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  1. Booking a trip for first week of August, fuck it
  2. They all suck, but I liked this one because it was different. Also Jenny looked way hotter with all that shit out of her lips
  3. I’m convinced Chick FilA made their chicken sandwiches bigger due to Popeyes
  4. Another weak final hyped as the hardest yet, again What’s the point of giving them skis if they all take them off and carry them? Congrats to Bananas
  5. I heard there was a crazy long line at the first Fletchers pop up
  6. Good episode Kyle bitching out in the car challenge Props to Rogan for stepping up for the elimination, fuck the politics. LOL at Dee getting pancaked and embarrassed and not even a goodbye from the producers. They weren’t fucking around with that Congrats on Bananas making the finals again, played this season beautifully Bring on the final!
  7. Well fuck, cancel the deep fried COVID too I guess
  8. Very under appreciated movie. Same writer/director as Haunting of Hill House. I really dig his style
  9. Pretty good detective show so far. Curious to see how high the corruption goes. Not sure what Sister Alice’s plan is after that last episode
  10. You already know the answer to that
  11. The French story was crazy. Hope they catch that fucker
  12. He and Casey co own the boat
  13. Great season, the show is way better than the movie.
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