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  1. Well that's an interesting take. What about the physically fit elderly or sick? Fuck them for being old and/or unlucky?
  2. That's what I've assumed. I've seen it phrased that way both with or without underlying conditions but it seems like the most common phrase. Thus, I always took that to mean someone in a COVID-ICU on a ventilator or otherwise very sick that succumbed.
  3. South Korea is the Bama of Coronavirus. I would just be happy if America could get bowl eligible.
  4. I guess I don't understand how you arrived at your opinion Are you 100% focusing on America (or Texas?) to form your opinion that 'it is what it is'. Because if you haven't noticed we literally are the laughing stock of the rest of the developed world. How much better would we be off with early/consistent messaging on masking (and a population with fewer morons) combined with a WWII effort for N95 mask production so that private citizens actually had access. That was feasible. Instead, we completely wasted the shutdown and didn't fix testing, contact tracing, mask production, or adhere to any sort of a plan. We opened up this summer pushing all of our chips in betting on this being highly seasonal and simply not spreading during the summer. That's it. That was the plan.
  5. Then how has literally every single other developed country (not to mention some of the poor countries in Asia) managed to start reopening without "delaying the inevitable"? There are ways to open back up safely. Hell, the CDC developed a plan to do just that. But instead we decided to go "Murica fuck yeah" and barge ahead. So we certainly ripped the band aid off, and if you are that kind of guy, great. But it will almost certainly delay economic recovery in the 3rd and 4th quarter, prevent kids from going back to school and result in no college football. So congrats?
  6. Dallas keeps chugging along at +1201 cases and 10 new deaths.
  7. I've kind of assumed all along there is absolute zero consistency as to what is considered an underlying condition.
  8. Where was this? Probably a good idea to find best options just in case. The public testing here appears to be an absolute shit show.
  9. Agreed. It seems like probably around an average 7 day look back (for confirmed hospitalization data as well).
  10. Damn. Dallas stays over 1000 for 6th straight day + 16 new deaths.
  11. Man dealing with this right now on such a larger scale. My wife's cousin is apparently full speed ahead on her damn wedding in a few days. 100+ people are supposed to attend. We'll see how many actually show but you know damn well the ones that do show are the exact people you would want to avoid. My wife is the fucking maid of honor. I'm sure her cousin regrets that at this point as my wife hasn't been overly supportive and skipped the "bachelorette party" as COVID was starting to ramp up. The fucked up thing is I think a big part of what's driving this, beyond their MAGA belief that everything is a hoax and fake news and 'just a flu' (and that is all real belief, don't get me started, the brainwashing is truly something to witness first hand if you don't know people like this), is that the bride's younger brother passed unexpectedly several months back. So that family is needing a "win" or "happy day" so much they are flat refusing to acknowledge any risk. The even sadder part is I'm pretty convinced the brother would have absolutely been the voice of reason calling bullshit on this if he were alive. In any event, there are numerous very high risk family members attending this. Again, from what I can tell, with little concern. It all really blows my mind. I'm pretty much refusing to go. Both on pure principle, and from the practical perspective that we reduce our chances if both aren't there, and if my wife gets it, at least we can hopefully stagger being sick while taking care of our kids since obviously grandparents can't help when in COVID quarantine. Even if nothing happens the pure selfishness of it (I haven't even mentioned the comments I've seen they made mad about out of town friends and family that backed out) will probably result in some significant resentment from me indefinitely. And probably even from my wife who is much, much nicer than me.
  12. I'll be pretty shocked at this point if there is anything in place beyond the order issued last week. At least not unless things get really dicey. I'll give some credit to Abbot for the order last week as he no doubt took some blow back from the MAGA's even though it is essentially non-enforceable and has way too many politically convenient exceptions. But going forward, I don't really expect much else. Looking at it from a local level in Dallas, Jenkins is grandstanding sending letters to Abbot requesting power to implement another full shutdown as well. I say it's grandstanding because as I understand it, Jenkins no longer has the authority to make decisions unilaterally, rather, it has to go through the commissioners court (and the letter was sent without discussing with the commissioners) Of course, the R county commissioner called him out on the grandstanding and otherwise bitched and moaned about the lack of process, while, of course refusing to take any actual substantive position on whether he supports additional measures (i.e., he doesn't want political backlash of agreeing with the Jenkins). It was noticeable the R commissioner was anti-mask requirement when Jenkins supported it but then turned pro once Abbot implemented. Shocker. And then we have Abbot, who is now bitching at local leaders to enforce his perfectly good order instead of requesting additional authority (even though he knows damn well his order isn't really enforceable). In sum, I fully expect every elected official, both D and R, to continue to do and say what they think is best for them politically, without actually accomplishing anything, as is par for the course.
  13. Dallas is +1,214 cases and 6 deaths. They don't share detailed hospitalization data until tomorrow (and the Friday data is always better) but the screen shots of the trend lines for "suspected COVID" hospital admits, ICU and ER visits is not good.
  14. So what are thoughts behind Houston's more positive updates as of late? Do we think people there started taking it more seriously before the rest of the State since numbers in Houston seemed to start peaking a week or so before everywhere else? Is there currently adequate testing in place or could lack of tests/delayed results be masking the actual positvity rate? We touched on this some, but I'm a little concerned that's about to start happening in Dallas given the publicity over long testing lines and long backlog.
  15. Just checked out the Dallas Friday release of hospitalization data. The Hospitalization jump is pretty unreal. Over the past 4 weeks admits have gone from 173, to 227, to 268 to 355 (for the week ending 6/27). I can't imagine things will be any better once we get data next Friday for week ending today. The only good news is so far we haven't seen a similar jump in ICU admissions. Let's hope that trend continues. I think that is the number to focus on over the next couple of weeks. https://www.dallascounty.org/Assets/uploads/docs/hhs/2019-nCoV/COVID-19 DCHHS Summary_070320.pdf
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