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  1. These newer passenger vans visually appear to have a high center of gravity and could easily flip. Is that reality or just a perception?
  2. Read some talk last night about a "death cross" on the charts that spelled imminent doom for prices, and it sounds like China has continued their crackdown on mining. Personally I see the mining crackdown as good news. I don't have a problem with China having minings ops but they had too much as a pct of the total.
  3. @Angry Gorilla @Baboontyme @Da Fino @gsoda3 @henrygandorf @Here for Zed @huge @MonkeyDoughnut @Mr Bean @NOMAAA @PhillyD @SquishMitten @ZB'Tejas Monday racing Reasonable: https://zed.run/race/o9xkejlx https://zed.run/race/qzAtsv8F Red Bull: https://zed.run/race/RX1eEd4X https://zed.run/race/cU9HVHI https://zed.run/race/PB7oy2Vq
  4. Good point and comeback when someone is complaining how they have to spend their own money when the govt used to do a perfectly good job. Republicans do think that people know how to spend their own money better than the govt. Start hitting that credit card.
  5. Whatever happened to the railroads just sending in the pinkertons to “convince” locals to give up their property for the good of the state? I assume that the landowners will attempt to tie this up in federal court next.
  6. Bitcoin mining is only worthwhile at scale if you can get electricity rates down to a few cents or less. Just because Abbott wants them here means nothing unless he can reduce their power costs. I guarantee a large mining operations would be worried about the recent ercot problems.
  7. Anyone know anything about this? I've received a maintenance notification for a couple of days now. I figure they're putting in some much needed improvements, or they just packed up and ran off with their money.
  8. Chronicle article detailing additional, hidden costs to the February high costs: govts or public institutions spent billions in gas and electricity overages. This was or will be a transfer of tax dollars from you and I to the electricity generators. As an example, UT-Austin paid $3.6m for natural gas in Feb '21 when the Feb '20 cost was 900K. These costs will ultimately be passed down to taxpayers or consumers, depending on the organization. The sad part is that no one in the state govt is agreeing that deregulation failed, or at the the implementation of it failed in Feb. The poi
  9. Herb Tarlek is a hard worker, loyal husband, ah, all around fine person
  10. @Baboontyme @Da Fino @gsoda3 @henrygandorf @Here for Zed @huge @MonkeyDoughnut @Mr Bean @NOMAAA @PhillyD @SquishMitten @ZB'Tejas @Angry Gorilla I will get some races going soon but I think Zed is down for maintenance.
  11. No tinnitus but I can't decipher conversations if there is noise around me. I'm the dude at the 10 person restaurant table that can only understand what the 2 people near are saying. I've been tested and I can hear sounds very well and at low levels, but my brain can't follow one conversation. If I'm at a concert or nightclub, it isn't a big problem because everyone has to yell to talk. Restaurants and parties are the worst. It's a quality of life problem as I want to avoid crowds because of it. COVID also taught me that I was partially dependent on reading lips when talking with s
  12. Found a John Oliver clip from several years ago. He mentions (@ 10:10 mark) that the IRS can audit a church, and at that point they had audited 3 churches in 3 years. The takeaway being that a church can be used to funnel money to individuals and they most likely will never get caught by anyone. Especially if they're successful.
  13. I can't recall any discussion in Houston about a long term plan to bury electric/phone/internet lines. You would think they would at least put a plan in place to bury 1% of the above-ground equipment each year. That's a 100 year plan but at least it's a start. Hell, even cherry pick the areas that would be the easiest to convert.
  14. A buddy of mine is from England but lives in Houston. He had mentioned that his parents thought the US looked like India with all of the above ground power lines. The newer suburbs of Houston do look better without power lines everywhere.
  15. I was the same. the collector score confused me somewhat and I didn't have the time/desire to start buying more moments just to get the chance of winning the holo pack that still costs $200+. If I had to buy 4 or 5 moments to get over the top, I would have. I wasn't going to buy 40+. I've already been burnt too much with Top Shot.
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