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  1. No way would he EVER admit to being in "middle" school. Middle school is for losers and dogs. He went to highest school for his whole academic career (while his bone spurs were growing).
  2. Awkward! Did they move a bunch of great big fat persons?
  3. SIAP. Cool (and also sad) article about a great pilot. https://texashighways.com/culture/people/meet-tammie-jo-shults-american-hero-twice-over/
  4. That intersection of Slaughter and Congress/35 is Herpes and it's about to be full blown AIDS. I have an irrational hatred of Southpark Meadows. Whatchu got against mile-long strip centers with utterly non-navigable parking lots?
  5. Damn, that's too bad. Friday night date night back in the early 90s usually consisted of heading to Trudy's on South Lamar, appetizer, two entrees and two margaritas for about $30. And almost without fail, Ann Richards was eating there on Fridays too.
  6. To be fair, if it is like most encounters with aggy, it was a one-sided conversation.
  7. Sharpie budget is out of control. Will write a letter to my Congressman (in pencil, Ticonderoga #2).
  8. It'd be Coulee if SWAT tried to suck him out with a Hoover vac.
  9. As someone who has had many a hangover in Vegas, it would have to be one HELL of a hangover to pay $119-$199 in order to cure it.
  10. So you know he has one year left here, right?
  11. Jerry wouldn't have done shit.
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