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  1. I was thinking more of the fact that being a convicted felon limits your ability to ever again hold a position of public authority. Does an official oppression conviction carry the same ramifications even though it's a misdemeanor? If not then that's the main reason I believe it should absolutely be a felony.
  2. Get sacked a lot? (Subtract sacks and he did not lead the team in carries)
  3. Sure, there's that. But there's also the fact that the city sold him a house they advertised as a residential dwelling and now they filed suit because he's using it as a residential dwelling. When there are two parties that didn't do shit right and one of the two parties is the government, then the government can kick rocks.
  4. He's right, it sucks when people assume you're up to no good and you're evil without any evidence and then demand you explain yourself for no good reason. It's like they think they're Kentucky cops or something.
  5. You've said this twice now and it's completely incorrect. The story discusses the conversation from both the complainant's and the bank's perspective. Both Thomas and his lawyer give his perspective and the TCF Bank spokesman gives the bank's perspective. Did you not actually read the article that you're accusing of being short on details?
  6. I think @Beau Vine hit on the correct solution earlier. The Costas need to work with the Gottleibs' back fence neighbor who doesn't live in an HOA from what I can tell. They need to see if those guys are willing to put a big pink inflatable gorilla on this shed/garage roof: Counterpoint would be that those back fence neighbors are also probably olds who live in Williamson County.
  7. Yeah, seems like they picked April for that reason, so no changes to the F1 grand prix are locked in yet. We will see.
  8. Are you really good at your sport and not rich? Scholarship. Are you rich but not really good at your sport? Let us show you all these guys who we've turned into professional athletes through our programs. Your kid can be a professional athlete too! But to get there we're going to need you to pay us lots of money.
  9. What exactly about Angola, Montverde, and IMG makes you think an American ghetto is where he grew up playing ball?
  10. Exactly. If he voted for 10 other guys then that presents this easily defensible logic. If he didn't then it gets dicey. I understand both sides at that point. It's dumb not to vote for him if you think he's a Hall of Famer, but at the same time while unanimity shouldn't be a thing it unfortunately is a thing that gets talked about a ton.
  11. Right but using scores versus ranks makes it even more possible to have this situation happen.
  12. It can add up if the composite isn't wildly different. Example: Look at Recruit G. 5th in each service, 7th in composite. Using weights for the different services doesn't remove this possibility.
  13. This guy goes down: And then they're "stomping on him" around here while Sousa gets a chair/stool: I only see one possible stomp and one punch thrown at him by the KU guys while he's on the ground.
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