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  1. Prime Kawhi is the better player.... Probably won't have the lasting power to have the career accolades though. I'd take both in their prime over Kobe and Kobe was great, but also had a ton of issues as a teammate. Bailed out by West a couple of times. Magic is one of my top 3 players of all-time, but "certainly better" than Kareem. That's some whack shit. Kareem is probably the greatest player ever to play if you judge by all levels. One of, if not the, greatest HS player. Greatest college player. And at least probably top 5 (by most experts) as a pro.
  2. Right down the street and heavily tied together. That's the allure.
  3. He's probably better than Shaq and Big O although very debatable. The questionable selection with your list is Kobe, who isn't a top 10 player. Fantastic player, but not a top 10 player by most measures of advanced rate (PER, WS/48, BPM, etc). Take even his playoff numbers (since he's supposed to be ultra clutch and playoff tough). He's 24th in BPM, 22nd in PER, 52nd in WS/48. He does well in the cumulative stats because he played in a lot of games, but by game or rates, he's not a top 10 player, in the reg season or playoffs, even with a large qualification measure.
  4. This is my concern..... Those foot issues are no joke and the contract doesn't look like it account for them very much. Top 5 money I could have lived with but top 2 money seemed rich (until Hopkins gets his extension). But if the cap explodes like it's supposed to with the next TV deal then it may be okay depending on structure. This is terrible planning.... The biggest issue in short-term and mid-term planning is how COV is going to play havoc with the next 12 months of football. No offseason training regimens. Probably a shortened TC and if a player/group of players/team gets it before a vaccine can be created, then there's going to be real pain. It's possible (not probable) that we have two drafts come and go before we complete a season. Teams who plan for contingencies the best and start taking a creative approach to getting younger may flourish sooner than expected.
  5. So you're hating the playa..... not the game? I hope he's gotten his life together and he continues on with his sobriety. Be a good redemption story but considering it's been 4 years, I'll expect nothing from him. If he can be a contributor then great. This is a Tomsula signing.... just like we used to let Marinelli dictate personnel on the line.
  6. Fucking christ. I heard that in passing and was like, that's not right, WTF? Maybe Toyko metro....
  7. Jeffery's deal made it difficult to trade for Hopkins and then extend him (which is what Arizona will do). Wentz's deal becomes expensive next year and Jeffery would have been 26m in dead cap money if cut this year. They also will probably extend Ertz this year although if they were smart and believed in Goedert, they'd let him move on in 2021. Eagles probably think that if they can just get healthy (Jeffery, DJax) and JJAW takes a step forward, they have enough in the passing game to easily defend the division
  8. I was sort of kidding when I posted that. Greg Z has a big leg but I don't know if I would call him the best available kicker. And there is not much in his sample size which says he's better than Bailey. Kickers are weird guys but ST coaches tend to fall in love with their guys and maybe he can get Greg back to his 18' season when he probably was the best kicker in the league (38-40 FGM with 6-7 over 50). But aside from a couple of years, he's a big legged kicker who's accuracy is average at best. 82% FGM percentage with 4 seasons (out of 8.) at 80% or less. To give you an idea 80% would have tied him as the 20th most accurate kicker. His career average would have put him at 19th last year. Even when Bailey got squirrely, his accuracy was 75%. Greg Z has 2 seasons worse than that including last season. He probably would have been cut except the Rams used some good draft capital on him initially so stuck with him and then in McVay's first year, Z had his career year. What does all that mean? Not a whole lot except he's a league average kicker who will definitely help us in touchbacks and field position so that's a big positive. Big leg, below average accuracy, but is liked by our ST coach. Kickers are weird birds.... he could be great or we could cut him 5 games in. 2.5 million is a lot of the flip of a coin though but doubt a lot is guaranteed.
  9. Makes sense.... Maher missed the most FGs in the NFL last year. Greg the Leg missed the 2nd most.
  10. OANN has an opening.... CURRENT OPENINGS DC Based Political Correspondent One America News, a 24/7 national cable news network, is seeking an experienced political news correspondent for full time reporting on the latest breaking news from the nation’s Capital. The position requires daily news package creation. Prior Capitol Hill reporting is a plus, along with AP ENPS working knowledge. This position is a full-time, 5 days a week, Monday through Friday position. Please send resume with reel link and salary requirements.
  11. Not saying the bill is fantastic or anything (I haven't read it), but Massie is generally a real cunt. He's trapped in the 90's.... the 1890's.
  12. Kudlow's been a joke on the street since the 90's. It's hilarious (in a sad and scary way) that he holds such a lofty position because Trump liked him on TV.
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