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  1. LOL. This reminded me of another point that pissed me off recently. Was at f'n Disney on ice with the family last week. The arena is at like 20% capacity. There is nobody in row in front or behind me. Nearest person to me was probably 12 feet away. They are selling beer so I have a beer. And I have some damn usher (in the middle of the show) yell at me for not wearing a mask while my kid is in lap and beer in my free hand. I point to my beer and she says I could only take mask off to sip the beer. I mean give me a break. First of all, I'm fully vaccinated and I'm sure many others
  2. The continued fear mongering shit is what is getting me. Watched one of the national news shows last night and big headlines on the "Fourth Surge" and some public official (not federal govt, some local guy from midwest or NE) saying we could be weeks away from hospitals being overrun again, etc. I mean absent vaccines not working against a variant or a variant causing more severe cases in younger population that's pretty much statistically impossible at this point given where we are in the vaccination process. Why can't people just make the point that it would be a shame to get sick or d
  3. Does anyone actually think this wasn't known in the coaching and Agent circles for a while now? Roy didn't just drop this bomb on UNC today. I guarantee every Agent knew this was a possibility for weeks and knew it was happening definitively for days now. Cmon people.
  4. We did Cochon Butcher (Muffaleta); Sidecar for a drink and craw daddys (just ok, not enough spice IMO) then R'evolution on Friday followed by Rebirth Jazz at Howlin Wolf (opening night), Atchafalaya/Bulldog/Joey K's Breakfast/booze/lunch combo, Frenchman St. day drinking (Jazz band playing in street and 1 bar had a live band going, their first show in a year); Restaurant Rebirth Dinner (I need to go back more sober + ran out of pork chop which I really wanted to try) then Felix's Sunday right before trip home. All in a great damn time and good welcome back to post-Covid world. From peop
  5. This. Once we hit the point where anyone that wants a vaccine has easy access to one, which is probably only 4-6 weeks away, there is going to be zero appetite for continued restrictions.
  6. Skipper

    Poona Ford

    Probably been said in this thread (maybe even by me) but Poona is the case and point that sometimes you just have to wonder WTF NFL front offices are thinking when evaluating prospects. I can't fathom watching Poona play and college and think he wasn't worthy of a draft pick. I would have bet a large sum of money when he went undrafted that barring injury he would be on an NFL roster.
  7. I'm not surprised that it's been a shit show in Europe outside of Germany. Surprised they are fucking this up as well.
  8. Badass. Thanks for posting. Just snagged a pair for Rebirth Friday
  9. Thanks. Sidecar looks interesting. I'll be with my wife so outdoor (preferred assuming decent weather) with a decent cocktail menu or semi decent champagne (probably a must) will be required for her to be cool with spending our first trip in 16+ months watching games for any material length of time (i.e., Irish Pubs likely out). Also may be walking around the quarter so I'm sure we will end up just popping in here and there.
  10. What about tourney game watching spots next weekend? I've been to Mannings during CFB and didn't stay long. I'm sure a different scene during COVID but it was too crowded and bartenders sucked. 1 drink and we were out. Ended up watching a game at Chart Room but don't think any kind of multi-tv setup. Thoughts on MRB? Pretty sure I've had a drink in patio there and remember TV's. Decent TV setup at that Side Car spot that was posted on the prior page?
  11. Atchafalaya brunch has been our favorite meal each of our last 2 trips. It's awesome. We'll be there again a week from tomorrow.
  12. Haha. Same here. Although for such a short trip I don't think I'm even mad about the 11PM curfew. My ass is getting too old and I would inevitably stay up too late Friday night and feel like shit Saturday.
  13. Looks like New Orleans just announced moving to a 'modified' Phase 3 on Friday which means additional capacity at restaurants and bars. I didn't see anything about closing times changing and not sure exactly what that means for live music. Anyone on the ground there keep us apprised as I'm heading that way on the 19th.
  14. The counties running these mega wait list need to start figuring out a way to proactively take people "off" the list that already got shots elsewhere so they can better manage it. Tarrant County pinged me via text and I responded take me off the list. Then I got the same dam email 2 days later. Lord knows how much time is wasted offering appointments to people that are already set. I assume the "actual" Dallas County list is significantly less than 50% of those that signed up considering I'm sure everyone in the metroplex signed up in Dallas.
  15. The idiocy in this country across every part of the political spectrum never ceases to amaze me.
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