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  1. Also not smart to hold a coffee cup when Maverick requests a fly-by.
  2. LOL, I grew up going to UCC churches and summer camps. People sometimes misunderstand it as "Church of Christ," but they are VERY different denominations.
  3. Native Horn

    Below Deck

    Definitely a Craigslist ad: "Want to cruse the Med on a badass boat with me, and, occasionally, my child-dog? Bottomless sparkling rose and oysters-on-demand guaranteed! Diversity for good optics preferred. 212-555-1212."
  4. The Fall was great. And Gillian Anderson is on my list.
  5. Add another shout out to ease and efficiency by Phil, Thad and Danna. Contacted Phil exactly one month ago today, closed my cash out refi with UWM on June 26th and got my proceeds today. It's a relatively painless process, and can really go quickly if you stay on top of any requests for info they have.
  6. Yeah, I just HAD to see the train wreck for myself, and am definitely regretting that decision.
  7. There is LOL, and literally LOL'd. This was a literal one for me. Well done.
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