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  1. As long as it's more than zero (or exceedingly small to where you're digging rather than sliding), contact area doesn't affect friction force, right?
  2. Probably because he thought he was a great college WR.
  3. "We can't pay that out, it was a clear and obvious mistake. The 8.5 total was for visiting team home runs in the game."
  4. Completely agree. And I'm asking if anyone has numbers because I genuinely don't know what they are. It may not be worth a public policy push. But if the numbers support the idea that we can reduce the dependence on formula in big enough numbers then we can guard against a crisis like this one in the future. Although the way the world works it would just happen again after companies drop supply because of reduced demand so maybe it's not worth it anyway.
  5. Ejection may have been a bit much but he essentially dropped a shoulder into the catcher's midsection. You can see the catcher gear up to throw him down hard before thinking better of it. Overzealous attempt to keep things from getting heated, imo. In reality the runner wasn't trying to be dirty, he just couldn't decide what to do and dropped to a knee for some reason instead of sliding or stopping or trying to go around him.
  6. Yes, of course. I'm thinking about public policy approaches for the future, not an end to the current crisis.
  7. Many families need formula. Any numbers on what percentage of formula consumption is by families who don't fully need it but use it for convenience (versus breastmilk)?
  8. * - with the exception of @alincoln and any other Manchester United diehards I'm forgetting. I bet you all feel silly about that now.
  9. Lost the first one last night, won the final game tonight to take the tournament. I didn't mention this in the last post, but when we were 0-3 the first place team was 4-0. We were 3-1/2 games behind and we'd only played 3 games. That's impressive. Great group of kids.
  10. A lot of it is dumb but the batter staying in the box and the pitcher just pitching is awesome. Obviously it's faster than is reasonable as part of the entertainment goal, but there's no reason MLB should average 23 seconds between pitches if it's just a called strike or ball.
  11. My senior team (14-16 year olds) started 0-3, came back to win the regular season and we're in the championship round of the double elimination tournament Wednesday night as the undefeated team. Of course it's only a 3 team league, but hey, you play the games on the schedule. Fun season, we have 2 kids on the team who had never played before but decided to try baseball at 16. They have been a revelation because of their great attitudes the entire season. They're good athletes but obviously started with zero baseball skills. One of them naturally crowds the plate and has gotten on via HBP more than walks and hits combined (has a few hits in the last half of the season). I recruited two other of my son's friends to play who had stopped playing baseball three years ago so they were also behind and rapidly improved. Hopefully we can finish it off right this week.
  12. Jeff Fisher is a worse professional football coach than Barry Switzer. Change my mind. Fisher actively lowers his team's win probability with pussy decisions. He might be decent with a decidedly inferior roster because he coaches to lose by as little as possible. He doesn't coach to win. He is not a championship coach almost by definition. He's a loser. Switzer was an incompetent boob as an NFL coach but he let his players play and got the hell out of the way.
  13. This is a terrible take and you should feel terrible for posting it. Stuff like throwing open post routes two seconds too late and getting drilled forcing an interception is on the QB, not the OL. He was a poor QB.
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