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  1. Probably Bell's Hopslam. I've never had Pliny. Sounds like I need to.
  2. Toto Drake II. Bought two last year and highly satisfied. The pocket is deep, sorry of like the European toilets. I forget what those are called. But it's impossible to clog because of it. The downside is that you can get some "residue" that sticks to the porcelain because only the pocket is underwater. I got the dual flush and I've never even needed the full flush to get anything down. Of course I did supplement it with a nice bio bidet. Check out some reviews, there were multiple sites online that had the Drake II as there best flushing toilet on the market.
  3. My proposed rule for myself. I will only ask advice if I promise to check back and give advise to at least 2 others for every time I ask. PPR, pick 2 of 3: Jarvis Landry vs Bungles, Metcalf vs. NE, Manny Sanders on MNF against Dallas. I lost this week going into MNF with my 2 RBs as Saquon and Henry, despite having Josh Allen and Deandre Hopkins, and DK Metcalf. Unreal. Lost by 1.1 points. Fucking Calvin Ridley.
  4. Update. I ordered $30 worth of Taco Bell last night. It cost me just south of $40 with tip. It arrived around 1:30 AM. I'm not sure I ate half of it. I did shit 3x this morning. Otherwise I felt ok (#TeamBidet). And the Mexican pizza (only ate one) was glorious.
  5. I'm drunk and I just ordered Taco Bell (2 Mexican pizzas) from Door Dash. We need to cherish the Mexican Pizza while it still exists. Fuck the haters. I'm sure I won't regret this tomorrow.
  6. So...I guess my question is "why" It just looks cool?
  7. When I moved to TX many moons ago, and visited a Cobono for the first time, and saw that they sold alcohol, my simple midwest brain basically exploded. Between that and a gas station that sold BBQ it was like I was on a different planet.
  8. I have a 3500. No real complaints thus far. I've had it probably 2-3 years.
  9. That dude is legit. Granted I can't do 80% of what he shows in the video posted due to bad knees/elbows/back/generally being broken in my early 40s, but some of his other stuff has really really helped me through lower back crises etc.
  10. On March 10th or so when I saw the writing on the wall I bought an adjustable bench, the Selectech adjustable dumbbells, a step and some resistance bands from Amazon. I only have a very small area in my basement but I have been getting by with the above using a paid app called Bodbot. I tried Fitbod but did not like it.
  11. I have weird food hangups so I don't eat a lot of these items (no white sauce ever, no creamy sauce, no liquid cheese etc) but yeah you can still get most of these items by ordering in a specific way. Google it. TB menu is highly customizable.
  12. I don't have Taco Cobana to fall back on here. Del Taco is somehow actually worse than Taco Bell. So this hits close to home. I actually do love me a drunken Mexican Pizza every 5 or 6 months. And the only thing my kids like there are shredded chicken tacos/burritos. I guess we'll be eating more Arby's. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/03/business/taco-bell-new-menu/index.html
  13. It's a really fun league. It has literally been going since 1993. Or at least that was the first year we registered on CBS. My understanding is that it was going for a few years before that and guys were tracking stats out of the newspapers. The auction format is quite simply, the best. (online this year sucked, way more fun at a bar with a room and a circle of tables, but we used GoToMeeting to try to simulate as best as possible) 12 teams. $200 auction budget. 1 keeper. Original keeper rule was you can keep a guy for max of 3 years and it costs you $50 but that was made more in the LT/Priest Holmes/Edgerrin James type of years. So we modified it to reward better drafting. We lowered the keeper cost to $35 but it goes up by $5 every year. No limit to how long you can keep someone - if you're willing to shell out 1/3 of your auction budget for 45 year old AD, that's up to you. It's also PPR and 10 points for RuReTD. 7 pts per PaTD. A lot of fun. This year we are adding 4 IR/COVID slots (only for guys on the COVID list, assuming HIPAA allows that to be disclosed) So last year we had Le'Veon as our keeper for $40. Done due a poorly designed trade the year before. When our season went into the shitter we flipped Bell to a contender with Amari Cooper for Saquon. So we got to keep Saquon for $35 this year. We paid 60 each for Henry and Hopkins. 6 for Allen. 3 for Patriots D. 15 for Metcalf, 9 for Landry. Everyone else was basically $1.
  14. I'm day drunk but feeling really good about this.
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