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  1. Man, I was bummed to see Elaine get voted out. She seems like a really wonderful lady. Hope she wins the Fan Favorite award and pockets some decent cash.
  2. What do you have against turning a pizza into a pizzazz??
  3. Native Horn

    The Boys

    Hell to the yes. Amazon is somewhat infuriating in that they never give an idea as to WHEN a show will drop though. "Coming 2020." Yeah, thanks!
  4. Yeah, I have noticed the HD/non-HD switching on my radio as well. Maybe they just have a shitty transmitter.
  5. This is definitely a trivial thing that drives me crazy. When I got in my car this morning and flipped on the Horn, I had to hear Bucky talk about "jewery" twice while he was doing a commercial for some local jeweler.
  6. That's kinda funny because Pollo Tropical moved into a closed Taco Cabana location in Austin (Riverside/Lamar). Pollo lasted less than a year, I think. I think it was a former UT football player who owned it, but can't recall who.
  7. I like the Austin's Pizza ones that I find at HEB. Maybe a buck more than the Home Run Pizza that some of you like (I like it too).
  8. 100%. He says more in 5 minutes than most of the other guys on The Horn do in 20. I like almost everyone on The Horn, but Rod stands out, for me.
  9. That got some LOLs for sure when I saw it yesterday. I really loved the flick, it is totally worth seeing.
  10. Skiing would be actually enjoyable for me if not for the boots. I got nothin.
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