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  1. Ha. Rondo is running that huddle, not Lue.
  2. Lue has gotta run two guys at Book. Take the ball out of his hands.
  3. I've got two of them. I'll hang out with the Jackson twins, please and thank you.
  4. Damn Sixers. I would have had 3/4.
  5. Yeah, I hear you on that. I think I'm more speaking to what brisket is saying. It's tricky but the rule is believe victims. I think that means the general public, the media, etc. Basically it's up to the investigators and law to determine that innocence vs. guilt but when allegations come out, victims should always be believed. Again, I understand the nuance - but if skepticism is our first reactive mechanism, it makes the entire problem worse. Assault victims have a tough enough road to navigate. I don't want a single innocent person to go down on account of unfounded false accusations, but h
  6. I appreciate what you're saying, but that's not Mitch's mo, in my opinion. Mitch literally made his nut, before Tuesdays with Morrie, before his plays, before Sports Reporters, etc...off of the University of Michigan. if you look at some of the tweets above, Mitch literally co-authored a book called "BO" with "Bo". Mitch wrote about about the Fab Five and how it wasn't fair that Chris Webber couldn't even afford a pizza, while Webber and his teammates taking cash from Uncle Ed Martin was the worst kept secret on campus. Mitch is basically a part of the institution at this point. And that's FIN
  7. Local reporter for the Detroit News and Crain's going after Mitch a little bit for his shitty takes. (retweeted the last tweet)
  8. HOw many times are they going to run this fucking spot during an NBA game? Stop it.
  9. In all fairness, I did not read the article. And I won't unless someone copies and pastes it. And I am aware that most headlines are written by editors and not the actual columnists. But yes, the title alone makes me seethe. As you say texifornia, we KNOW Anderson was a villain. No one is overlooking that.
  10. No, I'm not. It's not just one person. And alleged victims of sexual assault should not be greeted with skepticism. I see Mitch has a new article today "Talk of Bo's legacy overlooks the real villain: Robert Anderson". Fuck you so hard Mitch. He is seriously trying to make this about himself and his 50 year love affair with that University.
  11. It is absolutely not his job. He is a feature columnist, not an investigative reporter. If the Free Press wants to send David Jesse down the path of FOIAing public records of the accusers, go for it. But that would also be very, very weird. I'm just realizing that you're being sarcastic. I think. I hope.
  12. I actually think I do. I do. He does more.
  13. Ok after re-focusing - the other guy who slots in on that list is Harden, for sure. I would put him below Giannis and above Dame. The next guy on my list would be AD and then it would be Book or Mitchell.
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