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  1. I knew Arauz was gonna get picked when we didn’t add him to the 40 man.
  2. Getting over losing a guy who’s gone half the time shouldn’t be too hard.
  3. These aren't binary choices. In a vacuum, on paper, Correa is clearly a better defensive SS than Bregman. But is the team better with a marginally worse SS who is more durable and with a pitcher like Castillo? I think that is pretty clear.
  4. Got kind of tired packing and unpacking Town to town and up and down the dial Maybe you and me were never meant to be But baby think of me once in awhile
  5. Yes, but you're assuming a healthy Correa which is not a thing.
  6. Went a while back. El Felix is legit. Ford Fry knows his shit.
  7. There must be a lot more in that package than Correa and Reddick. You have to include Reddick to be able to take on additional salary but he's a big net minus in any trade. Probably at least one of our pitchers who bounced between AAA and Houston last year.
  8. If you're connecting at ORD, you can use the Frontera Grill app to order when you land and skip the line.
  9. No shit, olive oil is some serious cloak and dagger business
  10. Astros all decade team. Springer's 24.6 WAR is second only to Altuve's 38.5. We need to lock up George.
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