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  1. Percentage of the cap in the initial year with 8% raises for the duration of the contract.
  2. And if a player or person still clings to this rather flimsy excuse to continue to live without taking a vaccine in a global pandemic than that is their right here in America. However, the NBA is a private enterprise and therefore, if a league decides it wants to have all of it's players and staff should be vaccinated for health and safety purposes, than that player, or executive, or support staff doesn't have to continue to participate in the league. Maybe Ice Cube's 3 man league will pick them up, but it still should be a mandate and those persons who it's important to not get vaccinated need to start walking the walk. Don't take the vaccine, sit out, and don't get paid. That should be the choice, but the choice would still be their's. Conversely......
  3. Here's another moron who hasn't been vaccinated. His ass is lucky this didn't happen during the season. Again, jam down the NBAPA's throat they way they do everything else.
  4. Maybe very late but knowing him and his capacity for injury, probably not.
  5. Kareem is 100% correct. The NBA needs to be strong in their stance, mandate vaccines or they don't have to pay their salaries. Let the players try and sue them.
  6. Nice stop. The blitz was shown so against a better QB they probably audible out. That was a pretty shit call by Tech too, but we'll take it.
  7. JFC Jamison..... my lord. The entire secondary is worrisome.
  8. Yea, if Schooler is in the two deep, you have to wonder about the talent behind him. I'm sure he's a great practice player but his lack of speed was evident there. No field coverage. OU will definitely have a field day if they can set up PA. Bijan is just a joy to watch.
  9. Our pass defense is scary inconsistent. Our safety play has a lot of holes.
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