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  1. Couple weeks ago at a party a Travis county sheriff deputy was telling us that they have basically moved on from weed since the passing of the hemp laws. Said they have no reliable way to test (not actually true) for THC and that you could have a large bag of high quality weed in plain sight and it's no longer probable cause to search. Also that dogs can't tell the difference therefore of no use in the matter. The checkpoints are federal, and federal laws still have marijuana classified with LSD, PCP, heroin, and crack cocaine as schedule 1 drugs with high addictive qualities and "no accepted medical uses". Meanwhile.. a shit ton of opioids and cocaine are only schedule 2 federal .gov needs to get over it and move along, unfortunately there are a lot of lobbyists fighting against legalization (alcohol, pharma, private prisons, etc.)
  2. There's a checkpoint on 77 around Sarita just south of corpus, it's about 100 miles from Brownsville but probably only ~75 miles from the border as the crow flies. Agreed with all above that interior border stops are bullshit AND these guys are dumbasses for not scouting their route and finding one that didn't include a border stop.
  3. Ha!! 11-1, just need 7 true freshmen "elites" to break out right now! They have recruited some talent, but if things are bad enough with 30% of your roster that true freshmen are starting, 7-5 is much more likely that 11-1. I expect they will have a decent year with their schedule, probably finish 3rd in the SECw. By the time their younger talent has matured they will be looking for ways to fire the cuck for cause.
  4. If asshole goes tony Montana on some extremely pure cocaine and has a massive heart attack, de we still have to pay his buyout?
  5. All true but I'm willing to back any good web guy and some writers to start up a surlyaggy.com site to compete for those millions of 9.95's he's raking in each month. The writing part is easy. aggy has the #1 ranked class in CFB. They signed an unprecedented class consisting of the top 26 players in the nation: #1 player nationally Haynes King-- #1 QB in Texas and the nation. aggy went toe to toe in the heavyweight SEC battle with powerhouse SECe Tennessee for a huge head to head win that shook the football landscape around the country. He was egregiously under-ranked by the BOMC but the proof is in his ranking by surlyaggy. Jimbo is the whisperer and he just crowned his next champion #2 player nationally Demond Demas-- #1 receiver and best player to ever play the position, #2 in Texas and the country, who better for the #1 QB to throw to. Also egregiously underrated by some other services because the BOMC denied him playing football his senior year. Disgusting. This was an MMA showdown of champions where aggy literally went back-to-back-to-back-to-back 129 times with every single program in the country for a head to head win. Saban, Smart, Dabo, OU, fOSU, all of Florida, and that other unnamable little 12 school had no chance when jimbo came calling. #3 ...... ........#26 player nationally Jordan Jefferson-- You simply cannot underrate his commitment no matter how had the BOMC tries, he has wanted to come to aggyland for years and would have signed in middle school if it were possible. Numbers were getting tight in the end but the anchor of this class managed to hang on, edging out someone who will get portaled to make room for the 26th best player in the country and this unprecedented aggy class. Jimbo and company simply outclassing the rest of the country, mainly Saban and the other guys to the west. Fucking easy money
  6. RB wheel route to the boundary goes for a huge gain with a DE covering. a good OC could turn that formation into one of your layups.
  7. Not sure, but used to be if you get to 180hrs without getting a degree in anything they threaten to cut you loose for having way too much fun.
  8. Csb- mid 2000's in Kauai airport, the kids asked "why is there a homeless guy sleeping on the floor?" Yep, nick Nolte We also had a place next to one of the tropic thunder sets and we heckled Ben stiller every night, just for the hell of it.
  9. that poor photographer, I'm guessing it was taken before photoshop came around and they probably spent hours trying to find a "good" angle.
  10. In my mind the guy on the left looks like CTJ and Sydney is grabbing ketch junk. Kinda like guessing what someone looks like based on their phone voice, I probably got it backwards.
  11. Ahh, so the only teams wth a chance to win are Clemson, fOSU and SEC. clemson has very recent history and is in friendly territory even though not SEC, he probably included fOSU so he didn't seem biased. The funny part is all the teams he says have no chance, have a FAR better chance than aggy. Have you looked at your roster? They have recruited some talent the last 2 cycles but to think a bunch of 1st and 2nd year players with gaping holes at some positions has a chance is just showing his ass.
  12. Holy shit is right. 5 OTs, 3 DTs, 2 WRs, 1 OG, 1 TE, and a kicker. 2/4* and 11/3*, all adding up to the 55th class and tied with Illinois for the fewest number of commits inside the top 100. But USC fans can keep their heads up, Todd Orlando is the 4th ranked recruiter for the 21 class. L O fucking L.
  13. Stupid sip. aggy doesn't need to buy insurance, they have heaps of it. They have so much that half of aggy sell it day in and day out and they never run low at all. Now the other half of aggy are the real smart ones. They don't buy insurance, leave that for the stupid sips. Oil comes out of the ground and you can store it in barrels. Chickens shit out eggs and you can eat them both. Insurance? That's like bottled air, it's not real at all. Unfortunately they didn't make high enough grades to join the greatest ponzi sales force in the SECw.
  14. Offers from Bama, LSU, fOSU, aggy One is not like the others...... aggy: yuh, fOSU ain't in the dadgum SECwest toughest division in the toughest conference in the toughest sport in the toughest world in the toughest universe.
  15. FUPM: You can't fuck other coaches wives. Tim: can I fuck that coaches wife? FUPM: No, you can't fuck other coaches wives. Tim: Ok, say I'm in a hotel room with a coaches wife and she just wants to touch me. Can I fuck that one? Meanwhile: Mullen: do you want to fuck jumbos wife?
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