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  1. Maybe it's a chain, like Waffle House. There's definitely one in Tampa.
  2. Excuse be good sir, but I believe you're referring to "Thee Dollhouse".
  3. Florida Aquarium in Tampa was top notch. Also... https://bigcatrescue.org/ (be careful though, the proprietor has a dark side)
  4. Yeah. I'm trying to be understanding and I totally support the fact that everyone has different comfort levels. It just seems to me that the risk of him bringing it home and passing it to the grandkids who pass it to their parents seems astronomically low to me. Especially bringing home enough virus to actually get someone sick enough that they would be in danger. I probably should stay out of the fray on this one but it bugs the crap out of me so I guess I'm just venting and looking for validation.
  5. Any of you guys following the various studies and papers etc? I got the feeling a few folks here might be in the scientific/epidemiology community based on some past posts. I feel like I'm moderately self-educated on the topic as I read infowars. Let's say someone has a nearly 80 year old parent who lives to go to the gym and hasn't been in nearly a year. They are now fully vaccinated. They see their kids and grandkids often who are not vaccinated. Reason to remain home from going to the gym or is going to the gym masked up with limited capacity ok? My read is we are trending heavily
  6. I am reading this thinking wtf. And then I read that Pancho was black and it all made sense. Did not know that. Bullshit. Like someone said above, zero chance that happens to me. I am officially a self-loathing American. This place sucks.
  7. Rent it on the Sugar Baby website. Install hidden cams. Post videos here. Prophet.
  8. Is this the new Sugar Baby thread since F250 is a quitter?
  9. Teams took away the deep ball. I think it was as simple as that. I don't think Russ is getting traded. But I'm wrong a lot.
  10. Cool. Phil going to email you now. Thanks all.
  11. Hello, I am exploring some options with a couple of lenders but I don't know jack about this field. I would appreciate any things to watch out for, general advice, etc. 18 years into a 30 yr currently, have a shit rate from '03/'04 and never re-fi'd (~5.4). Probably have about 2/3 equity in the house as is. Looking to take a large loan for a major remodel that also probably amounts to 2/3 equity of current home value. We would be pursuing a refi at the same time. Last I spoke with this lender a year ago, she was talking about a "rehab loan". https://www.homebridge.com/renovation-lending/
  12. 2nd Moderna yesterday @ 10 AM EST. My arm was very sore after #1 but nothing else. This time my arm is less sore but I feel oddly hungover today. A little queasy. Slight headache. I'm surprised. Not what I was expecting. Maybe some chills, fatigue, etc. Instead I've basically got a wine hangover.
  13. I would be happy to offer helpful suggestions if I understood what was going on. No judging but maybe try again tomorrow sober. Cheers!
  14. Ordered a different brand that will be here by Wed. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the thoughts. Yeah I do have some of that waxy serving paper, as well, but I don't think that's going to keep the meat warm. I guess I just make a little pouch with HD foil. The boxes will contain a plasticware set so I guess they can use that to maneuver the meat onto the bun if necessary. Sidebar - I was going to bake apple pie squares but decided it would be easier to just buy chocolate chip cookies from the bakery. This is good? Any other ideas?
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