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  1. I bet a fake army General sells insurance nearby. Daddy98's rates were too high and was too drunk to find a little green helmet with five stars on it.
  2. North, South, East and West Baton Rouge probably all have a fairly high shithole factor.
  3. Maybe Wiley will grow into Gronk and Liebrock will grow into Travis Kelce. Andrew Beck grew into an NFL tight end. So did Geoff Swaim.
  4. Are the College Station cops as red ass as those West Baton Rouge "special" sheriffs on Live PD? After seeing all the Sumlin era arrests and BBQ chill sessions with CSPD, I would be leery of aggy if I was a 2021 recruit, but the West Baton Rouge sheriff's office takes it to a whole 'nother level. Every Saturday night is a string of pot, crackhead, thieves, and fleeing felons arrested by long haired "Man Bun" dudes wearing Hawaiian shirts and bullet proof vests. Baton Rouge is a true shit hole.
  5. Calling an aggy a hillbilly is an insult to hillbillies.
  6. So Del Conte has UT play all road games this fall, Herman wins them all and we make the playoffs. Take that Mark Escott. Works for me since I will be watching on tv anyway.
  7. I will believe it when I see it.
  8. If Brooks can as successful as Roschon Johnson at RB, I will be very gruntled.
  9. So if there is no football in Los Angeles this fall, Bru is going to be the best that never was.
  10. After the Maryland rain delayed crucial interception and the Okie Lite brain fart interception, Tom should have told Sam to get his shinebox.
  11. Turd with headphones who sucked off Ketch. .
  12. He is not Julio Jones, but he is also not Malcom Epps. I think we have a fairly fast plucker who will not get mauled by 5'8" DB's. .
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