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  1. Hell of a few days...let's celebrate by crushing Chelsea tomorrow
  2. Only a good move if it's because we are getting thiago.... Can roll with fab,naby and hendo until thiago is ready 2nd half of season( full grasp of system)....plus jones,ox, Milner as depth
  3. I'm with cheese on the transfer fee being to low....are we passed the window on the % increase Barca has to pay for liverpool players? 20 mil seems low for gini
  4. That team was amazing......I wanted that liverpool vs ajax match; would've been amazing Liverpool would've won though(bias) It's all moot now, but I dont see how they dont win CL if they stayed together for 3 years or so
  5. -3.....I didnt see anybody worry about the klopp to Barca rumors a week ago. Not sure why anybody would be worried about mane or Salah leaving one of the 4 teams in Europe right now that have legitimate CL title Hope's for Barca right now
  6. Extra time or straight to pk's
  7. I get that...but if it doesn't happen we'll be fine Hendo should be fine unless he got another knock I'm unaware of. I'm assuming we will still have gini so we dont have a lot of room. Plus im fine with putting Jones in if we get stretched that far
  8. #6 #19....fuck'em let them spend big 97pts and 99pts last two years....why be upset when the cake is baked and we are going after trophies We had very good chance at #7 if adrian didnt go braindead for 2 mins
  9. I could be wrong.....but I thought the coutinho +5mil was proven false if he wins it with Bayern Was one of my secondary reasons for rooting for psg as liverpool wont benefit at all
  10. So we are all in agreement then......
  11. Think I'm going to have to go for PSG for the sole selfish reason as I want liverpool to be ahead of Bayern in total CL wins Tough choice....
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