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  1. I wake up every day with my spirit crushed because I just feel that there are too many cooking devices adorning my abode. (seriously it is getting pretty ridiculous)
  2. My 10 year old loves action movies. I don't mind the occasional MF bomb or violence. I try to stay away from n bombs, sex/nudity, gay bombs, p-bombs, etc.
  3. I went through with the pizza the other night using the hard cover. Pretty good success. I did wind up pulling it with the peel and finishing it on broil in the oven for a couple of minutes as I didn't want the crust to get any darker. You can see I went way low on the middle 2 burners. I would have cranked the left and right but my aim was off center so I kept the left pretty low.
  4. Prognosis sounds awesome so far. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I think I started this thread on the old board. Anyone have any particular experience with elbow joints and pain? This is all related to lifting weights. I am in my early 40s but my joints are breaking down and it sucks. I enjoy lifting weights and it's one of the primary ways I try to stay in shape. I have had golfer's elbow in the past. It was "cured" basically by adding some forearm exercises into the routine, along with ice and anti-inflammatory meds. I think this is different. I have been working out at a small shitty gym due to convenience for a few years. It doesn't really give me everything I want. A new gym is opening near me, and I went to check out one of their other facilities over Christmas break to see if I wanted to join. The good news is that it was awesome and I'm hyped to join the new gym. The bad news is I was so excited to have some different options in front of me, even though I'm pretty careful I think I overdid it on a chest day. I was fine for a few days but within 3-4 days my right elbow started hurting to the point that I could barely raise it above my head without wincing in pain. I've given it almost a month with no activity and it's still pretty damn painful at times, mostly when I do any kind of extensions - just arm movements, no weights. It even hurts sleeping at times (side sleeper, usually cock the elbow). To pinpoint the pain, if I was doing a curl with my right arm, the pain would be at the top of the curl, just to the right of the point of the elbow joint on the bottom side of the arm, and also slightly on the left/inside of the joint on the top area of the arm during the curl. I am worried I might have a TJ type of injury here but I'm basically too busy and lazy to go to the Dr unless I think there's no other way out. Anyone have any similar type of injuries? Does this sound like tendinitis that might make its way out on its own accord/with PT? Or perhaps more serious.?
  6. How kid friendly is it, if you consider Die Hard to be the upper limit of kid friendly?
  7. Your FP window is 60 days. Mark it on your calendar for 60 days from your first park day and plan on being online at 7 AM or whatever time they open it.
  8. Lots of Intel on this board. If you need advice post up on your plans. Many good tips. PS. Wear red shorts.
  9. Anyone ever use the hard cover as a heart retainer? I bought a little lid type of deal that I've been using for burgers and wings and stuff to keep the heat in and cook thoroughly. But I got to thinking. I want to try a pizza on this thing. I need something bigger. No reason that hard cover wouldn't work I think. Right?
  10. if I did, I would take out my entire 401k and put it on a 4 Team NBA parlay tonight. Wash/Toronto Over 231 Memphis -9 OKC -1.5 Dallas -7.5
  11. The trick was to drink 2 at the bar upstairs before dinner.
  12. What did or didn't you do that it rusted through? Did you keep it seasoned and covered?
  13. Nuthin strange about it. If it doesn't change your life within 10 days I don't even want to know you.
  14. Yeah my kid is not a gamer. This is the first game he's actually played somewhat consistently. He's 10, so I consider that a good thing. I'm not really a gamer either, I only have the PS4 because I wanted to play RDR2. But suffice to say I picked it up a bit quicker than he did and all things being equal I would probably win. So he insists on playing with stacked teams and has final say over which teams I can pick. For example, the Grizzlies are too good for me to play with and so are the Hornets but the Bulls are not. Yes, it's super fun trying to stop LeBron or Giannis with Lauri Markannen and PJ Washington.
  15. Still don't get Star Wars. Or Marvel. 1977. I tried.
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