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  1. Thanks! Know where I’m going tonight.
  2. Looks like Reykjavik only gets one minute of totality. Still, Iceland in August would be pretty awesome. Thinking about cashing in some miles. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/iceland/reykjavik?iso=20260812
  3. Just dropped on CNN about the Columbia shuttle last flight.
  4. Yeah that was very cool. Here it was like someone flipped the light switch. Then again as the first sliver reappeared, boom lights on.
  5. Predicted by Todd Rundgren in 1972…
  6. TexPx


    Georgia O’ Queef
  7. Well he did sign an executive order mandating classical architecture for DC federal buildings so he will probably want some changes made.
  8. TexPx


    My extended family could be extras in Gone With the Wind. Annis Clynese Gladys Li’l Mae Marypat Mildred Minnie Mae Ola Tillis
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