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  1. I ain't got time to read (the OP article)
  2. Haha. Well F me. I guess I'm part of the 95% too. I watched it like 20 times and it always looked like it didn't hit the glass. But at least I realize that if it hit the glass first it is a goal tend regardless of where it was in relation to the goal.
  3. I'm amazed at the percent of people that think his block was a goaltend... because he blocked it into the glass. Then others say it couldn't have been a goaltend because it was on the way up. It is like 95% of people have no idea about the rules of the game.
  4. Tapa down for me too. How do those of you without it manage? I feel like I'm poor.
  5. That was awesome and I don't like LeBron. Dat block doe.
  6. Gotta love Lance. He will go right at players. So refreshing after all the love fest between opponents these days. Same with Patrick Beverly. I don't want the entire NBA to revert back to 2000, but it needs a few guys like that.
  7. How about: - Spicy Fish from Asia Cafe on Spicewood Springs - Chopped BBQ sandwich at Ruby's (before it closed) - AYCE fried catfish at Catfish Parlour
  8. I'm writing this from the Andaz Papagayo in Costa Rica. The flight from Houston is only 3 hours via SWA. The vibe here is far better than Cancun. Everyone is super friendly. You can drink the water. There are monkeys in the trees. Well worth the marginally longer travel time and slightly higher cost. And this comes from someone who loves Cancun.
  9. Rudy's. Amazed that anyone eats there given the great BBQ options in this town.
  10. If by douchbag you mean badass then I agree with you.
  11. Went to the Hyatt Zilara last summer with the wife. It is smaller than the Hyatt Ziva, but all of the rooms are ocean front and there are NO KIDS. We had a great time, especially considering that we stayed for free on Hyatt points. The entire 4-night trip cost about $200 out of pocket and that was all tips.
  12. Rye is betrer with a lemon peel. Bourbon is better with an orange peel. IMHO.
  13. I thought it was pretty good, but also slow in parts. Glad they didn't make a full wide-release movie. Pacino was great as everyone has said.
  14. I've been hyping our chances for a while now for next year, but a lot of that is based on having Roach back. If we lose him that will be a massive blow.
  15. Can Derka just change his name back to Derka already? Damn.
  16. Interesting suggestion. Will take a look. Regarding reading speed, I am definitely on the slow side.
  17. I realize this was a troll, but it doesn't make that pic any less disturbing.
  18. Have read WWZ. Enjoyed it. A friend was reading Ready Player One. It is on my short list. Thanks for the suggestions. Keep 'em coming.
  19. I generally like apocolyptic stuff. Anything of that sort?
  20. Heading to the beach in a few days. Recommend me a page turner.
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