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  1. They have restrictions on live OTA broadcasts on Friday nights during the regular season. I think that anyone can broadcast post season games if they get UIL approval. Bally had Carthage/Gilmer last night.
  2. Good Night Oppy. Very enjoyable feel good documentary.
  3. Just the two of us this year. Cornish Game Hen, dressing and gravy. Dressing made from a Cajun friends old family recipe and tweaked a bit over the years.
  4. Looks like Gilmer/Carthage will be televised on BallySW Extra starting at 6 Friday.
  5. Long time ago… https://www.dirtbikes.com/rrick-sieman-barstow-vegas/
  6. I used to hang out with a bunch of Kiwis in Denton. Rugby players. Bunch of them shared a house and would do this every year in their back yard. Not sure what all was involved except for burlap and rocks and an insane amount of beer(rugby players). Shit was insanely good. Or maybe I was insanely drunk.
  7. Holy shit. CNN just interviewed the dude who took out the shooter. Very hard to watch.
  8. TexPx


    Thanks for the heads up. Picked up the Gauraldi at my nearby store yesterday but nothing else interesting. Out and about today and stopped at one across town and found some nice ones. Sale was supposed to end yesterday and they were ringing up at regular price at the electronics checkout. I pulled a “Karen” and pointed out to the Mgr. they still had the sign up so the gave me the sale price.
  9. Love off road racing. Dakar, Baja and WRC. Used to race dirt bikes so I love old footage of Barstow to Vegas and those Mojave Hare Scrambles.
  10. Started to go to that game but didn’t make it. Looks like Paris next Fri. 2PM. Lucky winner gets the Carthage/Gilmer winner.
  11. 4A D2 Aubrey beats Center Pleasant Grove beats Caddo Mills
  12. Holy crap. SOC recovers onside kick. Looks like the will hold on 42-37
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