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  1. Another example. This dude never made it anything approaching big, but man this track.
  2. If the CDs go back in print, they have to start paying the licencors again under the old agreements and then go to artists/composers who don't have any such agreements and either try to get a compulsory license (which will likely be denied) or negotiate a license agreement or else risk getting sued. Copyright law sucks for hip hop artists.
  3. Just looked at Amazon and ebay, and used Stakes is High and 3 feet high CDs are going for $30-35
  4. My understanding is that over the years, as uncleared samples were discovered on various De La albums, a bunch of artists/composers filed claims for royalties against Tommy Boy and then later Warner Music in which they would received royalties based on CD, cassettes, and albums. The belief is that these contracts didn't include provisions for all other future media like streaming. Now that all the CDs, tapes, and records have been sold, Warner is essentially paying zero in royalties. If they were to license the De La catalog to Apple, Spotify, etc. it would likely require entering into new licensing agreements and also likely restart the three year limitations period for copyright infringement.
  5. Great album. Fucked up thing is that they didn't clear any of the samples, so it's now out of print and no label wants to deal with the headache of going back and paying for the samples. Edit: just saw the same discussion above about 3 ft high and rising.
  6. Don’t disagree, but as I said upthread, the people in that neighborhood very likely don’t have homeowners insurance and are likely fucked. Watson went from “making this right” to bankruptcy in a matter of days. A movie we’ve all seen before.
  7. And Watson just filed for bankruptcy.
  8. This. And large saute pans with long handles.
  9. Only thing we'll be banging is some Maze on Sundays
  10. Having a town hall meeting thirty minutes before the super bowl is quite the Dick move.
  11. Tap the brakes there, chief. I didn't say any of that. You're the one who made the extreme statement that this company is going to make it right for every family. My response is that this pretty much never happens. People talk about "lawsuit abuse" referring to frivolous lawsuits. And in many cases that is true. But it is also lawsuit abuse for a responsible party to basically say "eh, sue me" and force victims of their misconduct to hire lawyers and litigate for years and years just because they can. The quick change in position indicates they are going to drag this out.
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