated. Those who are willfully ignorant will refuse to learn, mostly because their pride won't let them admit that the people who were telling them this would happen for years were right and they were wrong.
  7. You played it, he just pointed at it and said "look, it's the stupid card."
  8. Engineers are fine, it's just that lots of lawyers are lazy. Most engineers worth their salt can and will follow clearly detailed specifications. That's exactly what the rules for any trial basically are. Now if you get an asshole engineer with a dipshit attorney there will certainly be issues.
  9. A lot of celebration considering Murphy wasn't going to do anything until she was called before Congress. The entire system has still been proven to be incredibly susceptible to being overtaken if a majority party controls all branches of government.
  10. You're being a coward again. "You're not in power so fuck your feelings! Wait, what's that? We're out of power? Then those in power should be bringing people together."
  11. That can be done on an individual basis by someone who knows the individual personally. As a general approach the ignorance and stupidity need to be called out ruthlessly and relentlessly. Repetition works.
  12. This is incorrect in every conceivable way. You still don't understand how dumb and impressionable most people are. I didn't want to believe it either.
  13. If you weren't dumb you would realize that alternative energy is energy. Then your big brain might realize that energy companies will be the leading money makers when it comes to alternative energy. Nobody else is as well-positioned to take in the dollars associated with a global energy shift as the energy companies. Unlike immamac I am all aboard the #MISA train. Make Ignorance Shameful Again.
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