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  1. Is Trump, with his love for fast food, some beacon of health? That's not Trump's dagger against Bernie. Socialism is.
  2. The back and forth on medical records seems dumb There is clearly a risk that any of Trump, Biden, Bernie, Bloomberg croak or have major medical issues during the next 5 years. It would be one thing if the incumbent was in his 40's or 50's but is that really going to change anyone's vote? Non-issue.
  3. Agreed regarding Texas Live. if still here during NCAA tournament, I'm sure it's packed, but a fantastic TV setup. Up there with the better Vegas sports books. Definitely the best I've seen in Texas.
  4. Yeah, I can't tell if it's 'night terrors' or just nightmares/wakes up scared of the dark. There have been times when he's out of it but for the most part he's generally pretty 'aware'. He doesn't elaborate as to why or what made him sad/scared but he is sure as hell awake enough to plead for more milk and/or for one of us to lay with him (or more often than not if I check on him, to "go get mama").
  5. Do Millionaires deserve the same? $10MM Net Worth? $100MM? Just want to make sure I know where the cutoff is.
  6. I think it drives Trump crazy that "Mini Mike" was infinitely more successful, and more respected, in the business community than Trump. I think Bloomberg is actually the only one that can really get under Trump's skin. Because at least in the business world, he actually is what Trump pretends to be.
  7. Not really a politics take, but I used to think that idea was really dumb. But after becoming educated on the impact of shit nutrition on society at large (diabetes among other things), I would absolutely be on board with taxing the hell out of highly processed products with exorbitant amounts of added sugar to subsidize healthcare
  8. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that didn't want the Trump nativist revolution and don't want to replace that with the polar opposite socialist revolution. I think a lot of people that vote for Bloomberg would probably be fine with Biden/Klobuchar/Pete but will be convinced Bloomberg most likely to rise out of that pack, and yes, actually beat Trump.
  9. Yeah, this isn't just some "Democratic establishment conspiracy". It's clear Trump and his team want Bernie to win. Could they be wrong, sure, but pretty obvious Trump and the R machine thinks that Bernie stacks the odds heavily in Trump's favor.
  10. Does a Bloomberg voter seem like the type of person that needs to attend a large cult-like rally with like minded individuals convinced a politician is going to solve all of their problems? Of course he's not someone that's going to attract massive crowds. Bloomberg voters likely (i) vote on a regular basis and (ii) have a life and don't need everyone in the world to know which candidate they prefer.
  11. Yeah, speaking of tantrums and locking doors, etc., of course when our almost 1 year old girl finally starts sleeping consitently, our 3 year old boy is waking up freaked out all the damn time. It started occasionally prior to Christmas but it's basically every single night now. Just wakes up anywhere from 11PM to 4 AM (sometimes multiple times) scared of something (nightmares?). Who knows. He can't really explain what he's scared of. But it's driving us crazy. We've tried different things (comfort, crying it out, milk, night lights, etc.) but haven't been consistent so a lot of it is on us I'm sure. My wife is calling some sleep consultant someone recommended to her today. I'll gladly pay for a plan that works even if this is just a short phase. Anyone else go through this?
  12. So has there been any more news about the 14 'asymptomatic' Americans that were on the cruise ship and now in quarantine in the US? If most remain asymptomatic, that seems to be a pretty positive sign for the overall impact even if it does spread here. But if those people were asymptomatic 2-3 days after testing positive for the virus, and most end up getting symptoms days later, it seems to imply it will be pretty damn hard to stop the spread.
  13. Personal responsibility is so mainstream bro.
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