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  1. why are people making fun of Chauvin for being 140? The average weight of the US soldier in WW2 was 144. Is someone declaring them to be little people? They marched around the world and saved it. We're just all fat now. We see someone that is normal weight today, and call them skinny. FYI, I'm a lot higher than 140. Wish I was closer to 140.
  2. I've never appeared in front of a federal judge and hopefully never will, but I assume that they don't like criminal defendants to make fun of their orders.
  3. If you're averaging 7+ runs per game against division opponents, it's looking like a great regular season. Obviously its early but we have a relatively easy April ahead of us. Oakland, Detroit, Colorado and Seattle. The Angels are the only good team in the mix but we looked good against them in LA. What's up with the weird MLB schedule that many teams are off today (Friday?) and the Astros don't play on Sunday. Is this some odd start to the season mix of games, or is this a COVID schedule to somehow protect the teams more.
  4. Sorry I missed or forgot about your previous post. The idea of being able to utilize your NFT beyond just speculative appreciation is interesting especially in a game and gambling aspect. Imagine if they added the complexity of jockeys to the mix.
  5. I've read that Bauer has complained that he's not responsible if his catcher or infielders put something on the ball. And that the rules should be strictly enforced to the letter of the law in regards to pitchers can only get in trouble if the substance is found on their person. What kind of excuse is that.
  6. Gaetz publicly paid his buddy on Venmo with a message like "hit up <insert name>"? Wow. My opinion of him is actually even lower now.
  7. Anyone else run across Zed racing yet? NFT where you own a digital racing horse. Buy your way into races, which pay out win, place and show. Different categories and classes of horses. Which can also be bred to other digital horses to create new ones. People are paying 5 figures or more for digital horses. surreal world we are in.
  8. I don’t know if I agree whether their relationship prior to this matter much, but there should be messages between them after the alleged event. I’m far from the expert here, but my understanding is that some women don’t fully realize or willing to openly admit they were raped until discussing the incident with friends. Sometimes years later. While women absolutely have the right to report rape 3 years later, the delay creates some uncertainty as opposed to reporting it the next day. It would help him if he can get other girlfriends to testify that he doesn’t act like this. Of cours
  9. siap. Trevor Bauer investigated for cheating. https://sports.yahoo.com/los-angeles-dodgers-trevor-bauer-suspicious-baseballs-sent-mlb-oakland-athletics-substances-014021651.html
  10. And the Supreme Court has never come close to stating the 2nd amendment is absolute.
  11. SNL hit the nail on the head about QAnon's silence about Gaetz and his Fla cronies. Gaetz and company are the ones that most closely resemble what QAnon has been attacking, but QAnon is suddenly silent. It only took a few internet rumors to convince them to attack a pizza restaurant. Now we're seeing arrests and investigations, and QAnon is practically telling everyone that there hasn't been a conviction. I'm sorry that Texag's sponsors forced the removal of the Texags' QAnon thread. It was good place to check the pulse.
  12. This was my experience as well. But I normally have body temp issues when ill or if I had too much to drink.
  13. With all of the stories about Gaetz, there is complete uncertainty of whether this is all related to 1 woman (girl) or many. I go off the basis that someone in his position is not being faithful to one escort. Is the DC girl the same as the alleged Bahamas companion? No idea, but it could just as easily be someone else. And yes, I agree 100% if the person in question is underage, the story is on a different level than just a congressman paying for sex.
  14. Sad story all around. I can feel for anyone that has mental or physical illness because of brain damage but far from an excuse. It's a shame when someone faces these illnesses and people near them cannot or do not prevent their access to weapons. And most likely its 100% impossible to restrict access because it only takes 1 person to help them.
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