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  1. Given what Turner did with the state GOP, it made me search who is the Jacksonville, Fla. mayor and could he potentially make the same move against the national gop. Nope. He’s the former Florida gop chairman. His citizens will be allowed to die.
  2. 538’s generic ballot has Dems up 9%. At this point in 2018, it was Dems up 7.5%. A few months ago, most were thinking that Dems could at best lose a couple of House seats given that they performed so well in 2018, had few opportunities to gain, and had vulnerable races. Hell now they may pick up seats they lose by a couple of percentages in 2018. The only GOP left will be ones from the reddest Of red districts.
  3. They hold county convention in-person which then roll up to the statewide convention. I'm sure every state does. If you want to understand why they want to hold the statewide convention, here is their 3-hour virtual meeting to discuss. The "technical" skills, displayed in the first few minutes, of most of their exec council tells you why virtual would be a failure.
  4. Brooks Brothers filed for bankruptcy, and sounds like they just want to sell the company. I imagine there is some level of value in their name. They were my go-to office shirts for the past 15 years but now I rarely go to the office so t-shirts get me by most of the time. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/08/business/brooks-brothers-bankruptcy/index.html It could be a good buy for Amazon if they wanted to get into this market and have a presence in some malls and outlets.
  5. Here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_in_2020 check frequently for updates.
  6. Seriously, I would look for options that you can move on quickly. Go to New Zealand but be prepared to get out of their as needed. Remote learning for your kids would be key. Much depends on you can afford to spend. If you're doing this because of health concerns perhaps you might be willing to dip into savings for the short term. Hawaii would seem to be ideal right now. Low infection rate. Outdoor culture. Language won't be a problem. Not cheap though. Depending on your kids' ages, they might get their ass kicked from time to time by locals.
  7. I'm tempted to donate to Collins' opponent just because I've hated her actions on almost everything. I can at least respect the most far-right conservative Senator if he/she follows through on their statements and beliefs. I can strongly disagree with the statements or beliefs but at least they're reliable on how they act. Collins will say one thing and then act the opposite.
  8. Thanks for info. I also not a fan of delivery mainly I'm a control freak and hate waiting on someone driving food to my house. Didn't realize the DoorDash credit also worked for pickup. You just earned me $120.
  9. Given Trump's stance on confederate flags and given a percentage of his supporters, should GOP candidates be asked whether they support the Union or Confederate side? Until recently I think that would have been a stupid question. Not sure now.
  10. Someone should walk away from a clinic that is telling them it's 2 weeks for test results. I don't even know if the sample is still viable by that point. But regardless, you're working with a clinic that is not really helping the patient.
  11. I believe that some states have laws in place to replace faithless electors. Several states replaced electors in 2016 but I believe 7 electors were faithless and their votes were allowable. We all can understand that most likely 1 elector probably wouldn't impact an election but not impossible. 7 electors? There are many paths in which this could change the results or throw the election to the House of Reps.
  12. fair point. we also might have a drop in testing because people wanted to enjoy the weekend. "I have a cough and fever, but I will wait until Monday to get tested"
  13. I'm ok with winner take all, or the NE/ME method. The key is that an elector shouldn't be allowed to change the rules. The only scenario that faithless electors could be good is if there was determined to be a newly discovered problem with the President-elect and common agreement was to stop their inauguration. However that would seem to be less likely than an elector overturning their state's votes.
  14. Two views of Houston. New cases (greater Houston) look to be plateauing or dropping. But hospitalizations (Texas Med Center only) are up. If cases hopefully have plateaued or dropping, I assume the hospitalization could continue to grow for another week or so before we see a drop.
  15. 1 person shouldn't be allowed to overturn the will of 130m people. The electoral college itself can overturn the will of the national majority but that has been agreed in the past as acceptable. I don't think anyone meant for 1 person to decide the President. and if there was 1 year that would occur, it would be 2020. The EC vote should be ceremonial. Each state's secretary of state (or whatever role) should certify the election results, which are defined by law. Every part of this process should then be re-viewable by a court to ensure the law is being followed and prevent 1 person or group from disenfranchising the population.
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