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  1. The Twitter thread has a good question. The NCAA rules (used by NAIA) state that the run doesn't count if the third out is recorded by a runner being forced out. It does not say if the third out is on a forced runner prior to his reaching his forced base safely. If the umpires had ruled that the batter passed the runner on first and that was the out would/should the run have counted? Interesting thought exercise. Basically would that fall under being forced out? A forced runner being tagged does logically, but the guy behind him being out for passing him doesn't seem like it should
  2. Yep, it can be tough but at least they got the regular season title. My team caught a slight break with the weather tonight. Because they had to push back the first games they had to reschedule the second games because it was too late to start them. So now the above schedule has changed a bit. If we win tomorrow night there is an extra day between the next game and the third if we keep winning. So the second game I would be able to basically just use my ace. Tournament sets up very well for us now if we win tomorrow night. But it will be tough, our opponent is 7-2 in their last nine after an 0
  3. I have no idea how to handicap next season. I said on here that the Liverpool fans were being silly worrying ahead of the 2019-20 season because they were clearly going to win the league. Not only because they were a great squad but Guardiola was losing City's focus and you could see their week-to-week intensity just plummeting. Now before anyone gets upset, that's not to say Liverpool weren't deserving champions, just that it was obvious that City had no chance to keep up with Liverpool if they weren't locked in all season and it was obvious to me they weren't going to be locked in like they
  4. What he's remembering is that McCoy was ahead of Brennan before the 2009 Big 12 title game. So Brennan's career mark did sort of "pass" McCoy's but really McCoy's mark fell behind Brennan's.
  5. Not as odd as last season. I mean it was halted right near the end, end of the season was completely different than the rest, etc. Plus last season was pretty boring, too. I mean I get why more people around here were excited last season, but that's just because there are more Liverpool fans and they hadn't won the league in 30 years.
  6. Well it's dry and semi-elevated (about 2400 feet). It's actually a pretty big park. No idea on prevailing wind direction but it's not as bad historically as the UNM and NMSU parks.
  7. Well while Disch-Falk is overrated as a pitchers park by most Texas fans, these are not park adjusted at all (see: Arizona's absurd OFF rating).
  8. On average we will allow 4.03 fewer runs to a team than their offensive rating (OFF).
  9. Correct. Standard deviation of performance by game.
  10. Well to be fair of course we have some Florida in Texas. I mean you could fit Florida and Ohio in for low intelligence hijinks and still have room for Colorado and Louisiana.
  11. The league split the Intermediate division into two subdivisions, so we only have 5 teams Being #2/3 would have been better for the tournament for a team with a clear ace because of the 4 off days between the first two games. That's like a free ticket to the championship round. But my plan right now after how well the other guys threw last night is to start my #2 guy in the first game (Game 3) and try to keep him and the ace to 50 pitches each so they can throw Game 5. Then if that works in Game 5 try to keep them both to 65 pitches or fewer so they'd be available for Game 9 if
  12. Was August 31st for most of LL's history, then changed around for a while, now it's back where it belongs. Of course having a September 1st birthday might make me biased. My team won the regular season championship so the kids are pumped about that. My son is in a mini-slump the last few games but he'll be fine. The league does recognize the regular season champs so that will be fun for the team. We're much more set up for the regular season than the double elimination tournament by virtue of having one ace. But in tonight's regular season finale we threw 5 pitchers (different one each in
  13. Terrible and stupid take.
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