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  1. I find it fun to watch the Easter egg shows on YouTube after each episode. They catch a lot of shit
  2. Ended up#1 in cable ratings last night. Not too shabby
  3. This has happened to me the last two times I went. Last time my sandwich was fine and my wife’s was rubber. She said she’s never going back to Popeyes lol I thought it may just be my location but seems to be more widespread. I’m not down with taking chances on a chicken sandwich. Regardless of the taste test between them, that would NEVER happen at Chick Fil A
  4. I just love that we get weekly episodes with shows like this. So much to discuss between episodes
  5. It was ok but way too fucking long. Plus his acting is just like the Chad character on SNL
  6. I really hate the editing in the eliminations. I get that they want to stretch it out and make it look close but I wish there was a view that just showed it play out in real time with no editing
  7. Rotator & Valkyrie both deserved a win after that match The explosion on sawblaze was so cool
  8. It seemed like a bad matchup but Fusion looked tough. Spinning weapons on both sides
  9. My bad, he died back in August. They just learned it was from an OD
  10. This show is the perfect mix of cheesiness and nostalgia. The writing is pretty good too once you get past the ridiculousness of karate gangs running around LA I love the scenes where Johnny is still stuck in the 80s
  11. Drone challenge was the worst one I can ever remember watching Josh is a bitch, good lord
  12. Another deckhand dead from OD https://www.tmz.com/2021/01/06/deadliest-catch-deckhand-mahlon-reyes-cause-of-death-cocaine-overdose-accidental-drug-od/ These guys definitely have a rough life
  13. Been a while since I submitted one Russ Hanneman from Silicon Valley Moe from the shitty Three Stooges movie
  14. You just knew when Ellis called Hans bubby he was gonna shoot him in the face
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