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  1. Yep. One person gets food poisoning from the school bus food idea, and there is a lawsuit whether it really occurred or not.
  2. One flaw in some of the new analysis and even old analysis is imperfect information. We seem to reply on an assumption that we have up to date testing. The other day Houston had a dump of tests finally reported, some tests waiting to be analyzed for a couple of weeks. The number of positives greatly jumped. However we don't know how many current tests are waiting to be processed. Is it just 1 day's worth of tests? 10? Maryland has been averaging about 300-400 new positives per day. Today it jumped to 1,200. Did they really experience 3-4x new people with coronavirus or did the labs get new processing machines to catch up on the backlog. https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/ the point being that I don't know if the raw numbers tell us the full story without more context. And that context doesn't seem to be available.
  3. so since our reaction is working to limit the # of hospitalizations and deaths, we never should have reacted in this way? It's wrong to say that the reaction is only validated if we have 1m (or whatever) dead. not to mention that you can't wait until the pandemic is overwhelming the hospitals to start to act. If we had many worldwide pandemics to study and we reacted to each like this one, we would definitely have some that could be viewed as an over-reaction, some reactions would be spot-on, and others would be under-reactions. The odds of us perfectly right sizing any single pandemic is 0.
  4. I worry that when deaths and new cases start to go down, people will slowly stop social distancing. And this messaging is that both will start to drop within a week.
  5. Great news. Social distancing seems to have been followed more than people anticipated. On a related note, just got back from a dog walk and I noticed that my neighbor a few doors down has their maid there today. She drives one of those colorful cars advertising the corporate cleaning services. I get wanting a clean house and supporting your housekeeper but how can you allow someone in your house right now? Especially someone that is presumably in other people's houses each day? Even if you avoided getting close to you maid, if she has COVID, the virus will most likely be on every surface in the house.
  6. your local park dept should be removing the basketball rims from the backboard.
  7. There is no way that Rudy doesn't have some type of financial interest in these drugs or there is no way he would be pushing it. Whether he owns something, or is being paid to push it, it doesn't matter.
  8. The brother is dead. Helen had no reason to spare him. It's not like the brother was the money laundering specialist or anything of use. He had zero value to the cartel. They purposely showed him being unreliable to everyone: calling Helen to apologize, telling strangers about the story, buying a phone and hiding it from Wendy.
  9. I've already asked the question how the fed govt is getting their hands on the supplies. I don't know. did the fed govt own the supplies in which they transported? You seem to know the background, so how did that transaction occur?
  10. A post stating that the federal govt isn't in position to deal with coronavirus is bad. Didn't mean to offend your trumpkin views.
  11. I don't know if FEMA can handle a national crisis. They almost always fail for local or regional hurricanes that impact a relatively small percentage of the US. Now whether they should be funded and staffed to handle a national crisis is another question. I 100% agree that Trump has decimated the fed govt because he and his people want the fed govt to be much smaller than it has been. It's currently incapable of meeting the requirements set by previous admins.
  12. is that what is occurring? I seriously don't know how/if states purchase PPEs during the crisis.
  13. Seems like the feds involvement is providing transportation. You want them to get involved in inventory control and distribution? I don’t know if the feds are in a position to do that. Maybe they should be but if they’re not, you have to do something besides complain they’re not.
  14. I’m sure they also roll their eyes at PhDs calling themselves doctor.
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