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  1. Tomorrow & Wednesday should be very, very interesting....
  2. Have to see how structured but probably going to be worth 50m+ the last several years of the deal.
  3. It most likely has an opt out and his situation is different as a first round pick, but you would have thought the two sides could have found common ground by now. Mahomes gets 40 million per??? Going to be wild to see.
  4. Few people actually understand the tax code nor how or why they may pay more or less taxes as prime earning years are rarely static (Tuition, moving homes, buying property, cashing out RSU's, escalating comp, etc, etc), so there's always an excuse built in. What people do understand and what the GOP has exploited is nobody likes paying taxes. Some may understand it's need or accepted the need of it, but nobody likes to, especially when you consider how wasteful the government machine is and then sprinkle a good ole bit of public corruption and sentiment is less taxes for small government is better. Now, most of us understand this sentiment is naive and silly in association with these (and most of the GOP tax cuts in the last 2 decades +) specific tax cuts but people are typically simple, even the folks making 200k - 1m annually in gross income. Paying taxes sucks is ingrained in the psyche of Americans so when they hear tax cuts and then they see their 401ks continue to grow, they are content. It may be LCD thinking but it's worked for 40 years.
  5. Yep..... this weekend took the air right out of her push. Harris is looking like the extremely safe choice as others drift away. Demings as a backup and Warren as the dark horse. Reminder.
  6. Conservative web site and streaming TV channel. Owned by Chris Ruddy.
  7. Real Polls? Fantastic, keep telling yourself and your idiot mob this.... keep em' asleep at the wheel.
  8. Pressley has 1 year of experience at the federal level. She's a rising star but the same experience knock that weighs on Demings would be double on Pressley. Additionally, there's not much upside to her voting bloc being from the NE. Barbara Lee is 74 years old this month. Not going to assuage age concerns for Joe. Lee has a good platform but I think the age probably drags her down the list.
  9. 33 more died as well.... Weekend and holiday are probably going to provide some funky numbers the next few days.
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