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  1. Interestingly enough everyone will probably know early. If Penn and NC fall blue, it’s most likely over. If any of the Great Lake states skew red, it’s over. While Iowa and Arizona May give hope for flipping blue, they probably can’t be trusted, just like Washington or Nevada for the GOP. Shouldn’t be a long wait to see how it’ll go...
  2. So.... Jared Leto couldn't make the Joker work so he's giving a go at Morbius, the Marvel based modern take on a Vampire. He's a familiar story to Marvel and specific to Spiderman, a brilliant scientist who's running out of time needed to cure an incurable disease, takes an ill advised risk at a cure (seriously, how many times can Marvel actually use this trope) and the resolution is something unexpected. Trailer would seem to indicate that they're not changing many of the particulars of his canonical origin story. The real story is what universe does this take place in? This is a Sony pic from the Spidey Universe (think Venom), not a Marvel movie property, but...... who was that guy in the final scene? That would seem to indicate there is some type of crossover between Marvel and Sony and this may be the movie which bridges that gap. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons) is also rumored to make an appearance. Wha???? Does that mean this movie isn't part of Tom Hardy's Venomy universe? Are we getting crossover amongst all the Universes? How can we have Infinite earths without the Flash? Anyways, if this is your thing..... Leto, Matt Smith, a stunning Adria Arjona, and Jared Harris round out a solid cast.... Surprised this isn't scheduled for an October release.
  3. Lance should try and graduate in another year and half and transfer to a FBS school. Hard to understand how he was so overlooked by PAC teams...
  4. The fish is a beast for NDSU. He'll probably be back in Frisco a couple more times.
  5. JMU goes down with the initial drive and slices through NDSU like butta.... 7-0 Dukes. It's cold and ugly out there.
  6. Russ is probably the best QB in the league right now when you consider everything. His offensive scheme is fucking terrible and it puts so much pressure on him to bail the Seahags out particularly on 3rd downs. Seattle's really not that great a team but they have a wizard in his prime bailing them out 4-5 games a season. I also very much wonder if Goff and Mayfield are considered tier 2 guys at this point. Goff is a solid enough bus driver but when things break down for him, he struggles to be competent, not even good. Baker took a pretty big step back this year. I don't think most people would take Goff over Dak at this point, and I highly doubt Carr, who did some good things this year with limited resources, but also melted down a lot at the end of games. I don't know what to do with Allen, he probably has the widest variance of opinions. He still is a pretty poor passer of the ball, but his athleticism and running ability add a lot of value. Still makes too many bone headed plays though. Don't think it's very clear about Cousins vs Dak, at all. Cousins has started 24 more games or a season and half more than Dak and is a full 5 years older. He's played in 93 games vs Dak's 64 (reg season). Not sure all GM's would prefer Cousins at this point. Some probably would, but some would probably prefer Dak. Surprisingly, Cousins will be 32 next season so he's in his prime.
  7. I don't think the Cavs are gonna fire him...... just yet, stupid and insensitive comment or not. He's basically 67 years old, so by the time he's fired and can coach again, he'll be close to 70. 69 at the youngest???
  8. What an odd observation.... Denzel? The Mighty Quinn Malcolm X The Hurricane John Q The Book of Eli Roman J Esquire MacBeth He directed Antwone Fisher, but the role is played by Derek Luke. MacBeth hasn't been released yet and The Hurricane was his nickname or trade name. He was in a TV movie called The George McKenna Story named where he plays the title character. I don't know who else but I'm thinking maybe Pacino? He went through a biography phase with stuff like Paterno and Danny Collins and Phil Spector and Dr Kevorkian. EDIT: Fuck, forgot the obvious.... Stallone. He wins by a mile if you consider sequels. All the Rocky's. All the Rambo's. Tango and Cash. Cobra. Judge Dredd. Get Carter.
  9. Jerrah and Stevie making the decision..... what could go wrong? Follow the thread for more info....
  10. And that's a wrap..... always remember....
  11. 1917 is the sort of dark horse winner...... Looks tremendous.
  12. Renee is back..... guess it took a while for her face to snap back into place. She's a good actress...
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