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  1. I'm not sure why Biden didn't denounce democracy. It is an idea that people commit violence in the name of every day around the world. Clearly you can see how democracy is the equivalent of child rape in this context.
  2. Did anyone ask him about the offense? Houston Baptist put up 8 yards per play on Tech and we put up 5.3 the very next week. At least make him publicly BS about how much better Tech played on defense.
  3. Drives me nuts all the time but it's an epidemic like Mack Brown thought bad tackling was.
  4. Uh, why wouldn't he still get the penalties? Explain the logic. It's still against the rules and if you don't penalize Mercedes and Hamilton during the race then the rule means nothing and in the next race every team will tell every driver things are okay to avoid time penalties. 25K? They don't give a shit about that.
  5. Not sure how yesterday should be pinned on McKnight. We were in better shape at the end of the game and S&C doesn't cause people to overrun tackles, not try to use their arms to tackle, fail to block, drop punts, etc.
  6. If I see a bunch of activity near his car right before the race I'm going to be very upset.
  7. He was saying that IT (Inside Texas) is saying that. He's way too cool to use capital letters even when they're necessary to convey his meaning.
  8. While watching them take a little happiness from the fact that A&M's only national championship was before either of them was born.
  9. Yep. This game can be called crazy and exciting, but not best. Best implies a certain level of play. This game was two teams both frequently playing like shit so the game was weird and close.
  10. This game wasn't even close to as good as multiple OU games in that timespan.
  11. Yeah but maybe the "Scorpion" nickname will stick.
  12. They're all morons. Liucci has been telling them they have the best recruits, best players, and best coaches nonstop for over 20 years. In that time they've won jack shit. If they still fell for that shit this preseason then that's on them. At least some of them recognize that.
  13. Why does Ware love A&M so much? Now he's acting amazed that they're playing like, well, like themselves.
  14. It's funny because it's true.
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