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  1. she was also a District Attorney for a NY County for 10 years. I wonder if she, as the DA, instructed her attorneys to refer to criminal defendants as innocent during the trials?
  2. Where does Pence fit into this as the VP and his role as President of the Senate aka Breaker of Ties. Obviously he wouldn't come into play with the final vote because it requires 67 senators not to mention it would seem like a slight conflict of interest to let a VP cast any deciding vote that would put them in the POTUS chair. Does Pence break a tie if the vote is 50-50 to hear witnesses? And if he's in the room, I hope one of the House managers publicly asks him to testify right then.
  3. Always amazing when a city in China is mentioned having 10+ million residents but odds are few people in the US have heard of it. You can blame our willful ignorance of the world but sometimes these cities barely existed 20 years ago. I realize (from a Wikipedia check) Wuhan isn’t new.
  4. They’re coalminers, don’t you understand! They’re not ditch diggers or whatever you call them physical labor jobs in Texas. They have god given rights to mine coal, now get busy building some new coal power generation plants so they can earn a living. Seriously, I hear ya. It’s amazing that so many of us came from ancestors that came over to America with next to nothing and made a life. We know have people that won’t move a mile from where they were born even if that keeps them in poverty.
  5. Cruz would hide from the press if hunter Biden and Bolton both showed up at the senate.
  6. Such bs. Even if hunter Biden is/was the most corrupt person in the world, it has no bearing on this case. I’m still wondering why Bill Barr isn’t going after hunter if he’s such a criminal.
  7. There are some voters that really have no choice but to accept whatever some politician tells them will help them. They have zero control of their future prospects, and may listen to anyone that promises to help them. Even if they don’t believe that politician, it may be the only hope that he or she is telling the truth. in 2016, coal miners were listening. Trump said he would put them back to work. I recall Bill Clinton, speaking for Hillary, that they shouldn’t blame solar or wind, they should blame natural gas. If your only job prospects and training is about digging coal out of the ground, who do you vote for? They’re not going to be retrained as nurses or programmers. this happens with many groups.
  8. Brutal take down by Schiff in his speech, even where he says that he would love to see the notes and documents, fully understanding that there is a chance that the notes exonerate trump. It only take a few gop senators to get this info and we can acquit trump tomorrow when they show he’s innocent. Of course we call know what they also know. im hoping that later in the trial, Schiff hits home that the senators are only minutes away from swearing in President Pence. All they have to do is follow the oath they took. Repeat “President Pence” over and over. Trump won’t look at Pence ever again in the same way. It wouldn’t shock me if trump forces pence to announce that he will forego the presidency in that instance, which of course will go next to pelosi. “Mike I need you to hold a press conference...”
  9. How dare you. Our city was named after our founding father. The George Washington of George Washingtons.
  10. https://www.marcfloresforcongress.com/ Anyone know anything about this guy? He's challenging Sheila Jackson Lee in the Dem primary in March. His basic premise is that SJL has had 24 years and for many in her district, not much has improved. He seems relatively moderate with his issues. He's not a far left progressive trying to give everything away for free. At first glance, you think Sheila is locked in and will never lose. But her district, 18th, is slightly more hispanic than black (41 to 39%) with a small amount of white and Asian mixed in. A Dem is definitely going to win the General election, so the primary should decide the race. However I wouldn't put it past SJL to run as an independent if she lost the Dem primary, potentially giving the race to the GOP.
  11. The article has data from the govt backing the assertion but it's also good to note that the its a NYC group that is pointing this out. I imagine they are including rent-controlled apartments as part of the surveyed data, which isn't extremely questionable. I also wonder if NYC has a higher percent of subsidized housing. If you add those into the survey, the median out-of-pocket costs could very well be higher in Houston.
  12. https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/houston-affordability-transportation-costs/ When combining housing and transportation costs, Houston is slightly higher than NYC. I know the downsides of these surveys or analysis are that both cities have vastly different housing costs across the entire city. I've noticed lately that it's becoming more difficult to buy in Houston Inner Loop or certain nearby areas for under 1M. Without a doubt, you can buy older properties for under 1M but you also compete against developers that want to rebuild that older house to extremely more expensive new homes/town-homes. Maybe this 1M trend has been occurring for a while but it feels like it has quietly happened especially for people that haven't bought or sold in the past 5 years or so.
  13. Of course, Trump is looking to bribe the middle class either before or after the election. And he will effectively dare the Dem House to not go along with this plan. It will be an effective campaign tool. the topic extends past Fox News but it's really questionable why we would want to use a economic tool to goose the economy when by many measures the economy is already doing well. Lowering income taxes takes away from slowing down inevitable, future recessions.
  14. When I’ve suffered thru tennis elbow, I finally learned a combination of a cortisone shot to reduce the inflammation and 4-6 months of low activity allowed it to heal. I know it sucks.
  15. hahahahaha. Collins will negotiate some deal with McConnell in which he will immediately refuse to honor.
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