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  1. He wasn't a burglar, he was donating the tools to the homeowners when they caught him in the middle of his random act of kindness.
  2. Nothing wrong with a deep ball into 1-on-1 coverage on 3rd and 10 when nobody else was open. It was effectively a net 49 yard punt.
  3. Man, sorry I missed the brain-numbing discussion on wealth inequality a few pages back. My favorite part of that discussion is always the pro-billionaires side when confronted with historical tax rates. "Capitalism is what built this great nation! They earn that money! They shouldn't have to pay taxes that high! We need to make things like the good old days! Socialists are running this country these days and it's going to destroy everything we built!" "Uh, when capitalism was building this great nation, as you say, the tax rates were much higher than they are now." "I SAID SOCIALISM!"
  4. Yeah, that's the biggest problem. Zero awareness to what is happening during the game. There was absolutely no reason to be confident that we could get a first down running the ball.
  5. I can actually understand why they wouldn't ask it, but the right question to ask in response to this (trying hard not to do so in a mocking tone) would be something like: "Coach Herman, do you think that when Iowa State's defensive staff saw your players come out for that drive in 11 personnel and a power run formation that they were worried or happy?" Also, that's bullshit that Duvernay dropping the pass was the issue on 3rd and 10. Here's a look at the situation when he would have completed a catch:
  6. Also, after some of the commentary after here from previous races I just chuckled when Hamilton starting whining about his tires. And Verstappen played both the late restarts so perfectly. It was something to behold. Hamilton definitely should have used that last second acceleration strategy when he was leading into the first late restart. That pit straight is too long if you don't.
  7. Will be forgotten by many because of the shit show, but that was one of the greatest touchdown catches I've ever seen.
  8. All I want at Abu Dhabi is for George Russell to somehow win a point.
  9. Just watched my DVR recording. LOL Ferrari. Agree that Hamilton's penalty was questionable, but I think Ricciardo fully deserved his. He's my favorite driver and all, but that was all on him.
  10. There is stuff with Meyer that hasn't come out that would make this thread such a terrible idea that it never would have been posted. I'm fine with being dirty to win in some senses (like Alabama) but not like the stuff Meyer has done.
  11. Tom Herman is literally a self-proclaimed genius. He has an offensive background. Despite this the assistants are tilted toward the offense. So we have 7 offensive coaches and 4 defensive. And our offense is bereft of imagination or creativity. It is stagnant and stale.
  12. It's standard Herman. "Impose our will" even when our will is getting shoved right back up our ass.
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