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  1. Yeah I'm up way too late and was looking way too hard for something to watch. I just finished this and I can't stop laughing. I love bad action movies. And it was bad. And looking at de-aged Will Smith is hilarious because most of us actually remember when he was 25 and the digitized version of him looks pretty silly. I'm glad I watched it. I was highly entertained.
  2. Thanks for the rec. I actually made my purchase today after doing a bunch of research. I went with the Toto Drake II. Supposed to be the best flusher on the market. I got two, one for the basement and one for the upstairs. We'll see. My kid could clog a sinkhole so it will be put to the test.
  3. I think I mentioned it a few pages back. Corporate Popeyes golf league guy told me the 'spicy' is literally just mayo mixed with the spice mix they put in the batter for the spicy chicken. What kind of stupid shit is that? Why not put the spice mix in the batter for the sandwich? I stand by my fuck mayo comment. I may try the regular sando when I get around to it, but I agree with Tailgate.
  4. They edited that out? Wonder what they replaced What makes the red man red with in Peter Pan.
  5. You have to record them. But DVR space is unlimited.
  6. Only time I've ever had to use chains was trying to get to Kirkwood from South Lake Tahoe during a storm that dropped 30+ inches. Hell we bought them at the Safeway.
  7. I came here for the thread about Steven Seagal. Instead I got guinea pigs.
  8. Why limit yourself to just the Grover Dill? Get the Farkus and the Dill.
  9. I've been doing some research on thrones. It sounds like there are some pretty uncloggable ones out there in the 1.6 gpf range, even some that offer some kind of jet assisted flush. Here is where I'm hung up though. I keep reading about the "rough in" distance, which is supposed to be the distance from the back wall to the center of the main pipe - also measured from the floor bolts to the back wall. Standard is 12", some are 10, some are 14. Well mine is 16.5. I don't know why, it's in a weird nook in a small bathroom basement, and maybe that's just how they could get the plumbing to work. The tank is not flush with the wall. Does this make a difference for buying purposes? It's just going to sit back from the wall a ways, right? But theoretically any size "rough in" will work?
  10. Yep that's correct. I also realized I had my ESPN+ sub through another email address so I cancelled that one.
  11. I haven't tried to figure it out, but here's the email I got: Disney Bundle: Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ PRICE BREAKDOWN Disney bundle price: $12.99 Credit for existing subscriptions: $5.99 Disney bundle subtotal: $7.00 Tax: $0.00 Total: $7.00
  12. Yeah this has worked out pretty well in my house, especially with the snow day. 10 yo came down into my lair tonight while I was watching football just beaming saying how much he loves it. According to him he watched all or parts of Snow White, the sword and the stone, old yeller, Jesse episodes, and the Simpsons movie today. I wanted to get mad that he didn't spend more time outside but it was like 12 with the wind chill. Also I watched s1 e1 of the Imagineering docu and it was pretty amazing. It's unfathomable how this all came to be. Absolutely fascinating.
  13. Great news. I'm perusing the movie catalog in the app and they have Kazam.
  14. Has anyone recently built/remodeled and knows the inside scoop, in terms of what regulatory standards are, if you can still procure goods that exceed regulatory standards, etc? I recently picked up a fancy biobidet seat. I'm upgrading from my $30 luxe, putting in an outlet, and I'm thinking about upgrading the toilet as well. Is it worth it? The one I have is fine. It sits kind of low to the ground and I don't like that, but if I could get my hands on some kind of uncloggable super commode that recharges instantaneously it may be worth it to do it all at once.
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