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  1. I thought Hoop it Up was 3 on 3? And the reason it's important would be are you playing full court or half court. Totally different games with spacing. In 4x4 full court. Can you imagine trying to guard Steph while Magic is leading a break and MJ is diving towards the cup?
  2. All the usual suspects will be in the conversation -- Lakers, Clippers, Boston, etc, etc. He can still score a little but he's really a shell of his first 3 years self. He sort of added a 3 point shot although it's not great. I would guess the Lakers would make sense with the questions around Davis.
  3. Such as? Reads like you're advocating in shortening the rotation. How so?
  4. He's said no such thing. He may want those things, but it's never been communicated by him or his agent. Be careful you're not falling for organizational Jones' spin.
  5. Are you under the impression in an association with individual employment contacts with differing expiration dates there isn't some sense of timeliness inherent in within the negotiation and agreed upon contracts every year? Because that's how it kind of reads. If there wasn't, then they'd all sign long-term contracts with some sort of inflationary measure built in to ensure their contracts keep up with revenue and cap growth. Market values are driven but many different factors which include salary cap limits, league wide media contracts, collective bargaining agreements, supply of labor, a
  6. So a few things to note in the Steph vs Larry debate. 1. Larry Bird won the first 3 3 point contests ever starting in 86', which was the last of his MVP seasons. He was already 29. So if the contest was started earlier in the NBA's history and Larry was game to compete, there's a good chance he would have won at least 1 more but also lost. 2. Bird also wasn't a great 3 point shooter his entire career. In fact, beyond what looks like a fluky rookie season, he wasn't all that great if judged in today's context. In years 2-5, he actually shot below 29% in all of those years. Th
  7. But folks have been saying it for a year and half. If he signed before or during the 2019 season then it’s at about 30m and he’d be about 5/6th now with 2-3 more guys looking to eclipse him in the next several months and he’d only be a year into his deal at less than we paid on the franchise. Jones boys done fucked up. Now it may be way too prohibitive. Look at Wilson to trade for. Doubtful it could come together though.
  8. He'll most likely be more expensive next year as unrestricted free agent. I would imagine it's a good team who wants an upgrade at QB or has an old QB. A team like the Bears would probably do it in a heartbeat if they could agree on a package. Denver would think about and WFT definitely would be interested as would NE, although Billy may just go dumpster diving until he hits on something.
  9. 6. Non-exclusive Franchise Tag him. Let him negotiate with other teams and have the right of first refusal. If he signs elsewhere and it's too costly, then let him go and collect 2 first rounders. I think this tag would only be used if the team and Prescott weren't anywhere near close to resigning him, Dallas was dead set on getting something for him, and they explored trade possibilities but Dak and his agent weren't interested. What also sucks is the tag amount is on your cap.
  10. I'd think it would be 3 first rounders AND other things...... maybe Mack. Maybe additional 2nd rounders. Maybe other pieces like a WR or TE. Ultimately, I agree with you but maybe 3 firsts, 2 2nds, and Mack and A Miller? Not what'd I want but are all of those players and picks good Christians?
  11. LOL!!!!! Here ya go: Patty/Rudy23' 1st for John Collins/Snell/Rondo. Who says no!?!?
  12. He'll blame it on young people and bars...... and traveling for spring break. Wait, what?
  13. Yep.... Thinks he's being cute doing this on the state's Independence Day. What a douche bag.
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