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  1. This but she first needs to be re-elected.... She's fantastic.
  2. It's gotta be tough to have a spine..... Maybe he shouldn't be such a cum drinking bootlicker. He equivocates on every issue because deep down, he loathes what he's become....
  3. The rumor is he's been a bad locker room guy for awhile. You put up with it when he's playing at an All Pro level, but once you lose a step.....
  4. Jimmy Carter from neighboring Georgia. Flipped for Ronny. Obama almost got to 45% and less than double digits in 08'.
  5. Cunningham was born in Winston Salem, grew up in Lexington, and graduated from UNC. Tillis actually isn't from NC and moved there for a job with PWC. Remember, social media (twitter, FB, etc) is pretty much a small section of a voting population. 10-15%. It was a silly tweet with little upside, but folks getting their panties in a twist over barbecuing vs grilling is hilariously stupid.
  6. Martin's better. He actually did quite well out there. May have to play out there all year.
  7. We can't protect the QB. Will that get better? Maybe a little if we keep Zack out at RT. aggy will probably be a terror to stop. We can't defend the pass. Will that get better? Probably not much, the Browns aren't nearly the threat in the passing game as Baker can really only read playside most of the time. We can't defend the run. Will that get better? We're okay vs the run but can't stop it when we need to. Browns have the best backfield we've seen thus far. Nick Chubb is an absolute stud and Kareem Hunt is pretty great too. Will our special teams stop being special needs? That's really a question nobody can answer. I'll say maybe we won't commit so many mistakes. Can our in game coaching get better? It can, but McCarthy isn't some young pup getting his ears wet. He sort of is what he is. Doubt much changes. Was always his rep with GB, not a good in game manager. So...... looks like shit is up to the offense to outscore the Browns. Same verse, same as the first.
  8. Lieberman needs to drop out close to the election... Tarver needs to drop now.
  9. I hate Jerrah..... with the power of a 1000 suns, but I hate when folks post stupid and incendiary takes of easily understood taped material. Clarence should know and be better. Jerrah's senile so it can be hard to put together his mush mouth, but he was actually praising Dak while comparing his ability to extend plays to Mahomes and Tony.
  10. What would he do when Kawhi tries to play some defense by moving his feet? Bench him?
  11. Maybe next week but more probable in 2. This sounds bad..... I'm not counting on him the ROS. He may need surgery. We're in some serious shit on the OL. There's a chance we don't have either OT for the rest of the season or certainly high risk of re-injury. Looney has sucked the last couple of games. Steele apparently had the flu and might explain his struggles yesterday. He got pulled late and Martin had to kick out to tackle. This kid may need to step up. I think Martin may have to stay out at RT but that's an issue because even if Biadasz can handle the C job, we'd be weak at RG with Looney. McGovern looks like a wasted pick. The OL is a fucking train wreck. The other problem: Bright spots:
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