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  1. So to piggyback on some of this discussion upthread, I'm in the process of designing an outdoor kitchen. I already have a Big Joe for smoking. I was planning on getting this '30 inch electric (https://www.legriddle.com/le-griddle-electric/) and pairing with a small built in gas grill. But now I'm wondering if I really need both. If you already have charcoal option for large cooks, is there anything you feel like you prefer cooking on a gas grill? Wondering if I might should just do a larger griddle instead of both.
  2. Having slept on it, it's easier to appreciate what a great run that was. Those guys lived a pretty miserable existence in the bubble without friends or family for months and brought us all a ton of sports joy in a miserable year. Playoff hockey is just the best. The crazy ass Colorado Game 7 probably the highlight for me. Calgary game 6, Vegas game 5 and Tampa Game 5 up there as well. So many great moments.
  3. Damn, can't believe the run is over. Was a good one. Just overmatched with so many guys out. Game 4 screw job will haunt us but Tampa definitely a deserving Champ.
  4. If we do somehow come back from this we're winning the whole fucking thing. Let's go.
  5. $85 each OBO. Will probably put on stubhub later tonight or tomorrow AM but thought I would list here first.
  6. Our kids started back to preschool after labor day. Of course not even 3 weeks in my son wakes up late last week with a mild fever (99.7, that went away in less than 24 hours). Everything about this says 'cold' that has spread through the family. Like every minor cold you have ever had and no COVID specific symptoms like loss of taste/smell, etc. Everyone pretty much feels fine now except my wife who is still congested. But we felt like the right thing to do was get tested before sending kids back. Rapid tests were negative, as expected. Official results not back for a couple of days but I'm fine sending kids back once no longer snotty. But I think this kind of made us realize (and we hadn't thought about it previously) that we're probably going to deal with multiple rounds of tests this year. I mean kids that age are going to get colds at the same rapid clip they always have (maybe even moreso after not being exposed to germs for months). I hope other parents do the same (but lets be real, many won't).
  7. Anyone else still drained after that Horns and Stars game back to back? What a crazy Sports Saturday.
  8. Hintz out tonight. Fantastic. So fitting we lost another player to a hit where 2 penalties should have been called and refs swallowed their whistle.
  9. Not to mention I'm sitting on a Stars +1500 ticket I bought in Vegas in February that pays out $2400. Had half forgotten about it. Fuck. Let's win tomorrow and get to Monday. And if Bishop is fucking healthy you absolutely have to play him. Dobby is tired and frankly lost his magic.
  10. Everything about that game was absolute bullshit. As was the first period of the last game where we got behind. The officiating this series has been an absolute fucking disgrace. Not only was that last call absolute horseshit but there was at least 5 missed on us throughout the game far more egregious than the soccer player flop shit we got called for. Fuck these refs. Fuck the NHL. And fuck Twitter (for banning me for 12 hours after I told Cameron McGruder to Fucking Kill Himself)
  11. Got me Texas-OU tickets today. Surprised I made the cut. Fired up.
  12. Seguin has to feel cursed. He's had some good shots and good looks. Whiffing on that dribbling puck that bounced on him last game is the epitome of puck luck we haven't had yet. He hasn't been 100% obviously but I feel like 1 goal will be a massive weight off his shoulders.
  13. Shapiro with an interesting article today with the opinion that IF Bishop is healthy, he should start game 4. Would be a ballsy move in what is pretty much a must-win game but I kind of like it. With the massive caveat that it obviously only works if Bishop is ready to go. I know Bownes took a lot of grief for starting Bishop in the Avs game but the rest of the team was a complete no show and hung him out to dry. Everyone else has to bring their A game tonight in order to win no matter who is at goal.
  14. Down 2-1 isn't some massive mountain. We were down 2-1 in both Series in 2019 and won the next 2 in both. Same with Calgary this year. We can grab the momentum back on Friday and carry it over into Saturday. Tampa is a good team, probably the better team, but they have flat out gotten the breaks so far in this series. Have to hope that puck luck and the timely (poor) officiating evens out some.
  15. How does anyone think this shit helps? I don't know of a single person that gets these and isn't annoyed.
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