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  1. Rough day...if only we had a time machine, woulda sold at 350$ and then reloaded today
  2. I would say the "currently shit company" is not accurate. They paid off debt, refreshed board with top talent from Amazon,chewy and announced new CEO and CFO. I would say currently they are looking pretty strong.
  3. That was the theory being thrown around...so not the best news for that. I'm on free shares so I'll hold a bit longer and see what happens. If it drops to far guess I'll be stuck with shares until the transformation is complete and it takes off
  4. 500, pfft....once the 8k comes out and we see the votes we'll find out how high this goes
  5. I've been in it...not sure if mentioned but they also announced a new medical branch "Symbios" the other day. In other news CLF is having another nice run...after my options expired of course
  6. Buckle up... Meeting is adjourned Ryan Cohen June 9, 2021 [emoji573][emoji573][emoji573][emoji573]
  7. Or maybe it's the year of the squeezes...gamma and short
  8. That would be problematic but you would have to be dumb to be in that spot. If you read up on other squeezes(Volkswagen, overstock,etc) you will see it's not a quick event. So you should be able to sell close to the peak, hopefully. We will know more after votes are announced in a week or so. Will give idea to how many shorts are still floating around out there
  9. Well first of all for the 2nd point...a short position has to be closed at some point. That's why squeezes work, a short is obligated to buy shares to close position. For the first point.. Berkshire trades at 434k currently, there is plenty of money in the market to cover.
  10. The "squeeze" isnt looking that squoze these days.....
  11. Looks to be still green on my ticker...
  12. Highest gme has been since January....
  13. Hope so, still got my calls for January and shares after reading a post in March[emoji106] Also if you recall I was asking if we expect all of uranium stocks to see a bump... Dennison mines is up 22.7% this month, I might sell tomorrow or this week and take my gains as it's just a side piece
  14. Still hasn't went above where I sold at so not sure what I would be mad about
  15. Just cancel it....this would be 4th one in 6 years, seems a bit excessive...let the players rest.
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