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  1. Yeah, I was hesitant to have two, but looking back, I'm so glad we got our second one. Dogs are pack animals and they really do do better with other dogs. Edgar was pretty neurotic and on Prozac for a long time, but he mellowed out a lot when we got Rocket. Not that they didn't have issues getting along at first, but it's been almost a year and they are best buds for the most part. Unless one tries to take the others' bone/toy, and then all bets are off.
  2. Yep, it's really great and not too gruesome - I haven't seen a lot of the movie versions of King's books for that reason. And I like how they are taking elements of his stories and making something new out of them.
  3. Are you in Austin? If so, check out Hearts and Paws - they do free puppy parties on a regular basis for puppies under 16 weeks old. We did one with Rocket and it was great. Fun to watch all the puppies play and a good socializing time for them with little dogs their own size. Somewhere in this thread I posted a video from the one we went to.
  4. In addition to what the others have said, expose them to things like a vacuum cleaner (both running and off), brooms, and so on. It sounds dumb but those are the kinds of things dogs will bark at or freak out around, and the earlier you expose them the better. And make sure they get a chance to be around people of all colors, shapes, and sizes. If they only ever see white people, for example, during puppyhood, then they may not know what to do when they meet someone who's a different color.
  5. It's back. My cedar season perma-headache showed up yesterday.
  6. Yes, we on the Surly Council of Women call this "GOP Elvira Lets Herself Go".
  7. How old is your lab? Her markings are remarkably similar to Rocket, including the bit of white on the tip of her tail. You didn't adopt her from the Austin Humane Society in February, did you? Speaking of Rocket, I took him to the vet today because he's been favoring one of his back legs for over a week with no visible sign of injury. In addition, Edgar nipped his front leg pretty good while they were roughhousing and he needed two staples. They think the limp is hip dysplasia and are going to do x-rays in 10 days after he finishes the antibiotics for the cut. So right now he's in a cone, has two staples in a front leg, is walking like an old man because of his hips, and is under vet orders to not play with Edgar at all at least until the x-rays. Oh, and cannot figure out how to chew his bone. Poor baby.
  8. You're not a real southeast Texan till you've stripped someone's clutch trying to pull your truck out of the sand at Sea Rim.
  9. My parents are back home - this morning Mom told me that she talked to the fire department and they said it was up to them as to whether or not they wanted to go back. They had Thanksgiving at my uncle's sister's house in Beaumont. I'm seeing a lot of people who went back today but I wasn't comfortable doing that with the evacuation order still in place. People in that area are hardened to evacuations so I'm not really surprised.
  10. Putt and BearSchlong, are y'all both in Beaumont? My mom sent me a pic of the pitcher of sangria she was going to make yesterday and said "I guess I'll have to drink this all myself." Lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ohhhh right. Thanks. Isn't there also a Motiva plant right on the Louisiana border? Or am I thinking of something else? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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