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  1. Lets wait until the city issue runs through the appeals....2 team parade in august???
  2. Yup him and robbo are mf basically with klopps system...keep it as is How many times we going to have this brought up
  3. Wrong thread....karting should be in motorsports thread
  4. Any interest in a cheap deal for Kirkpatrick... I would like that move for depth and cover if we also draft a cb
  5. Also the full 05 CL final is on the LFC reddit page...interesting tidbit on the broadcast Lfc was 4-0 vs teams in white kits in CL finals(5-0) after the game Currently 6-2 against white kits in CL finals (milan,madrid)
  6. Agave nectar is a must like a few others said.... If you want to get fancy add some orange zest, cinnamon and thin it out with a little water....let that sit for a day Then mix you up a margarita and i think i saw it mentioned earlier but i also add a splash of oj Fancy margarita like pic up thread...infuse tequila with 2 jalapenos and 1 grilled pineapple Let sit for 2 days 2oz infused tequila .5 oz jazzed up agave .25 oz lime juice .5 oz pineapple juice Tajin salt Sweet and spicy margarita
  7. Corralejo, ambhar, and milagro are all good tequilas in middle tier
  8. Holy shit thats awful.... In uplifting news YNWA was played on the radio all across europe as a response to corona outbreak
  9. Foles traded to bears....so thats out for cam
  10. Cowboys give me all the chaos i need lol
  11. I wasnt saying thats the only need or first need...just that i dont think you can say he wont win another SB as of right now Weren't they 1 game away from winning the division and getting a bye.....
  12. So in other news....who still needs a qb? Cam to chargers?....pats?
  13. Probably true, but i wouldnt count him out just yet....get him a stud wr and with his scrambling ability they could catch lightning in a bottle again
  14. Has it been 5 years already since seattle won?
  15. Yeah because paying for a 30 year old cb over a 27 year old you drafted in the 1st rd is exactly what this FO will do The jones hate from some is ridiculous...like others have mentioned how many cb left our scheme and suddenly started grabbing ints Ints aint the end all be all either... Jones is an above avg cb that we let walk and will have trouble filling the hole left in the d Harris wont be some bargain...
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