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  1. Good for aggy, they won't get cornholed by a bunch of sailors.
  2. Carl Limbrick is a bad dude. He will go somewhere like McNeese and be NFL drafted.
  3. Damn, no wonder Fatterson opted out. Fat Ass Pussy.
  4. If Alabama, Aggy, Georgia, LSU, and USC want him, then so do we.
  5. Sure, we landed some very good players under Jason Washington, but Valai's energy is at another level and he looks to be a better coach. Guys like Jackson, Harris, Thompson, Driver, Kerr, Biddle and Hullaby all have genuine interest.
  6. I guess the OU football team is on foot now.
  7. Hamm: He is the premier in-state SEC first string Swiss Army knife 12th man with a cool hairdo.
  8. Mack, I thought you had a game to coach today.
  9. Valai is doing a great job getting top tier secondary recruits genuinely interested in Texas again.
  10. I watched the Newton vs Jasper stream last week and Jasper has a running back named Carl Limbrick in the 2021class. He has 539 yards in two games. He has scored 62 points in those two games. He reminds me of the Newton running back, Darwin Barlow who went to TCU. Limbrick is pretty big and fast as hell. Somebody is going to get a steal. He is not listed on 247, but does have some game highlights on MaxPreps.
  11. At least those long ass Cotton Bowl bathroom lines should be a lot shorter this year.
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