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  1. I am feeling more and more this move is all about the CL... Outside of Liverpool and maybe Barca i dont see really any team that Spurs wouldnt feel like they have a good chance against City, beat them last year( with lots of craziness) Bayern...will see how 2nd match goes and wont face them first knockout rd Psg,real,juventus....meh Will be an interesting draw for sure Of course spurs have to play well under mo but if there is improvement they have the talent
  2. Not sure either guess it will be decided tomorrow...sky sports said they were out...on the lfc reddit one thread says they weren't part of full training just the early non-contact stuff Pics ive seen show everyone wearing those black sport sensors except robbo, gini and salah We should be able to handle palace with them resting but we'll find out
  3. Will be very interesting to see what mourinho does with spurs....crazy longshot i would think at the moment but they were in the CL final last year if mourinho somehow wins it that would cement him as one of the best ever...3 CL wins with 3 clubs
  4. Before i got to this i was thinking how i could interject to give you all the showdown you crave lol
  5. Not epl....but wonder if he is still available after the season if Barca would like him to replace valverde...not sure if they would want to switch during season and risk CL while Instituting new system If bayern doesnt scoop him up...
  6. He will be highly sought after...not a good move for the spurs
  7. Read the whole thread and think i saw only 2 chickpea/hummus recs....1 cup of chickpeas provides roughly 33% of your protein needs for the day. One of my standards is a can of chickpeas tossed in some evoo and red curry spice then pan roasted in cast iron...add in some onion, bell pepper and dig in
  8. Blue Goose Cantina coming to the old breadwinners spot in university park village( across street from old south pancake) Have had the grapevine location and its nothing to really recommend...standard OTB texmex with worse salsa. Drink specials are ok and sure it will be full of tcu students for 2$ margs on tuesday Just a fyi but if anybody hits it up and feels different let the rest know. Ill stick with numerous better options we already have.See if they get added to list of closed restaurants in 2020/21
  9. I would vote for Saigon and Hanoi....but i havent been to Bangkok yet Saigon is very walkable imo...only took one bike ride when i was drunk and lost lol Hanoi is much bigger and old quarter is walkable but other sites are a bit farther. You will be able to eat all you want very very cheap....not sure if ya'll have a fear of getting sick but i ate everything i saw and never had a problem. Just stick to places you see locals packed in. Said it many many times but your best tasting meals will be on the street from my experience. 3 or 4 days in saigon and hanoi will be a good starting point and i would squeeze in ha long bay as 1/2 day trip from hanoi....2 weeks is good but might be rushed with bangkok thrown in
  10. Thats why i capitalized but...
  11. Not going to lie the longer this streak goes the more nervous i get...everton have gone 18 matches without beating liverpool. Thats the longest in series history of course. Its been since October 2010, so i wouldnt be shocked if they throw a wrench in the plans this year. They are super hungry for a win....BUT are they good enough
  12. Looks like everyone was having fun yesterday.... Var isnt working well and it does kill the celebration like cheese mentioned. Offsides... lasers lined up across pitch paired with a computer for processing info? Pretty sure lasers are used for baseball exit velocity and that stuff on tv; so just gotta find a way to tweak it possibly to fit....or im talking batshit craziness
  13. Im going check the standings everyday during break just so i can see city in 4th
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