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  1. Anecdotal but cast my MI ballot for Oklahoma over Ohio.
  2. I've been drinking. And it's not! Plus #TeamBidet
  3. About 1:45 in the oven after they hit 203 I pulled them. They were done, but you can still see the gelatinous fat there on the one side. Is that normal? Man they are rich. My girls won't touch them... Too fatty. The boy ate one. So I basically had the other 3. Not feeling great.
  4. I still don't understand this cut. I've been holding around 200 for over an hour to render the fat. They passed the jiggle, probe, knuckle test but when I cut in between them and turned them sideways it is obvious they are not done - lots of gelatinous fat. I'm putting them back in the oven and drinking another Oberon.
  5. I posted my cook on the other thread. I'm at 203. I just put them in the oven at 205 and I'm going to wait.
  6. Back to basics with the WSM. Pork ribs last night were fantastic. Beef rib rack on right now.
  7. Christ man I take them much higher than that and they are still not done. Perhaps lower temps than I am used to is key here (I cook hot).
  8. Wow that's much nicer and larger than the rack I have queued up for tomorrow. What done test do you all use for beef ribs? In my experience probe tender (brisket test) leaves the fat not fully rendered.
  9. Looks great. Oven I presume? Thanks for the link on the 00. I looked a couple of months ago and it wasn't in stock anywhere online.
  10. I had only heard about this show and gotten recs for it from people irl and they were glowing so it's kind of surprising to me to see surly and Ebert, which I usually find pretty on point, largely bitching about it. I just finished S3 tonight, and I have to say...I think I mostly agree? with Surly and Ebert. A few minor gripes. Started off with a bang (pun intended) for me. Loved the way the first couple of episodes got things going. Then fell off of a major cliff. I LIKE Marty. I HATE Wendy. This is not a misogony/Skylar thing. Marty pisses me off in the way he doesn't give enough attention to shit that clearly deserves more attention. He's clearly smart enough to read the tea leaves if he wants to. So yes, lazy writing. I also really liked Ben. It was kind of a transparent attempt at a plot device, I will grant that, but I thought he was very interesting, the acting was awesome and I really felt awful for him in the end. But yes, it was not great writing, shifting from A to Z to G to X with Ben. I am hard pressed to believe that the writers intended for it to be that way because of his bi-polar disease. Agree with what turkey said about the "end of the cartel war" and the FBI. Even still, have a really hard time seeing Navarro choosing sides with the Byrdes over Helen. I suspected that was coming looking at how much time was remaining in the episode and knowing there needed to be a quick resolution. Just not well thought out. I will watch S4. Not a great show but a good thing you can watch and not get too invested in. I have young-ish kids so I can only sneak in an hour, maybe 90 min a night of a show. Complete binge is out of the question. I just rewatched The Wire in its entirety before this, and comparatively there were very few episodes where I just absolutely had to see what happened in the next one immediately right after, waking up/work in the AM be damned. The only one I think was where Marty got kidnapped. TL;DR solid B. Maybe B-. Wire A. Sopranos A. BB A. Saul A. Sons of Anarchy C+. Anyone who watched The Killing can't tell me with any degree of honesty that this is a terrible show.
  11. Guy who delivered my Genesis said I should use a soft plastic brush so as to not fuck up the porcelain grates? Da fuck? Everything I see online says steel if fine. Any input from the surllery?
  12. Weird thread bump. Literally just bought a genesis II 310 yesterday.
  13. Ha, I read this morning that Disney is retheming Splash Mountain for Princess and the Frog. Probably a wise move.
  14. Ok no I don't. Various kinds. Most commonly Royal Oak lump. I think there may be something to having it in there too long. Great post above, Lando. That's exactly what I do in my oven to get the heat regulated. Heat up the steel/stone for an hour give or take, and then use the broiler on top. I may try again soon with letting the fire go longer and making everything hotter.
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