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  1. Big time play there.... Clemson needs a stop first 2nd half possession and points after or it might be over
  2. Good game so far....clemson punter making case for mvp like dickson
  3. I dont really hate lsu even though they were dicks during our matchup....just hoping for a good game. Go Tigers!!!!!
  4. That bean shape of red at the bottom....that was me lol
  5. Lucky...had hail and heavy rain ....from talking to brother in law it was about 5 miles from my place I have solar power so im good though
  6. Tornado was south of fort worth in benbrook/ crowley area by 1187...power out far as i can see out in the country Be safe
  7. Really surprised he hasnt done well as klopp seemed to like him a lot....still lots of time for him though
  8. Was just saying in liverpool thread that i think ya'll play better without him...timing is horrible though with CL but he might make it back for 2nd leg for ya'll
  9. Harry Kane out until possibly march...hamstring
  10. Harry Kane out until possibly March....see what MO brings against us now...they play better without Kane imo
  11. Im with 406....i dont want to lose streak with a weakened squad Plus this is the year for trophies so send the A team out there one more time and then afterwards its one game a week until late February.
  12. 13 pts clear with a game in hand....one full calendar year without a league defeat Heres hoping 2020 is a little better than 2019 #YNWA
  13. I always liked messi over ronaldo...honestly im sure some of it has to do with the teams CR7 played for. I also think messi plays the harder position and creates more than ronaldo while also scoring pretty much the same amount goals. I would have to get on google and dbl check but thats my initial thought.
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