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  1. We don't really need another guard, specifically one who isn't a great shooter and has injury issues, but again DD is simply a wasted asset on the Spurs. So, smaller contract, ability to move up in the draft, and maybe the chance to flip Ball in a year..... sure, why not. I don't think it's a great deal or anything but if it's the best we could do in the hypothetical, then okay. Spurs lack vision right now instead just trying to scrounge out an existence year to year, they need to embrace a multi-year rebuild at this point.
  2. Unless Philly really likes Davis Bertans!!!! But yea, probably not happening unless Philly's gonna really try and reload in another way. Maybe a 3 way.
  3. Yep. Rk Player Season Age G MP PER TS 3PAr FTr ORB% DRB% TRB% AST% STL% BLK% TOV% USG% OWS DWS WS WS/48 OBPM DBPM BPM VORP 1 Devin Booker 2020-21 24 11 443 20.2 .616
  4. In a fucking heartbeat...... You run, don't walk to hit accept on that trade offer. Simmons is still a premier defender and very good passer. You play his strengths, work with him on finding a 3 pointer, abandon the idea of a mid-range game, and hope he becomes uber-Jason Kidd. Or Jason Kidd - lite except much taller. There is no upside to DeRozan for the Spurs. It would probably take more than DD. Let's throw in Rudy Gay!!!!
  5. Michael Dell and a private equity firm have now become partners. Interdasting. Holt Jr still managing partner, but some new voices in the halls.
  6. Exactly. It's infuriating because they can't admit Tim Duncan was a once in a generation cornerstone for them.
  7. Ain't nobody trading Simmons for Porzingis. Simmons is still an elite defender with some offensive value.
  8. Never got that trade. Seemed Clippers need a shot creator rather than Rondo.
  9. Yea, I get it. I understand how it works, but dependent on which dose he got, the likelihood could be higher for a false positive then actually getting it. I'm sure he's getting the best care and we'll see how it all plays out. A positive test though may be enough to keep him out 10 days per the league protocols. That's sort of a nightmare scenario for the league so we'll how they're going to figure it out as well.
  10. I'm thinking this may be a false positive, if he truly was vaccinated, but we'll see....
  11. TD was a weird one at the line. Shot basically 70% for his career but it was a season to season thing with him. He shot 81% one year and 60% year. There was no real rhyme or reason. He went from 62% one year to 80% the next. It was confounding and the only thing about him which wasn't consistent.
  12. I highly doubt Kawhi goes to Miami especially with an injury. He's sort of stuck, IMO, if he has a serious knee injury. But in the scenario where he decides to jump (yet again), it would have to be a S&T which means guys like Herro and Precious would most likely be asked for and then some vet to make the money work, so yes, you sell PG and rebuild.
  13. Hate and Kermit getting drunk already...... let's face it, they probably were anyway, but now it's gonna get real. The fadeaway vs Harden was a poor shot, just like KD's dribble, dribble 27 footer was with 35ish seconds. He should have taken it to the rack and either pulled up mid-range or got fouled. Guys are going to have bad plays. Guy shoots 14-22 and folks are killing him for his shot selection? Sorry, don't see it. Dude can't be perfect. Now, if you want to say he's had some bad or lazy possessions for the series, then that's more interesting. Still shooting 56
  14. Depending on how serious the injury is, he could be out most of next season too..... or maybe just until December.
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