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  1. Get out of the left lane! I kid, but y'all fuckers are hauling ass down 35, I know that.
  2. He did not like talking about the National Guard.
  3. Sounds like you learned how to fuck from the internet.
  4. Yarbr

    Truck Nuts

    Mountains are a different ballgame entirely. Yeah, turbos work much better.
  5. Everyone one i know, including me, got a free subscription some how. #long is right.
  6. I just caught up starting Aug 20th and this downfall is like a screenplay. I find it hard to believe someone in your position hasn't seeked out medical care. No offense man, it's just hard to process/believe. To add, I entered rehab via ambulance.
  7. The boat was 20 yards off the shore so I somewhat understand how the crew got lazy. Did a 60 hour tuna trip out of San Diego that had this set up with 20, and there were always at least 2 awake. After trolling and catching for long ass hours straight those bunks are extremely comfortable. RIP, shitty way to go.
  8. Really no way to regulate the thc vape stuff I would think.
  9. I feel Surly makes me a better electronic communicator. I write emails and such like I post on here. I'm hypersensitive to errors thinking I will be ridiculed like when I fuck up a post on here. First post on the shag was "god shaggy is awesome" and skipperj responded he'd like to meet this god shaggy I speak of.
  10. Dr Paul John. Not on Aetna anymore, so not sure on that aspect. He is fantastic for me.
  11. I dont remember exactly, it was 25 years ago. I do remeber he was fighting everything and beating himself to death on my buddies parent's pool table. There was also a lot of growling. I think hot cigs are going wayside by the time my 12 year old hits high school, unless the govt has something to say about it. My generation will be the last to smoke tobacco regularly.
  12. I had a friend smoke a wet joint once. He completely flipped out and the only way I got him to calm down was giving him a piece of turkey saying it was a human ear. In his fucked up narrative this made absolute sense and he chilled out for a bit.
  13. You talking about eboming fluid?
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