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  1. People will see what they want. Trump is definitely better at talking over someone but that itself doesn’t imply Biden’s ability or inability.
  2. There is no reason to have more debates. If someone really wants to listen to make a decision about who they will vote for, they have no chance of getting the information here.
  3. They definitely had it on their page the other day when it was announced but it was spun like it was no big deal and that Trump will clear it all up once his audits are over. next story.
  4. I imagine he has a large advantage in money so he can pepper the air with ads where she has to be more selective. crenshaw will win unless Trump pulls him down in terms of Trump losing Texas.
  5. If I was Biden's team, I wouldn't allow anyone from the Team Trump to come within 20 feet of Biden.
  6. No I was using gaslighting Correctly. You’re trying to state again and again that Biden has dementia in a hope to get people to believe it.
  7. Stop with the gaslighting. Joe hasn't shown any reason that he can't be president. What does it take? Trump spends the entire day in executive contemplation. Different people have different styles. Being President isn't necessarily about working 100 hours weeks. In fact if they do work 100 hour weeks, they're doing it wrong.
  8. Rudy is doing a great job in demonstrating dementia.
  9. Personally I wouldn't care if a debate had a break in it. I don't think it makes someone weak because they want a breather or to even get advice from an aide. If anything it would make the debate better if they get feedback from their side in the middle. The goal of the debate shouldn't be to see who can go the longest without having to piss.
  10. Debate requests are simple. If someone wants to change the rules, it's because they're scared. If Biden gives into one request, Trump's team will just come back with 5 more, all to designed as a gotcha moment when Biden's camp finally says no. Biden needs a combination of speaking clearly to the home viewer and deflecting Trump's attempts at insulting him. But he shouldn't try to trade attacks on Trump. Hit Donald where it hurts: he's a failed businessman that has screwed over every partner and wife in his entire life. Hunter Biden is a tough one for Joe. At some point, Joe is going to have to state that any wrong-doing by any of his family will be investigated by an independent counsel. Now Hunter taking millions from an Ukranian company isn't a crime unless it can be proven that Joe did something into exchange for that. Political family members seem to rake in income from many odd sources.
  11. The state govt doesn't track where everyone lives so the person moving has to somewhat communicate where they live now. And while we could allow them to state their new address at the poll on election day, that could lead to longer lines on election day which I would argue potentially disenfranchises people behind them in line. I don't have a lot of sympathy for someone that wakes up on election day and realizes that they haven't bothered to register their new address. Are they not aware an election is occurring? My apt living/homeownership almost mirrors yours, and yes it really used to be a pain when you had to mail in your voter registration. It's much easier now with internet registration. Takes a few seconds. Since I haven't moved since 2005, what happens if the voter's drivers license doesn't match the voter registration address? Getting your drivers license changed is the bigger hassle of the two. FYI, I 100% agree that many of the laws are to discourage voting. However elections have consequences. Voting for Texas state reps and senators can be more important than the President vote but so many people don't care which is what the incumbents want from you.
  12. Crenshaw is doing the same in Houston. Repeat a lie enough time on TV and people will assume it’s true. There must be some coordinated messaging going on. to my knowledge, not only have they not protected healthcare, they’ve gone out of their way to tear it down. Crenshaw may not fall into the latter as much since he’s only been in DC in the minority party and hasn’t done anything in congress except to rename a few post offices after gop politicians.
  13. Texas counties, or at least the largest ones, report daily early voting and received mail ballots numbers to the Texas SoS. There is a daily report on the Texas SoS website. https://earlyvoting.texas-election.com/Elections/getElectionDetails.do
  14. Probably a decent chance that you’re right that Ivanka was not able to keep that money. Trump probably gave her a bit, or even if she received it all, she probably was forced to host a charity foundation event at a trump property. it will be interesting to see if Trump will pardon his kids for any and all crimes committed in the last 20 years. First, it’s not fully established that blanket pardons are really allowed today, Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. Second that will free the Trump children from being able to claim the 5th amendment of self incrimination when asked about Donald’s crimes. And failure to testify can be a future crime not covered by the pardon.
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