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  1. As a stupid person, I find Hanlon’s Razor to be insensitive.
  2. Contains the n word and mocks gender fluidity. #cancelraisingarizona
  3. We need to find some activists offended by the Sooner name.
  4. As long as the ice rink and pipes plus are still around I’m cool.
  5. I didn’t click on it, but I can’t tell what that tweet is saying. Is that because I don’t know what a covid 19 year is or is it because it’s poorly written?
  6. Bert’s in west campus is closing. Northwest hills is still gonna be around. Open til 7/3 for last turbo (there).
  7. Telephone enrollment exchange It’s in the fuckin’ name of the thing Commence long winded self doxxing/aggrandizing reply.
  8. Junior slips into the conversation that he’s still married. Gonna need someone to hold up the bedsheets on that one.

    Drew Brees

    yeah rights you'd get roasted for saying both sides. just gotta go with "shit man i don't know i'm a fuckin' retard don't ask me"
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