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  1. Dude, comparing Poole’s to Threadgill’s is like comparing Franklin to Dickey’s. Probably one of my top 5-10 meals ever was at Poole’s. I’ve been a few times for work, and after asking people for recs the number one place, by far, that people mentioned was going to Merritt’s in Chapel Hill for a BLT. Admittedly I was fairly skeptical about seeking about a place for a BLT. How good can a BLT be? Answer: go to Merritt’s for a BLT. I think they make their own bread, Mayo, and maybe even the bacon. Whatever they do, it slams and goes hard.
  2. Mack Tripper


    Yeah no. Those don’t look alike at all.
  3. I just realized that it was last Monday that I drove by thinking it was to go only but they were actually closed (like they are every Monday).
  4. 2M, Truth or Louis Mueller would be good choices. I know 2M and Truth (in Houston at least, not sure about Brenham) are only doing to-go orders. Might want to see what LM is doing these days. I'm sure you could find somewhere decent to eat bbq outside in Brenham. Close to 2M not as much. Don't do City Market. I went recently and it was really bad.
  5. I mentioned it passing above but Krazy Katsu is really really good. Had it again earlier. Whatever fried entree you get will be awesome and get the udon on the side.
  6. Got a Mexican Pizza for lunch Saturday. It slammed and went hard in the paint except for the fact that Mexican Pizzas back in the day also (inexplicably) had black olives.
  7. There was a hack where you could order a cheesy roll up and add pico and ground beef. But now they are getting rid of pico too. Wtf.
  8. Technically the Montrose Texasdelphia isn't moving to the west side, which is owned by the guys who have the Texadelphia in the Vintage.
  9. I've always preferred Sam's Deli Diner to Sam's. For cheap/old school Tex-Mex there is La Plaza on Bingle and Long Point and the two La Fiesta locations are pretty solid. West Houston restaurant talk not going away.
  10. Yes, I used to live 2 blocks away before I moved south of 10. It definitely outkicks its coverage food wise. Great place to hang outside during the non summer months.
  11. Finally made it to 2M Smokehouse last week. They aren't open for dine in but have two lines outside, one for text/email ahead orders and one for drive thru orders. Their process for text ahead order process is seamless and the line went almost as fast as chick-fil-a. Brisket, pork ribs, and Oaxaca cheese and serrano pork sausage were all outstanding, as were the street corn and cole slaw sides.
  12. Agreed, the bakery and gelato at that NIko's are solid.
  13. Also, Treebeard's, Masraff's, and Texadelphia are all gonna have pretty big bars. There's also the bar at the ZaZa which is pretty good.
  14. There's a Niko's at 10 and 8 but Just GRK is better, albeit with a much more limited menu.
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