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  1. This entire Ukraine episode shows the complete failure of the Trump foreign policy. We have 1000s of hard-working people that are working to further interests across the world, but Trump could care less. I seriously doubt that he even has a clue about any of our foreign policy goals. It is within the President's powers to change goals whenever. However if you can't adequately communicate your goals and follow a coherent process, then the actual chance of hitting any goal (good or bad) is low. My guess is that the Trump organization ran in a similar fashion but it was fewer projects and people involved so they could limit the damage that Trump causes. It's also possible that he was more effective in his younger days.
  2. good point. Starr will still most likely walk the line that he doesn't think that a crime occurred, and if even if that is proven to be true, it doesn't rise to the level of removing a president. That level being on a president lying about sex.
  3. The evidence is subject to reasonableness. Do you think that Trump, or any leader in politics or business, speaks in 100% absolutes? We all interpret what people say, and people are still held responsible. Do you think that every person ever convicted of telling a subordinate to commit a crime, had to explicitly make the request in order to be convicted?
  4. Good point. Is it really Trump's fault that Giuliani and Sondland don't have a decent sense of humor when Trump told them to exchange a Biden investigation for $400 million of tax payer dollars. It's obvious to everyone else that Trump wasn't being serious.
  5. No because every GOP politician is afraid of the backlash from the hardcore Trump supporters. It's possible that some GOP senators, not up for re-election and in a red state, could at least acknowledge some concerns about Trump's behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if more GOP politicians start to give fewer and fewer comments in support of Trump. They might claim that they have other work to attend to so they can't comment on individual testimony they didn't see or read yet.
  6. if the sondland news gets too hot today, Trump is going to pardon Roger Stone to misdirect everyone.
  7. Assuming if true, how does Giuliani not find his ass in the impeachment hearing soon? I know refers to himself as trumps personal attorney but I’m fairly certain that client-attorney privilege doesn’t apply when you’re performing zero legal work for your client. And can friends of the president claim exec privilege? He isn’t part of the exec branch.
  8. That’s what I have to think as well. Rich donors may be willing to help a president but go to prison for them? It’s not like Sondland doesn’t know where some other trump allies have/are ending up. There’s also a 3rd option for Sondland today: “On the advice of counsel, I’m invoke the 5th amendment” side note: someone on CNN had a good idea for Schiff. He needs to be creating a filling in a timeline of all of these events. Helps the people at home. And it’s not like he couldn’t publish it online and point viewers to it.
  9. Now we’re down to defending Nixon and discussing that a career diplomat would lie about he heard and what Sondland then told him? i assume that even Fox News doesn’t want to take on the task of rehabilitating Nixon’s image but the guest went there.
  10. Yeah. Sondland can easily say that why trump made some odd comments about wanting an investigation, but it was he, Sondland, that personally decided to push the Ukrainians in asking them to interfere in our elections. It’s been fairly well established that trump knows how to pressure people without really asking them. Sondland could support trump today or completely throw him under the bus.
  11. What is the 7K looking to do with the teleportation device? Seems like they were trying to calibrate it with the basketballs. Are they going to repeat Ozy’s hoax about teleporting some creature into the world from another dimension? If you pull off some stunt like that, it isn’t easy for the govt to out you as perpetrating a hoax when they hid the previous one.
  12. Obama is technically a boomer but Gen X in spirit.
  13. Has it ever been established exactly why John Bolton quit/got fired from the National security advisor role? It happened just as the whistleblower complaint was about it get known and before the Ukraine aid was released. Almost seems too much of a coincidence that someone at that level fights with the president in the midst of what becomes a potential impeachable offense. I suppose it could have been over another issue but that seems more of a stretch.
  14. Agree 100% however in order to have a relatively available mri, with the very latest tech, in a close, well-kept location, the expense will be more than one an older mri across town with a 4 hour wait. i get wanting the results right now. I would want that too. I would probably pay for the service. But I believe that from a medical perspective getting the mri results today or tomorrow or next week has zero clinical impact for most cancers. You’re buying a luxury with the peace of mind in finding out faster. Why shouldn’t that service be more expensive as opposed to another patient that would prefer to wait a few days to save $500.
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