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  1. So when it sticks, is the dough tearing? If you're making something with a really wet dough, like a no-knead bread, you should do the final proof in the cooking vessel itself so that you're not messing with it after the last rise. Actually, most of the time, you should be able to do the final rise in the cooking vessel to avoid transfer problems. For sandwich loaves you'll do the final proof in the loaf pan and then pop it straight in the oven. For other shapes, like boules, batards, etc., you should do the final proof on a baking sheet lined with silpat or parchment and then put that in the oven.
  2. It's not consistently laugh-out-loud hilarious, and I think I went into it expecting that because on the surface, it looks like another version of Arrested Development. But the characters are genuinely likeable, much more so than you'd think given their backstory, and I like that while they are biting and snobby at times, the family relationship is endearing. Amidst some great storylines and characters. Don't forget the compilation of every time Moira says "bebe".
  3. Looks great! I think tomorrow I'm going to make a soft white sandwich bread with instant yeast and AP flour - the kids like it, and I've run out of bread flour and haven't been able to find anything, so straight sourdough is mostly out of the question. I did travel to the Pflugerville ALDI last week to find AP flour and it was the only flour I was able to get my hands on, so I'll make do.
  4. On day 3 you were probably tasting the bacteria that forms in the early stages of starter creation, and that early bacteria should be overtaken by the yeast and long-term bacteria at the point you're at. At this point, you've probably got a good growth of yeast, but the good bacteria takes longer to settle in, and that's what gives you the traditional sour taste. I go more by sight and smell to tell when it's ready to leaven bread on its own - if you're using a 1-1 ratio of flour to water, the mixture will be loose, like batter, with a bunch of bubbles, and it'll smell almost like beer. I've never used a dough scraper, and while I do like my banettons, they're by no means necessary. They give a nice design on the crust, and it's nice to have dedicated proofing bowls if you bake a lot, but regular mixing bowls definitely work as long as they're the right size. What kind of issues are you having transferring to the oven?
  5. I think they temporarily stopped delivering alcohol because they are doing no contact delivery - thus, no checking id. Oh shit, you're right. NM.
  6. What recipe did you use? What kind of flour and yeast? Also, how big were the dough balls when you made them before rising? Did you use a steam pan when you put them in the oven? I'm guessing you did a bulk ferment first (letting all the dough rise in one big lump) before shaping them into balls for the next rise? It's pretty common to make the dough balls too big at this point - for burger buns, they should be slightly bigger than a golf ball. Also, for the best results you'll want to shape them into mini boules before rising, as opposed to just rolling them into balls. They'll rise better. It's not hard - this is a good tutorial. I usually use the envelope fold method. Finally, consider scoring them just before putting them in the oven - it'll help the rise by giving the bread a predetermined weak point at which to break when it does its oven spring.
  7. It's hard to say what could've happened without the recipe or pics - can you post them? I made some last week and added some sourdough starter leftover from a refresh. It adds such a great flavor. Here they are after the bulk fermentation and before an overnight rise in the fridge. Finished
  8. It can take up to 3-4 weeks to get one going from scratch, so don't worry if it feels like it's not doing anything. What flour did you use to get it started? Whole wheat? I almost exclusively make soudough, and a few things that are nice to have (but not completely necessary are) a stand mixer, pizza stone, Silpain, and banettons.
  9. Cards Against Humanity released a family-friendly, free, online printable version. Will probably try to play today.
  10. A girl I went to high school with died Wednesday (obit here) and I am much sadder about this than I thought I'd be considering I haven't talked to her in ~20 years. She was married to her HS sweetheart and he was a good friend of mine back then. Last May she was diagnosed with a rare high-grade neuroendocrine cancer that started in her endometrium. She fought hard but it was so aggressive - about a month ago they found tumors everywhere in her body. Brain, abdomen, everywhere. Just two weeks ago she finished whole brain radiation, and last week she did another round of chemo. I guess I expected her to drift away more gradually, but it sounds like the latest round chemo put her through the ringer. She took a turn for the worse overnight and that was that. She was 40. Here's to Amy.
  11. So...Schitt's Creek doesn't have its own thread? I just dug up the guitar tab for Noah Reid's version of Simply the Best. I'm definitely a fan.
  12. austingirl

    Tiger King

    Just finished. I went into the whole thing expecting it to be mindless entertainment I could laugh at, but overall it was just sad. And skeevy. Saff is the only one who seemed to have his shit together. I can laugh at idiots being crazy and doing dumb stuff but the fact that they were likely abusing those animals on top of everything else is just awful. I hope Jeff and James get their time in court too.
  13. Right? That's the worst part. Cedar ends, the weather gets gorgeous, and we still can't enjoy our decks and patios without suffering.
  14. Today I've had a god-awful sinus headache since about 9 am. I'm wearing sunglasses indoors because every light is too bright. I'm about ready to just burn everything down and go live in a bunker till the end of days. Which, by the looks of it, isn't far off anyway.
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