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  1. Yep. Their number 1 rival. Like Alabama and Auburn but high school.
  2. Yeah I'll have to look back to see who wrote that (about the bulldogs) but I wasn't sure if they were being serious or not.
  3. Oh, and this is the petition they started to keep the name: Also, I'm 99% sure that the guy who started the above petition is who we used to call Indian Ken, because he always wears full Indian garb and a full-length headdress to all the games. Basically a real-life Buddy Garrity.
  4. I graduated with Chet. I love him but I'd be shocked if he voices support to change the mascot.
  5. They still shut down every Friday night during football season. It truly is just like Friday Night Lights.
  6. Yep. So do the drum majors and the Indian Spirit - that guy has a whole elaborate getup in addition to the headdress.
  7. I wish I could say that this whole thing has been a long setup for that joke. Bravo, sir. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Someone suggested that the new mascot should be a golf cart. I laughed way too hard at that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. For those not from southeast TX, the rundown is that in 1925 Port Neches-Groves ISD (or whatever it was called then) decided that their mascot would be the Indians. Every school in the district, not just the high school, has as its mascot some kind of variation on the theme. The high school is called The Reservation, etc. In 1979, the district got a certificate from the Cherokee Nation calling them "ambassadors of goodwill". Every time the question comes up of whether or not they should change their mascot, they bring up this certificate. Well, last week, the Cherokee Nation formally rescinded that certificate and asked them to change their mascot. As you can imagine, people are losing their shit. This is the superintendent's response: Of course, now all I'm hearing is "we don't need their permission anyway" and "the chief now is a leftist Democrat and I don't think he represents everyone in the Cherokee nation". This is a Beaumont Enterprise article about the superintendent's response. He and everyone else there are doubling down. For the record, I don't think they will change the mascot - there would be actual riots if that happened. But this is as close to change as I've ever seen.
  10. Then that's not a real union recognized by any labor relations board. There are no real teachers unions here. Ok yeah, this was my understanding - my husband's a teacher and is in one of these but it has never functioned as more than a standard professional organization. That's why I was confused.
  11. Are you in Texas? I thought teacher unions weren't allowed here.
  12. Was thinking the same thing. It's nice till you try to breathe.
  13. He likes it like that and it's not a hill I'm going to die on. Also it's not like he's going anywhere for anyone to see it.
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