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  1. mdmost, I know you will understand this. I hate to say it, I guess we're suckers for corporate happy/fun, but I was talking to the kids the other night, and if this thing was truly over and we didn't have to worry about a thing, we all said there was not a place that we would rather be than the MK/WDW. That is kind of weird and sad but it's what I grew up with and it has become a very happy place for them, as well. For some, (I suppose guilty) it truly is the happiest place on earth. Despite the crowds, the rascals, the rude South Americans, etc. I would give anything to be there with my kids next week. Running to Tower of Terror before closing with my son. Watching the Festival of Fantasy parade with my daughter (I know, now canceled). That damn stupid super expensive Chef Mickey's brunch and them waving their stupid napkins in the air. I would kill to be in the stretching room in the Haunted Mansion. I'm dying to meet someone there.
  2. Here is where we are with social distancing. Years ago I bought a phone, I think it was maybe a S5 or S6, and it came with a VR Headset. Some sort of Oculus. It was pretty damn cool. The headset had a port for your phone to plug into when you put it into the headset, and it would automagically launch the Oculus home. It had its own web browser and store to download apps. It already had a number of default apps in it - shit like Netflix, etc. You could do all of that within the headset. Out of boredom I ordered a headset last week for my current phone - an S8. It was some Destek off of Amazon that had decent reviews and came with a remote. I've been fucking around with it for 2 nights but the experience kind of sucks so far. Is there some sort of "home" app that I can get that will mimic the Oculus setup described above? I downloaded "Cardboard" thinking it was similar but it's not. You have to download apps individually in the play store, and basically you have to launch them on your phone individually, and then pop the phone into the headset to get them to work. Not very seamless or convenient. I tried to download Oculus but it doesn't seem to let me go forward unless I have one of their headsets. Individual apps are pretty cool if I can figure out the controls but what a pain to have to pop my phone out every time I want to enter/exit an app. Doesn't seem right. What's the best way to do this?
  3. I haven't read every post in the thread, but last few I did were getting pretty picky and critical. I'm loving this season. I find it very compelling and more than anything, I am extremely impressed with the acting of just about every major player. Lalo is just a bit part guy but he is expertly done. I started off the series in awe of Chuck and Mike and now I'm in awe of Mike, Jimmy, Kim, Lalo, Fring, even Mando to an extent. They make the show with their brilliance. Sucks that Jimmy put Kim in the game. She put herself in even further. I was yelling at her silently in my head 'No Kim! God dammit!'. Is this how she ultimately gets got? One would have to think so.
  4. Woot had an orbi deal the other day for the 3 pack of the AC3000 $229. I scooped it up. Supposed to be here Wednesday. Now if I could just get fiber.
  5. This is what I have. No real complaints other than follow the directions and don't wash the parts in the dishwasher otherwise the coating starts to rub off on everything (I had to order new parts). Small scale operation for me, I make sausage 2-3x per year. 10-20 lbs at a time. https://www.amazon.com/STX-International-STX-3000-TF-Turboforce-Electric/dp/B0012KJBR0 I'll add in, this is the stuffer I use. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01H0VIZKS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. This is kicking off in a few minutes. I've got a future in on Patrick Beverley @ 16:1 https://www.nba.com/article/2020/03/31/nba-2k-players-tournament-official-release
  7. We have bottle/can deposits here. 10 cents per. Self return kiosks and returns in general are shut down right now for obvious reasons. Guy started thread about what he's supposed to do with his empties. Nothing? Maybe? He replied to his own thread complaining that he is still being charged the $.10 by the State up front on purchases and suggesting that they should discontinue this.
  8. I applaud your efforts but I don't think you did that right. The surface of the food needs to reach 160+ if you're concerned about it being on the surface of your food. I've ordered take out a few times and I'm careful with the packaging but that's as far as I go with it. I'm not about to nuke my sushi.
  9. Don't bleed out sb. Also save the carcass and the giblets and make yourself some soup when you feel like it. I had a frozen neck as well. I busted them out last week because #bored and made a big ass pot of soup for the 4 of us. It lasted a week and it was damn good.
  10. Link from the other thread on same topic. Great info from Kenji. https://www.seriouseats.com/2020/03/food-safety-and-coronavirus-a-comprehensive-guide.html
  11. Follow up on that. Y'all will just be like that's a MSU homer trying to cover. I realize you can't see my entire posting history on a subject. But if you think that, fuck you, you're wrong. 2 or 3 years ago, on this board, before it was even anything that was highlighted locally or nationally, I posted that the biggest mistake Coach D ever made was admitting Robertson given that *some* allegations against him were already known. I stated that I knew how steadfast he was in his belief in second chances and that I would have hard time living with myself knowing that my decision led to someone getting raped. That is still true. But it is a lie to claim that Dantonio knew the full extent of Robertson's transgressions. ESPN has tried so fucking hard to nail him on this and even they admit that information was held back. I kind of alternate between wanting to fight this crap that I know is not true and shrugging my shoulders. There might be a direct correlation between how much alcohol I consume on any given night. Please stop jumping to conclusions based off of headlines. If you want to talk Austin Robertson we can dive in. I'm educated and willing to go. Same if you want to for the basketball program. The entire campaign is laughable. And easily traced back to bad will from lawsuits and contention. Don't fall for it. Or do. What the fuck do I care, we're all gonna die from drinking Corona anyway.
