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  1. Yea, most talking heads think Fetterman probably favors a race vs Oz, a carpet bagger. McCormick is a hack with no principles or morals but he has tons and tons of money....
  2. He's likely to be worse short-term. He'll be more sly and strategic with his brand of neo-nazi, hillbilly, crazy christian right politics and vote accordingly. Long-term though, Cawthorn, for all his hypocrisy and strange self hatred proclivities had the look and the made up story to be a Q-anon star if he could mature and figure it out. By burying him early, you kill the weed early. Edwards is your average -- white, ugly, hilariously nerdy conservative weirdo..... Cawthorn could have been groomed to be something more.... but he self destructed and tonight buries him and that potential, at least for now.... The christian right are a funny hypocritical bunch.
  3. Rondo gonna do time too..... Rajon always one upping folks.
  4. Tatum blooming into dat dude. Kicking out and setting up folks a ton. I love the ECF matchup. Love it. Going to be a battle!!!
  5. Injuries have ruined him..... If he can get back on the court and show something, he may be a small trade chip. Again, these contracts (Wall, Westbrook, etc) are hard to move unless for each other...... Buying him out is probably best for both parties, but Rockets are going to eat a shit ton for the right to have him play for someone else. Harden suitors should be taking note..... he could be the next god awful contract. Marks warned ya..... No extension.
  6. Think he's trying to say that True Lies is great and it's Cameron's worst movie, so that gives you an idea of the quality of his work..... At least that's how I took it. And does he not....
  7. So apparently this was super contentious and city and county officials aren't picking up good vibes from Spurs ownership/management. The Spurs are going through a small market rebuild and all that comes with it including poor attendance, discounted tickets, free ticket giveaways and now management looking for ways to generate revenue, including expanding or giving it's footprint some consideration. Be interesting to track. The franchise has been a bit spoiled (as we all know) as it had been largely competitive for 30 years, but there was a time where a certain Lieutenant in the Navy literally stopped a relocation.... Hope it doesn't get to that level, but team needs to improve.
  8. Don't hold your breath. He's a pretty poor athlete and his technique is underwhelming as well. Cool nickname.
  9. Unless we trade back in, looks like we're done for the draft. Think their day 3 may have been the best in terms of value. Still need a ton before the season to really sure up some units including secondary, DL, OT, and RB.
  10. This is a poor opinion. I hope you've never been in charge of negotiating anything of substance in your life. You'd be bad at it with this attitude. Moving on. Maybe Fatty knows something? Maybe he meant at the buffet.
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