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  1. Not true at all...im ok with the 1-0 result going back to Anfield That doesnt mean the refs werent garbage...look at the salah foul or when ox was pulled in the penalty box I never blamed refs...i said they were the worst i've seen in ages
  2. Told my buddy's i want milner to be subbed on and start wrecking those pansies....worst refs i have seen in ages
  3. I didnt see the manu/chelsea game yesterday but i doubt the refs could've been worse than the ones in liverpool game today Worst shit refs i have seen in years and still only 1-0 on atletico getting every call and a lucky bounce
  4. Liverpool will get 1 or 2 2nd half....still cant believe they called foul on salah when he stole ball...coulda been a easy cross to firmino/mane to equalize
  5. Liverpool back where it ended last year.....2-0 again please Go Reds!!!
  6. I mean didnt that happen to rangers,juventus...see if english fa has the balls
  7. If your still flying out of Saigon on the way back i would stick with what you got instead of reversing it...save ya time from going back and forth If you just do roundtrip from hanoi then go for it as you will have the big cities bookend on the trip either way
  8. I would say just do the puppet show...its one of their cultural hallmarks dating back to the 11th century I did the lotus water puppet theatre in hanoi It is right by old district/french quarter so you'll be down there anyways...whats one hour to check it off the list
  9. If we win next match that will tie city's record of 18...
  10. If we win next week that will tie city's record of 18..... Also will put us in a tie for 2nd for consecutive games with a goal scored at 36 games(record is 55, arsenal)
  11. What a run..... With the city news it means LFC clinched CL spot with win today....its freakin February,lol And its 5 wins if city doesnt drop any points...lets see how they respond after the news
  12. Yup fuck city....everyone will be putting in transfer request this summer i think Hopefully they go away for a long while
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