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  1. Seriously. You would expect an OC to leave before a non-playoff bowl game. We're talking analysts? Yeah, it aint that.
  2. Sling doesn't have Fox Sports Southwest though right? That's far more important to my viewing than LHN.
  3. Pretty sure he already hired Dillingham (Auburn)
  4. Rodriguez: First Year as a coordinator in 19 years last year at Ole Miss. Never been a big fan. No thanks. Moorehead: The head coach at MSU? You expect a SEC HC to be interested in coordinator jobs? Yost: Decent run as a Mizzou coordinator then pac 12 position coach before landing at Tech. Don't hate it but think we can do better. Elliot: Pretty sure this guy just went from Clemson Co-OC to sole OC. You expect someone to leave a job with an absolutely loaded offense, no conference competition and tons of stability (not to mention in a prime position to get a HC job) to come roll the dice with Herman? Good luck. Ludwig: Vandy 3 years then 1 year at Utah. Don't hate it but not at top of my list. Also from Utah and probably trying to make his career out west. Doesn't seem like a fit. In sum, yeah, I still think Harrell is our best bet if we can land him.
  5. Great! Give us some names. We're on pins and needles here.
  6. LOL. Name these "proven power 5" coaches we should money whip.
  7. Was it JD or this cheap ass ownership? I mean they won't even pay for real grass. All while gouging the fans at new park.
  8. Can't believe CSU settled on Addazio. Wow. Also lots of noise Kiffen is targeting Lebby (at UCF) as his OC.
  9. This shit Anwar writes makes me believe that either (1) he's a moron that has zero idea how the coaching business works or (2) is a Herman mouthpiece lazily trying to concoct stories as cover if/when GH turns him down so he can put it out there that we never offered. I've been leaning towards 2 but honestly 1 is equally plausible.
  10. Right. Because hamstring injuries are just something you can fight through. SMH
  11. Norvell already hired Dillingham. Which seems to imply he wasn't at the top of Norvell's board.
  12. I can't remember if it became public or not but he played hurt in the LSU game and that probably fucked up his season. Once it was reinjured not sure what extent he could have played but I wouldn't think he had a shot until Tech. Would be great if he played but no doubt he's being advised to stay on the shelf until the Senior Bowl. Being healthy for that week of practice is way more important to his career than the Alamo Bowl.
  13. I meant that if he hears through his agent circles that a current HC may take one of those jobs, and he's interested in that job opening, he may hold up for that opening. But doesn't seem like there will be many more dominoes to fall at this point.
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