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  1. Went to both SA & Houston shows. The FI songs are so much better live
  2. Does a to go order have to be a certain amount? (Snows) Would a decent order for two be worth calling in?
  3. I’m referring to the H2H categories or whatever you call it from last year. I saw there was talks of a keeper league, but is the format changing?
  4. Correct. Should have already been removed. I deleted it when the renew email came out
  5. Sorry to be one and done but I absolutely hate the format. Out
  6. We've got 4 NOLA first timers in our group. Top 3 things a first timer should do? I.e. cemetery tour, voodoo shop, etc
  7. I know this isn't the specific theme of the thread but any tips on 3 day parking lots/garages? Driving in Sunday and our AirBnB did not come with free parking, which I forgot to factor in when picking one. Staying in the business district near Lafayette Square. Probably gonna get screwed on an extra $120
  8. The tenders aren't even close to the sandwich
  9. Never read it but it sounds like the movie is faithful to the book
  10. Nobody in my group liked the movie overall. There's some decent parts when each character has their own encounter with It but even that got old and tired. Way too long, should have been 45 minutes shorter, at least. The ending is fucking dumb on top of that I suggest waiting for Redbox or digital
  11. I was for sure they would play the new Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, maybe next round I guess 😢
  12. Album is amazing, and with most of Tool's work, just gets better the more you listen to it. I love there's no cookie cutter song for the radio. Adam Jones is a legend
  13. I had them a couple of times when they first came out over a month or two ago and thought they were legit and even told friends it was the best FF chicken sandwich out there. I'm surprised it took this long to catch on. Now it's been ruined for everyone apparently.
  14. So just got my monthly bill alert email and the bill has increased almost $100, guess it's time to call and bitch again, this is so tiring. Why cant they just give me a set rate and stick with it.
  15. Headed down next week for a float. What's everyone's preferred drinking device on the Comal? And there's no can ban on the Guad as long as you get out at the Gruene bridge, correct?
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