  12. Let's see what happens next week. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/michigan-state/spartans/2020/03/20/curtis-blackwell-mark-dantonio/2889792001/ Maybe let's stick to facts and not hyperbole and assumptions.
  13. TL;DR JHawk's girl dies after eating his ass.
  14. The Bidet Wars. S1:E2. For your reading enjoyment during these boring times. I received notification from Bio Bidet that they were having inventory and shipping delays due to the Pandemic. So I went on Wayfair and rage bought a standard water pressure bidet for $70 (obv markup) and paid for the rush shipping. Probably will run into supply issues there, as well, but at the time I was all in. The night started ok, watched some TV. Had a drink. Boredom set in, and I started thinking and decided I needed to just get my operation working, leak or not, I could put a bowl underneath the leak until the new parts came. I HATE fucking with plumbing. I am not particularly handy and I'm even worse when it comes to plumbing. So I'm like fuck it, I'm gonna tackle this thing before I shower. I shut the water off behind the throne, disconnect the hoses and then try to figure out how to put it all back together. Except it won't go back together. The plumber had put a stock hose in to fit between the wall valve and the bottom of the tank and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to figure out how that fit in, before I realized I didn't need it and could use the 2 hoses from the Bio Bidet kit and the t-valve and that would be fine. I've already struggled about 3x trying to figure out which way to screw/unscrew various valves due to my brain deficiencies and I'm already sufficiently frustrated. But I think I know what has to be done now, so I get rid of the stock hose and start trying to connect the others. I think I have everything aligned, but the one going into the wall doesn't fit. It's not even the same size. I'm getting REALLY pissed, I somehow gashed my finger open, and I have to pee. Fuck it, let me put this thing back together and I'll worry about it another day. Re-assembles. Turns water back on. Couldn't hold it so pissed in the shower in the meantime. This is when I turn around to wash my hands in the sink, and see the adapter that I pulled out of one of the hoses that fits perfectly into the wall connection. GODDAMMIT. At this point I go back and forth internally. Leave it where it is and try another day? Or go for it now? No. Fuck that, I'm already knee deep and a little buzzed, I'm going to fix this now. So I spend the next 5-10 minutes furiously struggling with the nut on the bottom of the toilet seat. I second guess myself about 3x for which way I need to turn it but either way it's absurdly stubborn. Eventually I decide fuck it, I'll use the crescent wrench to undo the valve at the wall instead and then it will be much easier to remove the nut from the bottom of the tank. That one is stubborn as well - much too stubborn, and then I finally get it off and all of a sudden it's fucking Niagara Falls but in the other direction. Water shooting to the celiing. I'm literally getting sprayed in the face and I'm dumbfounded for a second until I realize I never turned the water valve back off. I hustle down there and crank it off, water pooling, water in my face/hair/shirt and turn it off. So fucking mad at myself and at Corona and life in general. And that's when it hits. A rumbling in my belly. I had already had a sudden piss urge that I couldn't wait on and I had to just piss down the drain in the shower. But this was the motherload, and it was coming fast. Water is off, toilet is not hooked up and I have no idea at this point if I can get it done or not. So I run out soaking wet, up the stairs, past my wife, past OCD boy and into the upstairs bathroom where I unload. They are glaring at me asking what I'm doing and why am I dripping wet and I just storm past and slam the door and take my dump. When I get back downstairs the boy is all worried what I was doing, which is what I've been trying to avoid for a week. He probably won't shit ever again as new germs have been introduced to his toilet, but I guess that's his problem. Now I have a huge mess to clean up and I am already soaked so I might as well finish the task. Beach towel after beach towel sopping up the mess, I get the hoses all hooked back up and it doesn't even seem to be leaking. Toilet is functional. Bidet is functional. I put a large salad bowl underneath the hookup overnight just in case. Woke up this morning to another wet floor, bowl is completely full and overflowing. Leak is aggressive. I shut the damn water off. New approach - piss elsewhere, turn water on when I have to dump, turn water off. Pray USPS/Biobidet gets their shit together soon. Good times.
  15. POD I might need you to send me a t-valve from one of those spare units. It just occurred to me that bio bidet may be shut down and not staffed for any shipping. I will pay for fed ex overnight and can send you rations but I don't have any guns.
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